"Steemit Is Beautiful". There Was Further Evidence Of This, In The First SteemGigs Discord Talk Show.

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There is light in the tunnel. Let me tell you, the 22nd century is at hand, forget the old school stuff. 

Yesterday/earlier-today was the first talk show on the SteemGigs community discord server. All disorganized stuff but the party went on! It lasted close to 4 hours altogether.

Steemians still flocked in and it turned out awesome! I wonder what the thoughts were about my shaky voice; my impromptu utterances etc Well, i end up talking alot.

The questions that came my way weren't basic. They were technical; deep-reaching, so talk flowed.

Gosh, there was love in the room and teardrops too. I touched me. It shook me. Like i said in an older post, "where there is solid love involved, rare words will pop out" and they did. 

I am grateful for all the love the filled that room. I am grateful. You inspired me back.

Some just listen; they let me speak; they let me manage to touch them and when they spoke in return, there were teardrops/about-to-be-teardrops in their voice. They afforded to let these tears drop. They relegated reservations in my space. It was drop dead gorgeous. We sang; we played; we laughed; we imagined; we shared moments.

I told them of them. I re-told them of their very awesomeness. It was sweet.

We spoke alot and we played and loved; "nations locations". Steemit helps matters. The "steemit effect" helped matters. The brotherhood instant; the biology instant; the chemistry instant. 

"A real world does exist" and steemit and its community highlights that further.

We spoke of steemit's beauty and of the expanse of steem's beauty. We spoke of history, "steemit's". We spoke of blockchain and the privilege it now affords us but we spoke especially about "see these amazing things". 

The voices were pretty; "the silence" were too. 

A once inactivity SteemGigs discord got some life and we will make sure it stays this way. In our case, "everyone has something to offer", so the next time you are in the SteemGigs discord server, please take charge, for it is yours too. 

The theme is "Dream-Building", so if someone pops in the chats seeking that ever-missing piece of his puzzle, please admire these seekers and join them in their cause. Let's make the SteemGigs discord a home. 

We will continue to do these talks shows. We will heartfeltly gather together to build each others dreams. We will create a vibe inside-out and bring in non-steemians on the steem blockchain, to come on and build noble dreams. Yes, we discussed that yesterday. 

When the question was posed about "what the balanced view of steemit" should be; we concluded at "dream-building".

Your every next steemit post should take that route too; "a means to go to the moon".

Alot was touched on yesterday. I wish you were there too. Since "steemit", the world is figuring more things out. 

So let's keep on with the talk show and organize it henceforth. This is possible by virtue of your presence. Thus, i will be posting updates before each show. We will create an agenda for each edition. 

Basically, each show will involve alot of dream-building and celebrations. We will trying to celebrate each participant as "celebrities". It will also involve curation endeavors, engagement and steem-growth talks. Then, we will talk about life too.

End point? "Success!".

Any shaky conviction about the steem blockchain? You are invited to join next SteemGigs discord talk show and we will un-shake your conviction. 

We are currently around 4300 members on the channel but we want to grow these numbers because "you" are important. 

Overtime, we will figure ways of recording the talk shows, so that we can reach more people. 

Here are some documents from the last talk show:

Quick Summary of some of the things said during the talk show

  1. "The Steemit effect" exists and it is happening to each steemian, even oblivious to you
  2. Community is key and can matter even outside of steemit
  3. You are on steemit at the best of times. The past was harder and steemit has evolved.
  4. We take steem to the moon
  5. Alot of steemit success has to do with "you" succeeding; "YOU!"
  6. Promoting steemit should be a fun privilege. It doesn't make you bigger than others.
  7. A simple blog is powerful and opens you to opportunities on steemit and outside steemit.
  8. You can use steemit to find yourself.
  9. You can use steemit to build a dream.
  10. https://steemgigs.org is under completion to build every noble dream.
  11. You are celebrity because i am your fan.
  12. Steemit is an enabling environment yet it doesn't require a visa.
  13. Influence the blockchain with your own beauty.
  14. Attempt out-of-the-boxness.
  15. There is now light in the tunnel.
  16. etc

There was life before steemit.

We also touched on life!

 Life has its pressure and this can impact on one's steemit journey. So we sought to cater to steemians who are experience life challenges during the live show. Moreso though, some steemians have started to feel pressure from the additional and sometimes overwhelming responsibility that steemit can bring. We tried to discuss tips that can help. 

Many times, the right path to take to be effective as leader e.g on steemit, is to climb the ladder first. Nowadays though, steemit has evolved into a home of communities making "loads" easier. For one, there is the SteemGigs community on discord with around 4,300 steemians and we implore you to throw some of your yoke on us. 

Have some your adopted steemians join us on the channel. On there, they can connect, engage and find answers. 

Special Gratitude

I am grateful to these 50 steemians who join the live voice discussion: @antigex, @atongis, @avhyaceulip, @bloghound, @carlosjane642016, @chaelpacia, @checheo16, @chinito, @cinderz, @creyestxsa94, @dunkman, @ebado, @ediah, @emmaxx, @febbieful, @fycee, @gedz, @g10a, @gedz, @itsmejayvee, @ishanvirtue, @jason, @jayip, @jackdogho, @julietisrael, @joalvarez, @junebride, @korinkrafting, @long888, @malosio, @maverickinvictus, @mermaidvimpire, @michaelcabiles, @noreen, @olivia08, @saskia, @sitiaishah, @sn0white, @starzy, @sunnylife, @sweetcha, @tagalogtrail, @tonie, @wakkylon, @wanderlass, @vickyrich, @zephalexia, @zoeroces, @sitiaisha, @kennyroy, @jayparagat, @fukumineko as well as the many others who did have mics but participated in the general chat room.

Your Boy Terry


Note: The next edition of "5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice" will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:   

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means   of utopian or direct contributions. I would like to invite all coders/developers,  to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today


Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "un(dis)talented editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.             

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?


Steemit is one of the best things that I have come to know, here in Venezuela is a very good source of income, thanks to steemit i can feel a change in my day to day, I hope we are more each day and the community develops much more, hope i'll not miss the next talk show, have a nice day.

@donaldlove, when @surpassinggoogle says :

Community is key and can matter even outside of steemit.

It makes my heart leap and I wish all Nigerian youths are a part of this movement.

I also missed it and am still surprise how that happened . But in all from all the words of @surpassinggoogle it show was lot s of love in the air during show and that enough is a thing of joy for me.

where there is solid love involved, rare words will pop out

That was a very deep statement and I totally agree with Boy Terry. Hope to be a part of the next edition. In word I will say STEEMIT IS LOVE AND LOVE IS STEEMIT.

Wow despite the fact i am a new steemian, i love this post and i cant wait to join next steemgigs discord talk show.
i have been hearing about the great man called @surpassingoogle through @princefm,he has told me alot about @surpassingoogle and i will be glad.

I also joined the show, but I am too sleepy that I need to sleep. Hope it would be earlier soon. Hehehe

Yeah, I wish it will be a bit earlier next time kuya @iyanpol12.

Hay @surpassinggoogle do not forget to see support from me

All disorganized stuff but the party went on! It lasted close to 4 hours altogether.

Dear Lord, how did I miss this opportunity? I really have loads of questions that I want to ask.

Such is life. I actually miss it too but i hope to join in the next edition. Nothing missing dear but everything gained.

Does anyone have the link to the discord channel?

I'm excited for the next talkshow Sir @surpassinggoogle! :D
I will prepare for that! :D
Thank you very much for your time last night. I really appreciate what you had told me from my question.
Take care Sir Terry! :D

Wow, so much passion and enthusiasm there. Cheers for making it there, I'm still pondering how I missed that, can you help with how you knew about the talk show. Thanks for your time.

Thank you @nexrules! :D
HERE was the post of @surpassinggoogle before our talkshow last night that's why we all knew about it and we were so excited. You can join Steemgigs Discord Channel and you can chat to all of the good Steemians there. :D

Thank you very much @michaelcalibes, I really do appreciate it. Cheers.

You're welcome @nexrules! Kampay! :D

@nexrules if you don't have Discord I suggest regularly check on @surpassinggoogle's posts so you can be updated about events such as this that he will be having. See you on the next show :D

@michaelcabiles I too so excited for the great development through Mr @surpassinggoole, he is a kind man, he spent all his time, sacrifice many things to give this platform the best. May God richly bless him and renew his strength.
More so, I can wait to join the next STEEMGIGS DISCORD TALK SHOW

wow i can't wait to meet this awesome man you are talking [email protected], i wish to learn more from [email protected] Thanks for been sir.

I'm also excited for the next talk show.

Hehe. 😁 abot hanggang tenga ang ngiti ko Sir. See you there sir @michaelcabiles

Hahhaa! See you Mam! 😁

I wonder what kind of preparation you will do. It makes me all the more excited to join next time lol!

Hoping to see you there next time @leeart! :D

We will trying to celebrate each participant as "celebrities"

Oh that was so true, I just observed and listen to our fellow steemians and sir terry but I felt that. The show was really a great way to learn, share things and a chance to know more about @surpassinggoogle and other fellow steemians

The way you spread love and positivity amongst the community is indescribable. Thank you for your valuable support and contributions.
You're setting an example, @surpassinggoogle.

Stay awesome!

I missed the talk show! I need to call a friend for a help and discuss everything that had happened inside the channel. Hey @jasonabejero, let us start the echoing! Hahaha. Im sure everyone had fun!

You just can't stop putting smiles on people's faces. I didn't know about SteemGigs discord and can't wait to be part of this awesome community that speaks one language of steemit.

Hehe, well said there, well I did know about the group, but was ignorant about the talk show, gosh I miss so much, but will be glued to learning more and anticipating the next show.

Thankyou. It must be a memorable experience.

You are welcomed to join the amazing steemgig community through https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT

yap their is no doubt that steemit is beautiful and its the people and great wintess like ypu who are making the steemit beautiful your work for steemit is like the work of Gardner for the beauty of garden and i really appericate your work i am really found myself lucky to be on the platform like steemit and steemit is not just a social media site it is like family and i love this steemit family.this all happen beacuase of you @surpassinggoogle

Let your heart feel the pain and distress of others. That's the moto i live by. To try and put smiles on people's face, to solve a problem and ease a pain. @surpassinggoogle has always done that

Yeah.. he surely is extraordinary.

Yes @musamalijames, @surpassinggoole can't just stop putting smiles on all steemians face, because he has been the one of the best nigerian that full committed to this platform. Thanks to him for making life so easy for all steemians.

@surpassinggoogle thanks for putting up a great show. Well reported

I really love steemit since it was introduce to me by ankarlie. Steemit allows everyone to learn and helps improve self confidence just like me before. I dont know how to create a social connection but o learn it from steemit and improve my self confidence on sharing my idea, knowledge and opinion. Steemit and steemgigs are the best playform not just to earn but to learn more and more as you want to learn. This is the best reward I recieved on steemit. Super thank you for the support of sir surpassinggoogle

I can see the honesty behind those words!
Even though I wasn’t connected to discord(i will in the first chance) i can totally relate.
That is society @surpassinggoogle
What you give is what you get. And you spread love....how is it possible to expect a different outcome?!Love it is.
Lots of people are grateful because of your acts and this is an achievement. I wish i could talk to you in person...or even through your discord channel. I ll try though...(unless you try how will you know they say...)

I wud love to be part of steemgigs ....
It seems people are too supporting there..

yes @obaidb2, you need to be part of great steemgigs to see what @surpassinggoole has done so far, and you also has something to offer, like he use to say "EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO OFFER

Con someone guide me in there..

You are free to join the ever growing community, indeed,

Everyone has something to offer.

You are important, so let's get together and help humanity rediscover it's humanity.

I am artist ,i can sketch almost anything.

Wow, head up to steemgigs.org and display your talent there brother. We're glad to have you.

I have been there before but nothing happened maybe i didnt knew what to do next.

Okay, no need to worry, I'll find out time and give you the How To about creating a gigs, or wait let me search for a link that can show you how to.

Steemgig is for everyone because

at steemgig everyone has something to offer

It's seems the steemgigs discord server is full of life again. Will be sure to drop by regularly from now on.

I'm with you on this sir, I will be waiting for the next show. Waiting to hear Big Bro Terry speak in real time.

i am so happy that i was able to atyrnd the talkshow , sooo excited for the next . so happy too that you mentioned my name sir @surpassinggoogle, sooo flattering . thanks sooo mucj , i just hope i had a little moment to be able to talk to you , i had a chance namn, i talked but then , somebody came in so we havent actually got a q&a part haha. but its ok , so nice to have heard your voice , thanks again Terry
will support you and love you always ❤️❤️❤️

It would be great to do as you say in the post and record these shows to share them on @dsound :P

I hope I can be there to listen to the next show.

We will do that and would be a great way to get more people hear and share the message.

oh no!
i missed it :(
how i can be so bullish to miss that :(

Let's wait for further announcement. You are not alone. I missed it too :D See you on the next one.

It was really a success. I'm glad I didn't missed the first time talkshow in steemgigs. And I am happy bec.you are happy sir Terry :) thank you for making time for us. We really enjoyed the conversation. Looking forwars for the second steemgigs talkshow. Excited for that. :)

Woo I really missed that show because I have being offline for close to two weeks now only returning back online today because I was doing something serious offline for my family, because family comes first any everything in life.

Nevertheless in the next up coming show I promised to be there. Just keep me posted @surpassingoogle because it will be a big privilege to hear and listen to your voice physically for the first time.

What a great opportunity indeed...!!!

Sorry u missed the talk show sir...wish u were there, it was fun and great...i was really imparted...all thanks to sir terry....God bless u sir

It pains when you miss something important

I'm glad has he announced Friday in his last post and eager to hear the kind man voice but i missed it. Let's not miss the next one bro

Let's look forward to the next show. I missed it too.

Yesterday was fun, mad fun

Many thanks to you....

You are the best

I really missed a lot.

And I missed oh. Jeez, I'm not missing this again.
Please Holla me whenever this show is about to hold again. Thanks 😀

Have you joined the discord group already...??

Yes buddy, have been in the channel once I joined Steemit.

So you left me out of the party my friend? Hahahaha. Glad you had fun. @surpassinggoogle is fun himself with his voice and depth. I heard his voice when he posted a video back then here on Steemit. Amazing soul.

Lol, you came when the party ended....

Yes, after party can be sweet too. Hahaha

I heard a lot about the fun and I was mad at myself for missing it.

Yes! We are taking steem to the moon.

Wouldn't miss the fun anymore..

steem is one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itseif....great times to be around. steem is a great way.The earliest way to get rich and not just make money with crypyo is to buy steem and hold for year or two....

It was an amazing experience, the fact that it was so natural made me to listen all the talk show (almost 4 hours) without getting bored. And although you answered many questions, there are still more. Thanks for everything, I'm already waiting for the next talk show.

I still feel bad for missing the first show, well thanks to @junebride's recordings. I got to hear your voice, and I tried putting your face to it, lol.

Your success is my compensation
You are good with words, thank you for your unconditional love 😘

And yes steemit is beautiful, cos I found you in it. You know you're sweet right? in your words

I would try not to miss the next talk show. Happy weekend

WOOOW!! Beautiful words, you transmit that feeling of love, a hug from here and soon we will be 5000!
Good vibes and beautiful post.

I can't agree less with you @surpassinggoogle, for me you are 100 percent right and I am a living witness. Ever since I found steemit, I found the lost part of me which is writing and reading, steemit is indeed amazing, educative, creative and beautiful

Its great that we are on steem gigs and people really like your ideas and thoughts we share ou experience and talent there

Hello @surpassingoogle
I really enjoyed d talk show dart occured on steemgigs discord yesterday,it was fun...i really learnt alot and was imparted....i know in some difficult times, one has to sacrifice one thing or the other to be on steemit...but those sacrifices wont be to ni avail...they will be promising
Thanks sir terry, you are amazing,take care of yourself sir....keep touching peoples lives...


Indeed, the talk shows will be very useful for us, and we hear the stories, we can get inspiration from there and many people can learn about steemit from the station. This is really useful for us. Already I have joined in discord and I am waiting for next talk shows. Thank @surpassinggoogle For organizing this shows in your channel.

Hope to join the next talk show, and I have zero doubt about the steem blockchain. More grease to your elbow sir. Thanks for helping with our yokes

Wowwwww... Steemit is life I must say. I'm so sad right now. After preparing ahead for the discord meeting on Friday by 8pm, I later had a flat battery and couldnt join. I was mad at myself when it happened. I'm so sorry about that.

Seem like me and my candy crush both missed it. My battery was intact but too swamped up at work. He promised another live session, and there will be many after that from now. He is such an adorable soul, giving himself out despite all he is going through. He is phenomenal.

You can say that again sweet. Terry is such an amazing soul.
I finally got the power-bank today dearie. I can't miss the subsequent ones for anything. Can't wait!

Yaaaay!. Glad you got the power bank. I wouldn't want to miss another, not after this wave reviews.

yap their is no doubt that steemit is beautiful and its the people and great wintess like ypu who are making the steemit beautiful your work for steemit is like the work of Gardner for the beauty of garden and i really appericate your work i am really found myself lucky to be on the platform like steemit and steemit is not just a social media site it is like family and i love this steemit family.this all happen beacuase of you @surpassinggoogle

I'm happy that the once inactive steemgigs discord is now up. Thanks for giving us the report of the show. I will love this show to come up frequently.

It seems like steemgigs is really a best platform, sharing thoughts with members of steem seems a bit intresting, I hope this platform of yours grows big day by day, I too will join it and enjoy with steem members.
We spoke alot and we played and loved; "nations locations". Steemit helps matters. The "steemit effect" helped matters. The brotherhood instant; the biology instant; the chemistry instant.
It looks like you have discussed a lot, I would love to join this discord channel to share thoughts of my own with my steem fellows.

So bad i missed this. Looking forward to subsequent ones. The steemgig discord look like a place full of life. Great family u've got there @surpassinggoogle. Can't wait for the next one
Can't wait.

Good to see your attraction to the community and answering their questions! I believe this project is gonna be a great success in near future! I couldn't join this session due to busy routine but I will try best to be with you in next one. When is the next happening?

Thanks for sharing this post,I appreciate this steemit.keep it up my dear friend....

Steemgigs talk show is awesome and its very good for me taht i join steemgig and i will work for people to day i share my work and gig on steem gigs its a nice platform for all of us steem gigs is a platform where we can show our work

It was so nice hearing your voice Terry.
Unfortunately I could only participate for 30mins before my phone went off.
When is the next one please?.

I really look forward to rhe next one too. I would give anything just to have that 30minutes. Hahaha.
Glad you enjoyed it dear. It promises to be more fun from now on.

It's so painful that I missed the show. Thanks for giving us a detailed report of the show. Anticipating the next show already, I will try as much as not to miss it.
Keep on doing the good work

Sir @surpassinggoogle i'm so sorry i missed the talk show...😖 I joined discord yesterday... But i forgot the time... I was busy in something important that's why couldn't join talk show... i'm feeling really sad for this😖 again when you are on a talk show can you plz tell me sir @surpassinggoogle? & thanks a lot sir you resteem my post... you can't imagine how much happy i am 😍 it's like a great achievement of mine in this community. Whenever you want my support i'll try my level best to do that sir.😊

This is a great initiative. I am having a better perspective and understanding of Steemgigs now after reading this article and I will be willing to join as I have services to offer.
Keep up the good work.

I missed the post creating awareness for discord live chat, so I missed out..really pained to the bone. I do hope to be a part of the next discord live chat show.
Warm greetings to you @surpassinggoogle,

wow this is lovely @surpassinggoogle you are such a great man helping steemian to grow
Have been a benefactor of this steemgigs and have the chance to advitise what I'm into on steemit thank you sir for this
Yesterday mark my 120days on steemit and is my privilege to acknowledge you sir

Your have been our backbone sir @surpassinggoogle that for creating steemgigs for us you are man send from GOD thanks so much

It was an amazing talk to on discord i really enjoy it...may jah continue to put tears of happiness in your face too. @tearsdrop

You are have been source of joy to us @surpassinggoogle with your #steemgigs project our live has not remind the same thanks for everything i love you

I love steemit. Because it different to other site and have a source of income.

Steemit is a best learning and earning platform.
Steemit is one of the biggest opportunities. It seems like steemgigs is really a best platform, sharing thoughts with members of steem seems a bit intresting.

i would also like to be part of that talkshow
there will be ocean of knowledge and experience to gain
well you make alot of efforts to reach the audience and stay connected with steemians
life before steemit and after steemit has no comparison
steemit life is beautifull and great

I knew it. I knew it was going to be a great show. I have never been fussy by Terry. We love you @surpassinggoogle

And yet again @surpassinggoogle is doing the usual, going through the stress to bring smile to people's face and giving @tearsdrop a value. Continue to be there, continue to make us proud

@surpassinggoogle you are very good to discuss about the life of steemgigs and steemit,please help me friend

Wow! what a beautiful write up, I love your writing skills. I am so convince that steemgig discord server is a place I ought to be.

So we sought to cater to steemians who are experience life challenges during the live show

This is a great initiative. I'm impressed by the way you reach others. You have really touched many lives with a great impact, thanks for the job well done so far.

Yes actually you can say that there was a life in there last night, there was a light of love, hope and kindness there. There was a undescribable atmoshphere there and thats all was because of such a kind soul @surpassinggoogle. Loads of love was seen last night. All people love you very much.

Beautiful.... I've checked out the steem gigs website. Would try to complete the process. Hopefully, it's a great experience for me :)

This great post,I appreciate this steemit.
upvote and resteemit

It was a pleasure to be a part of it Terry and I hope you can do more of this talks as you continue to inspire and make us believe.

I was enraptured with your talk of "dream building" as steemgigs is only one part of the things that can make that a reality for a lot of people.

With the teardrops project and the Steemgigs discord as a place to help them realize it.

I await for the next session where we celebrate the individuals as we sing, laugh and tell stories that make us humans that care.

oh I missed it :( maybe next time I could attend. I'm happy for my friends who was there, now I have joined the steemgigs discord channel.

It was really an amazing feeling to be included on this talk show sir Terry, i hope we can get to do this at least twice a month so all of the steemians can get to interact with each other and we will be able to learn more from you @surpassinggoggle 😘😘😊❤️

man steemit is love ,steemgigs is lovely:
my life has totally changed due to steemit
the confidence ,hope ,knowledge ,suppot we get on steemit is much more appreciating
steemit has its own beauty
i would also like to be part of steemgigs to help others and get support in return.
you are really trying to making this place more beautifull

Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle for the opportunity you've given to all steemians. We,re so blessed that we you as our mentor. We are so excited when will be the next show to listen for your inspiring words of wisdom. God bless you always.

@surpassinggoogle , your steemgigs foundation is the greates of all..

That is indeed great and glad to hear that buddy !

The Steemians gathering and sharing their feelings is indeed the beauty of this community !

While will sure try to be there next time :)

Thanks so much @surpassinggoogle without you this platform would have been nothing thanks so much

I had thought I would catch up with the show when I overheard it but I was caught up with unavoidable chores.

Steemgigs for all!

I am writing to say thank you, @surpassinggoogle, for your support to @abrahamcera.

That is so selfless, i cannot, but convey my personal gratitude to you. You are the kind that not just steemit, but that our larger community needs to live as one caring and supporting house.

You are one in a million. And i can't be grateful enough for you. God bless you, again and over.

I am sure @abrahamcera will find your help as gratifying as can possibly be. Thanks again.

Gratifying. That word is even an understatement of what I am feeling right now. I do not know the right word. But I am happy, ecstatic. I cannot contain the emotions swirling in me.

I have noticed that effort. Your heart is filled with compassion an I was touched by that. I'm my own little way of being with the team of expert traders I will extend this great cause to my team. We have done it before with the fire victim in Cebu and our fellow team member. I don't wish for something unachievable but i will die if I was not able to step up and made a difference in my life.

You make everything beautiful here on Steemit. Your influence spreads like fragrance. You are a man of love and your heart is full of it.

What can I say that has not been obvious to you and all. You are beautiful, your heart is beautiful. God bless you. Only you can do all that you do. Too impressive.

I wish I was online to sing for you. You are such a great personality. In the midst of all the pains and things to deal with, you always find time for us all because we matter to you, and because you care. Thank you. Steemgigs is on.

I have joined steemgigs discord its awesome, I met beautiful people really steemit is beautiful. That why steemit promo is very important this time, we can start to create awareness to people about steem the benefits involved and this will encourage more investors to come in, this will increase the market CAP and value, this steemit promotion is encouraging this time.

You don't only tell us we have something to offer, You show it too. Thank you so much.

The success rate & popularity of the steemit can be check by the community growth of steemit .daily numerous people are joining this steemit & helping each & everyone to grow together which show the community buildup is very strong in here.

These words are so true....

"where there is solid love involved, rare words will pop out"

I believe yesterday's show was a blast, though I missed it, I'm looking forward to the next one. Well done Terry

Last night was epic!

@surpassinggoogle you have a beautiful heart.

@surpassinggoggle,yea the first on #steemgigs discord chat recorded a huge success despite it's disorganisation, but what baffled me was that if at the point where it wasn't organise and such a success was recorded, what will happen when we finish all the planning and proper organisation of the platform?

that will be a miss and regret show

I just want to say that I Love @steemgigs. Appreciate @surpassinggoogle to you for impressive efforts and your contributions due to which succeeded your all plans and projects.

Totally awesone. Regen i missed it. Hope to catch the next one. You are a legend here on steemit, how can anyone not want to join in a chat with a legend

I couldn't agree more. Steemit is indeed beautiful!

@surpassinggoggle, you were just too amazing yesterday, many people including myself really learnt a whole lot of lessons and new things from all the steemians all round the globe and I believe you personally learn lessons too which will be a guide towards the planning and success of subsequent talk shows.

As I said earlier, incase you need any of my help or assistance in any of the delegated duties, I am very much available to help out.


3 hrs listening is really worth it, you gave us an inspiration to boost our confidence...your voice is really solemn and meaningful like a voice of an Angel that touch our heart...until at the next talk show😊

I looks you had great and healthy discussion. Nice to see all the questions and their answers. You are very attached to the community and being attracted to them. Wish steemgigs ultimate success.

Liked this one:

You are celebrity because I am your fan!

All disorganized stuff but the party went on! It lasted close to 4 hours altogether.

Dear Lord, how did I miss this opportunity? I really have loads of questions that I want to ask.

Well since i joined the platform, following your every single thing whether it is love, affection or even your level of generosity , you are always at giving end. I am always a huge learner from your actions, because you do inspire me on every single step Terry<3

Life has its pressure and this can impact on one's steemit journey. So we sought to cater to steemians who are experience life challenges during the live show. Moreso though, some steemians have started to feel pressure from the additional and sometimes overwhelming responsibility that steemit can bring. We tried to discuss tips that can help.

Life is a very complex thing it is the duty of all of us ( The Humans) to make our lives more easier through our kind actions, #teardrops comes to show that we all are innocent by heart.

I am really happy that on the Discord Channel you guys had some wonderful time with each others and tried your level best to make this platform economically win-win state for everyone. As you mentioned in number 7,

A simple blog is powerful and opens you to opportunities on steemit and outside steemit.

Truly, simple words and kind activities can change one's whole life and you are precisely doing likewise, changing the lives of the general population in an extremely powerful manner, enormous regard for your each activity @surpassingoogle <3

Stay Blessed always :)

I keep appreciating the people who could fit such a huge overwhelming experience into words, feels like they've taken some burden off my shoulders, because I tried to do same, I couldn't, I can't. I don't know what goes wrong with me when it comes to putting feelings to words, but you guys did it, and it's beautiful. I'm OK with that. I read some, will read others after this.

That was the closest to family talk I've had in I can't tell how long, and it reached my bones. I said something, but even if I didn't, I'd just listen and leave feeling like I've had the best conversation yet. It was simply heart warming.

Thanks for your selflessness Terry, it was spelt out in every breadth and effort in every word. Indeed, when you've met the right people, nations are just locations, and the distance closes.

I pray you get healed soon, if you won't believe that, it's OK. I believe it enough, and I exercise my faith too deep in this one to be disappointed.

Yes you have something the world seeks, you have the very medicine that will heal this world, and if with all the words you've fed us, not one person rises to be even half the man you are, then I'm sorry to say, the world ended yesterday!

I've come to appreciate this family more by the day. I love you all! God bless Terry sufficiently!

Yes Steemit is Beautiful cos anything helping people is unique and beautiful. Even you

You announced Friday and I was on the discord channel general chat expecting the invite message. I missed a lot and must not miss the next!

I think many people that miss it according to the comments and I'm sure the next one would be much more than the last one

Thank you so much Sir Terry for the opportunity you gave us to talk with you, It was really a wonderful and unforgettable experienced, as we also meet new friends. Thanks for your support! God bless you more for you to be able to share your blessings to others...

we need to say a big thanks to @surpassinggoole for all the support, his effort into this platform for making steemit so much fun and interesting to all steemians. May God renew his wisdom, and don't forget that you and I has something to offer.

Wow, I missed this Bro, big time miss. How could I have missed this. Please I'll like to know when the next talk show will be holding.

Steemit is that great growling engine of change

It was really awesome listening to this yesterday. Like I was saying, I had put alarm on my phone to notify me of this and popped in right on time.Initially we had quite a good number, a little later as the time went, I was shocked when I tried to move the slider up, there were like too many people logged in for this.
You had a very calming voice that made it even more easy to take in those beautiful words.

It was a great day for everyone Terry.
Thank you for your time.
It was lovely to hear your sweet voice:):)
We really enjoyed that a lot and at the same time
we are learning not only about Steemit but also about life and more.
Full of substance and love.

Thanks for sharing your life with us.
Looking forward for more live voice channel with you.
Thanks for the inspiration.
btw, It was crazy in the room hahaha

Have a great day xoxo

My friend, good to see you here. Glad you all had fun. I caught the after party fun 😂😂😂. Better than nothing, right?
I really look forward to more live voice channel. It is going to be amazing. The traffic there from now on would be huge. Always nice doing Steemit/Steemgigs with you.
@surpassinggoogle is too adorable.

thanks ma broda:) we have to request more live voice with Terry
whenever he can ofcourse, he's a busy man so we have to wait for a while.
Good to see you, pls. vote for him as a witness.
thanks ma broda!!

Extremely a busy man. Hahaha i have done the witness voting a long time ago and I still tell people about it. I wish I can vote multiple times, he would have all my vote. Thanks a lot dear

thanks a lot ma broda:)
Keep shining!! xoxo

You too cutie.

Hahah @sunnylife excited to here you here... I really missed the talk show but all the same I still learn much about is post. Now I can't wait to experience the next talk show.

I sent you DM. come and join soon!

I have done that thanks friend @sunnylife

Community is everything and I missed today's talk show. For a long time the discord server was silence and now the silence give way to engagement. I'll sure be part of the next talk show.

From this post i found out that i have missed allot by not participating in the love experience of the first show.
I look forward to be part of the next show.
Kudos to Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for your effort.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for organizing the talk show. I finally got to place a voice behind the name, it was so cool listening to you reiterate what you post on your blog.

as usual, I picked some useful information that would help shape my steemit journey.

Thanks for acknowledging my presence on your blog. Right now, I'm on cloud nine as I write this.

Hopefully, I would become a long time student on your voice shows. I saw a different perspective to life and steemit yesterday. Thanks for helping me realize this.

Your number one fan.

You are such an incredible, exceptional human....

Your heart is totally out of this world....
As someone rightly said,

You are for this world but you are not from this world.

Your kind is so rare....

Yaaaaay!. My friend is here. Yes, he is from this world but not of this world. He is a special breed. He is a rare gift, he is here to give us all a lift.

See the ryhmes....
Lol, thanks friend

Hahahahaha. Thanks cutie.

how did I miss this self