Are You Earning Enough Reward & Doing Enough Interaction on Steemit?

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Hello Planet Steemit,

There has been some serious downward trend in rewards after the Hard Fork 19. Despite getting fewer rewards on our posts, most of us keep posting (which is a good thing). But there's something we need to learn and pay heed to.

I'm mentioning two of the most thoroughly written posts about the changes and challenges brought by Hard Fork 19 and Steemit growth.

  1. Reactions to Hard Fork 19 by @timcliff
  2. 5 Stupid Situations Caused by Steemit Growth by @dragosroua

Both of these posts are must read for everyone. A big shoutout for both of these Steemians as well for being generous and supportive. If you haven't already, you must follow them.

These posts highlight and explain two of the most important facts of Steemit.

  • Reward system is fair and having a stake in the Steem blockchain is necessary.
  • Quality of interaction and voting behavior matters. Self voting is a curse and so is a spam comment.

Understanding Steemit is necessary and there's no better way to do that than reading from the people who understand Steemit and interact with them.

Since the rewards are low (due to multiple factors, including price of Steem), your best strategy would be to invest your time in quality interactions. Having a genuine community and following around you will help you in the longer run.

If you want more stake in the blockchain, you need to buy Steem and power  (click the link to know how to buy it). Having more SP, as a result of powering up, will give you more influence on the platform.

So, it's time to greet someone new and say your first hi.


Some practical tips for quality interaction are:-

  • Always comment on the posts that you read.
  • While commenting, keep the topic of that post in mind and write a relevant comment.
  • Do not copy paste comments. Spam comments will never help you (or anyone).
  • Always reply to everyone who comments on your posts (I do that).
  • Do not ask for following you. People will automatically follow you if you add value and contribute.
  • Add value and contribute whether you are writing posts or comments.
  • Visit your feed often and comment , upvote, resteem the best content out there.
  • Do not resteem everything. Keep in mind that your followers will unfollow you if you keep spamming their feed.
  • Upvote great comments to acknowledge the efforts of your fellow Steemians.

I hope this post helps you make better use of your Steemit time. If this post is beneficial, please do upvote and resteem it. 

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This is so true.
have you notice those comment spammer, who comment shit, then upvoting thier comment while not even upvoting the very author? it will get worse. in my experience in the other paying for content


I have seen people writing 'nice post' and then upvote their comment instead of upvoting the author of that nice post. People commented to create an opportunity to vote themselves.


they will grow bigger. i hope for the best foe


There are some checks in place and the senior community members are alert as well. Self voting is being targetted.

I learned lots of these by being in other social media platforms, and using me experience on steem.

Do not copy paste comments. Spam comments will never help you (or anyone).

wish people follow this rule more.


We need more people like you on Steemit. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I upvoted it.


Thanks, I always hope to be better person.

Being new to steemit I am still trying to figure out how it all works.
I don't understand the algorithms or if steemit even has any.
But reading this post has helped some- thank you for that

I recently got into a heated discussion about people who post "nice work" "good post" and said I would rather the person didn't comment at all. I took some criticism for that and now after reading your post I see I was acting in my best steemit interest to say what I did.


Thanks for reading. Steemit has its algos for sure and some are more complicated than others. You can have a look at my blog. I have decoded some mystries.

You were right about the short, valueless comments. I appreciate detailed comments with detailed replies and sometimes with upvote too. Only the people who read and understand post can leave a good comment. Short comments are actually a shortcut to get noticed.

I wish people realize how it all works.

I don't believe in investing
if you can't get any upvotes
that means your not the type for this kind of media business
you should except and invest your time and money somewhere else
Not everybody can be a writer or something like a youtuber
If you invest in something you not meant to be you gonna fail
Be smart


I agree if you're talking strictly about author rewards. However, there are so many whales here who do not post a single blog but earn from curation rewards.

I strongly agree with you.
When we read a post and make a relevent comment it not only enhance our english writing skills but also improve our knowledge and make our mind to work more accurately. It also benefits the other community members when you make some thought provoking comments. People not only learn from reading posts but also from reading comments having sensible points about the topic. I have learned a lot from reading and making relevant comments on the posts I read.
Thank you so much for the tips.
Upvoted and resteemed.

Why is self voting bad?


If everybody is selfvoting there is no need for writing we just take what we get on steem.

The question is ,is it much better when the wales are voting for each other so it looks like they are not selfvoting

but it's the same because they are voting for stupid senseless articles just to collect big sums of money every day

And some of the wales even believe that they are good in writing and making videos

They don't realize that there is always somebody to to say something they want to here for a little steem

Take away the steem from the wales and you would see how quick nobody would read the articles from the wales


I don't mind if people self vote on their posts. But self voting is bad if someone writes a comment on a post just to create an opportunity to self vote. I don't self vote at all and that means that my votes go to others. When people get votes, they keep posting good quality content. The overall effects of self voting are negative and it hurts the community. That's why I say no to self voting.


yeah, I have self-voted a few times (when I wasn't getting votes, boo-hoo), but yeah i'll generally steer away from it, peace

Thank you for this helpful post! 😊

Upvoted. Resteemed. Follower


Thank you Cathy for your generosity. Wish you good luck for your Steemit journey.

I am also among those who write short comments. But this is because i am in learning phase and observing whats going on here and what are the best practices on steemit.
I am learning from all .

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I required to translate this post from english to spanish