The Steem blockchain survived its first virus plague!

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Few days ago, several Steemians found themselves infected by the infamous "King Of Disease" virus. Fortunately, the dreaded virus was not too aggressive and those who were infected ended up with an irreversible desire to sneeze at others.

How it started

The outbreak begins with an intriguing post from @king-of-disease. It will then last for 48 hours, where Steemians will start to !sneeze at each other. In total, 83 people will be involved in this outbreak of sneezing.

Happy end

At the end of the virus life, people who successfully infected someone else got a badge prepared by @steemitboard and @suesa.

Behind the scene

This funny event idea came from @suesa who wanted to do an April Fools' joke. When she contacted us, we were happy to provide our support by creating a nice badge for the people who participated in the joke.

For a full story and detailed report of the event result made at the end of the plague, you can read this post.

We would like to congratulate @suesa for having such a funny idea and turning it into a nice contest. We also congratulate @reggaemuffin, @gutenmorganism and @arcange for setting up the “logistic” behind the event and for their successful cooperation.

We hope you all enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading!

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Too cuteeeee

vote my post @debo866

Nice spoof :)

that was fun to see, too bad I was immune!

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Thank you for your extraordinary support💖@steemitboard

could a virus that that multiplies the steem in my wallet be created?
Give it a try

@arcange please make @sugah's suggestion happen.

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Haha haha.... Yes very necessary

For me it was spam.

really do you think so?


Too funny. I saw the spider bot from the earlier post. It's an easy bug to catch.

Super cool.

Ah! Now I understand. At first I viewed the comment with a bit of trepidation, but then decided that if I ignored it, that it would die a quick death due to the spook hunters on steemit.
Naughty indeed!

But if you have some great beer you might survice that VIRUS.
Here is one !BEER from me for you.

To view or trade BEER go to

Here is your BEER token!

@detlev good to see you around my friend.
Hope you are well and thank you for the token.

Yes yes, all fine here my friend. Following your activity and doing funny beer related stuff.

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o.... funny.

Wondered what this was about... too bad I didn't participate; always concerned about spam and literal viruses... no matter; thanks for the update!

where was i when all these was happening?

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Hey @steemitboard and/or @arcange, apparently I don't see any notifications or awards on my blogs, I may said stop when I began on steemit here but grew fond of the dashboard.

How can I enable these again?

Best regards!

Reply to any post or comment from @steemitboard with the word NOTIFY



"Ask and you shall receive", Matthew 7:7
Notifications are now enabled!

What the hell is really going on with steemit? This key business makes my head hurt. Probably too complicated for the masses. Everyone is not Stephen Hawking, TBH

thank you for your posting

Goooooood badge ! :) ♥♩♬

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Oh... I was not infected 🙏🏼

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infecting the internets!


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That was some pretty cool fun, but I didn't know that there was an object to this madness and could earn a badge!!!

Checkmate anti vaxxers

I am sorry I missed this. I appreciate all that you do, especially the behind-the-scenes folk @reggaemuffin, @gutenmorganism and @arcange

Thank you again for the Badass Badge 😉👍 and the great fun.... Still cracks me up just looking at it... Lol
Have a wonderful weekend, much love 💕🌹

good post with nice info

Hahah, that Is 😁 funny


Good. I wasn´t infected.

I was unaware that this was happening. :/

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nice one most important issue dicussed

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Hi @steemitboard,
Your counter "4 DAILY AUTHOR" Not work from 8 months. Please check it.

haha good stuff SteemitBoard.

Following back

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Thank you

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