Starter Pack Experiment Status Update 16 | Daily & Season Rewards | Card Sales | League Status |

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Starter Pack Expirament Status Update 16 | Daily Rewards | Card Sales | League Status |

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  • Season Status: Gold 3
  • Current Status: Gold 3
  • Gold Wood Nymph
  • EPIC Phantom Solider
  • EPIC Manticore
  • EPIC Imp Bowman

Daily Reward Cards 3.12-3.31

Deck Hit Rate

Staying very consistent with 1% Legendary cards over time. I would of course love more, but I will take the 4 I have gotten so far.


I think I just have 7 gold cards so far

Sold Cards

I have sold a few more on the market.


Total Sold

The Awards to Date


Wanted to get this out before I claim my rewards in a few hours. Hope to keep on top of reporting a bit better for those few who are actually following.

Want more!?!!?

Check out @itisjustme - who is doing a very similar project - showing what its like to be new with limited funds.

Check out my primary account @senstless progress - constant investment and hoping for glory!!

Want to get in the game - join via my link!

Monster On!


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