SteemTipper: Promoting Steem Through Generosity

in steemit •  2 years ago 
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Great info Brandon, it's amazing opportunity to promote steem and steemit. I had a twitter account many years ago but I didn't use it so now I don't know if account even exist. Thanks for as always good heads up video. Steem ON, Steem to the MOON.

It probably does still exist but you may need to reset the password at this point. I use Twitter solely for crypto news and following some of the big players in the crypto space.

I am really not a fan of Twitter but if it can help Steemit I may have to see what I can do, not that I have a following of any kind that I know of.

You're today's comment winner!! 😎🥂

Each day I pick a random comment on my post to upvote and today was your lucky day 🙌🏻

Thanks, I was away for some time so I missed out your upvote on my comment.

This is exciting news for Steem yet again, like you said before, the future looks bright.

One downside of this SteemTipper, for me personally, is that it represents significant competition for my investment in Social SEND, which is a crypto specifically designed to do exactly the same thing. SEND is aiming to do the exact same thing, but on all social platforms.

Given the reach of Steem, versus the minor reach of SEND, this has got me thinking about the future on my SEND holdings.... hmmm

Thanks for sharing the great content as always. Also I didnt know about the new exchange listing, one thing after another for Steem. #moon

I would still retain your investment in SEND but I've noticed that Steem developers are creating some serious competitions to these various coins. For example, I've been an investor for VOISE (music on the blockchain) and while they were just getting started with their ICO a developer created DSound on the Steem blockchain. We've consistently been ahead of the competition. Just because of the sheer utility of Steem I've put most of my investment capital here.

Ditto. As soon as I heard about it I signed up and bought some steem, was lucky to get in around 0.80cents per, too bad I didnt mortgage the house and buy ALL the steem. Just kidding, not really... ;)

MORTGAGE YOUR HOUSE!😳 Hahaha! I am trying to catch up..

While tipping reminds me of the dogecoin days where i used to tip people on reddit sadly i can't use this since i don't really user twitter much.
Also what will happen if i deligate less than 50 SP to your bot?

Zdravae! (ok that's all the Bulgarian I speak)

Wow @brandonfrye this is a goody news. I believe the good time has started and will be going good I hope. The price of steem is reaching heights as well as many people and projects are supporting steem.
Good work nice post sir.

This is great as it could raise interest on some content creators that have a huge following on other social media outlets. They can then see what the STEEM blockchain ecosystem has to offer relative to centralized social media platforms that monetize user content.

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That is awesome. Sending steem across platforms:) But does the person you tip have to have a steemit account?

Great question. No I think all they need is a SteemTipper Account. Then they can convert it to another coin or fiat... or even better they get interested in Steemit and create an account. 😁

I think we are almost at the point where newbies have a monetized vote ... things will look better then:)

You're way ahead as usual - thanks for the run through. Seems like it couldn't be much easier to use and looks like a great way of putting or keeping Steemit on people's radar.

Cool idea the more exposure steemit gets hopefully more people will get involved with Steemit and that can only be a good thing. Twitter could be massive and defiantly if they get on facebook

Exactly! And this is a great way to do it. :)

if the twitter person does not have steemit account, how is this work?

SteemTipper is a brilliant concept that can be used to rouse the curiosity of non-Steemit users and potentially turn them into new users. Think of it as taking a leaf out of the drug dealers' workbook. Drug dealers are known to entice non-users with free samples. (Please pardon my undignified analogy)

I think this is a great idea for the future of the platform. However, I think something should also be done with the feed system in general because many posts get lost among the throng of posts. I am not sure what could be done about this but I see it becoming a larger problem with promotion of the steem platform.

Now this sounds like a bot I could actually support, unlike the fake upvote bots, fake posting bots, etc. This, to me, is an example of a pure utility. It helps Steemians accomplish something POSITIVE more easily. It doesn't diminish the site reputation by falsely boosting people's reputations or rewards, but simply acts as a handy tool for strengthening the community. Upvoted, Brandon. Well done.

Hmm Sounds Like Investfeed.

Great news about this service. Another reason for Steem's success!

Great News :)

Wow! 😊 awesome news. following you @brandonfrye.. I am thinking to pawn my husband😅 so I could have more steem😄 to put up to increase power.. psst....

Saw this actually on Twitter before seeing it talked about on Steemit. So it's working lol

Curious to see how much traction it gets and if it starts converting new members into the blockchain.

Great to see projects like this though!