Join Us On The SteemGigs Talk Show On Discord (Friday 20th, April 2018), For Steemit Growth Talks. We Are More Than 4000 Steemians On The Server.

I am waking up!

I have had plans many times, of revamping the SteemGigs discord server for so long now but it has been very hard to. The server grew and it currently has more than 4000 steemians. This is a huge number. 

Lately, i have been needing way more help and turning to steemians to get some. Alot has happened in my life and it has been very tough but on our behalf, i will keep on strong and we will forge ahead, however slow. 

I added more funds to the pool for SteemGigs development. We want to hasten the completion of within the coming weeks and i am using this time in between, to wake a bit more, post more and give of myself to many more people. 

So this Friday, we will start the first talk show on the SteemGigs discord server. There is no set format for the show yet, thus, we will like you to attend and let's have a small disorganized party and go back home refreshed and organized; "successful".

I remember when i was new on steemit; there were very few communities or discord servers. I had a server among the few servers that existed then. 

The few existing discord voice channels sped me up drastically. On there, i could pose my questions better and forge better relationships. I wasn't always frequent in those voice channels but my few times there, sped me up drastically. 

I have tried so many ways to be more effective in reaching out to as many people as possible. I do want to tend to everyone really but the issue is, i am very intense in my caring about others, that each chat/DM that ensues, end up lasting for hours. 

I don't have a phone currently, but even when i had a phone, whenever i was to do a call session that was promised at 15 mins, it will end up "3 hours". 

I care. I care alot. I have kept caring.

Today, i kept thinking of how to reach more people faster; of how we can get to celebrate more people in a shorter space of time. Then i thought of the SteemGigs discord server and took a peak at it again and the growing numbers and the disarray in the chat rooms and ofcourse the lack of activity and the "too many posts URLS everywhere" and the "too many chats with banjo". Then, i took a scroll at all my own unanswered and buried DMs and i was thinking of how to solve these things.

Earlier in the days, when i was new on steemit there weren't many communities. Before discord, most of the few community chats where on and some where very tight with rules, to where erring on these chats could even get you flags on steemit. Yes, at the time flags were rampant, thus, slight errors in those chat-rooms and you could end up getting banned from the channels and flagged on steemit itself and at the time, auto-flags could follow you for long periods. 

Then i started to turn to voice chat-rooms instead, as i found had some on discord and gosh, that was where i got my most speed-up. 

There was one called steemspeak by @fyrstikken that was 24/7 and then there was @steemittalk by @sykochica and answers to questions in these voice chat-rooms, where much quicker to attain as you could pose and repose questions and hear input from several parties. 

Some of the voice chats gave you "exposure" too. In the voice-rooms, it is easier to connect with people. It is quite easier to resound your "conviction" and substance because when people aren't certain/clear about your mission, vision, conviction or identity, they had the opportunity of asking you more questions, till the sound of your conviction satisfies then, then suddenly, you will starting noticing their support on your steemit posts. 

Then there was the beyondbitcoin and whaletank voice shows by @officialfuzzy, that gathers potential backers and project owners to weekly discussion, bringing to life several projects. Then there was @votu by @beanz as well. Well, i am referring mostly to the older or more veteran discord voice chat-rooms and how much value they brought about, at the time when steemit was still building up and was harder to thrive on.

Hahaha there was also SteemGigs. It had the numbers but activity in the text chat-rooms was off-n-on. The numbers didn't stop organically growing though and that is such as blessing considering that, it hasn't had concrete activity.

I am thinking we can startup an active voice channel on SteemGigs

SteemGigs is about dream-building. A SteemGigger is a dream-builder and eventually "everyone" will become a SteemGigger

Now when we say "everyone", that is one of the biggest niche in the world. 

No, more prolonged thinking. We will start it tomorrow, Friday; a voice show that will live on.

I am gathering groups of people that will run the voice show, whether i am there present or not. Over the course of time, i have gathered knowledge of many steemians who have relished my approach to life and have adopted a measure of my general behavior and they are willing to help with moderating these talk shows and ofcourse this role is open to everyone willing to help because, i so so so need help.

I will be there on the voice show tomorrow. I have to ready a device to use. I have an old IPAD, that i haven't had energy to even pick up for months. I will look for it and charge it and hope it will work and be set. Well, it will.

I would love as many attendees as possible, so please get your devices and internet ready to be on the discord tomorrow. The first edition may be a bit disorganized but don't worry, it will shape itself up. We will stick to time but not very firmly, for the first voice show

It will be 1 hour and a half long and there can be 30 mins after party.

The overall theme will be Dream-Building, so anything involving YOU and Surpassing Google with Steemit, will be worth of discussion. There will also be a curation segment. In these segment, we will discuss your posts and ways to enhance your methods and we will curate valuable content. 

I will answer questions too. My answers to your questions will be very rare and different, so it is valuable to attend this show. My answers even in relation to steem-related questions, stem from rare places and you will find this out if you attend. 

You can also ask non-steemit-related question e.g questions relating to life, decision-making or solving real-world challenges that are causing you discomfort. 

There is going to be room for love all the way. You can love me like crazy and assuredly, i will love you back. I would like to touch you till you confidently bring your non-steemian friends and acquaintances to the show and we will talk to them with love and help them open their steemit accounts when we are ready.

We hope that by means of this regular talk show (play zone) everyone learns, especially knowledge from the school of life and be made ready for life and any social interface, steemit, school, even the jungle. 

We want you to begin to see the light in the tunnel, not at the end of it. 

We already have some volunteers that will help host and moderate these talk shows but we will get more on the go. If you have a means to record the shows and want to do so, it is allowed. 

Show Details

The first edition will be Friday 20TH, 2018

Note: For the first edition, we don't know yet how the turn up will be like, so we want to let it flow as it comes. We will simply have some moderators on the day. Then based on how many steemians turn up, we will try to give as many people time-slots to speak and present themselves. We will also try to curate as many posts as possible depending on the turn out as well. 
The first edition, will mostly have room for question and answers. We can all agree on who answers a question during the discussion and i can make some addition where needed. Questions can also be directed towards me. 
Based on the first edition, we will be able to arrange a more concrete format for subsequent shows. It is likely, that we will have a post before each upcoming talk show, that allows people reserve their seats using a pitch within the comment section or we may have moderators decide deserving people. In general, we will up-build, discuss posts, methods, establish connections, bring about exposure etc and we will have an agenda each show to bring in non-steemians friends on the discord to have them open their steemit accounts, after we have come to know them through voice. 
When is ready, we will discuss its use fully and all dimensions of it, its roadmap and future. We will also delegate roles etc
You can be assured that any knowledge you get from SteemGigs will be a standout. I, for one, am not a good speaker but when i love you, rare words will pop out. Really dug words. You can be sure. There will be "no books" involved in my case, so you can be sure that you will not find my words anywhere. It will be fresh.
So please join in!

Make sure to come around and invite as many as you want in as well.

Time: 11 pm Manila Time/3pm (GMT)

Venue: #surpassinggoogle voice channel

Who Can Attend? "Everyone" (Please make sure of the time)

Your Boy Terry


I am still looking to gather 200 steemians videos

If you want to join in with a video, kindly read this post but also read this post:  

Note: The next edition of "5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice" will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:   

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means  of utopian or direct contributions. I would like to invite all     coders/developers,  to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "un(dis)talented editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.            

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord:  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?


I would love to join.. Count me in Sir Terry! 😊

Thank you, so we can hear your matrix voice

This sounds so great, many hearts united transmitting in this great party.

And I will hear yours, too for the first time Lol!

no worries in joining its a sure enjoybale

I'm not actually worrying about something @morbyjohn and I know that it will be fun! 😁
Thank you! 😊

Sound very exciting...:)
Can I join too?

Sir Terry will be happy if you join @franbel😊

Me too i would love to join sir. because i am a new steemian and i want to learn from steemgigs sir.

A laudable initiative once again 👏👏👏

Hahaha i very soft. That will be heard

Hahaha 😂... I will see you there.

proud Filipino. I really loved to join sir

Jehova showing this as a sign for everyone unity, love and peace and He send our brother Terry @surpassinggoogle to guide us in this journey of life 😊.

resteem and let more steemians joining,

  • RESTEEM everybody

Hohohoh! If I am just available. I will never ever escape the chance.

God bless sir Terry! @surpassinggoogle. Maybe, next time is my time.

@surpassinggoggle, this is a nice idea, I have been waiting for a time like this where steemgigers and steemgigs lover will have a talk show with the brain behind @steemgigs; @surpassinggoggle and other steemians in inclusion, to me this program will create an avenue for many to get more knowledge about steemit and #steemgigs project, so count me in.

As a public speaker and an OAP, In case a role/responsibility will be given towards the proper organisation of the talk show project, I will gladly be humbled to handle it.



Wow..this is awesome.count on me sir!👍😊

This is great! We love you back @surpassinggoogle!
God bless!
Daddy William

Wow, I can't wait for the show to start. I've been on the discord channel for a while now. I'm happy this is coming up.
@surpassinggoogle, how is your health. I will be happy to hear your voice later tonight

That's good news Sir @surpassinggoogle every one is waiting for that!. What is more enthralling is the moment that finally we can now hear your voice!
Thanks God that you are well now.

Great idea Terry!

Thank you bro. When i see you there, i will discuss what offered

I don't think I can make it but please show people my Steemgig and if they need any help they can contact me by leaving a comment or via discord :)

Terry is doing wonderfully well his contribution to the steemit blockchain cannot be over emphasized, engaging people, touching lives. Joining you on discord is also a strong initiative this will be a medium to rub mind, and am also using this opportunity to ask about the state of your health, I wish you speedy recovery thank you @surpassinggoogle.

I love this movement, I have wished for more interactive sessions on the server since I joined, it's been silent, but I knew we'd have reason to wake up soon. This is going to be so much fun. Can't wait! Now steemgigs gains the more community /family structure. I'm all in! Thanks everyday @surpassinggoogle.

This is great idea. I would love to join and listen to convos but I have exam early Saturday, just wanna try. Is there a second session on this?

There will. It doesnt mean you have to be there all through, you can pop in and out

I am very much interested in the audio channel and i support it too. Yes, banjo has taken over, and links everywhere too. With more activities from us all, we would do better. Well done sir. I am very much available and interested.

I'm joining right away...
It'll be fun, I guess....

Everyone has something to offer in steemgigs....

@surpassinggoogle can you explain about steemgigs
what type of this site and how we work on this either i work on this or not or
i hear we work on this site by logo designing and other designs so please explain if it is this type of site i will work there

Yes youre right @julietisrael. @steemgigs have many to offer.

I will be there. By force-@surpassinggoogle...

Haha.. why "by force"....

Let's force all Steemians to join..:)

I clicked on that discord channel and this was what I got:


Whoah! Sir Terry's personal invitation! I would sure love to join! This is exciting! 😁😍

You know what Terry. I liken you to Abraham because you are like the father of many nations and everytime you do something , men love to follow you because you choose the right path of love and truth. Well done boss

You are very welcome. We follow each other.

it's true. @surpassinggoogle is a inspirational man. super thank you Sir :)

I am waking up!

Count me in sir @surpassinggoogle this will be fun for sure,, excited to hear your voice for the first time and excited to meet more amazing steemians see you 😘😘😊❤️

It is clear this is going to be a really big event for talking about the community, the system amidst other issues. I hope to be there boss. Can't wait anymore

what a wonderful idea sir terry we can communicate you now with transparency. i will join you as long as i can and what ever you will go with your projects we are here to support you count me in boss

Yo Terry! :) Hope ur Ipad works! =p I'll be sure to get there! :)

sure. yo Terry, i sent u mssg on FB and on discord.. :)

I just joined the group, i look forward to the show and i also want to hear voices too...


Hello @surpassingoogle
I love this...sir terry u made a good call...have been looking for a way to join the steem gigs server on discord,but i couldnt...thank you for providing the link to the discord server, i will make sure i will attend so as to get impacted and learn more from you nd people like you sir...thanks for sharing this nice are on point,keep the fire burning, and never stop touching people lives..


Yes, i will be there.

Cant wait to be impacted by u sir...

It will be an exciting time out. Looking forward to it. More impact on the steemit blockchain. Thank you @surpassinggoogle

I will be there by fire by force

We will sir Terry! Our support is always in you! Lets support @surpassinggoogle my fellow steemians! We must collaborate!

I can't wait to be a part of the party and the voice show on Friday.
I missed the previous ***5 Steem humans, but, would not miss the next one for anything in the world.
Yayyy, can't wait.

I will be there by fire by force

I Can't wait.💃
See you there.

much thanks @surpassingoogle for giving the connection to the strife server, I will ensure I will go to in order to get affected and gain more from you nd individuals like you sir.i cherish this.sir terry u made a decent call.have been searching for an approach to join the steem gigs server on discord,but I are on point,keep the fire copying, and touch constantly individuals lives.thanks for sharing this pleasant piece

Excellent, I think it's an extraordinary idea. We are already more than 4000 people in the discord server and it's time to do a talk show. I really liked the way you say it will be done (without set format) and besides that we can ask questions unrelated to Steemit, maybe that will make the audience feel more comfortable.

I think that this project will give good results over time, the idea would be to do at least a weekly talk show. The community will enjoy it and will finish convincing new users about the positive aspects of steemit and steemgigs.

I have noticed that many people tend to be more interested in a topic when you talk them about it than when they read a text, so it seems to me that the talk show will give many new opportunities to learn new things for some people.

Yes that is our paradigm. "flaws allowed!"

I joined steemgig and steemgig discord to learn more from you guys. Thank you!

I voted you ( @surpassinggoogle ) in the witness voting because I believe in your works.

#Steemgigs will be my second platform getting the hang of it after #busy. Will also have own service sir. Handwrite it, I will type it in msword format to save energy on Android mobiles.

Thus saving energy will help saving the world running out of non-renewable energy. My purpose in life now gaining results. Will support you sir all the way.

wow, would love to join sir Terry . i havr been a member of your discord channel eversince but haven't been active so much on it's chat

see yah yonorrow sir @surpassinggoogle❤️❤️❤️

thank you sir terry @surpassinggoogle for this positive news and I am very happy that I am one of the steemians and be part of the growing community. I am happy that we steemians serves as an instrument to inspire you along the way. Long live community steemit/steemians!More Power sir Terry stay healthy and be an inspiring one to us.Thank you!

Okay, be there. I will be there too

thank you for inviting me sir terry

Wow this is nice update at steemgigs discord server! Im the one who will support this kind platform! Keep it up @surpassingoggle! We are here to support you no matter what! Im big fan of you! And we love you!😊😙

I love you all too. Be there

We must use all things possible to advertise steem and steemit and the whole of the cryptocurrency world so that we could look on a much better world to live in and empowering us to battle through poverty and unfairness around us.

Yes bro. You have a great mind

Thanks Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for keep finding ways to reach out Steemians and for your non stop support... I’ll be excited to join Steemgigs talk in discord...

That is so cool that you want to restart that discord group again. It was one of my first discord groups and a place where i first met international Steemians.

I have cascaded it to various communities both local and international so we should have a good crowd.

May I also suggest making a voice chat channel so that during the curation show it will be the place where people can drop their links and so people can see it or will you plan to just have it in general chat? Even if I have moderator access I can't add a channel. Anyway you can decide.

I would be more than happy to help you Terry. You have done so much for us that we will help carry your load.

I am but one message away.

We are builders because we care

I care. I care alot. I have kept caring.

Yes, i will look at the settings so you can help me arrange it. I am not a pro on that discord even for voice, it fails me. I will adjust your settings. In general, i want to restore life to that place, even when i am not present.

Sure thing Terry I will be more than happy to help out and have gotten more experienced in moderating and handling discord servers so I can have the knowledge I have acquired to help you.

True I missed out on the londoncryptoshow. But I sure will look out for this program. I guess there is a lot to talk about. Count me in

Thank you. See you

Wow! This is im waiting for at steemgigs discord to have luve discussions and live class! I know it will be a successful launch of this update of @surpassingoggle! Congrats sir Terry! God bless you more!

Hahahah thank you. Jehovah bless you too and your wifey. Yes be there.

Yes sir!i will be there together with my wife.😊

Wow. This is so exciting. I will definitely be there to join all of you.
I cant' wait for the first talk show and actually hear your voice and get to learn new things from the best.
So happy and excited for you my friend.
You are amazing and you got all of my support.

Hahaha my voice is all soft. I am not a good speaker. I may just have words

And words are all we need to hear from you... And well maybe some laughter too. 🤗

Wooow!!!! I'd love that.. I will really set an alarm for that so I won't miss it. :) I am literally on steemit like whole day every day and I've been looking forward to doing something more. This is just perfect. :) :)

Count me in on this one! What a nice initiative! And yes its true everyone has something to offer 😀

Wow! That's so good to hear, the steemgigs live chat is going to be great. With you in charge, I will follow you to any length because you are such a caring person.
You have touches so many lives on off this community and that's why millions of people were ready to do your wish.

Thanks for being so much care @surpassingoggle
Have a wonderful recovery .

Hahaha thank you alot. I am not a good speaker per say but i do care. I will be there for this one

I joined the discord sir @surpassinggoogle.✌ But i didn't use it before sir. my username is @sushovon002.. i'll be there in time sir.👍
& i'll post Steem human 5questions with you post very soon.☺

Okay please do. Learn how to use the voice part of the app. It is better to download the app on pc or phone

I install the app on my mobile sir. i'll try my best to learn how to use the voice part of the app.☺

Another great work from you, Surely a lot of steemians support your project, especially us Filipinos...I mark the day and time and hoping that net is good so I can interact at the voice chat....more power Terry, and hoping that your in good health now....😊

Yes, it is tomorrow so near but at night cos of timezone of others. It wont be perfect but we will just talk and play. i hope my devices dont fail me too. My internet isnt good either but maybe at night it will work well

yeah hoping so, you're right at night we had better internet signal and hoping that we are not sleeping at that time, need to alarm my self to stay awake lol...but for you,
I'll take energy drink haha...good luck dear😊

I am a new user in steem, you and your friends are a steam promoter. I feel bad when new users like me are introduced to the platform, I give up because they are not recognized and no detail explained. Your team and you do a good job with recognize the user completely and I will be happy to be part of your team.
I would love to join Sir @surpassinggoogle

I would love to join the party. But wait, is it voice?

I joined here, and I learned many things.

Yea on steemgig everyone has something to offer, i started using the site recently and it has been fruitful. Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle. Keep waxing stronger! Much love❤

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Wow. This is exciting.. It's my pleasure to join this. I can't wait.

@surpassinggoogle I have signed up on your discord. Really looking forward to get in touch with you. Excited!!
It will be great to interact with other fellow Steemians!!
Thank you so much! See you at 3:00 pm GMT

Today, i kept thinking of how to reach more people faster; of how we can get to celebrate more people in a shorter space of time. Then i thought of the SteemGigs discord server and took a peak at it again and the growing numbers and the disarray in the chat rooms and ofcourse the lack of activity and the "too many posts URLS everywhere" and the "too many chats with banjo". Then, i took a scroll at all my own unanswered and buried DMs and i was thinking of how to solve these things.

Such a wonderful initiative from @surpassinggoogle..

Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy.

So, Let us work on it together,...
Join forces!!!!

Help Steemgigs!!!

Thanks for sharing wonderful post Sir,
I joined here... resteemit

Magoo-2 found a series of multi accounts of a same owner is following your articles to cheat your generous rewards.

Magoo-2 found these accounts are suspicious & can be multi accounts of a single owner. Conclusion is based on last 30 days transactions:


Check our latest multi comment spam update report

Av been on steemgigs discord for over two months now but i don't really know what goes on there due to the fact that av not been consistent in following up events notifications but av got to take things more seriously now.
Count me in.

Steemgigs project will be updated soon and the reason is that just because of so many user on hang sometime but now it will run smoothly.

Anytime sir terry We are always available for you and for your great Steemgigs project :)

hopefully @surpassinggogle and @steemgigs project is getting ahead and successful

Good to hear from you @surpassinggoogle to me i dont really like the way #steemgigsdiscord was silent. I pray that Jah will support you to make it active fastly. I cant wait to have more conservation on #steemgigsdiscord because i do check it always.

Same here bro :D
can't wait for the steemgigsdiscord

That is so great to hear, the steemgigs live visit will be awesome. With you in control, I will tail you to any length since you are such a minding individual.

You have touches such huge numbers of lives on off this group and that is the reason a great many individuals were prepared to do your desire.

A debt of gratitude is in order for being so much care @surpassingoggle

This is im sitting tight for at steemgigs dissension to have luve dialogs and live class! I know it will be a fruitful dispatch of this refresh of @surpassingoggle

Yes I would love to join sir. Great initiative.
Well done sir.
I wrote something for you @surpassinggoogle
Feel free to visit my blog

This is a great news and call for all of us ...

I adore this development, I have longed for more intuitive sessions on the server since I joined, it's been quiet, yet I knew we'd have motivation to wake up soon. This will be so much fun. Can hardly wait! Presently steemgigs picks up the greater group structure.

Keep up the good work boss

steemgigs really a good service and i hope you'll keep it up this way!

please count me in sir @surpassingoogle.. i am so excited to hear your voice. :)

Sir Terry you are great, I would like to say you thanks for everything.
I respect you. You can write everything pretty well.
I find the sweetness in your writing.
You are an outstanding personality.
Thanks for all your activities.

There is no better way to be a leader than to meet them at the point of their need. Fair enough to say you are a natural leader for the steemit community. Jehovah will give you more strength to do more and stay happy always

Wow. Friday night gig. Awesome!

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

I strongly support the @surpassinggogle and @steemgigs projects

i will keep my device ready
but here we often have internet restrictions
hope tommorow i can join too

Wonderful witness category..i appreciate your new post..all the best..


What a well fingered write up

Kudos to Sir. Terry on this new development.

Am joining right away #STEEMGIG everyone has something to offer

Oh good it is at night I thought in the morning. I have to bring my mom to the city but then I can attend. Good luck and I will try my best to attend pls send me an invite to the discord. Thanks!

"I care. I care alot. I have kept caring."
This particular line touched me. Please don't ever let anything discourage you. You will have your reward in full. Keep up the good job

Setting up my alarm clock Sir Terry. Would love to join. I'm sure that we will learn a lot from the talk show.

Friday the 20th? It's a date then Uncle Terry. I'll be there to pick on as much brains as I can and most definitely to hear what you sound like...😏

STEEMGIGS is the hope of every STEEMIAN. God bless you for your good works so far. Please keep on touching lives Logopit_1524118266998.jpg

@surpassinggoogle helping this community to surpass google. Thank you all the initiatived, I cant wait to be in the server to share love with the community.

I'd like to join the talkshow. I am sooo in. God bless Steemgigs. God bless @surpassinggoogle

I will be there to listen to great minds speak and definitely go home with a lot of knowledge.

discord here I come... I hope to learn a lot from the discussion

Hi dear @surpassinggoogle! I would really love to attend but since distance and time is not permissible as of this moment, a recording of what has been transpired during your meeting is highly appreciated. Thank you and more power!

It will be on the discord channel @sarimanok I will help you download it as an app.

Hi sir terry can i join?

Wow, I'd be there live... Looking forward to hearing your voice.

@surpassinggoogle what time will that be in Nigeria time? This GMT is even confusing ooo

I think that will be 3pm nigerian time if am not mistaken

YESSS! You are back!
If I missed my flight the other day, I don't wanna miss this one lols