#1: 5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice. (Related To Steemit & Life Success)

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This the beginning of the series "5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice", that celebrates the human behind each steemian.

You can read this post to understand the overall aim of this series

Each of today's 5 steemhumans where asked 5 directional questions and required to answer these questions on the spot. 

Here are the list of questions:

  1. Who Are You? (This should cover (all or some) things like, your very definition; your  existing dreams; your forgotten dreams; your aspirations before steemit; life before steemit; life since steemit; what you would like to  accomplish on a limitless scale, if there were no odds and what odds  there are or there have been; things you don't like about yourself;  things that are unique to you; things people don't know about you etc. Anything at all that constitutes!)  
  2. What do you write about the most on steemit and why? 
  3. How did you find steemit and has it become your bus-stop and why did  it become your bus-stop? 
  4. Is there one person on steemit, that you can say, "as long as this  person stays on steemit and keeps on active, i will be also stay active  on steemit" and who is that person and why is it this person? 
  5. If you had just one shot at "breakthrough" and it was your "very next  steemit post", what would you write about? 
The essence was to draw unadulterated INTEL from the elements of their very being and use this to dispense in return, "valuable INTEL" ("no books" involved/in the undertone of an illiterate) related to success both on "steemit" and "in life". Moreso, the entire endeavor is a curriculum to celebrate them. 

Below, you will read about 5 steemians; their on-the-spot answers to 5 questions and 10 pieces of advice from me to them.

We implore you to spend today in specially celebrating these steemians with me. Kindly, make sure to follow each of the 5, leave them an empowering comment below this post after you have read it and join me in curating these 5 posts:

Note: the posts above is separate from their on-the-spot answers within my post. The 5 posts above is the result of a follow up soul-searching activity, where there were expected to write that one post, assuming they had one shot at "breakthrough" and it was there very next steemit post.

1. @sissyjill

I will pick the very elements of her constituent and cook her some timeless heartfelt advice as someone who truly loves her.
Basically, i will celebrate her, highlight her own strengths and i will sift even "weaknesses" to find strength therein. Together, we will celebrate and empower her today. She will become our celebrity and we her fans.

@sissyjill: She spoke to me on the spot. She answered 5 of my questions below:

@sissyjill: I have been lost since my sister died. It seems like she is my everything: my inspiration, my mentor, my healer, my world. I am not me anymore or is it just that I have never come know myself since I always depend on her. 
I can't question God for taking her, but it just hurts. She is the oldest sibling I have and now that she's gone, I am carrying with me all the burdens and pressure she used to have. Now I am slowly learning my own very self. 
I am strong they say but at night I cry for missing my sister, for all the troubles I am dealing with but I have no one to run to, and many people have kept on pushing me down. But I trust myself, I want to return all the hard work of my mom and dad. 
I love children and for that ever since I was a kid, I wish to be a teacher. That dream was long forgotten when my sister died. She told me before she died, "Please give mom and dad a child who is an Engineer. Please do it on my behalf". And now I am currently studying the same degree my sister took which is Electronics Engineering. All I ever dream of now is to be a successful and professional Engineer in the near future. 
Before I knew about steemit, I have been contemplating on where should I work for part-time to at least have an income and give my parents lesser burden when it comes to financial needs. Then a friend introduced it to me. 
By the time I indulge myself in steemit, I discovered a new part of me. All my life I needed someone that I can share my experiences and also learn from him/her. It was not all about the money that I can get from steemit, rather the involvement, new friends, discoveries, learning of how other people really are. Steemit showed me a new perspective in life and I'll forever treasure it. 
I just don't like being so caring at all times. I give my very best to help who ever needs it as long as I can; I care for all those that needs someone; I give some pieces of my heart to those who feel lonely, but in return they turn their back at me and tend to forget that I exist without me knowing any reasons why. At the end, I am left with nothing but WHYs. But I am unique I guess. I love to love people around me without asking for anything in return. People never knew my troubles and they always believe that I am a happy-type of person, who does not deal with troubles. They also don't know that I am a cheerful person not because I don't want to show my weaknesses but inorder to make people around me happy. 
I believe that success is not a destination but an inspiration to be better as an individual and a road to know who you really are.
I write mostly about travel since I love going to places and I really want to share my experiences on steemit; about science, technology and engineering because I love embracing the knowledge I gathered at school and I really want to let people have a wide view of things in life and not only focus on one thing; and also about arts, I learned it from a friend and every time I draw something I see a much colorful world. 
When a friend introduced to me steemit, at first I want to be part of it to earn money but by the time I make myself involve in this great community, I learned great things from it. I now have a better view of life, a new perspective and a much meaningful world. I am not so used to interact with other people but I learned from steemit how to cope up socially. There are way better and meaningful things inside steemit than steemit itself.
From the moment I started to indulge in steemit, there was a man with a huge heart that helps minnows like me. I started walking towards a gate that leads to the road of success here in this community and it felt like I am a baby that needs to crawl my way in. It seemed that in every step I take, the gate also walked its way away from me. I felt helpless but a man spread his hands towards me and made me feel that he is there to walk with me towards the gate. After that, people started to know me. And it was strenuous to open up myself and learned at the same time but still I tasted the bumpy roads and people seemed have no interest with what I share. I almost want to not visit my account anymore but then I realized "How can people value and notice me if I stop now?". 
So to have a new beginning, I joined contests. Within that span of 1 month, the man who helped me in my first day here never left my side so I was determined to give thanks to him. That very man with a very huge heart is no other than @surpassinggoogle. He asked me to be a part of @steemsecrets which is my greatest privilege. And up until now, he is still helping me.
Somehow, people were so endeavor in attaining there success in steemit community thus it would be a great success in their part indulging a breakthrough on their blog. If I were one shot at "breakthrough" and it was "my very next steemit post", I would rather write a post containing "everything", in a way that my co-Steemians would be satisfied and gratified by my post. I will focus more on sharing my knowledge or educating steemians through my learning(s). Why? For the reason that in this life, I treasure more, the knowledge given and shared to or by other people because I believe that it is the only thing that can't be robbed, snatched, stolen or taken away from you.

My Life Advice To Her: 

The first thing to establish is; "you have a story". It's an intense story and you are young but i tell you, you have used this story to evolve. Your heart has pounded some more, your very being has stay afloat. It's tough.

We will discuss this more intensely in the chats, over the course of time as "life" knowledge takes time to dispense; is an entire curriculum and involves loads of stories etc. 

Overall though, i want you to know of your beauty. In your many traumas and stories, i see utmost beauty. You've drawn out character. You have given your face more value because it now tells more stories.

You are your own person and you are beginning to find out but you can also afford to be like your sister cos if that ends up the case, it is not only beautiful coincidence but will constitute a "beautiful powerful success story" too. Overall, there is no real waste in giving up your desire to become a teacher, for "electronics" instead and if there is pressure, you can make it constitute worthwhile beautiful pressure. 

You love your sister. Carrying her dreams and yours is weighty but....real love is weighty.

You are powerful too but you now have to see this power. You are still young but you are already figuring things out. You are taking responsibility and it won't go to waste. You are now two-women. That is power! To attain this power though, requires power but i perceive that deep inside you, you have "the power" for power. 

So my only public advice for you now is this; "it is established, that you aren't ordinary, so don't settle for less". 

Let those "traumas" count positively. When you hurt; afford it but don't be made to fret by it. Don't run away from it or try to forget it; take charge of it instead, like the powerful woman that you are becoming. Shed those tears and divert the hurt into testimonial use by "evolving", for each tear that drops. 

Your tears should now have value.

In due time, you can put your "evolution" to use, in teaching and imparting like you always planned to, but i tell you, "the knowledge you will dispense will be new-breed"; heartily sought after even by the elites of the world.

Anytime, you feel weak and there's a scarcity of humans around, turn to Jehovah in lines of prayer and put your tears in those prayers. He didn't take your sister. It wasn't HIM. 

I foresee a CEO in you within a few years, if you can tap into the power we refer to but it is okay to let time fly. Well, time is bound to fly, but we can't let this particular time, fly emptily by. Not anymore!

I see you signing autographs a few years away from now but you will need to start rehearsing your signature each day, now!

Ultimately, please note that "nations are locations". Don't let "locations or people in locations" put a cap on your dreams or your evolution. Don't rate your success by the norms in your location. Let your hallmark be world standard. 

In this regard, steemit helps matters alot.

My Steemit Advice To Her: 

Steemit success for you is very attainable. 

You have chosen to establish "your own definition of success". According to you; you see success as an incessant incentive to evolve in your substance and gosh, that is just awesome. 

At this point in your steemit journey thus, YOU should become or re-become your primary audience. Climb the ladder first! 

As is already the case, you are allowed to try new things by means of steemit because i tell you, there is still so-so-so much that you can learn about yourself and you do love learning. 

Hahaha sweetheart in your case, you see "black and white"; i see HD. 

So, at this point (on steemit), let go! Be kid; be curious; attempt out-of-the-boxness, relegate reservations. You can even afford to be stunt(y). You can do so with your steemit posts; your very next post; each "every next post". 

See your next steemit post also as medium to expand in your "learning" and be your own audience. Try the many other outlets steem offers e.g steepshot, dlive etc. 

Use this period to play. Try electronics; try teaching; try! 

Anytime, you decide to use your steemit post to air out your pain, do it like "@teardrops" style; don't just "write"; evolve and attain a new step on your ladder each time. Your first fulfillment for these types of posts, should come from the fact that you were able to define your deeps thoughts and was successful in airing them out in writing. 

Then, read your posts after your tear moments and be made to marvel by them. Draw new-found smiles from them and new-found strength; then move ahead. 

Do some more playful imagination with your steemit posts e.g using your minds eye, write a post where you tried to create the motherboard of a PC out of gold IC(s) and the eventual PC, when it went live, starting popping out gold bar whenever you pressed "ENTER". 


Air "your youth" in your steemit posts. 

You like travels; travel to Mars in your posts; review people's travels using your steemits posts and become lil miss Guilliver without leave your chair. 

Shine! Then, as you start to draw in engagement to your post however sparingly, tend to them, with the sole aim of "further growth".

Right now, it is still very much time for you, to find your own person, evolve it, grow, then others will come around.

So, do "finding yourself" with each post, on and on and on, till you start to establish a "groove" (cruise-mode; glide-mode), to where "creating posts" becomes fun-easy. 

Overtime, your definition will get clearer. 

Overtime, you will attain a more deeply-rooted definition, to where "your every line (words)" oozes @sissyjill. e.g even if you say, "Jacuzzi is the new bathtub"; it would have a twist that oozes YOU. 

Then you will start to really out-stand and draw people in because people can now see you in the midst of many. Then as more and more steemians flock in towards your frequency; look to lovingly impart. 

In general, (life or on steemit), see nations as locations; "so expand your horizon fully". If you are in Cebu, Philippines, take on the world instead. 

"The world" is on steemit! 

With your stories, you can only be extraordinary but you need to use these stories right and you can use steemit as media to accomplish this. 

Make steemit your "school of life". Learn "virtues" on the go. 

Now as you play yourself out; the "steemit community of reputable great minds" as mirrors, not only will you evolve, you will either refine and deeply-root your existing vision; wake up a forgotten vision or find a new one that appeals to your inclination. 

You will evolve in your very substance. You will become a hand-some. You will begin to be able to produce baritone: real womanhood. Powerful! Fly! Fire! Lit!

If after everything, you eventually find out that you are un-shakingly passionate about "electronics" and that is where your groove is, start to evolve your "electronics" and the possibilities it brings into span-lessness and gradually create an indispensable movement using your steemit posts and steemit as your sandbox or LAB room. 

"Electronics Engineering" is still a rare niche on steemit, so take that niche at its helm and add your charm to it.

Write your assignments here on steemit. Prepare for exams here on steemit. Read your textbooks and come pour them out on steemit, off-hand. You will need to be consistent to create a movement but you will be consistent once you are starting to post these posts, for your own evolution and you are in the groove. 

Create a tag around it and maintain this tag consistently for a period. Then, create a discord server and an eventual community and begin to take charge of it. 

Stir others into doing the same, by virtue of the true charm that you now constitute. Have them join the community and create valuable content under the same niche. Instill in them the culture of getting into a groove too. Then, combine the power of the community's groove, into creating a company. Give your company name. Become CEO.

Forget about impossibilities. Possibilities are now all the more possibler with steem

https://steemgigs.org is gradually creating a space to help matters in this regard. 

I will pause here on your case. Draw this in. Keep it timeless. Let's go.

About your sister, only Jehovah can heal us in that regard. Your Boy Terry

2. @julietisrael

I will pick the very elements of her constituent and cook her some timeless heartfelt advice as someone who truly loves her.
Basically, i will celebrate her, highlight her own strengths and i will sift even "weaknesses" to find strength therein. Together, we will celebrate and empower her today. She will become our celebrity and we her fans. @surpassinggoogle

@julietisrael: She spoke to me on the spot. She answered 5 of my questions below:

1. My name is Juliet Israel, a writer, singer, and a smile addict. Lol, I've always wanted to be a speaker. I've always loved to be known and respected for being a renowned speaker. Before I joined Steemit, my dream was to read, write and become better at writing. But since joining Steemit, so many things have changed. I would like to be a force to reckon with. I'll like to have a standing ovation whenever my name is mentioned. I'll like my words to speak volumes, impact lives and bring forth testimonies. 
I don't like that I procrastinate a lot. It affects my productivity and a whole lot of things. 
My voice is unique. When I talk or sing, people want to listen because it captivates. What people don't know about me is that I'm scared, scared of so many things, scared of falling in love, scared of what the future holds, scared I may not have sufficient funds to help my family when need arises.  
2. I write most about anything; From personal development to relationship advice and even erotically fantasies. 
3. I found Steemit or Steemit found me when I wrote a piece for a friend sometime in January this year. He said "Wow, you write so well. How about getting paid for doing what you already know how to do" and he told me about Steemit and that was how I joined. 
Steemit has actually become my bus-stop because I enjoy the fact that it rewards me for being creative, for sharing my ideas to the world. 
4. If there's one person that stays right on here and as long as that person stays, I'll stay, it'll be @surpassinggoogle. If he decides to leave today, then I'll also be quitting Steemit. 
5. I'll write deeply about life. About how life seems so unfair; about how you had to struggle for almost everything; about how it affects one's view/perspective towards life and about how one can survive in this life. 

My Life Advice To Her:

In "donkey-life", one thing that can obliviously get so pummeled is self-belief, self-worth, dignity. It takes sheer "too-lazy-too-quitness", prayers and "positively stubborn-genes", to escape half-humanism. @surpassinggoogle

Please apply the above words! Keep on lit regardless. If you don't have Versace yet, wear Terry and keep on "lit" still. You will have a Rolls Royce in the end; remember me. Stay modest. Stay YOU.

Alot of what you need has to do with "life knowledge" and i tell you, this is still very rare knowledge because a very special kind of depth is needed to process this type of knowledge. 

All your answers are in the Bible to, but to grasp these answers (we can't all fully); is to meditate on examples in "lives" of Bible characters and this also requires depth.

You have many unanswered questions and many of your solutions lie in the answers to those questions but the answers are pretty scarce even though it lays very much all around you because, i tell you "the answers you seek are more find-able in the hands of illiterates like me or illiterates like a few other illiterates aound the world. What i means is; the answers to your type of questions are not in "books"; not in outer-space INTEL but in very down-to-earth INTEL. 

Sometimes though, it isn't too of pertinence to find all the answers. 
Depending on the make-up of the person, some questions are better left unanswered. 

Your dream is so so so attainable. You already have a path and your definition is carving out and it is a powerful one. To touch the world positively & move it, is indeed a feat.

Thus, to make your path all the more effective, you will need to grow into a very solid woman; one with some baritone. This takes time and lots of stories. You will need to divert life's hardships and pummel them into testimonial stories. 

You may need to put your finger in the fire. 

No worries, you will still catwalk across that room like you love to but it will have to be "with presence"; thus, you will need to evolve your very substance. 

Eve ate of that fruit; you however, will have to relegate impulses and take-chargingly say "NO". All this takes time, so i won't say much now but over time i will. What i will leave you with now is:

Amass those questions and even when you can't find answers, keep these questions alive and over time "answers" will play itselves out; but for you to establish them as answers, you will have had to have kept the questions amassing and alive, non-stoply.

My Steemit Advice To Her:

Use steemit to re-establish your self-worth into "your-core-solid"

You are a lot of beautiful things but this should never-endingly and unshakenly be known to you, by YOU.

You appear pretty-defined but most of it came later, upon your finding steemit. Your earlier definition shook just a bit, upon your finding steemit but it a very good way, in that, it evolved and attain new heights. 

So i would say give it more time, inorder to take that dream into limitlessness and your definition into spanlessness and alot of that will have to do with you using steemit also as a media, to evolve in your very substance. 

Your core must grow tight 

Life is indeed hard but i tell you, it so much better now. Apart from steem, decentralization etc for the first time in forever, we now have many people fighting for us; fighting our fights so that we no longer have to fight too much; me being one. Keep that ingrained in your head even illusionarily and erupt those smiles that you are addicted to, but may these new resulting smiles be "new-breed"; felt from with your cores. 

Then the next time, you catwalk that walk, let the room halt, because you walked in and your very presence filled it.

Alot of your power lies there. 

To move the room with your speech, you will need more than beautiful hips. You will need to sway the occasion by virtue of your deep, inner-felt beauty. You will need to really rock that Versace and not let that Versace rock you. @surpassinggoogle

So as life is so much better now, let's use that to the full. Stay patient; hang in there. There is light in the tunnel. @surpassinggoogle

Note: https://steemgigs.org is creating something to enhance our evolution. We will all become SteemGiggers (Dream-builders) eventually. Together, we will surpassGoogle.

3. @geeyang15

I will pick the very elements of her constituent and cook her some timeless heartfelt advice as someone who truly loves her.
Basically, i will celebrate her, highlight her own strengths and i will sift even "weaknesses" to find strength therein. Together, we will celebrate and empower her today. She will become our celebrity and we her fans. @surpassinggoogle

@geeyang15: She spoke to me on the spot. She answered 5 of my questions below:

Who are you? First of all, My real name is Ghea D. Buenconsejo.. I have my main account which is named after my real name. And we are also friends on that account. This is just my 2nd account which i made few years ago for some private reasons.. Anyways, who am i? Well, I am just an ordinary Filipina from Cebu.. i came from a NOT SO BROKEN family.. why i called it like that? Coz my parents are always fighting and i've witnessed plenty of quarrels between them yet they're still together.. Growing like this is never easy.. Both of them are always too busy for us. i only have 1 sibling.. an older sister.. Since we were little they have always been  like that.. They didn't even attended PTA meetings or Recognition ceremony at our school.. Even if i got high grades it won't move them to come and get my report card.. I even get jealous seeing my classmates together with their parents during activities at school. Their parents are always there to support them.. Me? I just enjoy watching them, wondering how it feels... Sometimes i just cry at night, i cry silently, so no one could hear, my pillows are my tear-keeper.. haha, sometimes i ask "What have i done wrong?" " Why are these things happening to me?" "why me?" "What's the Purpose of my existence?" etc. . 
All these years, I am trying my best to understand my parents.. I just put into mind that everything they do is for my own sake.. and they are working hard to give me a better future..
When i entered college, i didn't have an exact path.. The course i chose is not my choice, it my mother's choice.. Perhaps, i agreed to her decision. Though i know it wasn't easy at all, but i want to prove to them that i can,.. 
There are so many times i wanted to give up, so many times i have gone through difficulties, many times i was discouraged, but i never showed it to them. i chose to keep it to myself. I'm someone who never shows my weakness to anyone because i have learned so much from my past, I was broken and slowly putting the broken pieces back, but i know it will never come back to the way it was then. But i know i have grown strong...
When i love, I love hard, I love deeply and genuinely, I always care too much to anyone close to my heart.. that's why some people say i easily get hurt because i care too much.. But what can i do? Its me. It's just me. And I don't want to change it to become someone i'm not. 
When i am with my friends, I feel comfortable, they always see me smiling, like nothing goes wrong with my life, they see me as cheerful and lively person, but they don't know everything about me and what i've been through coz i don't show it to them. 
I'm not the kind of person that shares my personal life and family matters with my friends, and i don't even want to share personal problems, not because i don't want them to know but because i want to be happy. just being happy atleast before i go home. i don't want to bother thinking all of my problems every time coz i might go crazy hahaha. But seriously i don't want to think about it that much. I just make fun, my friends consider me as a joker in the group coz i make them laugh, they say i got the sense of humor. Maybe i should agree with the saying "Sometimes, the funniest person are the loneliest"..
There are times when i feel pressured, because, i am the only one my parents depends on. I am the first graduate of the family. my sister didn't make it through. When she was in college, she was like a rebel back then, because she was so affected with the situation of our parents always fighting. She has witnessed quarrels and seen our father gone through different vices. It has affected her so much that she left our home and went to her peers and she dropped her subjects. That's why my mother cried hard and got very angry at my sister. She stopped supporting my sister and my sister decided to stop schooling, she work as a call center agent, and years later, she has her own family and give birth to her child last year.. That's when our family got back together, we are living in one house together with her family, but sometimes they fight, my mother, father and sister, sometimes i can't concentrate on my studies when i am at home.
The thing i write about the most on steemit is about motivational writings.. On my blog i share my motivational perception. I want to motivate and inspire people who thinks they can't do any better, I want to show them that everyday is a chance to make themselves better than yesterday, that no matter what it takes, no matter how hard the situation could be, they can do all things with faith and if they believe in themselves. 
I also share my personal experiences on steemit when i find it helpful to others, they might get valuable lesson through my experience.. As for me, I usually learn so much from other people's experiences, I tend to reflect on their situations and try to look up on their perspectives and life decisions. I don't merely look up on "the results", I look up as much as "the process leading up to the results".. not like other people who just see the final product and judge without knowing the process. Because i also experienced, being judged, many times, well, everyone else does, and i don't mind so much about what other people say. 
Also, I post more of my artworks, you know, art is just a hobby for me since then, and ever since i joined steemit, on here i find my passion for arts. I spotted the difference between a hobby and a passion, where hobby is just like something you do regularly, passion is something you can't resist doing, that no matter how you avoid doing it, you still end up doing it.. hhahaha.. 
The first time i knew steemit is from my friend.. He introduced me to steemit. . At first i was intrigued when he started talking about it, he always shares his experience.. SO i decided to join the platform..
Bus-stop? You mean a past-time? hmm.. for me its not a past-time, but its my part-time.. hahah. Seriously, i take time just to read some post on steemit, when i get home from, before going to sleep, i drop by on steemit even without posting, because of tiring school work, i don't have energy to post something new, i just read some posts from steemians. How i wish i could be just a full time blogger and can post regularly like other steemians do, but in my case, i can't, i have also different things to do, and must-do(s), so i'm trying to balance my time management.. 
As for me, i don't want to depend on other person when it come to decision-making.. When i decide to join this platform, i decided to do so because i wanted to, not because of any person who's on steemit. i wanted to start my own journey not because someone else does it, but because i that's what my mind says. As long as steemit exists, i want to remain active as possible. This community have grown so much and there a lot of people that we can look up to. 
For me, I will write about something that could make sense to anyone in or outside steemit community.. I will write something about anything that matters; something i find that could change the World for the better.. something that could open everybody's eyes and understand the underlying. I always look towards writing such kind of post, and make a portrait about it. You'll see! I will make a portrait for my entry on steemsummit. It is something that will help you relate to what i am talking about. i'm still working on it.. 

My Life Advice To Her:

You special. You have a lot of things about you that you still don't know. You have loads of stories too and you have really done well in diverting these stories aright. To take this to new levels however, you will need to remember this: "nations are location"

When it comes to establishing your true worth, the expanse of your definition, go "world standard" or just perhaps, "go out of this world"

This post is easily growing into more than a steemit block-size and may not publish successfully, so i will have to keep this short and continue your curriculum in chats. 

Please read my advice to @sissyjill above. It very much applies in your case. Just grasp the underlying. 

You can fly. I believe. 

You can adjust your household; "i believe". Don't quit on them. When they err, forgive them a hundred times, for it is worthwhile. Breakthrough, even for your family to become the family you desire, is at hand. You have a role to play in that. Not the entire role but a role because you are the strong one. 

I will see your portrait whenever it is ready. In the meantime, thank you alot for this portrait:

One more thing, you are not an ordinary Filipina. No human is ordinary!

My Steemit Advice To Her:

This one is easy. Look to keep "learning" like you already do; yes read as many steemit posts, in a bid to up learning, for learning is the ultimate earning

Air your pain using your steemit posts but mostly in a bid to motivate, impart, fix and educate. Create testimonial use for those hard times, in the lives of others both on steemit and outside like you already do. 

You can try out this tool on https://steemgigs.org to do so. It is not perfect yet but it will be really soon. In case it doesn't open, clear browser cache.

Where you can't share your tough times, with your immediate friends because of "location factor", share it with certain people in the world out there and "the world" exists on steemit, so expand your horizon beyond borders; "cross the seas". 

You do electronics engineering just like @sissyjill and i tell you, posting doesn't have to be a hassle. Please join her, by first reading my steemit advice to her just above and you two, build a community here on steemit, related to electronics etc gradually and eventually "a company". I want to see you two, CEO(s).

Note: the steem blockchain is not only for bloggers. So it may not always be about "full-time" blogging on steemit.

Let your family adjust, upon seeing "the shine" that are beginning to exude. Go on to bigger things now. When things around your household appear not-so-good; "you", keep on so-so-so good. You can, for in your on-the-spot elements, i spotted these amazing things about you. I tell you; you can fly; wings or no wings.


Stay awesome, your boy Terry

4. @mrposyble

I will pick the very elements of his constituent and cook him some timeless heartfelt advice as someone who truly loves him.
Basically, i will celebrate him, highlight his own strengths and i will sift even "weaknesses" to find strength therein. Together, we will celebrate and empower him today. He will become our celebrity and we his fans. @surpassinggoogle

@mrposyble: He spoke to me on the spot. He answered 5 of my questions below:

Who are you? My name is Ukejeh Aloysius Ejike. I am 27 years old. I am a Nigerian. Precisely, I am from the eastern part of Nigeria. My dreams; Since my early childhood days, I have always wanted to be a roman catholic priest. This my dream is what led me to here in the Philippines because over there in Nigeria, becoming a priest seems very difficult (unless you are connected). 
In October 2016, A friend of mine who I have known for ages approached me and told me that since I want to be a roman catholic priest that he can help me to (migrate) to the Philippines, where I can study under scholarship in a missionary school. I accepted without any iota of doubt that what he told me was the truth. I gave the necessary documents he requested from me to process the admission and the money involved. When I arrived here in the Philippines, I find out that all he told me was a lie. The school he told me that gives scholarship, does not even accept foreigners and secondly, their tuition fees was super-expensive. When I tried contacting, him he told me that he is no longer in Nigeria, that I should do what others are doing to survive. And when I inquired on what he meant by “what others are doing to survive”, he told me Yahoo Yahoo (scam). Well, I couldn’t believe my ears. I then realized that I have been duped and fooled. I was stranded. I was frustrated. I was homeless, I was in hunger. The dreams I left Nigeria with, became a mirage. Life happened! 
As all this is happening, I got the news that I lost my sister. Yes, that is life. I still have the dream of becoming a roman catholic priest but with my current situation and condition here, now in the Philippines (I cant even feed trice a day, let alone go to a missionary school), the dream seems unachievable and dead! I lost the faith to carry on with my dreams. 
Life here has become so cruel, but, giving up and doing illegal stuffs in order to survive, NEVER WILL I DO SO! I have resolved that no matter how life becomes so hard for me, I WILL NEVER DO ANY ILLEGAL STUFFS TO SURVIVE. 
Life before steemit? There has been life before steemit. Yes. But did I tell you that it was a life of struggles? Even with advent of steemit, life has been with even more struggling. I started steemit officially in January 9th (that was my first post). Honestly, I joined steemit because of the hype from people. But with time and after many talks with you, I realized that steemit is beyond just upvotes and SBD. 
Did I tell you that I wanted to do steemit full-time and even invest in it?, Yes I wanted to but, it seems I couldn’t because of the finances involved. Well, currently, my next plan is to start investing any penny I make on steemit to POWER UP!. 
Life on steemit has been awesome. Steemit has taught me big lessons about life which, i may not have learned without coming across steemit. On steemit, I learnt to believe in whatever you are doing even when it not paying off. Keep doing what you believe in, one day, it will pay off and you will be amazed. 
What I would like to accomplish on a limitless scale? Everybody wants to be successful. Everybody wants to be financially stable, these things are generic. In my case, I want to be a successful website designer and programmer. I am already learning HTML Codes and CSS. About my odds? I am an introvert. I rarely socialize and for me, I don’t like it. 
What I write about on steemit? I write often about having hope and trusting in God in whatever situation one finds his or herself. For me to survive up till now, means that it's Jehovah’s doing. So I write to give little hope to anyone who comes across my blogpost. 
I came to know steemit through a friend of mine. He told me about steemit and directed me to contact @southparkqueen. When I contacted her, she gave me instructions on how to sign up and do my first post. And since then, it has been awesome! 
I have seen the potentialities of steemit and I really want to key in to it. Steemit is a whole lot of opportunities. I hope and believe it will be my financial bus-stop. 
Anyone who motivates me to stay on steemit? I am saying this without prejudice. After my first post, I wrote back to @southparkqueen and told her that I am quitting steemit. She asked me why and I told her because I have not earned anything. She promised me that she would talk to Terry about it. The next day, I logged in and boooom, my two posts has gotten $10 each. Hehe I was really overwhelmed and so happy. It may interest you to know that my first cash out was used to pay for my house rent. Yes, steemit came at the point when life was so hard on me. In fact, I realized that my acquaintance with you TERRY is predestined by God. Even outside steemit stuff, your advice and “FATHERLY” care to me and to all, is so much. Do you know that any time I speak with you, that I feel like I am talking to my father? Honestly, outside steemit and on steemit, you are a blessing to me in particular. I am saying this without exaggeration. 
And how do I appreciate you? I have no high steem power to upvote your posts; I have no money to give and what do I have? PRAYER! I will keep praying for you and your family sir. 
If i had just a shot at breakthrough and it was my very next steemit post?  I would write about life, its challenges; about being strong and believing in what you are doing and above all, trusting in the omnipotent power of Jehovah. 

My Life Advice To Him:

We have had several talks, so i will keep it short here. Also because this post is suddenly growing bigger than the allowed-post-size and may not published. 

For one, remember this: "you are a man". Also, "you were made in Jehovah's image" is a weighty timeless sentence and so applies in your case. 

I have done Philippines without homes; without nothing, so here: "life in where we are from is so so so hard but many of those things e.g no food can become simple fun-challenges because we have got to make them so". Look these things in the eyes and can't see them and they will scram

I rarely eat. I try starvation instead. Now, not that this is not hard but it is nothing. We have got to turn it so and focusly deal with the nitty-gritty: "real suffering at its core" and i tell you most of where "real suffering" truly lies is in our case, is in "lost dignity"

Hence, all we need in your case is a drawing board and the right kind of of round table and we are on that path. Before that though, you will have to be able to afford "that some time flies", to evolve in yours substance. Let's patiently take that testimonial route and reduce suffering not only in our case but in the case also of generations who are yet here.

It is getting so so so better than use to be the case, especially now with the existence of steemit and its community etc

Afford some fears but let those fears move you instead out of that one-time meal and back to the drawing board. Use the round table for more things than daily bread. 

Jesus' fasted for forty days and forty nights and on the 41st day, he still didn't go for daily bread. 
While Eve fell for that fruit, the serpent knew that Adam, the man, may not have fallen. 
While Eve would experience labor pains, man was to till the soil: "grinding; @teardrops and sweat". Dirt is good.

Let me pause!

My Steemit Advice To Him:

We have discussed the path. Let valuable time pass. Pacing is key.

Be able to afford that time flies but make sure any flown time is valuable. 

As we have spoken of other facets of the steem blockchain and you like coding, go that route. Learn it and discuss what you have learned on steemit using your steemit posts. 

@macrohard will be ready soon, here in the Philippines, a hangout to code with more swag etc. 

You also need very much to establish an identity and may this identity grow into unshakenness. Not that your circumstance shouldn't define you. May your genes stay stubborn towards attaining awesomeness.

This way you will draw in opportunities but more importantly you will easily spot opportunities when they lurk around because you have an unshaken identity. 

Don't jump queues. Evolve in your substance and the queue itself will pave way heartily for your coming. 

This is not parable. This is real. I don't know where the Intel is coming from but "no books" involved and i tell you; this is real.

If you want to talk about life on steemit, look to use this portion of https://steemgigs.org. It is not all perfect yet but it will soon be! Incase, it doesn't open up, clear browser cache.

Your Boy Terry

5. @joeysison

I will pick the very elements of his constituent and cook him some timeless heartfelt advice as someone who truly loves him.
Basically, i will celebrate him, highlight his own strengths and i will sift even "weaknesses" to find strength therein. Together, we will celebrate and empower him today. He will become our celebrity and we his fans. @surpassinggoogle

@joeysison: He spoke to me on the spot. He answered 5 of my questions below:

I am Joey Sison, 28 years old, 3rd to 6 siblings. Married to lalasison for 5 years. Before I dream to be a scientist because since elementary I loved mixing elements with some sort of smoke in the cylinder glass. But now my dream is to become an inspirational speaker, a motivational speaker. Every time I speak in front of many people and see them inspired I feel satisfied. My life before steemit is just a routinary thing, will go to work, do some analytics stuff then go home then work again, again and again. 
But my life since steemit; after doing my work I search for new thing to post in steemit. I tried to learn and explore new things. I am enjoying it! 
Things that I like to accomplish are, I want to be promoted as Project Manager in our company, I want to have baby this year, I want to put up my water station this year. I want to complete my 12 leaders in church. 
Things that I don’t like about myself is sometimes, I am very impatient, specially to my wife (my bad), I get frustrated if there is no one who could help me in doing something new. 
Things that unique to me is, as far as my personal life is concern, I can dance, I can paint, I can easily do new things. Things that people don’t know about me is, I experienced 3 times near death experiences. People are surprised that I can play guitar, and a little bit of piano. I don’t usually do this that’s why they don’t know that I can do those. 
I write about poem because it is easy to create poem than searching for some articles. I also write post about cryptocurrency because I am trading some coins. Bible verses, because every day I have my daily bible reading and I want to share the inspiration I get to other people.  
I find steemit through my wife, she introduce it to me and the one that introduce to my wife is @ankarlie and @maverickinvictus. Yep, It became my bus-stop because it became my digital teacher in doing something new.  
Yes, as long as @ankarlie @maverickinvictus @jon24jon24 @lalasison I will still do steemit. Because every time I have my concern or question in steemit they are the available and willing person to teach me. I consider them as my mentor. 
The post would be about my baby. I am dreaming to have baby, and when we have baby already I will tell the world about the goodness of God to this gift. That is my very very very waited post. 

My Life Advice To Him:

We have had valuable chats already and because this post is growing to long, i will keep this short. Please read my advice to @mrposyble and @julietisrael above and if you can afford to dig a bit more, please read the entire post but more than the skin of the words, seek out the underlying message, context and undertone. Again, this needs "digging". 

I keep say the word "digging" to you for many reasons. In some worlds, it is not a norm to dig but in the real world that we are in, "digging" is essential. Other reasons why i say so, is "we are men", plus, you appear to have some high aspirations and you speak of the bible etc. Also, one thing you would like to do, "is teach life, motivate and inspire" and to successfully accomplish these things, you will need alot of digging: self-sacrifice, selflessness etc

Bro, as brother to you, i tell you, you will need to dig. 

I will add you to my prayers. I strongly believe that you will have that testimonial post written about your baby but especially then too, you will have to dig. 

Your dreams are so so so accomplishable but in your case, a lot of it will have to do with the word "digging". To find fine stone, you may need to break ground but note that, breaking ground in the era we are in, is so so so much easier now. Our fathers dug in much tougher era, so why shouldn't we dig, even if for them, to give them smiles. 

They won't ask for a tour around Paris but i tell you, if we gave it to them, they will pray us a very special prayer

Even within your very self, you will need to dig. Sometimes, it is not all about trying new things, it may be more about digging up the old things more.

In my message here, look for my undertone because it contains all love.

My Steemit Advice To Him:

You can wake up your old love for science using your steemit posts. Though it is hard, rub your "love for science" in and make the once-hard, fun. 

Keep on trying new things too. Keep on evolving in your substance by means of steemit as well. Explore other facets of steem beyond the blogging.

To impart, you will need to learn and if you want to go "no books" in your inspirational talks; you will need to have truly done "school of life". There is "school lof life" right here on steemit but in the underlying. You will need to dig these stuff out. Continue to inspire and motivate even here on the steemit, through the power of the words in your steemit posts. You can also take your pre-written steemits posts into real world to keep on inspiring people on there. 

Invite people to steemit and empower them by this means too. Then form a solid group of yours here and while you await a time to be project manager in the real world, you can have rehearsed it here on steemit by leading or managing your steemit group.


Again, "school of life" is right here on steemit.

There is segment for motivation and inspiration on https://steemgigs.org

Your boy Terry

Note: The overall message and knowledge in this post can apply to everyone in relation to success "on steemit" and "in life", so please share it as far-reachingly as possible. 

Please follow all the celebrated steemians and visit their 5 posts as enlisted at top of this post, to read and curate. Also be kind as to leave us all an empower comment underneath this post.

Your Boy Terry



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