Hola Steemianos ! Hi Steemers!


Hola, mi nombre es Danila, nacida y criada en Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Actualmente vivo en Dallas, Texas, con mi novio.

Introducing myself

Hi, my name is Danila, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I currently live in Dallas, Texas, with my boyfriend.

Amo viajar y he conocido casi toda America Latina, lo que me ha hecho crecer mucho, y conocer muchos lugares hermosos y gente magica.

I love to travel and I've traveled almost all Latin America, which had made me grow a lot, and get to know amazing places and magical people.

Mi novio @ballinconscious me introdujo a Steemit y me parece una comunidad muy buena onda.

My boyfriend @ballinconscious introduced me to Steemit and I think it's a great community.

Soy artista, y me gusta incorporar diferentes tecnicas en mi arte, tambien soy apasionada por la fotografia.

I am an artist and I like to do mixed media art, I am also passionate about photography.

Aqui en los Estados Unidos, aprendi un arte muy hermoso, que no es de mi cutura, pero que comparto con mucho amor y respeto, y es lo que se conoce como Henna o Mehndi.

Here, in the USA, I've learned a very beautiful art, that isn't original from my culture, but that I share and respect with a lot of love, and it's known as Henna or Mehndi.

Estoy muy feliz de compartir mi historia con ustedes, gracias por estar leyendo esto!

I'm very happy to share my story, and thank you for reading!


Welcome to steemit! Glad that you've start posting on steemit, will look forward to what you create in the future. Steem on!<3

Thank you! <3 :)

Welcome to steemit @danilamarilu, very nice artwork with henna. (;

Thank you @lordemau I'm happy you liked my henna :)


Welcome to the platform @danilamarilu. You can share you art story and skills in the community.

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Happy to join you on Steemit, Danila! Your art inspires me! I look forward to sharing more with you!

Happy that you've joined this beautiful platform @windsongmovement, your art inspires me back, amiga I love you <3!!!

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