Advanced Steem Metrics Report for 24th October 2016

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Making invisible visible: daily payouts, active users, new users, top posts, top comments and others.


This is a version 0.13 of my daily reports designed to be a comprehensive source of Steem metrics.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You're welcome to translate and publish this report in other languages on Steem and keep all rewards. You're also welcome to use the charts and data for your own analysis. Drop me a comment and I'll add a link to your post.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

How to read

Every chart starts on 1st of June and extends to yesterday. The number on the label attached to the Y axis on the right is the yesterday's value for that chart. Historical charts have STEEM/USD volume weighted daily price(Vwap) on the Y axis on the left of the chart.

Special Reports


The data and visualization in this post may contain errors and inaccuracies. Don't make important decisions without verifying data yourself. If you have any suggestions or found an error in the data, please get in touch with me on

User acquisition

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min
New accounts2571991,75411

Chart is based on number of new accounts grouped by the created date. Only accounts that posted, commented or voted at least once are included are counted towards the total/

User engagement

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min
Active voters3,8713,0623,6345,421230
Active commenters8979061,0142,81699
Active authors7707728381,78964

A number of engaged accounts grouped by distinct activity. At least one action (vote, post or comment) is required.

Social Network

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min
Users following new6006077152,4171
  • Follows: number of `follow` operations made by Steem accounts grouped by date
  • Users following new: number of Steem accounts that have followed one or more users on this date
Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min
Reblogged posts4084294527511
  • Reblogs/resteems: number of `reblog` operations and made by Steem accounts grouped by date
  • Reblogged/resteemed posts: number of posts that have been resteemed at least once


Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min

Only posts with >= 2 votes and comments with >= 0 votes are counted.

Payout metrics

Yesterday7 day Avg.30 day Avg.Chart maxChart min

Payout data is a sum of pending and past payouts for posts created on the given date.

Distribution of post payouts for 24th October 2016

This is a breakdown of post payouts per percentile. Only top 25% of post payouts are visible on the chart.

Some examples from the distribution of post payouts

75% of post payouts (not visible on this chart) are less than 14.2 SBD

90% of post payouts are less than 26SBD

97% of post payouts are less than 51.5SBD

1% of post payouts are greater than 110.4SBD

Read more about Power law distribution

Top 25 post payout ranking for 24th October 2016

Top 25 Posts by Payout Ranking for 24th October 2016

PayoutPercent of total daily payoutTitleAuthor
488 SBD3.96%SteemStays: An Accommodations Marketplace on the Blockchain@steemstays
363 SBD2.94%Curie Weekly Update (17th to 23rd Oct 2016)@curie
316 SBD2.57%ALARM CLOCK DAWN (An Original Novel - Episode 50)@ericvancewalton
298 SBD2.42%My Favorite Pet of The High Desert!@jrcornel
252 SBD2.05%Stop Throwing Money Into A Garbage Can: How To Resurrect Your Rechargeable Batteries@richman
234 SBD1.9%Silence in Time - Series 2: Prologue "Fundraising"@liberosist
220 SBD1.79%STEEMBUX is here!@williambanks
207 SBD1.68%Collaborative Art: "Id Drawing" (Part 1 of 4)@hitheryon
184 SBD1.49%Steem, corporate governance and value - a new way of thinking?@kiligirl
183 SBD1.49%Enter A Glossy Web: Book Cover Illustration Step-by-Step@storyseeker
174 SBD1.41%$STEEM/BTC Daily Poloniex+Bittrex Technical Analysis / Market Report Update #84, "did $STEEM just hit rock bottom?" Oct. 24, 2016.@ozchartart
119 SBD0.97%SteemSports: NHL - Philadelphia Flyers vs Montreal Candiens- Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
110 SBD0.89%2016 Chicago Cubs Primer: Starting Infield@hanshotfirst
109 SBD0.88%A steemian's world food journal: Kushinoya Berlin with @knozaki2015@mibenkito
102 SBD0.83%How To Deal With Stress@sirwinchester
101 SBD0.82%Myth or Fact? #10 – During summer the Eiffel Tower is taller@timsaid
93 SBD0.76%What do you think?? My art on Paddleboards...@katecloud
93 SBD0.75%The Truthseekers | Drip Painting w/ Acrylic Enamel on Canvas@nathanjtaylor
91 SBD0.74%Straight On Till Morning@perspective
89 SBD0.72%HEAVEN #9: Kushinoya Berlin with @mibenkito@knozaki2015
89 SBD0.72%The Daily Curie (23nd to 24th Oct 2016)@curie
87 SBD0.71%📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #14 - Winners! - Guest Judge @dek@jamtaylor
87 SBD0.71%E178 Beyond Bitcoin - PeerPlays, Steemtrail, Gridcoin, Steemland, Zigbee & Sollywood!@officialfuzzy
86 SBD0.7%SBD Conversion Statistics 2016/10/16~2016/10/22@clayop
86 SBD0.7%📷🚌🍛 4 hours journey for this curry (by @ace108)@ace108

Top 25 Posts by Net Votes with Rewards Less than 10 SBD for 24th October 2016

Number of votesPayoutTitleAuthor
3543.186Vote Interest Pool - VIP Feature: @grey580@voteinterestpool
2931.287US Police Consider Flying Drones Armed With Stun Guns@contentjunkie
2812.453Weekly Steemit Top 50 POWER UP List: Oct 15th - Oct 21st 2016@contentjunkie
2599.535We need content from within Steemit to go internet-viral.@winstonwolfe
2579.326Target Plans To Launch In-Store Vertical Farms@doitvoluntarily
2331.612After We Fall: How to Find the Path Back to Success After Chaos@tee-em
2299.309Lancio del trail italiano su SteemTrail!@italian-trail
2065.643Positivity Challenge #4 – sorta, kinda, with a twist@kiwideb
2021.154Hoop Dance Practice: Beauty in the Breakdown@sarahjordan
2008.112SteemitPhotoChallenge #14 ...Autumn Entry Nos. 1, 2 and 3@everlove
1901.324Growing a Foraging Community on Steemit -- Introduction to the @Foraging-trail@foraging-trail
1858.327Discrimination, Objectification And Exploitation of Women Dominates Our Culture. We Live In Patriarchy - The Facts For Patriarchy Deniers@logic
1801.262SteemTrail – Da oggi inizio a curare la categoria Italian@cryptofarmer
1798.257Natural and quick way to get over a sinus infection/Strep throat@veryrico
1771.096FR - Remix OS Review - Android sur PC@wryth
1691.975Steemit’s Most Wanted – Daily TOP 3 Music Tracks #6 - 23 October 2016@steemradio
1684.307I know from experience, personal experience is the only teacher that is true@craig-grant
1651.025The Great Steem Comments Payouts Collapse@ontofractal
1633.645CHOCOLATE & ORANGE BOMB@allasyummyfood
1625.174Three Reasons Why No One Is Paying Attention To Your Steemit Post.@mindhunter
1581.761The Whale Dolphin and Turtle Origami@awesomenyl
1513.925Rebus [ENG] #6 - Contest with SBD to win@barcisz
1471.916Gamerholic, A Platform Like Steemit For Gaming@gamerholic
1458.277Guess how many! Pays 100% SBD to Winner! Successful coin snatching Pennies. Minnowsunite and Steemit@runridefly
1455.888Hola Steemianos ! Hi Steemers!@danilamarilu

Top 15 Posts by Reblogs for 24th October 2016

ReblogsPayoutNumber of votesTitleAuthor
23488301SteemStays: An Accommodations Marketplace on the Blockchain@steemstays
14268haunted house - [An Original Abstract Art] - #18@royalmacro
14094Our Great Festival Durga Puja - Series Photography [Maha Nabami] #13@royalmacro
120101Guess How Many? #36@bola
12220436STEEMBUX is here!@williambanks
10059Steem Battles: PIRATES VS. NINJAS (Vote & Earn Steem/SBD)@ballinconscious
9119725SteemSports: NHL - Philadelphia Flyers vs Montreal Candiens- Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
920194Steemit Game : First 2D Game for Steemit #2 [Progress and Screenshots]@funnyman
93135Catch It On Steemit Before Anywhere Else: Announcing EDEN 2.0, the Expanded, More Comprehensive, Upgraded Version of our Paradise on Earth@gardenofeden
814327Exchange Transfer Report: 10/16/2016 to 10/22/2016@lukestokes
72456The diagnosis of bulimia nervosa!@blacksky
7298257My Favorite Pet of The High Desert!@jrcornel
728247Why Social Blogging is Revolutionary@andrarchy
622214VEST Rewards Are More Important Than Post Price@lukestokes
61145Support to Supporters #9 (English/German)@future24

Top 15 Comments by Payout for 24th October 2016

PayoutNumber of votesFirst 40 comment symbolsAuthor
20.512235<CENTER><img src="
20.47321***This is urgent. Comments are what kee@dennygalindo
11.2918>It was filled with badly clashing arche@alexgr
4.4037Well said. Reputation matters and social@lukestokes
4.35916I think something should be done to ince@kevinwong
3.812This is really great! Since I started us@full-measure
1.575I love the idea of blockchains. That is@kirk-gosik
1.4772I don't think we can upload a profile ph@justtryme90
1.4343Very interesting post -- glad to see it@jsteck
1.4342Excellent insights, thank you. Two thing@ebryans
1.4332What an interesting idea - power structu@kiligirl
1.261Nice, love seeing these birds, here they@achiron
1.138155Thank you so much! I will follow both pr@mielediborgo
1.052157I suspect it has a lot to do with being@timcliff
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Woot! I made the list again! Thank you everyone!!!

Excellent report! Following for more.

It's great to see the @foraging-trail on the upvote list. Thanks, everyone. In the words of Fiona Apple:

Maya Angelou said that we, as human beings, at our best, can only create opportunities. And I'm gonna use this opportunity the way that I want to use it.

So here's my shameless plug -- There's a lot of interest and expertise about wild edible plants and other natural bounty - in Steemit and "out there". The Steemit Foraging Community can be the best of its type internet. With SteemTrail, I'm working to make the trail to enjoying wild foods and crafts more clear through the forests, weeds, and swamps of Steemit. Stay tuned to the @foraging-trail, or better yet, make a post about your experience or interest in foraging!