Starter Pack Experiment Status Update 5 | Daily Rewards / Card Sales / League Status |

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Starter Pack Expirament Status Update 5 | Daily Rewards / Card Sales / League Status |

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  • Season Status: Silver 1
  • Current Status: Silver 1
  • Daily Reward Highlights
           ~ EPIC: Phantom Soldier
           ~ EPIC: Divine Sorceress
  • Cards Sold: 21 (+10)
  • Card Sold Value USD (at time of sale): $.97
  • STEEM Balance 2.508
  • SBD Balance 0.162
  • Cards Bought: 0

Been doing better - seem to have found a happy place where I can get a good mix of people to play against, win some lose some. Nothing crazy. I will say, I have been crushing the rewards, 3 Epic Phantom Solider and 3 Epic Divine Sorceress so far. I am very close to starting my deck building. Just going to wait for the reward cards and see if I get enough. I will not get a chance to play the daily rewards prior the reset tomorrow, so this is it for my first full season. Given that I have 3 EPIC cards, I will be most likely selling those to my main account at market rate. No point is selling on the open market when I will just need to buy them later anyways.

What splinter should I upgrade the summoner first??

That is my biggest question. I will have enough if the next few days to start. I am leaning towards, Death, Life, Water.... what do you think? Water is my strongest but also one of the most expensive. Not sure what direction to go. Don't have enough to do water, only Fire I think.

Highest League Status

Current Record and Ranking

Daily Reward Cards

1.26.19 Daily Rewards

senstlessmonster 1.26.19.png

1.27.19 Daily Rewards
SenstlessMonster 1.27.19.png

1.28.19 Daily Rewards
senstlessmonster 1.28.19.png

1.29.19 Daily Rewards
senstlessmonster 1.29.19.png

1.30.19 Daily Rewards
senstlessmosnter 1.30.19.png

Reward Cards Summary

Overall I feel pretty good. Two epic, a few of the new cards, some others I can use to build out teams. They are helping to give me more options within each splinter. I am getting more choices, and can play most game types now - but I need more magic, lots more magic.. Stupid life bots

Total Collection

Starter Pack

Reward Cards to date.

Card Sales Summary

Deck Appraisal

Not really going up in value too quickly, but I think I can climb to Silver 1 faster next season and if I get a few upgrades might be in Gold soon.


With the reduced rewards - the economics of building a good team from just the starter pack will be much harder. The prospect of getting enough cards to sell to earn $0.70 to get even the cheapest summoner to just level 2 will be longer than I thought. Depending on the reward cards, I might have 1-2 by the end of the season, we will see.
I will focus on selling all the "extra" reward cards I have. No point in any of them yet... honestly. I need capital first, get the summoners and then worry about leveling up.

Gold Cards / Legendary

Gold will be sold to my main account @senstless at market rates unless by season end, something major happens in my deck....

Monster On!


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