Rome was not built in a day and neither will be your Steemit blog.

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Steemit is heading into the future, with a lot more to come and a lot of reward for all the work you and I are doing on Steemit. Like Rome, my next blog post is taking some time to be built because it requires extensive research and accurate facts.

Proudly built in six months and counting.

If a single blog post takes time to be created, how can people expect their Steemit blog to thrive in a few weeks? I am talking about the people who think that creating content should automatically mean that they get generous rewards. There's an even worse type of thinking; that because we have joined Steemit, we should be rewarded even for doing nothing.

This type of thinking does not work. Everything takes time building, more so with the Steemit blog. When you join, you are powerless because of very little delegated Steem Power your account gets upon signing up.

And you are helpless because there's almost no one who follows you in the beginning. The content you create also goes into the feed of nobody. It is a difficult time. We all have been there. Personally, I haven't had much difficulty because of my one year hard work on personal blog ( but I have seen people struggling in the beginning because I have helped hundreds, even thousands of them, directly or through my content.

And you are clueless. You're new. It's a blockchain. It has cryptocurrency. A reward system. You don't know any of it. All you know is that people are paid. And you see people being paid. And you think you should be paid too.

The entitlement mindset comes in. You feel you're entitled to rewards and then you try finding a way to get rewarded in the Steem economy where everyone else apparently is making money and you are not. You forget that everyone is here for a lot of months and weeks now. That everyone has given their time, energy and money to the platform. That their Rome was not built in a day.

Steemit is about the right mindset. It's about giving. It's about positive contribution. It's about working hard to deliver value to the community. The community does not consistently ignore anyone who is determined to make a positive impact here. At the same time, the community is sick of people who spam and trick and plague the system with poor quality. Such people are flagged so that their reputation remains indicative of their uselessness.

If you want to succeed here on Steemit then be valuable, not useless.

Steem on!

I haven't linked anything in this post but if you need any guidance or education about Steemit, my blog is full of it. You can ask me for any help in the comments as well. I will be happy to do so.

Your Fellow Steemian,

Ilyas Tarar


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I remember when i had a nervous breakdown after a week of joining steemit. Because i was not earning as you had shown me in advertisements of steemit 😂

But now i have learned that it takes time. And i am now quite happy with my performance here .. all thanks to you for calming me down..


I remember. Initial days are itchy and frustrating and I've mentioned it in the post as well. Glad you came past that point where you understand the platform now and are making good progress.

Hi @ilyastarar,

you're right but in some cases I understand the frustration and anger of that part of newcomers and minnows who try to do their best to receive nothing else than few cents while other users write questionable post and receive hundreds of $.

I wrote this post today... fits perfectly into this situation..


I agree. I explained the frustration in the post. But they should also see you, me and a lot of people who got dozens of posts literally ignored before making any kind of progress.

I will check your post.


Fully agree.

Yes you are right. However, one thing minnows can do is to buy some delegated power. People normally upvote and comment when they know that they would get something in return too. If they know that they are going to get 0 for liking and commenting, they won't even bother upvoting your post. So, yes, write good blogs but also buy some delegated power if you have too less of it.


Agreed and that is what I did. I got 2500 SP delegated to me and that's why even my smaller vote has some value now. You can see on your comment.

Excellent advice!

PS: Anyone who wants to understand the process, contact @hmushtaq or just reply here under his comment.

Well said "Rome was not built in a day"
It takes consistency and hard work, and above most you have to keep believing:)


Just wrote a comment on the post @miti linked in his comment. It said in the end:

Always believe in your work and always keep working.

Totally agreed with you brother!

You could change steemit in "If you want to succeed here on Steemit then be valuable, not useless." to life. Being valuable and not useless is generally the key to most things. Thanks for the post. Helps put things in perspective for the long haul.

Getting it straight and just do what you do best, write more and getting better in producing better quality content. That's the basic principle to shine in #steemit :)


Exactly @kimzwarch, I totally agree. Producing better quality content is the way forward. I followed you. Thanks for showing up.


Thanks man! Attracted to great content :)

I'd say you are already very successful with so many followers! And yeah, it's something you have to wait for to build


Thank you so much. There's a lot to do and accomplish on Steemit. One of the things is to contribute positivity to the platform that has given me so much already and never stops giving. I wish to give back even more by creating a positive atmosphere and educate through my experience.

You have been so cool so far, you earned it man


Thank you for you kind words.