Reputation Score 101 : What is Steemit Reputation Score, How is It Calculated and Why Should We Bother?

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Unlike popular social media or blogging platforms—where content and activity, and for some people, a verification badge, are the best indicators of what a user is like and what quality he adds to the network—Steemit has a dedicated reputation score system coded into the blockchain. Most Steemit users, if not all, notice the reputation score written next to their Steemit username or name (if set).

Reputation Score 101.png
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Why Is This Tutorial Needed?

But too many times, we come across newbie users showing a complete disregard for their reputation score and repeating things which get them flagged. The inspiration behind compiling a complete tutorial/guide on reputation score system is to help newbies understand that reputation score is important. Once they realize how critical their reputation score is, it is natural that they will start doing the right things on Steemit.

In short, this post will serve as a significant contribution to the betterment of Steem ecosystem by imparting right knowledge and encouraging right behavior on the network. Please do help it reach more people and mention its link in your blog posts.

Following are the things you should know about Steemit reputation score system. The code governing reputation system may change in future as the system evolves but reputation scores are here to stay for a long time.

Reputation Score Starts at 25

When you joined, you had a reputation score of 25. Same is the case of all Steemians. All new accounts are created with a reputation score of 25 and it is up to the user to increase or decrease it through his interaction with the blockchain and with other users.

It Increases Only with Upvotes

Upvotes you get on your content—posts and comments—are the only variable related to your reputation score. But there are some interesting limitations too. How that is done or calculated is shown as you read further.

Reputation score is not affected when:-

  • You upvote others.
  • You receive author rewards in your wallet.
  • You earn curation rewards.
  • You publish a post or comment on a published post.

In short, only the upvotes you get will increase your reputation score. Nothing else!

Only Downvotes/Flags on Your Content Decrease Your Reputation Score

Only the flags (also called downvotes) can decrease your reputation score. Again, some protectionis enabled in the code to prevent abuse. How that is done or calculated will also be explained later as well.

Reputation & Account Value are NOT Related

There is no direct relationship—whatsoever—between your reputation score and the value of your Steemit account (as shown in the wallet). Which means that reputation score is independent of:-

  • The amount of Steem in a user's wallet.
  • The amount of Steem Power—owned or/and delegated—that a user has.
  • The amount of SBD in his wallet.

Since the Steemit wallet balance is not related to reputation score, it does not matter if you buy steem, power down, receive or send Steem/SBD to or from exchanges and send Steem or SBD to a fellow user. Your reputation score will remain unaffected.

There are scores of Steemit accounts having a reputation score of 25 but SP worth millions of dollars.

Steem Whales.png
Screenshot taken from

Conversely, there are Steemians with higher than 70 reputation who do not possess much value in their wallets.

Steem Whales 2.png

Next thing is based on this very logic.

Reputation Doesn't Determine if You're a Whale or a Minnow

As mentioned in the previous point, reputation score has no direct effect on your account value and vice versa. Therefore:-

Reputation score does not determine if you are a Steemit whale or a minnow; the amount of Steem Power does.

Examples are quoted previously.

Protective Limitations of Reputation Score System

We have already said that upvotes increase and flags/downvotes decrease reputation score but with some limitations. There are two major limitations to votes (upvotes or flags) affecting reputation score. Let's discuss them briefly.

1. Negative Reputation Accounts Cannot Affect Reputation of Other Accounts

If a user has a negative reputation, he can upvote or downvote posts and comments. These upvotes or downvotes will affect rewards on those comments or posts corresponding to the Steem Power of that account, remaining voting power and applied voting weight. But such a vote or downvote will not affect reputation score. In short, negative reputation holders cannot affect reputation score of other users.

2. You Must Have Higher Reputation to Affect Reputation of Another User Through Downvoting/Flagging

Again, you can affect the rewards and even zero them. But if you have a lower reputation than the user you are flagging, his/her reputation will not be affected.

When I understood these limitations, I realized why my reputation was not affected when Booster downvoted some of my active posts. Thankfully, I had a higher reputation than Booster. Only the two flags from its owner (a user with a higher reputation than mine) affected my reputation. It wasn't much of a loss because he had delegated most of his SP to booster (thankfully). These were the only flags in my entire Steemit careers and they were angry flags on more than decent posts. I want no more because I'm an upvote person. Haha!


These limitations are placed to prevent any abuse of SP by low reputation users and to protect the reputation of users who have worked hard on the platform to earn the reputation score they now possess. Beautiful from Steemit devs!

Where Does Reputation Score Come from and How Is It Calculated?

Reputation score system is part of the underlying code of Steem blockchain. I'm not a programmer so I will not go into much detail about the code. If I share some detail or snippet, it will be credited to the rightful creator of that detail.

There's one strange but understandable thing that you need to understand before you can understand how Steemit reputation score works.

Reward Shares

If you have studied Steemit reward system in detail, you know that 25 % of the reward on a post or a comment is distributed among curators; the people who upvote on content. How that curation reward is calculated is how the reputation score is determined as well. Interesting? Let's see.

I received the payout for a post today. When I checked details of votes on it on (Steem Blockchain Explorer), it showed Reward Shares in TRS, GRS, and MRS. I guessed from T, G and M that these should be for Tera, Giga and Mega while RS should be Reward Shares.


Kilo, Mega, Giga, Tera, Peta etc. are prefixes as we know them. Here's the chart of prefixes taken from this article on prefixes.


So, @lukestokes got the highest Reward Shares from the 25 % curation reward on this post of mine; meaning that he got the biggest chunk of the curation reward. While not the topic of this post, curation rewards collected by curators do play a key role in affecting your reputation. Amount of reward shares depends on following factors.

  • Timing of the upvote.
  • Reputation of the curator.
  • Steem Power held by the user.
  • Remaining voting power and the vote percentage (voting weight) of that upvote.

Reward shares have a complex code behind it, but once calculated, it gets added to your reputation score except in case of the two limitations discussed above. When someone flags you (and has a higher reputation than yours), reward shares are subtracted from your reputation, affecting it negatively and bringing it down.

How? Let's see.

Total Reward Shares = Reputation

If you get an upvote from a non-negative reputation score holding user, their reward shares get added to your reputation score, which increases. When your content is flagged by a user with a higher reputation than yours, the resulting reward shares get subtracted from your total reputation. The total sum of all the reward shares collected by curators from your content equals to your total reputation.

To see your true reputation (the total reward shares your curators collected from your content), go to (replace your name). Towards the end, you'll see Reputation and a big number written instead of a simple two-digit reputation score you see on


I am sharing how this big reputation number translates to the mini reputation score on our profiles with the help of the personal example.

Calculating The Exact Reputation Score

As you can see in the above image, my reputation score is 6,783,462,650,904. To convert it to generic reputation score, Steemit code uses Log Base 10 function. Here's how it is done.

  • Take Log Base 10 of the reputation number shown in


  • Subtract 9 from the resulting number.


  • Multiply the resulting number with 9.


  • Add 25 to the number.


That's my current reputation. Here's the screenshot of my latest reputation as per


Steemit profiles show reputation score without the decimal part; just like shows. @esteemapp shows reputation up to two decimal points. I am sharing the snippet of exact code used for the reputation score. It is executed every time you receive a vote (upvote or a flag).

code snippet

That's how the Reputation Score is calculated. Let's discuss briefly why reputation score matters.

Does Reputation Score Increase Uniformly?

Absolutely not! It is hard to go from 25 to 26, harder from 26 to 27, even harder to go to 28 from 27 and so on. There are two circulating theories about reputation score.

  1. The first one and the less common one is that each next number is 1.3x or 30 % harder to achieve than the previous one.

  2. The second one is that each next reputation score is 10x harder to achieve than the previous one.

I think, due to sufficient evidence and personal experience, that the second one is correct. I reached 50 in no time. In a week or so. And for more than 6 months have passed and I am yet to reach 60 (59.482 right now). 60 indeed is proving to be 100x difficult than 50 was. Read this post by @dantheman, this post by @arcange and this post by @sevinwilson to expland your knowledge. Thanks to these amazing authors.

I personally think that reputation system is so designed that only the authors with great contributions can enter 60's and 70's. Is that happening 100 % is questionable, but the large majority of users above 60 reputation score are high-quality authors or artists having good engagement with their followers.

Can Reputation Algorithm Be Tricked?

It is already being tricked and the community is raising voices to stop that from happening. This contribution by @jbn called for stopping voting bots from interfering with the Steemit reputation system.

Voting bots are not perfect and they reward content against payment. Anyone with enough money can tear apart reputation algorithm and it's already happening. Under the comments to the contribution I referred above, I raised an interesting question.

Will reputation score of existing users look same if the net effect of voting bots on their content is nullified?

Why is Reputation Score Important?

As a one-liner, it shows other users how much you have contributed to the platform and how the community has welcomed you. If your reputation is below 25, it is self-evident that you are not doing anything good. If your reputation is 60, it means that you have put in a lot of effort and delivered a lot of value to receive many upvotes.

Most importantly, your reputation score is a huge part of your identity on Steemit and you should take care of your impression and public image in this space.


In this post, Steemit reputation score has been discussed in thorough detail with elaborated examples and geeky calculations. The reputation score is a highly technical system and I wanted to simplify it for the users. I hope this tutorial serves as a useful resource for new and well as existing users.

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Grat, great post. Thank you

Wow, this is one of the most informative posts I ever saw on steemit! It thought I had a general knowledge off the reputation system but actually I had no clue - it's much more complicated but in a better way- seems like a lot of effort and thought was dedicated to make it fair, but as the voting bot jeopardize it- your idea of ignoring their impact when calculating the a score is interesting - but, how will it work? Who will manage the bot list and decide what is regarded as a bot?


Bots are already registered. I don't know the details yet but there's a procedure to apply for listing the bot on some maintained list. Most, of not all, voting bots are listed somewhere. Even if not, a procedure and a repository can be created to make that happen. From there on, it's simply the work of devs to edit the code and add something like:-

If incoming vote is from a registered bot, do not affect reputation of the author.

Translate that into code and it's done.

Thank you very much for your honest and descriptive feedback.


Thanks for the informative comment. It's really fascinating to know the details behind this "bot registration" - if you manage to get the details - please do share them with us :)


This is another thing I have a chance to explore further due to your question. Thank you.


This post is very helpful,and explains how to keep relevance and eliminate plaigerism to all posts--

Great article! Enjoyed every bit of it...

Hey @ilyastarar I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
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  • Contribute more often to get higher and higher rewards. I wish to see you often!
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Hi @utopian-io and the brilliant minds behind it,

My contribution had received $125.19 worth of upvotes eveb before being approved. The community saw the value and rewarded me. After approval, @utopian-io voted 2 % (actually 1.81 %) on my post which amounted to $19.28 so the total reward now is $144.47.

Here's the problem.

  • Based on current post rewards, my 75 % author share of rewards equals $108.35.

  • As @uptopian-io will receive 15-25 % of my author rewards to distribute among the mods and team (which I fully support), it means that $16.25 - $27.09 will be taken from my author share.

  • @utopian-io cast 2 % (actually 1.81 %) vote amounting to $19.28 inclusive of curation reward. After deduction of 25 % curation from the upvote, I get $14.46 as author reward from the vote.

  • The problem is, I am going to pay $16.25 to $27.09 and get $14.46 from Utopian as reward for my contribution.

Call me a good Steemit mathematician or someone who understand and cares about the reward system but no one can call this upvote a reward. Please review the weight of your weight to reward my contribution instead of taking away what I have fairly earned by delivering value to the community.


Ilyas Tarar

This post about steem reputation should be bookmarked as a reference 👍🏼
Unfortunately I don’t find the feature of bookmarking on steemit yet.
Any advice?

Oh wow that was a mammoth read and I can only imagine an even bigger woolly fella to research, compile and post!

It certainly helped clear up several thoughts I have had running through my wee mind since joining Steemit late November. And for this I thank-you :)

I noticed that it was relatively easy to get to a reputation score of 45 but am observing the bar being raised to move onwards and upwards. This is not a bad thing as it sorts the men from the boys!

Anyway seems I must up my game :)

I invite you to pop by mine if you have a spare mo and fancy a mooch...

Wishing you well for a most splendid 2018.


Thanks for the shoutout during your article! Thanks for you continued expansion on the subject! It is nice to get this information out every few months as people continue to join the platform!


I thanked you in the post and included your post in there as well because it helped me understand and then explain the reputation score effectively. But with a little upvote and with the help of words, I thank you very much for doing such an extensive work.

I agree that information should be spread regularly; especially because all of us have unique perspective and style and also a unique following. The network effect is great and Steemit benefits from the practice.


That is what is so cool about Steemit! I learned an incredible amount from the research and felt the need to share it with the community! I am happy you were able to use some of the information and tell it in a different way and expand upon it plus reach a larger and different audience!

Hello @ilyastarar i want to thank you for this great post i learned a lot from it! And the great thing is that i read all the comments so now i understand the downvote and i'm learning on how to comment better!
Sorry for my grammar errors i'm not that good in english...
Thanks again, keep up the good work and i'm waiting for your next guide, hope i will see you soon to more than 60rep you deserve it!
Upvoted, resteemed and followed


Pleased to know that and you are most welcome. Grammar is obviously not an issue because I too am a non native English writer so I understand how difficult it is to be good at multiple languages. With reading and writing, your English will improve as well.

Keep learning more and more.

Damn, this explains reputation calculation and causation perfectly well! Thank you for contributing this work. Saving for reference when talking to new friends about joining Steemit. :)


Thanks to the beautiful lady. Sorry for delayed response. I just came here to read some old comment.

Super-helpful, easy to understand, and wonderfully enlightening information, thank you!

I couldn't figure why some (seemingly) new profiles had such high rep scores and attributed this to them perhaps buying-in steem. Obviously not but possibly the voting bots have more to do with that?

Appreciate your great tutorials! :)


Thanks for your feedback. There are three scenarios in which a new user can have high reputation.

  1. A user posts something great, innvovative or exceptional and the community upvotes it big time. It takes just one post to reach 50-60 rep if it's voted big time with big power.

  2. A user purchases or leases SP and self votes on his/her content (posts and comments). Self voting all the time is not recommended but self voting is not a great vice. It is allowed for the reason that investors can get return on their own return. I used to be strictly against self voting on posts or comments but my opinion has evolved. I think major share of upvoting power should go to others while a nice percentage of it can be used for promoting self made content; especially if it is of good quality.

  3. Upvoting bots. Yes, they are the reason most of the times.

If a user lacks quality content but has a high reputation, chances are that he or she is using bots. Their wallets look empty but reputation is higher than the value they create. I think that should stop.


Gosh, I had no idea on those first two scenarios. I really does explain a lot of what I have been noticing though, so thank you for the very clear explanation. :)

I think, for myself I prefer 'plugging away' and letting my rep and everything evolve organically. Feels more 'earned' to me, and therefore something I can be proud of in my own way.


I wouldn't have thought self voting would have affected your own reputation. It seems somewhat counter productive.

Thank you ilyas for such a wonderful insight on how reputation score works..
i am also thankful that you mentioned my contribution..
yes i am very much worried about how people go on and abuse the reputation system by constantly using upvote bots.. the purpose of upvote bots was to boost your post for visibility.. but steemit eco system can get destroyed if reputation score gets abused liked this..

I love the way you explained everything.. this would be a great help for newbies....
God bless you..

A well written and informative article. Three questions I have 1) How high numerically does the reputation score system go? I have seen a 77 before as in Papa Pepper for example but does it go higher? 2) When I upvote a post or comment, where does the money come to play for my upvote? Is it subtracted from my account balance? 3) How does one change how much they wish to upvote a post? I tried this on steemnow and moved the slide but it did not affect it as my upvote remained the same. Thanks again and look forward to your reply.


We have a lot to talk about so I would invite you to ping me on discord (same username as Steemit) or facebook messenger.

Meanwhile, I'll answer your questions.

  1. I have come across various opinions and information about the highest and the lowest possible reputation score. That's why I haven't included that part. 75 and -25 were perceived to be the extremes, and 25 being the middle ground to start at. But @steemsports has 78 reputation. I personally think the code allows any reparation number but achieving it would be hell of a task. Going from 25 to 80 is 10^54 times harder than going from 25 to 26. Each next number, positive or negative, is 10x harder to achieve.

  2. It comes from reward pool which comes from annual inflation. Nothing is deducted from your account except 2 % voting power for a full vote. Read Steemit Reward System 101 for clear understanding.

  3. Changing voting percentage requires 500 SP on Steemit. You can set a lower percentage on eSteem app or you can use where 500 SP is not required for vote slider. The slider is inbuilt and appears when you vote.

I have answered your questions but please do contact. I have important discussion in mind regarding your account balances and how you can get a voting slider in just a few seconds.


The highest possible rating is infinite based on the calculation, however the amount of necessary work reaches an amount that is unmanageable. To give you some basic idea. To go from rep 28-43 it takes 10x the raw reputation points that it takes to get from rep 25-28. At that point it gets to where it takes about double the work (you have already done cumulatively) to reach 9 more levels.

1000000000 = level 25
10000000000 = level 28
100000000000 = level 43
1000000000000 = level 52
10000000000000 = level 61
100000000000000 = level 70

At this point you double your overall work to reach 9 levels higher. So a person can gain an infinite amount of reputation points (unless there is a cap) However, for a person who has a level of 70, it is going to take a total of double the amount of work he has already put in up to this date to reach level 79

Wow! What a detailed and amazing effort. Where the heck did they come up w that algorithm for the rep score?


Sometimes I thing the Dev's must dream in algorithms. It must all come to them while sleeping. Great job explaining reputation to @ilyastarar. I'm just happy mine is only heading in one direction!


Thank you very much. Leadership of Steemit Inc. and the devs have beautiful minds!


I found it beautiful to orgasmic levels! Work of pure genius! So glad to have understood it and shared with the community. Steemit is beautiful!

PS: I followed you to see it heading in a postive and vertical direction but I know in my heart that steady rise is always the best.

For real, there is so much info in this post that is new to me and valuable, I wish I could give you a 1000% upvote haha.
This is the first time I saw is broken into understandable chunks so well.


Thanks, Karin. Your words are 1000 % vote for me. :)

This is an awesome post again Iliyas!
Very well compiled and detailed written.

I think dividing the Reputation from voting bots would be the right why if this is possible.

Good tutorial, you're a great teacher ;-)

It's posts like this that will get you to a reputation score of 60. Now we know... Great job and keep on Steemin!


Thank you so much. Contribution and engagement are always the fundamental keys to success here. That's what I have learned. :)


How strange is it that I cannot upvote your reply above. Hmmm.


A day later... and it works! glitches!!!!


I wish I could contribute more on the tech side of things, but it is has passed me up so quickly at my age I'm slow to keep up with the advances. I think I'll stick with writing stories.


i don't have the comment option only reply, why?


Because reply is a comment too. Your reply to any post or comment will be added to your comments tab at


This was very helpful @ilyastarar thank you so much for he details of how everything is calculated!



Thank you so much. Thanks for coming here and allowing me to follow you. Coming from an online instructor, it is huge appreciation.

Impressive article. Serious works like these should be trending in the top for weeks. I had no clue how reputation worked or why mine was even going up. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you very much for your feedback and encouragement.

I think if you did not make a post like this, it will have take me years to understand how reputation is been calculated.


Likewise for me too. Making this post helped me understand reputation better as well due to all the study and research.

Very clear and thorough explanation of the reputation score. I previously wondered how it was calculated and NOW I know. Thanks!


Thank you for your feedback and I am thankful to have imparted this new knowledge. We have some common interests (for example learning and financial freedom) so I am following you to keep in touch and read from you.

question: how does one downvote? I don't see a downvote button. Nothing downvoting your post, just real question


Asking questions is such a great quality. Please keep doing that. Downvotes are also called flags so you have to click the flag 🇲🇾 (you won't see US flag though).


You can adjust weight of the flag if you have more than 500 SP.

you are at 59 and this is why because you share stuff like what you did in recent post.each and every bit of it is useful for new comers like me


Thank you for your feedback. I know how hard it has been to reach 59 and how hard it is proving to reach my target of 60 before end of this year. I am close though.

@ilyastarar thank you for making this understandable for newbies like me. I know there is Steemit FAQs but it's not so easy for me to understand. And also maybe too long and technical for me.
And I didn't know voting bots are discouraged because I see a lot of those. I have tried/called one voting bot once. I will research on this topic more and do what is best and in accordance to Steemit etiquette.
Thank you again! :)


Hi @wanderlass,

So glad to be of any help through my content. If it helps Steemians, I am thankful for being the creator. Bots exist because there is a need to have a promotion mechanism. They are not discouraged exactly but excessive use of bots (without receiving votes from the community) especially on low qaulity content is not okay.


Thank you for clarifying that @ilyastarar I agree, excessive use of bots especially in low quality content will make it unfair to others

No doubt every user in Steemit wishes to have a high reputation and a lot of Steem Power.... so bro @ilyastarar your post is according to the taste of steemit community.

According to my personal experience while using steemit I would like to say here that there is no easy way around this, we have to work really hard to achieve our reputation goal. The reputation score depends on the up-votes we get in both our posts and comments.
If our posts are consistent and according to the communtiy taste, people will definitely look for our posts everyday to read and up-vote them.
Because People tend to do better at things they enjoy....


Rather than taste of the community, I would say that we should share what we think can be beneficial for the community as well as what we love to write about. By being genuine, we can build all the good things like reputation.

Excellent post and I appreciate how you broke down the details. I also cited your article in one of my recent posts. Thanks for the information!

Keep up the amazing work and happy new year!


Thank you so much for sighting it. Helping the knowledge spread is a great act and I am grateful to you for doing that.


You're welcome! I don't mind citing work at all, especially if the content was something I used as a source to add to my own original content, rather than copying and pasting as so many are prone to do. It's important that authors are credited for their work and your post is one that I found quite revealing on the topic of reputation scores.

I am thankful for people like you who also want to help the newcomers to Steemit.

Keep up the amazing work!

Would you mind if I translated your article into Polish? I think it's really great and that Polish community would benefit greatly from it. I would of course write that you're the author of the original post.


I hereby authorize that. Haha! Sure. Please do that.


Yay! Thank you! I will let you know when the translation is ready.


Ok, done. The translation is here:

As promised, I added the link to the oginal version and mentioned that you're the author. Thank you very much again :) I'm really glad that I coud traslate your article, it will be so useful for everybody :)


You're welcome. Anything to help the community!

PS: Reach me on discord (@ilyastarar). There's some discussion needed regarding the version you posted. I had a look.


I'm sorry I have no idea how to use discord. I've registered an account but I cannot find you. Could you please give me some additional tips? Or maybe we can use different communicator? Or Steemit chat?


Steemit chat may be. I don't know if you'd be able to reach my Facebook. (llyas Tarar with same picture as Steemit).


Ok, I wrote to you on Facebook and I also send you a friend request (just in case).

I wanted to send a friend reqest but I couldn't ;) But I wrote to you :) Since we aren't friends o FB, I suppose that my message will be in th 'Other' inbox. But still, now I'm a little worried that I did sth wrong :( I really tried to translate everything as precisely as possible :(

@ilyastarar, thank you for explaining the technical calculation of reputation score, uncomplicated and easy-to-understand.

Keep going!


Thank you @prabin for the feedback.

I was looking for a post something like that and I got it. Steem is successful because of people like you who made it easy, understandable and adoptable


I thank all the people who helped me understand this all so that I could be able to teachm

Reputation score is very complex, thank you for breaking it down in an easy to understand manner. It's interesting about how the score goes up and down to reward quality participation. Truly brilliant!


Ohh. I just saw your reputation changing from 29 to 30 with my small upvote. It makes me happy when someone's rep goes up. Thank you for your feedback.


It did go up! TY (:

This was a really good explanation of how this works behind the scenes.

Thank you!


Thank you very much for your feedback. Your comment gave me a chance to find and follow you. Good luck.


I followed you back now, good luck to you too!


now i get a clear image on how to increase your reputation score and what are the factors that decrease it.


Meanwhile, I will write a detailed how-to guide on what to do to increase reputation score and what factors have what effect, direct or indirect, on reputation score.


ok great bro and we can make a good reputation after that as it is the major thing to get listed in trending posts.
When u visit Trending Page you get only posts above 60

Thanks for this very educative article... I know quite a number of people it will help to get their bearings right on steemit

I support you with my resteem service

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Thank you so much for your feedback and the resteem.

Nicely done. You have put a lot of effort into this article, it is appreciated.


Always a pleasure to have good people around who appreciate sincere efforts. Thank you for being one such person.

very nice info. thanks for sharing. i really hope the steem dev continue to police this great community to make sure there's no abuse.


It's a beautiful code and they keep working on improving it. makes sure the devs get the best suggestions.

now i came to know what is reputation score exaclty


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You just have to sit down for 30 minutes and go through the details with patience. You will understand why everything is the way it is. :)

Another great post by you - with a lot to digest. Thanks for the 411.


Thank you very much.

Very important information. Thanks for helping us understand the platform more clearly.


Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to have contributed to the platform which has given me so much.

An extensive explanation, great work! Valuable information for beginners.


Thank you, Mehdi.

Detailed and Informative Post. Especially the Reputation Score was very well explained. Thank you very much.


Thanks, Amritha. Welcome to Steemit and learn more than others to succeed more.

Good explanation, this is something that really confused me in the beginning !!


One less confused Steemian. Pleased to have contributed. :)

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks. Please always show some evidence in your comment that you have read the post. Such comments get flagged and you'll lose reputation if you keep doing it.

So much info! Thanks! It is needed .

Great steemit mathematician @ilyastarar

This was a helpful explanation, thankyou.

very nice


Comments like this one get you flagged and your reputation will go down. Please be careful.

Thanks, really detailed (for my level of understanding of Steemit) and informative post, helped me understand what the reputation score is and why it is important

It is very useful information from the lungs

useful and tricky information


Meanwhile, a bad comment that may get flagged and hurt your reputation. Please look at the comments I upvoted to see how a comment is done.

Very nice and informative post @ilyastarar

This post is very well explained. Thanks for the info. I am short on steemit and it helped me immensely to realize how things work around here.

superb work looking nice research keep it on...

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

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Thank you. I am actually a little disappointed though.

Excellent. Can't thank you enough for your hard work. Take care and have a great New years.

Thank you for helping me understand more about reputation scores. I am new here on steemit. You explained it very well in your article how reputation matters and how it works. I will continue to read your articles to learn more how steemit works. I love your article and it was very helpful to me.

thank you for making things clearer now. i still dont understand when my posts are seen and when not - but this helped in understanding the importance of getting upvoted.
I see some people upvote themselves - what do you think about that? i don't regularly do it, because it just feels wrong.

Thank you for your reputation 101 about. I want learn upvote % about

Thank you so much for this awesome post. You have answered a lot of questions that I had. Really valuable info from someone who is just starting out.. Like me

Hi @ilyastarar, I really appreciated your article. As a newby here, i have to say it explained a lot ! Do you think i could repost it with translation in french ? I think this kind of article should be translate in every languages :p Of course i'd indicate the original article and you :) Please let me know, congrat's and thanks again !

Wow! This was one of the most informative and painstakingly detailed posts that I have come across. I have to admit I will need to re-read your article a couple of times before I can be sure I have understood each point thoroughly. Thanks for putting so much effort into this post!

wow you are doing a great job brother.
You are giving tips to new users to understand steemit very well.
I come on your post through blog. you described each and every thing very well. I already working on steemit .
But your tips motivated me and give me a courage to do more.

Im looking for the details of what Im doing at steemit. Thank you @ilyastarar now Ive found and understand it clearly. Its a great post to me.

Man, I'm reading through all your tutorial and I'm getting a headache :D

Great post full of helpful information! Would really like to re-steem this, but it doesn't show an option to. I've only been here for just over a month now, & I feel like I'm NEVER gonna understand all this stuff, but I AM trying. Thank you for the info!

I thank @goldendawne for referring to your blog and I thank you, @ilyastarar for posting this! I know this post is 2 months old, but the info is excellent! I needed it!

I did not know that Reputation Score is NOT affected when we Upvote others, receive author rewards, earn curation rewards, publish a post or comment on a published post, as you indicated!

In fact, you state, "only the upvotes you GET will increase your reputation score. Nothing else!"

I had no idea!

I learned a lot more and I thank you again for posting! I don't know if there is any benefit to you to repost, but I know there are newbies who will benefit!

I am following you so I look forward to checking your blog for further learning!

Great summary post! Very helpful for new users

Wow, this is the most in-depth explanation I have seen of the Reputation system here on Steemit. Great work, @ilyastarar! I definitely learned a lot from reading this post, and this is information that I can now pass on to all of my friends who I have been bringing onto the blockchain.

I seriously was thinking what it really meant but now i know it quite well. Thanks for a great piece of information for a minnow like me.

This is probably the most in-depth explanation that I've read on #steemit. What I don't understand is, I expect that I'll get downvoted because I tend to call out things that I see as being shady. What are the factors that go into a post or comment being downvoted and hurting reputation?

My goals on steemit are to be honest, give positive comments to people who post thing that bring me value or knowledge and to call people out, respectfully, if I don't agree with a stance.

From what I've seen, my honesty is going to end up biting me in the arse. It won't change who I am, but I'm a bit bummed that shady people can actually ruin my rep score and prevent me from helping others that are giving us good content.

Thank you for the education, I am bookmarking this post for future reference.

Informative post.This is something that i was looking for but do u really think that Only Downvotes/Flags on Your Content Decrease Your Reputation Score.! because i have seen steemians who's reputation came down from 25 for sharing " copy and past content " and was hit by cheetah bot. so if anyone share copied content repeatedly then steemit punish them by decreasing their reputation @ ilyastarar

Hello @ilyastarar
Thanks for the great tutorial. I should have read this a long time ago. As to how hard is is to reach the next level, it will be roughly 10 * harder per addition point. That is basically what the log function at the beginning of the calculation is doing.

Edit* Sorry this isnt quite right: At levels 43 and above it takes roughly 10x the amount of reputation points you already have to gain 9 levels of reputation. So each reputation point you receive at that point takes double the output you already have.

Great post there, keep up good work !

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