4 Things You Need to Improve Simultaneously for Steemit Success!

Have you seen accounts which post nothing but have thousands of followers? Did you ever come across an account with high reputation but relatively low SP? Such sights are common on Steemit. But don't the look really odd to you? I have been having this thought for some months now but today I am going to let it out as a post. Through this article, I hope to convey an important message for everyone and I hope that it will help readers in succeeding on Steemit.

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These things may seem very simple but their gradual and relative progress is of utmost importance. Without further delay, let us see what the four important things are.

1. Reputation Score

Understanding Steemit reputation score is really important. The Reputation Score 101 guide will help you in thoroughly understanding the reason of having such a system in place and its working. Consider the following paragraph from the guide.

Reputation score shows other users how much you have contributed to the platform and how the community has welcomed you. If your reputation is below 25, it is self-evident that you are not doing anything good. If your reputation is 60, it means that you have put in a lot of effort and delivered a lot of value to receive many upvotes.

Reputation increases only if you get rewarded and you are rewarded only if you put in some effort. If you do not put any effort, you will most probably be flagged. Just yesterday I shared 7 things you should stop doing while commenting to avoid being flagged. Flagging has a negative effect on reputation. You should care about your reputation.

If your reputation is not increasing gradually, it is a point of concern. You should work on your content more because your content is the only source of reputation. Keep track of your progress in terms of reputation.  


When I say followers, I mean organic followers; followers which come naturally to your blog because something on your blog attracts them. The number one and the most important bringer of natural followers should be, and is, your content. Their should be a steady increase in your followers as well as your reputation.

Do not ask people to follow you in the comments on their blog posts.

I recently achieved 3000 followers. But for me, the way my followers grew is more important than the numbers itself. I did have a monumental increase in my my following lately though. In just two months, my followers have doubled from the 1500 in December, 2017. When you look at all the content I produced in that duration, it all seems logical.

This table from this recent post by @abh12345 (image credits to him) is interesting from the standpoint of our discussion.

Keep a track of your following as well. See who is following you and what they need. Provide them with the content that serves them well.

3. Steem Power

Steem Power represents your stake in the platform. Other than your time and effort, this is the major investment you make. Most people invest their time and effort only in the hope of getting some Steem Power. I have invested a little but most of my SP came from rewards. 

The way reward system works, you get a limited amount of SP. In fact, the ratio of SP you in your rewards decreases when Steem's prices rises. Basically, building SP is a difficult task as Steem thrives.

But you should consider that your rewards are distributed in form of both SBD and SP. If you are not getting enough SP, you can always buy Steem from the internal market by selling your SBD. If you wish to spend your liquid SBD on promotion, buy some Steem from the external exchanges and power up.

Recently, a trend has been seen where people have reputation, low number of followers and very low SP. The only reason behind this is that whatever the earn as SBD goes to content promotion services like MinnowBooster and SmartSteem or to bid bots. 

This must be avoided. Increase in your reputation without and equivalent increase in your following and SP clearly shows that you are not adding much value to the platform.

4. Number of Posts

This is purely the content part. The number of posts shown on your blog includes both posts and comments. You should not post too much. You should also not write too many comments because it will compromise quality. Posting too many times will also decreases your bandwidth and you may be temporarily unable to post.

When it comes to the number of posts, I admire the insanely efficient @charles1. We both joined in June, 2017 and look where he is. It's either because he's doing Steemit full time or because he is German. 

However, there should be a steady increase in the number of your posts. Publish great posts on your blog, write valuable comments on others' posts, and reply to comments on your blogs. Doing it regularly and in a recommended way will not only increase your number of posts but also improve the three previous metrics.


Your blog is an important part of representing yourself on Steemit. The statistics and the numbers it shows have a deep lying meaning behind them and they are indicative of your habits and personality. A gradual and simultaneous increase in the four most important things is key to Steemit success. These key areas are:-

  1. Reputation Score
  3. Steem Power
  4. Number of Posts   

I hope that by reading this post, you will be able to analyze your blog and see where you need some improvement. Please resteem it to help more people; especially your faithful followers. Your upvotes are always an encouragement for me to do more.

As a standard feature of all my posts, I am listing all my previous work to help people find the required information or guidance. As I write more and update the previous work to add more value, the list will keep evolving. Feel free to share with people who need it; especially new members.  

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 Divider Image Credits: @kristyglas. More in this post. 


I think Steem Power is the most important one ;)

Yes it is, but how can you achieve more of that when you don't have good content on your blog or good relationship with people on steemit? We just have to try our best at achieving the height of success.

I think the number of posts and engagement is more important, a lot of people have a lot of steem power but if they will not be active they will never grow.

These 4 Points are very important on steemit.Each has its own importance.You explained very well about all four points.

@ilyastarar My friend I follow you always to learn from you and in fact I benefited from you many and many things I learned from you things I did not know things related to reputation and voting and posts and also create a thumbnail to me using Janafi I wanted to know the creation of a picture put on my name or picture Thanks to your posts I knew I do not have to thank you You deserve all the best for what you have given us and how I wish to be a personal friend to you not only here but on Facebook also not to learn more from you

I've been writing on similar topics, but you're articles seem so much more authoritative. I post on a variety of topics, so I haven't seen as much follower growth as I'd like. I think if I can find a niche, I should be able to attract more followers specifically for that topic. Followers seems to be my weakest link right now.

Good luck to you. I have included a 9 step guide to finding your niche. It may help you stick to one or two and gain focused following.

Thank you! I'll read it!

I couldn't agree more... these are exactly the things I'm focussing on right now.

I'd like to add thought that "Growing SP" is probably the hardest of them all... it's a bit of an exponential thing, and for newbies this is the biggest source of frustration: Without SP, you struggle to grow your SP... and don't even get me started on bandwidth issue :p

Anyway... you hit the nail on the head again... as usual! high-5

Nice work!

A good compilation of links and some sound advice :D


I am glad to see that you are the first Pakistani who is sharing quality stuff on steemit. I recently followed you on @biyanoor's behalf. But seriously i appreciate your effort because very few people put full effort to share valuable knowledge :) . Now lets talk about your post first of all thumbnail is good but the text in white is not so clear please try to make background little blurry so that text would be clear its just my point of view. May be you have better option. Thats true if you work firmly and steadily on steemit your reputation definitly increases. I agree never ask someone to follow you or upvote for upvote. Overall your post was informative and keep working like this. Because newbies like me wants to learn a lot from people like you :).

Very helpful
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us
I will be expecting more
Thanks again

Thanks for the great tips @ilyastarar
I have been trying to find that balance between overposting and commenting, and not doing it enough. It seems to be a fine line. I'm gradually building following, slowly starting to see see SBD come in.
The theme everyone seems to be clear on: just keep plugging away, posting unique content that you have an interest in

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