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Starter Pack Expirament Status Update 17 | Daily Rewards | Card Sales | League Status |

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  • Last Season Status: Gold 3
  • Current Status: Silver 2

Season Reward Cards Gold 3



Um.... I got some rare, all of which only really get good at level 5, and I am in desperate need of summoners.

Deck Hit Rate

Staying very consistent with 1% Legendary cards over time. I would of course love more, but I will take the 4 I have gotten so far. My Epic hit rate is 2% higher than my primary account that has over double the cards. Can't complain about that!

Sold Cards

I have sold a few more on the market but steempeak will not let me use my explorer tonight... so that could spell the end of this little project if that doesn't get fixed!

The Awards to Date: 417!!


Slow climb up - with the ability to price in fractions of a cent, I will more aggressively attempt to sell my cards. before it was too much risk to post at .02 and never sell or take a beat and sell for .01 when the rates were .019. Now I can fully take advantage, even if it is super slow to do so.

Want more!?!!?

Check out @itisjustme - who is doing a very similar project - showing what its like to be new with limited funds.

Check out my primary account @senstless progress - constant investment and hoping for glory!!

Want to get in the game - join via my link!

Monster On!


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I really should get a post up for the @itisjustme account. But it is starting to feel so pointless, since getting those summoners from 3 to 4 is almost undoable without extra funding, and those legendaries are getting more expensive every day...

If I don't pull one of those valuable gold foil cards any time soon, I don't see how I will every be able to get to a further stage with the account.

I guess I could be focusing on bringing it up to bronze level, so I could at least go for the bronze tournaments without legendaries, but it's not that they are set up that often.

Btw, I just noticed that the explorer on Steempeak doesn't seem to work indeed... so I guess there's little use in trying to get up a post before that will be fixed.

They got it fixed. And with your new delegated cards you will be crushing it soon!!.

I am in love with the new fractional pricing.. now on SM page you can list it for .019.. way better than the old world of either .01 or .02. I can sell cards and get more value so I am cleaning house to see if I can get 2-3 splinters at level 3... Life and Death might just be sold off at this point.

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