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Starter Pack Expirament Status Update 5 | Daily Rewards / Card Sales / League Status |

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  • Season Status: Silver 1
  • Current Status: Silver 1 - Back to Silver 1 Already!
  • Daily Reward Highlights
           ~ EPIC: Brownie
           ~ EPIC: Imp Bowman
           ~ Legendary: Ruler of the Seas
  • Cards Sold: 21 (-)
  • Card Sold Value USD (at time of sale): $.97
  • STEEM Balance 2.508
  • SBD Balance 0.162
  • Cards Bought: -

Rewards on this account are hot

Do rewards change and give you better cards the lower you are, to help you grow and get you hooked. It seems like it at times. My hit rate is epic and I want it to stay that way!

What splinter should I upgrade the summoner first??

That is my biggest question. I will have enough if the next few days to start. I am leaning towards, Death, Life, Water.... what do you think?

Daily Reward Cards

1.31.19 Daily Rewards

senstlessmonster 1.31.19.png

2.1.19 Daily Rewards
senstlessmonster 2.1.19.png

Reward Cards Summary

Overall I feel pretty good. A new epic, a few of the new cards, some others I can use to build out teams. They are helping to give me more options within each splinter. I am starting to level them up with anticipation of buying a few summoners.

Season Rewards - Silver 1

senstlessmonster silver 1.png

SM 1-10 1.31.19.JPG

SM 1-18 1.31.19.JPG

Good Grief - Half my cards were better than common!

1 Legendary
1 Epic
1 Gold Common
5 Rare.

Total Collection

Starter Pack

Reward Cards to date.

Card Sales Summary

Deck Appraisal


Going great this season, I will see if I can crack Gold for 1 game. Already being in Silver 1 is helping with more reward cards1

Gold Cards / Legendary

Gold will be sold to my main account @senstless at market rates unless by season end, something major happens in my deck....

Monster On!


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