🎨 “Rose & The Flying Horse” - Animated Feature Film Intro for Steemit Vision Quest #21

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I have a secret project in the works. At this early stage, I am hesitant to share, yet at the same time I am bursting with love and lightness, ready to radiate! It lights me up like a rainbow, allowing me to show many colors of the creative fire inside.

Rose & The Flying Horse is an animated film. At this point in the pre-production process, I have a feature-length screenplay, available to Download. I also have the character design underway, and I've started the voice recording process, as you see above.

Our current Steemit Vision Quest is all about "Storytelling," and it feels like divine timing for me to share this now. I hope you will share some enjoyment with me. Rose & The Flying Horse feels like a Godsend, divinely inspired and cosmically orchestrated.

🌞 🌜 🌟

“Rose & The Flying Horse”

The Vision

My daughter, Rosalie, plays the role of "Rose," who is the protagonist in our story. I made it a goal to record her parts before she started Kindergarten, a few weeks ago, because I believed her unique speech patterns would change once she started to attend public school. Fortunately, we managed to get into the recording studio the day before school began.

The Story


A little girl, Rose, misses her brother, Gael, who is visiting his biological father in Mexico. Rose calls upon her spirit guide, a pegasus, to materialize in the earthly realm in order to fly her to her brother. When Rose and the flying horse arrive at their destination in Mexico, Gael is missing, surprisingly. As it turns out, Gael has also called upon his spirit guide, a wolf, to deliver him to the States, where he is captured at the border.

Rose & The Flying Horse is a story about a family growing together by embracing their "greater family," including those benevolent forces of the Spirit realm. In the story, Rose's family joins forces with Gael's second family, in search of the missing children, assisted by the pegasus, the wolf, a dragon, a horse, two cats, and three chihuahuas. Mother Mary makes an appearance as her Apache equivalent, Tonantzin, nicknamed "Nancy," who closely resembles Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The story touches on subjects of border wars, and racism, working to break down these walls of separation between nations. Like life, certain scenes involve desperate people in dangerous situations, making dumb decisions. Mostly, though, this is a lighthearted tale about kids working wonders in the world in order to be together.

Download the screenplay: Rose & The Flying Horse

The Process

Being a cartoon animator is a newly remembered passion of mine. A few months ago, reflecting on my life, I decided to make animation a new priority for my filmmaking career. A big idea came quickly, and that's when I knew I had to start with a story.

Rose-And-The-Flying-Horse-Story-Outline.jpg Story outline.

The initial storyline arrived in a flash, and then, when the waves of various possibilities opened up I felt overwhelmed at first. I had to get organized, in order to manage the maelstrom of ideas. Eventually, a "mind map" allowed me to flush it out by identifying the major plot points in a visual way.

Rose-And-The-Flying-Horse-Screenplay.gif Screenplay.

I wrote the screenplay through Amazon Storywriter, which is a fantastic free online screenwriting tool. Download the full screenplay: Rose & The Flying Horse [Draft]

Rose-And-The-Flying-Horse-Character-Sketches.jpg Character sketches.

I'm currently sketching the characters by hand, to begin. Then, I build "puppets" in Adobe Illustrator. These are multi-layered digital illustrations, with moveable parts. Naturally, the eyes will blink and shift, while the arms and fingers will bend, etc.

I'll handling the cartoon animation in Adobe Animate, which is the newest iteration of Adobe Flash. I've had some experience with animation before, mostly for promotional purposes. This new project is much more ambitious than any of my previous animation work, although there will be similarities in style.

Examples of my previous animation work:

  • Dr. Algorithm is an animated teaser for an educational software, which I created from start to finish in 24 hours.
  • Smear The Burger is a chase scene between a burger and condiments, which I art directed for an animation studio.
  • Wild Goose Chase is an experimental stop-motion animation created by my son and I.

I aim to begin production on January 1, 2019. Hopefully, this will give me time to wrap up two documentary films I'm working on, along with completing my ordinary videography work. By the time January comes, I'd like to have all of the animation puppets prepared, along with the artwork for my background scenes. With some luck, I might even have all of the voiceovers recorded by that time.

Rose-And-The-Flying-Horse-Audio-Recording3.jpg Rosalie and her cartoon likeness: Rose.

The Quest

This is my entry to Steemit Vision Quest 21: Storytelling. Thanks to @rensoul17, who is a steady force of encouragement for all of us willing to bring our collective consciousness together for the Vision Quest. Love you, sister.


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I will be reading this all day. So nice and this is a very awesome project. Your daughter is a Beautiful Jewel. I just brought a camcorder and a Canon Rebel T6. I don't have a clue how to use them been using youtube to guide me through it. Bought the equipment because it is my goal and dream to launch a media company and start a whole new life for myself which I desperately need. So I will be reading, viewing and re-reading and taking lots of notes. I am a fan and a follower thanks, Cabe.

Thank you, love you. This project is already stretching me in various ways, as it feels big, and ambitious, while also being fun, enlivening, and brimming with joy. I'm delighted, you know, holding this vision and working to realize it, and receiving positive affirmations at this early stage. I respect and admire you as extraordinary artist, as well as a wonderful supporter of the arts, and so your encouragement is very meaningful to me. So happy to think about your efforts to co-create with other artists, feeling that you've already helped to co-create Rose & The Flying Horse, and somehow it is made more possible because of your role in my life.

How fun hearing about the media company you're launching! I remember when I first left my job as an advertising art director, and my soul searching led me to build a family-focused video studio. I started with a documentary feature film about family life, because it immersed me in the art of camera operation and storytelling, plus helped me in an area where I wanted more support. And then, following my heart into this first passion project, certain opportunities opened up for paid work, once I had some good experience and good output to share. Greatly looking forward to seeing where you will go with your media company, anticipating a proper place of belonging for the art you are.

Thanks you Cabe, I will be following for updates on all your video/filming projects. Its good to have someone like yourself on the same journey and with the same passion for documenting the life we live.

this is just amazing beauty! your creativity is breathless and inspiring. i havent come visit for awhile and i find this ... your art intertwined with family, love, spirit is moving and motivating. thank you for always sharing your amazing talent with steemit.


eagle spirit

Thank you, sister. Such a joy hearing from you again, especially at this time when I'm feeling very connected to the spirit realm, and family, and love, as you've noticed. I really appreciate your encouragement, @eaglespirit.

@cabelindsay hey hey hey!!! you are awesome brother and so happy for you, truly. :)

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Right on, thank you for sharing this post, and considering it for your curation.

This is a great project and how cool that your daughter is included too! The animation is lovely! Thank you for sharing!

My pleasure to share, and thank you for your comment. Yeah, it's exciting to consider the voices as the story builds. It was great fun recording my daughter's speech, of course. And on the horizon, I have a recording session with the voice of a pegasus! And a dragon!! Plus a bunch of rowdy chihuahuas. :)

I'm looking forward for videos showing those, lol!

Such a lucky little girl to have such awesome parents. The world really needs more of these kind of stories. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into the process of creating yours.

Hey @headchange, I'm happy to hear from you. Thank you. Yes, I agree that the world needs more stories like these. I'm making it my mission to bring more love and lightness, through storytelling. This is my first major animation endeavor, so it ought to be wildly fun.

Awww this is so cool man! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful what a precious smile. Her animated character captures that spirit very well. thanks for sharing the start of this project and can't wait to see more updates! Much love - Carl

Fun hearing from you @carlgnash! Feels good to put this humble little beginning out there and receive some lovely encouragement from fellow artists. Thanks, man. Hugs and high-fives to you and your family!

I can hardly wait to see it completed.. it looks wonderful Cabe ;9)

Right on, thanks @gibber! Happy to hear from you, bro. Thanks for being so supportive of my Steemit journey so far.

The response on this post has been excellent. I love this. Cabe I am emailing you.

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