Understanding SmartSteem : How to Use SmartSteem - A Vote Selling/Buying Service You Can Benefit From & Other Investment Opportunities! — Steemit

Understanding SmartSteem : How to Use SmartSteem - A Vote Selling/Buying Service You Can Benefit From & Other Investment Opportunities!

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Despite being a very smart service, SmartSteem has been under the radar so far I feel. I noticed it for the first time when I saw it listed in content promotion services on the Steem bot tracker website a few weeks ago. I have been using MinnowBooster to use some of the services that SmartSteem offers so I was not interested in knowing how to use SmartSteem. However, since I have covered how to use 7 services offered by MinnowBooster, there have been some queries regarding an alternative.

I do not wish to mislead anyone by declaring SmartSteem as an alternative to MinnowBooster. They both are different services with some similarities. They are not interchangeable. Each service has its own unique points and both are effective parts of the Steemit ecosystem. This post is yet another effort to make the Steemit ecosystem known and understandable for everyone. The opportunities for growth and investment presented by Steemit based services enhance the benevolence of Steem blockchain and that is why I cover them in detail.

How to use SmartSteem.png
Image designed via Canva.com and background image is free to use from the inbuilt gallery. SmartSteem logo is used with permission.

What is SmartSteem?

SmartSteem is primarily a vote-selling service but with some unique features. The fact that people sell votes via SmartSteem also means that those votes can be bought buy SmartSteem users. It makes it a vote buying service for content promotion as well. There is a bid bot too called @smartsteem which is powered by SP delegations from other Steemit users and shares its profits with its delegators. Hence, delegating SP to bot is another thing you can do using SmartSteem. There is much more detail and everything is explained in this post.


The Team

SmartSteem is founded by @therealwolf and @artbunny whereas @therealwolf is the developer behind the service. He is also a witness and, in my unbiased opinion, deserves our witness vote. I have done it just now. He's currently at # 49. I have had some interaction with the developer to clarify some of the confusions I had regarding the service because I do not wish to pass on wrong information to my readers. He has been very helpful. Also, there is an incident superb customer service by him that I am going to refer to later.


I did not have any prior interaction with any other team member so I do not have anything to say about them. You can find out yourself in their discord server.

How to Use SmartSteem?

Using SmartSteem depends on what you wish to do. Every individual service within the SmartSteem economy has its own procedure of use. Explained below is the step by step procedure of how to use SmartSteem services. Read through and decide which service attracts you more.

1. Register With SmartSteem

To use SmartSteem properly and to sell your votes, you will have to sign up with their website. Go to SmartSteem.com and click login. Please note that the link contains my referral link. If you sign up using my referral link, you lose nothing and I gain a small percentage of SmartSteem's profits (not yours). I always value transparency so I disclosed the information right away.


By clicking Login, you will be taken to SteemConnet authorization page. Click continue.


You need to enter your posting key because the app just needs your permission to vote. I am already a member with this account so I used @steempkrex to document the process.


Click sign in and you will be taken to the SmartSteem website as a logged in user.

2. Get Whitelisted

Immediately after being signed in, you will see a blue button saying Get Whitelisted. Click it.


You will be taken to the whitelisting application form asking you why you wish to join and what category suits you best. You have to write a convincing reason of why you wish to join SmartSteem or else you will not be whitelisted. It's important.


After you have applied, you will be added to the list of pending users, and obviously at the very end of it. You will stay on this list until manually whitelisted by the team.


Once you have been whitelisted, your profile will reflect it.


Let's see how whitelisting is done and why it is important.

How Does Whitelisting Work and Why Is It Important?

Whitelisting and consequential SmartScore assigned to the whitelisted users is the most outstanding feature of SmartSteem. It is important because it prevents abuse of Steem rewards from happening in the first place. It also makes use of the content promotion bot (@smartmarket) abuse resistant; giving it a massive edge over all other services.

Whitelisting is done to evaluate content produced by applicants. After the review, users are given any of the three SmartScore ratings.

  1. Excellent: If your content is rated excellent, you get three stars.

  2. Good: If your content is of good quality, you get two stars. This is where I am right now.

  3. Average: If your content is just okay, you get one star.

If your content is found to be of not good enough quality, you will not be whitelisted. If you are found to be a spammer and plagiarizer, you may even be blacklisted. Blacklisted users cannot get votes from the SmartSteem service. The site maintains a public whitelist.


That is why I love SmartSteem as a service. I am very much against bad content. Getting upvotes from voting bots on bad content is just criminal. SmartSteem is very smart at handling this potential abuse.

3. Sell Votes to SmartMarket

Selling votes on via SmartSteem service becomes a great activity considering it allows us to vote for only the content that is worth voting. I have used MinnowBooster to sell votes for some months now and it has been a wonderful experience in economic terms. I still use it. However, the presence of SmartScore ratings is what makes me prefer SmartSteem for selling my vote.

Here are some reasons you may be interested in selling votes through SmartSteem.

  • Selling votes on a market, which gives you 85 % of whatever your vote earns, is better than self-voting comments and posts excessively to earn rewards; which is not a good practice.

  • You can choose the quality of content your votes are used on. This is like upvoting good quality but with the added advantage of earning a fair amount of SBD.

  • By voting good content through the service, you also earn curation rewards.

To enable vote selling, click Features under your profile. It will take you to vote selling settings page.

  • Enable vote selling.

  • Configure when you wish to be paid out. Whatever you earn in this period will be sent to your wallet.

  • Set the least VP below which the service won't be able to use your vote. Keep the limit higher than 80 % to always have good VP at your disposal. I need to change the settings.

  • Choose the content quality on which you wish your vote to be used. I choose good quality. If you choose anyone, you cannot ensure if the content you voted on if of the required quality. I recommend voting only to whitelisted users (at least average quality) to prevent abuse.

Here's what the form looks like.


But to enable SmartSteem to use your vote, you need to authorize it first. You can do it on the above form. Mine is already authorized.


That's it. Your vote will now be sold whenever the conditions you set are satisfied. You will earn 85 % of whatever the amount of SBD your vote was used against. Here's a screenshot of my balance from two days ago. I since have received withdrawal worth 7.288 SBD and a current balance of 2.816 SBD. I started selling vote on 8th Feb and today is 12 Feb. You can guess why I recommend doing it!


Note:- You need to have enough SP (always based on Steem's current price) to be able to sell your vote. You can use MinnowBooster's SP lease market to get some SP on a lease. That's the reason I do not consider MinnowBooster and SmartSteem interchangeable. Both are beautiful parts of the Steemit ecosystem.

4. Buy Votes from SmartMarket

I have used the term @smartmarket for a few times now in this post. It's a part of SmartSteem service but different from @smartsteem. The difference between both needs to be clarified, and it will be clear once you read about both in this post. For now, keep in mind that you buy user votes for content promotion through @smartmarket. The vote you sell in step three above is used by the @smartmarket to give paid votes and share 85 % of the profit with sellers.

Here's how to do it.

Buying Votes on Website

To buy votes directly from the website interface, you can click buy votes and fill the following form. You will be able to see the maximum available votes for whitelisted or not listed members. You will also see the vote worth your sent SBD or Steem will bring on your post.


Clicking send will take you to the SteemConnect authorization page. Click continue and sign in to allow the transaction.


You will instant votes. It is important to be a member of the website to see the votes that you got on your post. I got 15 votes worth $2.532 for 1 SBD. That is perfectly in line with the 2x-2.6x promised in the vote-buying form.


An added advantage of getting upvotes from @smartmarket is that you get a considerable number of votes, which looks good. Also, there is no spammy comment confirmation. You can view your buying history on the website. Available votes can always be viewed. Numbers are dynamic and depend on the availability of required voting power set by users to sell votes.


Buying Votes from Steemit Wallet

To get @smartmarket vote directly from your blog, just transfer SBD or Steem with post URL as memo to get an instant vote with a fixed return. You do not need to be a member of the website to get votes but won't get votes from people, like me, who authorize their vote only on whitelisted users' posts.


I would recommend registering as a user and see the number of votes your transfer bought and their value.

5. Buy Votes from @SmartSteem Bid Bot

If you are not a fan of instant votes with predictable returns and wish to play the bidding game, you can use @smartsteem bid bot. Simply send SBD or Steem to @smartsteem (not @smartmarket) to get a vote from the bot. Its vote value depends on each bidding round and can profitable and loss for you depending on how many bids were received in that window and how much ROI each user got.


The best way, but not reliable towards the end of bidding time, to track bid bots ROI is to see Steem Bot Tracker website. Find smartsteem among bid bots and click details to view the current status of bidding. Bid towards the very end when the bot is about to vote and bid only if the ROI is favorable.


I hope you now clearly understand the difference between @smartmarket and @smartsteem. I once sent 20 SBD to @smartsteem when I actually wanted to use @smartmarket votes. I contacted @therealwolf via the official discord server of SmartSteem (click to join) and he returned me 8 SBD. I was very impressed, naturally. I do have more than one reasons to vote him for witness. Please do that too!

6. Delegate SP to SmartSteem & Earn Profits

The bid bot is powered by community delegations and that is an investment opportunity for everyone. You can delegate SP to the bot and get a % from all the profits the bot earns. SmartSteem shares 95 % of its profits among delegators. Let me show you the exact math.

At the time I took this screenshot, a total of 149,592.049 SP was delegated to SmartSteem.


One of the users, @reddust, has delegated 5000 SP, which is 3.34 % of the total delegation. So, her profit share is 3.34 % of all the profits given away by the service. Here's the screenshot.


Received profits depend on when you delegated. Do as you please. I have shared the information. You can decide what to do with it. To delegate, click the blue delegate button on this page.

7. Invite Friends to Join SmartSteem & Earn Profit

Just a few days ago, @therealwolf told me that he is going to introduce a referral system. I have been seeking advice and clarity from him a lot lately in connection with this guide (I really do a lot of groundwork before presenting anything to you, my readers).


I was reluctant to use referral link but I did because bringing people to this amazing service is itself a service to Steemit ecosystem and I would like to be a promoter of what SmartSteem stands for. The referral system is here and you can use it too.


If you wish to use my referral to join SmartSteem or to invite other people to it, you can do it by using this link. I thank you for your support anyway. Link: https://smartsteem.com?r=ilyastarar


I have personally benefited from the SmartSteem projects but it stands for bigger things than profit. It smartly reduces the chances of reward pool abuse. SmartSteem is still a newer project but it deserves huge appreciation for what it brings to the Steemit ecosystem. It offers opportunities ranging from content promotion to investment opportunities of various types. I wanted to share this opportunity with Steemians in general and my followers in particular so that everyone can reap the benefits of Steem blockchain powered sub-economy created by SmartSteem.

If you have any question, do share it in the comments. It would be kind of you to support this post through your valuable upvotes and resteems. Helping this post with upvotes will not only benefit the community at large but also will encourage me to put more effort into educating Steemians to create a better ecosystem on Steemit.

Steem on!

Note: List of all my previous guides is available here. You can go through the post and apply for translation of any guide into your language. I am doing this to spread Steemit education all across the globe regardless of the language barriers.

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this is some really good info, I didn't know about this service but I am going to try it out


@Ilyastarar I love this! Resteemed dude. Rewarding those who deserve it! Those who put effort into producing quality content! Yes!

Thank you @ilyastarar, for your objective and professional review. Really appreciate it!


Hi @therealwolf . I've followed all the instructions to sell my vote but I cannot slide the authorize button at the bottom. Any tips or reasons why you think I cannot do this?


Hey @cflclosers,

you need to click on the button Authorize - the slider is simply for display purposes.


It won't let me. I hover over it and a little red circle appears that indicates I can't press or slide. All of the items above are chosen correctly . I'm able to save my choices but just not authorize.



Only it is called Authorize


Thanks. I removed authorization and then started over. It worked this time. I also delegated 100 sp . Not sure if that will accomplish anything for me but I figure I will try it. I love the instant votes. We chatted about it a few weeks ago and I am enjoying it so thanks.


If you read the part where I mentioned delegations, you can know that you will get some reward for sure.


Hey @therealwolf . I just uploaded my first dsound and sent 3sbd for votes. I realized that the url that was sent was simply https://dsound.audio/ instead of my actual steemit post link. Is that money just gone now or can I get it back? I then sent the blog link a second time and got those votes. If so, lesson learned but I'd love to get it back if I can.


You always get it back - unless you try to game the system. Refunded it :)


Hey Can someone Check Out what happen to my Vote?... I sent/bid 4 steem.. smartsteem bot..never got a vote.. nor a refund 1 hour ago.. you can check my wallet ..your bot may have glitched!


I tried the same thing. hmmmm?


@lasteem and it didn't work?


You are the person to be thanked creating a service that is smart and tackles reward system abuse smartly as well. I am glad to have covered it in thorough detail. I am sure people will benefit from it.

Thank you for your feedback!


Being Beautiful All the Time


I agree this is very helpful for a new user. So thank you to @ilyastarar and @therealwolf.

Great job done team! we need more steemians to educate the community like this one! you have wet my appetite to do more on this community. kudos team @smartsteem, @therealwolf, @artbunny, @leongkhan, @deborism and the master educator himself @ilyastarar


I would say that I have the same message for each one of you. Keep being amazing!


Thanks for letting us know more about it because its hard to know for the beginner to understand.
And also thank to @jerrybanfield for letting us know about steemit.

Thanks brother @ilyastarar for introducing a new smartsteem and i have applied for this service. i hope it will provide us with some quality services.


Great brother. Always a pleasure to help people; especially from my community.

GREAT content. Looking at Vote selling - learning about it from your post. Thanks

Thank you Ilyas, I did not know that service deeply before and I read all of your article and found out that now I know pretty much everything.
Keep up, those are gems you distribute to us all!


That is exactly why I covered it in such a detail. Glad you found it helpful.

quite informative,its good to know that there is a platform that work and help minnows get good payout just as minnow booster


It's not just what you think it is. I was not expecting this limited perspective from anyone who has read the post.

Hey, great tutorial!

Wow, you sure did your homework and added a lot of detailed information about how to use their services. I spent a few minutes going over their site just the other day, but honestly, I think your article may explain it as well,or better than their site, well done!

I'll be sure and mention it in an upcoming article. Also, if you're interested, you can share your best tip and win some SBD. Just go here. Follow @dolphinschool for lots of great steemit training! @markrmorrisjr


That is a big compliment and I thank you for your generous words. I am really interested in knowing what you are sharing so I have followed you. Also, thank you for the link. The work being done via @dolphinschool attracts me a lot.


Cool, well, I'm looking for some mentors to help out next time. If you are interested. In fact, if you want to go through it once, to get a feel for what I'm doing, that would be amazing. With all the little fish, it's exhausting, they're awesome,but so much to teach in a few days. I remember my first week or so, but the platform was soooooo much slower then.

Beautifully written and well informative.. You intrigued me to have a closer look into smartsteem


My pleasure to have generated that interest. I hope you were not disappointed.

It's remarkable that my ignorance 'assumed' that Smartsteem was just an upvote bot. I have been using them for a while now and love the results.

But thanks to this post, I'm discovering that it's so much more.

Keep these in depth reviews coming sir. The Minnowbooster post helped me a ton as this one is too.

The rabbit hole truly is deep once you dive in to Steemit and its eco system. So much to learn, so many awesome projects....I feel like a kid in a candy store :)


I hope you remember the opening two sentences of the MinnowBooster guide.

If you think that MinnowBooster is a voting bot, you are right. But if you think that MinnowBooster is just a voting bot, then you must read this post till the end and know why it is not true.

So true in case of SmartSteem too but I needed to start differently.

Thank you so much for your feedback. The more people learn from my blog, the happier I become because the purpose of my efforts is to educate people properly in a way that benefits them as well as Steemit.

Great post, thank you for sharing. I have to admit that at first the idea of buying/selling votes made me uncomfortable, sort of feels like cheating - to me that is.

But when I saw this

it stands for bigger things than profit. It smartly reduces the chances of reward pool abuse.

the lights went on! After a bit more thought I suddenly realised just how clever the whole design actually is. If my aim is to support the Steemit community by creating and voting for good content, as well as ensuring sustainable success by prevention of reward pool abuse, I would need to buy votes to accelerate my growth so that I could actually be in a position to sell my SP. Brilliant!

One thing I was curious about, was the actual posts that are being voted on and then I started feeling a bit uneasy again - if the content is essentially 'good' but I disagree with the topic or discussion in the post...well I just don't know. Like if it was a food post about a meat dish and I was vegan, I might not feel comfortable knowing I'd possibly contributed towards the vote.

But that's just me, and maybe it's better to look at the bigger picture ;)


The example of voting on meat post being a vegan is a matter of difference of opinion and lifestyle. I am a Muslim and I know there may be a small number of people who won't like to vote for a Muslim person. I hope you get my point. Anyone who publishes a great post on Donald Trump deserves the votes for his hardwork and quality of his content rather than being avoided for posting about an unpopular figure.

The point is; we can keep our opinions with us and live with other poeple have other opinions. Everyone is right in his own thinking. Anyway, the topic does not concern me as much as copy-paste, plagiarized, badly formatted and useless content does.


I get what you mean, not to be stubborn about it, but I still think there's a moral issue too, but yes I agree that the quality of the post is the most importanr thing to consider. Thanks, let me stop commenting now and go finish my next post so I can try out SmartSteem :)


Good luck! And keep being awesome!

Just used your referall buddy! As usual your post is just great!! Im not sure if you read my message in the other post! Would be great if you could reply :) Thank you for your work!


I have been unable to track all of the one thousand or more comments in the last two weeks alone. I am sorry for that. I'll try to reply to yours now that you have asked me. Thank you. Resteeming will help more people!


I resteemed it already ;) i was asking in a other post i we could work together and i translate all your posts into german ;) let me know how i can contact u! @cryptranhi is my twitterhandle


I'm available on discord with same username. Please go through the translation rules in the post linked at the end of this post. Once per week is maximum allowed limit. I have created 27 guides so far and many of them have already been translated into other language, including German.

A Quality Post Sir. Thumbs up. I am using smarsteem service for last 2 weeks. but I was just using it to promote my post. now I have got more beneficial​ things from your post about smartsteem service​. once again thanks a lot​. upvote and resteem done.


This is exactly why I covered it in such detail. Glad you found it useful. Please help it reach more people.

Thank you, @ilyastarar, you are the 1st person who had clarified some things that confused me about smartsteem - 2 ways of buying votes, and what is"Whitelisting " for. I sent request for whitelisting 10 days ago and it is still pending. Maybe you know how long could it take?


I included a link to their discord server. You may find the needed help there.


I see it now, thanks!

Thank you, @ilyastarar for introducing the this useful service. I have a couple of questions, please :

1 - If I am only interested in buying votes, what is the advantage of signing up vs. sending request from wallet directly?

2 - Is it allowed to buy votes for comments too? Or is it limited to posts?


Thanks for highlighting your queries. Answer to question # 2 is no. It's limited to posts.

Question # 1: If you are signed up and whitelisted, you can get votes from people who only vote for whitelisted people. Without whitelisting, you will get votes from only those people who allow votes for everyone.

Basically, whitelisting matters here, not just signing up. I hope your query is clear.


Thank you. One more question:
Is value of the upvote affected by registering or not?

oh wow, now this is a detail post... Im going to bookmark this and save it to read again later in detail( making notes too) thanks for providing detailed post! really appreciate it!


Thank you so much! Your feedback is of utmost importance to me.

How much SP do you need to sell your vote?


You can start selling your vote as low as 15-20 SP


Cool! I might try it then!


I will always depend on Steem's price though. At current prices, you are good to go as @therealwolf has guided you. If price drops, you'll need more SP to because vote value comes down with price.

Very interesting and very well written post! The SteemIt eco-system is indeed growing and becoming more amazing by the minute as creative people such as @therealwolf and @artbunny come up with new and better things - services.

Greetings: I'm one of the newer kids on the block (chain) and am rather in the dark about voting and Steem Power and all of that. I suspect there must be a tutorial somewhere. Adding to the challenge of assimilating all of this is the fact I'm over 65 and therefore don't wake up in the morning having gained knowledge of all things Techy just from sleeping (as it seems younger generations do!) I assure you however I am vitally interested in fully participating in steemit. Where would you suggest I begin in educating myself? Sincere thanks. OH! and once I understand everything as a service to the more mature crowd I'm going to offer a tutorial in language we can understand. Blessings.


Welcome to Steemit sir. This blockchain is made for everyone who can go through the first few confusing weeks.


Start here. You will find it very useful.

this post very usefull for me.
excuse me @ilyastarar, i want ask for permission to you for translate in indonesia language.
I believe this post like this will be very usefull for us who are still newbie.

thanks before


Please read the rules I defined in the translation post. If you can ensure those conditions, I can allow translation!


where can i get the rules translation post?
can you give me like link about that


Last paragraph of this post.


Okay @ilyastarar, I have read the guide you provided. I try to learn what you have written here.
I will try it.

@Ilyastarar I'm still very dubious on the practice of buying and selling votes. I can understand it's very tempting but it still seems kind of unethical and somewhat dishonest to me. Could you please tell me if my feelings and general assessment of these kinds of applications are naïeve and/or unfounded? I hope you'll respond.

I enjoyed reading the post.


There are two vote selling services and many bid bots in operation. I have covered use and abuse of bid bots just yesterday. You find it interesting and even useful. On vote selling, I am pretty confident that using your SP to earn something is pretty much ethical. I won't stop voting for others just to earn money though. I think keeping a balance is the key. I won't approve not voting for content in general and just selling votes.


Thank you for your reply. I need to read the article again because I forgot after a couple of days. But my first inclination is to stay away from upvote bots and services. I can always take a look at them later. Thanks again for all the info!

very good post .. it was so useful but if u can clarify .. should i whitelisted to be able to sell my votes ?


You don't have to be whitelisted to sell your votes - this is purely for vote-buying :)


ok thanks :)

Really nice information @ilyastarar...am relatively new to this community but am going to try @smartsteem out as soon as possible. Thank you.


Most welcome. Thanks for the comment.

I really like this service, but it's always out of juice when I want to buy votes. I think I've gotten it to work a handful of times, several weeks ago. Every time I've looked in the past week or two, the max vote is under a dollar :(

Hopefully, the vote selling will earn me a little money. Great work on the article!


It's because every vote on the market is sold the moment requisite VP % is met. Recovery takes 1-2 hours and after that it is sold again, immediately. There is more demand than supply. I hope more people join after this post so that we can have some juicy votes to buy.

very useful post here, resteeming to spread the word to others, thanks for sharing and best of luck

regards from @conradsuperb


Thanks a lot!

Thanks for this wonderful and informative post. I tried to sign up and get whitelisted but was immediately declined. What could be the reason?


Listing is done based on your content. The discord link is available in the post. You should discuss with mods there.


OK Thanks

Great job mate, i tried it out and it was awesome...cooler than most upvote service i have seen


Thanks for feedback.

Great Efforts @ilyastarar, My appreciations for you.after reading detail about @smartsteem I join it Soon.Thanks brother for infos.

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I will try

Thanks @ilyastarar now I am using this. Really helpful.

Yet anotherbrilliant tutorial, @Ilyastarar.

Hello - is there any rule how old the post is allowed to be on which one want to receive an upvote ? except for the 6 days and 12 hours ;-)


Hey there, the max. allowed post-age is 3.5 days :)


I need to add that information in the guide. Is it same for both @smartsteem bot and @smartmarket?

Very nicely done review! Made me register! Thanks!


Glad to have you on board!

Thank you for this Imformation .. i m Going to List you on my top 5 Post .. keep going

You got a 15.28% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @ilyastarar!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

Wow such an in depth look at smartsteem. Smartsteem is still undervalued I think, thanks for sharing this super useful post!


Thanks a lot!

This sounds really interesting and I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

Great write up @ilyastarar. Sadly i can't upvote another time since you got my upvote when i sold it to Smartsteem xD(I already knew it and also used it for some time).
May I ask for your permission to translate it into german? I really think it would spread this awesome platform a bit more. (additionally may i also include my referral besides yours if I get to translate your post? If you decline I'll simply forget this idea xD.)


Please gain some followers first. Read translation contest post first.


Thanks for your answer!

Thanks for the information. Still trying to sort this upvote bot thing out.

actually I still had some doubts, thanks for clarifying everything

Thanks for elaborating the use of smarts teem. I have been a member but do not know most of their service. I'm learning a lot from your post. Keep it up! You are helping a lot of people here. Cheers!

Wow boss Its wounderful tutorial about smartsteem. I didn't about this little bit. Now I want to use it.I have apply for this service .I hope it will provide us some good service.
Thank you so much for your all tutorials your all posts are very informative and good for newbies. I learn many things from you on this plateform.
Upvoted resteem.

I have tried using SmartSteem for a day but I dont know if I should continue or not. I am just a starter though, maybe I cant just see the big impact when using it.

I will always consider using it when time comes.

Very good review sir @ilyastarar

Again, this is epic. Very comprehensive, coherent and analytic presentation of the smartsteem system. I really appreciate your posts.

Upvoted and Resteemed.

That's me in the bid bot tracker picture! I am famous now.

i tried smartmarket yesterday but it didn't work =\ still waiting i wonder if it's delayed.

Thanks for writing those detail guide, it's really been helpful to newbie like myself. Awesome work @ilyastarar


I have mentioned in the post how to track your votes. You either get a refund or votes. It's better to see the history from the website (only appears after you sign up).


i didn't sign up, just did the transfer with link post 2 days ago, till now there's no vote and no refund under my wallet history. well lucky the amt isn't too big.

@ilyastarar - excellent post and description about the smartsteem program for vote delegation and of course other things as well I will likely learn. I am new to steemit and am looking for way to boost my steem power quicker. Thanks for your assistance, I've followed - resteemed - upvoted your post... 5-Star content!

please voteback..

Great work bro. Really appreciated work happy to see you again.


@ilyastarar I really appreciate your posts that inform newbies about earning more in the community. The truth is I'm now experementing the @minnowbooster as I see your post and I can't wait to try @smartsteem.
Thank you again

The best part is that one can chose to select the quality of user to whom he wants to sell upvote..

I'm not sure if you're aware, but the ' how to use 7 services offered by MinnowBooster' link links directly to this article and not the article you're intending. Could you please fix it? Many thanks !

That was interesting, I like the whitelisting idea with the star levels making sure that people know what kind of content they are selling their vote to. Still, I'm not sure it's for me as my vote is still way too weak to sell, I'm not interested in buying and I'm still on the fence about selling and buying votes on the whole.

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I'm new to Steemit and had never heard of this service before. There is so much to get to grips with on the platform but I'll be sure to check out this very soon. Nice one and thanks for your very detailed description.

wooow this is interesting...... very informative

I bought upvote on minnowboster for 0,500 sbd about 3 hours ago and I have not got upvote yet. what should I do or how long I have to wait

@ilyastarar bhai ap bohot fast ja rhe hain steemit pe.. mashaAllah

clear instructions , one of best thing is using it is not complicated , wonderful review, wish to see more from u


Thank you!

This opens so much doors, i think we dont even knwo what could be possible with this :D

Can’t believe I haven’t read this but this is a 3 Star material ;) @ilyastarar cleat-cut and comprehensives coverage of smartsteem


Thank you very much!

Hello @ilyastarar, thanks for sharing this. I am a bit late on board but glad to have found this from you. Very informative. I will sign in using your referral link. Wish you success also. Thanks, Rosa

Honestly SmartSteem is great. I love the UI, it is accessible to anybody. Great work my friend, very proud of you.

This is a great guide post! Thank you so much for writing this post as it helps a minnow like myself understand different ways to improve our account. I've just tried buying votes through @smartmarket and it's great that there isn't a spammy comment left underneath the post about buying votes. THanks for sharing and helping me. The whole bidbot, upvote selling, delegation etc are really confusing for me. You've definitely helped me clear it up.

Thank you for this really informative post. I've signed up and am waiting to be whitelisted. I'm also bookmarking this post..and following you.

I am 8 months late, but great post. I learned alot. Did you perform analysis of who has a better ROI on vote selling? Smartsteem or Minnowbooster?

@ilyastarar mai kya krun ab?
steemit chat is kam nai kr rhe
kesy @steemcleaners sy contact krun , please guide me mai bht preshan hun