Page Dividers for Everyone!

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These are some page/paragraph dividers that I made so you can use freely in your Steemit posts.



Also check out way more awesome dividers inPost Art Challenge Theme 2 - page dividers - 50 SBD's in awards by @drpuffnstuff



I made very simple and universal dividers as I think they should make a post easier to read and not distract from it.

You don't need to credit me, you just can't say you made them :)



I try to use many different separators in my posts based on the art style for that post. Usually artists are expected to "show not tell" so a lot of my text may be overlooked if I don't put it clearly.

steemit separator.png

If you like this post please upvote and share. If you like these and plan to use please leave a comment so I know whether to make more in the future.

How to use: (ignore the first image) right click on one of the separators, open image in new tab (full resolution). Save a png file and use like any other image in blogs!



Announcement: Dragon Art Contest will begin on Monday. It is currently at 16SBD reward pool, with this post I hope to increase it to 35sbd prize pool. Any donations to the reward pool are highly appreciated.

Feel free to use this banner as well. If you have any requests, drop a comment below!



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I love these dividers !! Thanks for making them .. upvoted and resteem


Awesome, thank you very much :D

Looks great! Thanks a lot for sharing these for free. I'll try one in an upcoming post :D


Thank you very much :D
I would love to see the post when you try it out!

Thank you @kristyglas for these nice looking dividers! Gonna work more on the design of my post going forward. Here's my first try using the squares! :)

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Awesome page dividers offered in this post; I'm thankful

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Thanks a million @kristyglas. These are wonderful and my post will look awesome. This the spirit of contribution and support which will make Steemit a great platform.


Yay, my pleasure! :D
It was worth it as long as someone uses them.

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Of course I want to credit you! Isn't this what this is all about ?? Thank you! I know I will use them sometime!

Upped and Steemed


Thank you! :3
These are very simple compared to others so I didn't feel that people need to give me credit.

You made all of these for everyone in here for free? Superb.
Steemit is strong with this one.


Thank you and yes! :)
The ones I made are quite simple for those who do art, but probably useful for those who don't know how to use the drawing tools.


Sometimes simplicity is what make things looks more gorgeous.
That's just my thought, please ignore lol

A beautiful gift for everyone @kirstyglas. I may just use these myself in future. :)


Thank you! I hope you do :D
Edit: Sorry I confused you with @drpuffnstuff xD


That's OK. Drpuffnstuff sounds like a great guy (or could be a woman) and I'm sure we'd get on just fine! :)


And I got your handle wrong as well so we're even now Kristy. :)


Haha, what do you mean? xD


I called you Kirsty instead of Kristy. :)

Thank you!!! Upped and resteemed!


Thank you!

Great job. They look fantastic. I can't wait to use one of them. Thankyou!!


Awesome, thank you!
Feel free to share a link here when you do ^-^

These things are great. Nice work!


Thank you ^^

Wow! Thank you for sharing @kristyglas... would like to try it out on my future posts ..


Awesome, feel free :D
You can share the post link here if you'd like.


will definitely do. thanks! :D

They look fantabulous! Great work :D

I absolutely love these I voted and I will use them


Thank you, very glad ^-^

Very nice, thank you.


Welcome ^^

If you found these helpful, please consider donating so I can make more in the future. Thank you! :D

thanks i love this dividers. thanks for sharing


Welcome! Hope you find them useful ^^

Yay! I just received 10SBD from @drpuffnstuff (thank you!).
I plan to add it to the prize pool for the Dragon Art Contest coming up day after tomorrow :D