Too cuteeeee

that was fun to see, too bad I was immune!

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Thank you for your extraordinary support💖@steemitboard

could a virus that that multiplies the steem in my wallet be created?
Give it a try

@arcange please make @sugah's suggestion happen.

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Haha haha.... Yes very necessary

Too funny. I saw the spider bot from the earlier post. It's an easy bug to catch.

Ah! Now I understand. At first I viewed the comment with a bit of trepidation, but then decided that if I ignored it, that it would die a quick death due to the spook hunters on steemit.
Naughty indeed!

But if you have some great beer you might survice that VIRUS.
Here is one !BEER from me for you.

To view or trade BEER go to

Here is your BEER token!

@detlev good to see you around my friend.
Hope you are well and thank you for the token.

Yes yes, all fine here my friend. Following your activity and doing funny beer related stuff.

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Precisamos nos atualizar e nos preparar para novas eras e possíveis invasões.

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