🎨 Steemit Vision Quest 21: “Storytelling” - Setting The Life Lessons Free?

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Welcome to the Steemit Vision Quest, originally created by @cabelindsay, who is still very much the Chief Visionary of this awesome spiritual journey initiative. I have been given the incredible honor and privilege to be a co-parent of the SVQ with @cabelindsay and present this the 21st installment of the SVQ.

The 21st Steemit Vision Quest ( #svq ) invites us to artistically express from within us “The Storyteller” Our life experiences create stories and lessons that keep us intertwined and connected to each other, and it's time to put our heads, hearts, and hands together.

🌞 🌜 🌟

Steemit Vision Quest - #21: September 15, 2018

The traditional Vision Quest is a dedicated search for inspiration. Here, we focus our intentions, unify our actions, and share our findings, witnessing the love as it ripples out and radiates.

This Week's Theme - "Storytelling" - Setting The Life Lessons Free


To enter the contest, you'll express yourself creatively with a vision (any original form of art) that helps us to explore the theme of Storytelling

Autumn has begun to send us signs to let us know that it will soon arrive. We also receive signs in a myriad of ways when it’s time to embark upon a vision quest which is a turning point in life to find ones’ self and the intended spiritual life directions.
Residing deep within you will be a knowing, and urgency, an unction in your spirit that will compel you to answer this invitation/spiritual call.

You are also the ones that are eager to get on with the next chapter in your life. You are stepping farther away from your comfort zone and eagerly seeking answers to how when and where the changes that you desire will come.

We all have many stories to tell, and at this moment, there may be one story in particular that wants to be set free so that it can speak to those that need it the most in the form of a life lesson. What is the story you are being guided to share?

The Invitation

  1. Ask yourself: What Does My Higher Self See?

  2. Create “The Vision,” aligning with this week's theme.

  3. Document “The Process,” revealing your intention, inspiration, and individuality.

  4. Include “Steemit Vision Quest” in your post title.

  5. Choose #svq as your first tag.

  6. Add a link to your post in the Reply section of this post.

  7. [Optional] Upvote, Reply, and Resteem, as you feel called.


  • All art forms are OK, including fine art, written art, culinary art...

  • Artworks may include new originals, old originals, or fresh remakes.

  • This week's due date for entries is Sunday, September 23, 2018.

The Incentives

  1. Artworks will be spotlighted and showcased in a curated list, memorializing our collective visions.

  2. Artists will be honored and appreciated for allowing their gifts to be accessed, remembered, and amplified.

  3. [Most Important] Sharing love and truth is our Work, with a capital "W", and this is what Steemit is all about.

The Examples

Night Flight - Visual Poetry by @cronosclocks

Night Flight - Visual Poetry

Sky Becomes Sea Becomes Sky by @fishyculture

Sky Becomes Sea Becomes Sky

The Calling

Dear Dream Catcher, capture your paradise, bringing heaven here and now. Dear Trailblazer, pursue your purpose, taking the journey led by the heart. Dear Storyteller, create and express your new narrative. Dear Designer, bring your passions into new creations that go beyond function and stir the emotions. Dear Symphony Conductor, assemble your various instruments together to sing in harmony. Dear Player, elevate life with your lightness that lifts others up. Dear Artrepreneur, present your gifts that bring value into the world. Dear Altruist, demonstrate your care for the wellbeing of others.

🐞 🔥 ✨ 🌳 ❄️ 🌎 💜

The Continuation

Steemit Vision Quest is stellar, with a blend of surreal, ultra-real, and superconscious visions. You can see this in the highlights from previous weeks: How To Pray, The Dance, One Love, The Seed, Howllelujah, Eleven-Eleven, Twin Flame, The Road, Life After Life, Lucky, Queen of the Forest, Desert Wilderness, Bliss In Stillness, Angels Among Us, Night Flight, and Sky Meets Sea. We greatly look forward to new visions in Week 19, with the theme: How To Pray.

SVQ is created by @cabelindsay, and co-facilitated by @eaglespirit, @rensoul17, and @girlbeforemirror. On behalf of our team, we'd like to thank each of the participants and their supporters. We trust that when we write or draw, we actually think, feel, and materialize these thoughts and emotions. We trust that seeing is believing, and believing is achieving, and so we look forward to a brilliant and beautiful future with you.

Cover image is original artwork by @cabelindsay

Image 2 by Pinterest

Image 3 by yodaxy.deviantart.com

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You'll be the first to see and hear about an animated film I'm working on. Here's where your "Storytelling" theme took me.


I will be reading this all day. So nice and this is a very awesome project. I can see you have already put a lot of work into this film. Your daughter is a Beautiful Jewel

Greetings @betzaelcorvo, I greet you and return to you the same beautiful energy and presence that you present here. Thank you and it is nice to make your acquaintance. I thank you for sharing this story which is full of deep insight regarding a journey so many strive to reach. Thank you for your entry.

I first searched for the words to describe what I experienced while reading this post. You took us all on a life journey that went in so many different directions which is good because so many can find a part that they can identify with. As I read I continued to say this is the part that stands out and strikes me the most. Everything you said needed to be said to those that are willing to hear including myself who is ever busy especially on this Saturday I am in the thick of work yet when I locked in on the content of this post all cares subsided. And I found this post to be a balm, a medicine of sorts that helped me to call in my scattered energies and to find the ground beneath me. The post is epic I hope many eyes read it and be blessed. I feel like this post should be dissected and continued in an interview where you can discuss different parts of what you wrote in more detail and we can also touch on the initiative you spoke about launching with women in an earlier post you did. Also an update on whether or not you have given more thought to connecting it to Patreon to receive more support. I would love to interview you @trucklife-family and we have an in-depth conversation on Storytelling and your journey. Please let me know if you are interested.

Sister this is wonderful. Thank you so much for carrying this torch so beautifully. I love you and feel delighted with the post our yours and your adorable "Storytelling" direction. Yeah, mm hm, I am filled with gladness. Obrigado.

So happy this post met with your approval. I love the SVQ. So much more we can do with it, so many opportunities ahead.

Yes indeed. I'm so excited. Feels really good to look ahead with you.

Muy bueno el concurso me gusta

i wonder what, what i can share.... ill have to think about it.

Hello @rensoul17, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

I am so glad I saw this, I will definitely be taking part, beautiful vision quest @rensoul17 xxxx

Thank you @trucklife-family I am looking forward to your post. xxxx

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