Starter Pack Experiment Status Update 4 | Daily Rewards / Card Sales / League Status |

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Starter Pack Expirament Status Update 3 | Daily Rewards / Card Sales / League Status |

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  • Season Status: Silver 1
  • Current Status: Silver 2
  • Daily Reward Highlights: Brownie
  • Cards Sold: 11 (no change)
  • Card Sold Value USD (at time of sale): $.45
  • Cards Bought: 0

The daily rewards can be excruciating. I was absolutely destroyed by life bots for hours one day. There is no way a starter pack can beat level 2-3 life cards. Not enough magic exists.... and I could not get past them for the daily challenge. I think out of 25 games, 22 were all faced against life.

I am going to wait for this season to end, but if I don't hit a few home runs in the next 5 days rewards or the season rewards, I will start selling at least the gold. While this could set me back after I get the summoners leveled up, in the short term it gives me a real shot to actually level up summoners.

Highest League Status

Current Record and Ranking

Daily Reward Cards

1.21.19 Daily Rewards


1.22.19 Daily Rewards
senstlessmosnter 1.22.19.JPG

senstless monster 1.23.19.png

senstlesmonster 1.24.19.JPG

senstlessmosnter 1.25.19.JPG

Reward Cards Summary

Overall I feel pretty good. An epic, a few legendary, and a few of the new cards. thankfully they are helping to give me more options within each splinter.

Total Collection

Starter Pack

Reward Cards to date.

Card Sales Summary

I have sold a total of 11 cards.
5 Creeping Ooze for a total
2 Vampire
2 Highland Archer
1 Silvershield Archer
1 Rusty Android

  • USD (At time of Sale): $0.45
  • STEEM: 1.145
  • SBD: 0.04

Deck Appraisal


With the reduced rewards - the economics of building a good team from just the starter pack will be much harder. The prospect of getting enough cards to sell to earn $0.70 to get even the cheapest summoner to just level 2 will be longer than I thought. Depending on the reward cards, I might have 1-2 by the end of the season, we will see. The price pump of STEEM is going to help me afford more than I would have before. That is just to good fortune of the time, by the time I am ready to buy, it could be a loss.

I will focus on selling all the "extra" reward cards I have. No point in any of them yet... honestly. I need capital first, get the summoners and then worry about leveling up.

Gold Cards / Legendary

Gold will be sold to my main account @senstless at market rates unless by season end, something major happens in my deck....

Monster On!


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I'm interested to see how this turns out for you, but I suspect you're right. You have to put up a fair bit of money to be successful in this game ever since they switched to the reward cards instead of betas.

Would you sell my gold and unicorn to jump start the process, or hold onto those cards?

Sell. Look at the prices for the legendary gold reward cards in the market. It's only a sample size of 3, but I don't believe it's an accident that there's a correlation between the price, the number of cards for sale and the length of time each card has been available. As more cards are handed out, more of each will be available on the market, and I believe we will see the price drop. I seem to recall Lord Arianthis selling for a lot more when it first came out.

As someone with a gold chromatic dragon on my main account I will say, they almost done't sell. I think if steem recovers, they will move again, but no one will spend 500 steem on a card even though it's $175. But 175 steem at $175 is much easier. I don't have any gold legendary on this account, only gold common, and 1 legendary unicorn.

I hope you're right and that's what's stagnating the market, but I believe it's more to do with the user base not expanding enough. I think until we see an influx of new players, prices will keep dropping.

Just catching up with your experiment. Good luck and I'm guessing it will be 3 or 4 seasons before you have earned enough reward cards to really "beef" up your deck

Same question to you, would you sell my gold and unicorn to jump start the process, or hold onto those cards?I am pretty sure that then end of the season will force it

I'd keep. Why sell now, to only buy back in a few seasons.

I only just found out about your experiment.
6 days ago, I started my own to see if it is possible to build a deck starting from a starter account, without investing money.

I'm happy to finally bump into someone who knows what it's like. :0)

Even after 6 days, my conclusion is pretty disappointing.

I've been posting updates about the experiment on the @itisjustme account

I will be sure to check it out... it is sure to be a grind. Hopefully you get a few good cards that help

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Looks like your moving along nicely. I just recently got to Gold II, so I am hopeful that I can get to Gold I and possibly get some gold cards before the season is over.

I think you will have a slow start, but once you start being able to make money, it will come in much quicker.