SteemTipper is Taking Off! 🚀 Tip STEEM Easily and Safely on Twitter and Social Media Platforms with No Fees

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We are SO excited to announce the launch of SteemTipper: it's a brand new free service which allows you to tip users on other social media platforms with STEEM! It's fast, it's easy, and it's a great way to get people involved with STEEM.

Some of you may have noticed we've been even more busy this week than usual. We've been crunching like crazy to bring this service to life, and to lay the groundwork to continue expanding it and making it better over the coming weeks. There are no words for how excited @crimsonclad and I are about launching SteemTipper!

You can start tipping with STEEM on Twitter right now. The person you send to doesn't even need a STEEM account to receive a tip and start tipping themselves!

We decided to launch with Twitter as our introductory platform to make sure that the system is bulletproof before we begin integrating the others we've been getting ready. Steem.Chat integration is already in the works, with Reddit and Telegram after that. Anywhere you might interact with crypto enthusiasts, we'll be working to make SteemTipper a part of your social toolbox.

Head over to to learn more, deposit to your tipping balance, and start sending out little gifts of STEEM right away by tweeting a command that alerts the tipping bot.


Here's what a SteemTipper tweet looks like:

@steemtipper tip @exampleuser 0.5 check out STEEM!

You must use this format - call the SteemTipper bot by mentioning it, followed by a command to tip the person you are sending to and the amount of STEEM you would like to send.

You must include "@steemtipper tip @receiver [amount]" but adding a message on the end is optional.

How does SteemTipper work? Is it safe?

The SteemTipper service connects your Twitter account with an API, and creates deposit and withdrawal links using SteemConnect. This means we never collect or store your keys or passwords. SteemTipper works like a holding tank for your balance, making it instantly available to you from your social media services without having to use your STEEM wallet or keys to set up a transfer. We have daily limits in place and a 24 hour period to cancel pending withdrawals to STEEM accounts.

Tipping sounds AWESOME! What should I use it for?

Just like on Steemit and other interfaces to the STEEM blockchain, social media is all about engagement. If someone helps you out, contributes to discussion, or has a great idea, you can send them a tip to let them know you appreciate them! Small payments, challenge rewards, or even a way to get someone interested in STEEM who's never heard of it: there are a ton of great uses for SteemTipper. In fact, someone who has been tipped can claim the balance, and use it to start tipping with — no STEEM account necessary! If you tip someone and they do not claim the balance in seven days, the tip is automatically credited right back to your SteemTipper balance. Our service isn't made for transfering large sums (sorry, no money laundering,) but gives you a way to safely complete a number of small transactions while browsing, without having to log in to your wallet with your active key every time.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us by voting our witness and using our services like SteemTipper and Steem.Chat.

We put so much of ourselves and our rewards from the platform back into intiatives like this, but we never forget that they are all made possible because the community supports us in doing so. At the end of the day, we are often tired, but we are always grateful.

Feel free to contact myself, @FollowBTCNews, or @crimsonclad with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Your feedback will help us shape the future of SteemTipper as we bring it to many new social media platforms. We've done a lot of testing, but this service is BRAND NEW, so we know we're likely going to have a hiccup or two as we get rolling. We're here to help.

What are you waiting for? Get tipping!

Lots of love, from me and Crim. (Now we're off to grab some HUGE cups of coffee, and maybe a little bit of cake to celebrate!)

I'm Jeff, and I'm @followbtcnews.
I'm a top 20 witness, along with my project partner @crimsonclad. Feel free to reach out to us on or Discord any time! If we haven't earned your vote yet, please take some time to look at our tools and our work. We hope you decide to place a witness vote for followbtcnews by clicking here

Great work. Steem will be more popular!

this is amazing!

thanks! we're pretty stoked for a lot of the implications as we branch out from here...

this is excellent, to massively share this good news on the networks. the community needed this innovation ... increasingly unstable. Steem

Awesome news @followbtcnews and @crimsonclad Hugz. Great to see this new application of the blockchain distributed freely to the community. We're also working on a wordpress plugin for steemit that allows people to send/receive donations easily and free.
sbd donate modal example.PNG
As an avid twitter user with a huge audience I can't wait to try steemtipper out. It's Sooo HARD to bring them over because the sign up process isn't fast and seamless. Hopefully now people have a incentive to wait for steemit to open them an account :) As always, you guys fuckin' ROCK!

even better: by collecting up tips, a traditional social media user could actually EARN enough to fund an account with one of the resources below- no waiting, pre-networking done, and a sense of ownership and value instilled into the account stemming from having explored the community before joining up!

Yes that is genius. Let's see if someone can game the system though. Eyes open and (to community) don't be afraid of down voting abusive behavior.

@justinadams I really look forward to the wordpress plugin. Please keep me in the loop so I can try it when it's ready :)

Have you heard of steempress? @omitaylor. I already have steempress on my blog

Yes, I have seen several plugins. But I like to see all the plugins built for WP. I'm a big user of WP. What's your blog?

my blog is https:/

Whaaaaaat this is a game changer!!!
This is what we all needed right now!
Mass adoption can easily be induced by this service!

Congrats and thank you guys!

thank YOU~ can't wait until we start spreading it across a ton of platforms!

This is exactly why I got you voted as a witness. Keep up the good work and further separate @followbtcnews from other witnesses.

thanks very much for the support~ It's been quite the road to travel to be able to get projects like this out, but it feels so good! a witness is nothing without voters who trust them. :)

This is absolutely great idea to promote steem in other social media user esp the facebook and twitter.

I just have one stupid question: If I tipped someone, lets say in the twitter, but unfortunately he has not familiar with crypto esp steem and he has no any crypto wallet or whatever - where will my tip go or where it will be saved if ever he accepted it?

The tip is held in his SteemTipper balance, which is tied to his social media account. If he doesn't log in with his account in seven days, the tip is credited right back to your balance instead. If he does log in but has no crypto wallets, that doesn't matter either... He can use his balance to send tips himself. If he wants to withdraw his tip balance, then he'll need to get a STEEM account. We're looking into other ways to withdraw, but to start, he can participate/collect/tip without any special accounts other than his social media.

BOOM!! What a post and project, congrats Crim and Jeff on all your work! I'm here thanks to the power nudge from @omitaylor and so very happy to be catching up on such an awesome new tool! :)

Something else this can help mass introduce is tax non-compliance. When everyone is receiving Steem on Twitter, FB, etc and nobody knows what to do about taxes, they all have to hire accountants... the backlog will be enormous and extremely disruptive.

Love this. Great implication.

crypto in general already pulled this off.

Let's make this a slam dunk shall we? We're still a long way off from mass adoption with less than 1% of the population having crypto world wide. If we all start giving tips to about 10 other individuals we know, then we can bring that number up to 700 million people who will be in tax non-compliance.

I love that thought!
I can't wait to build up enough to actually give more than a fraction of a penny! I can not imagine the enjoyment it will be.
And best of all, uncle Sam or some giant corporation has nothing to do with it!

Is this why STEEM is pumping so hard?

STEEM was listed on the Chinese Huobi exchange today. This new tool could be another reason. This is a great way to use STEEM!

Thanks for including me in some early testing! I just sent a STEEM over to @skycorridors and it worked beautifully:

I'm looking forward to seeing Vessel support soon. :)

This will definitely bring lots of people from twitter to sign up on steem!
Regards, @gold84

It is somewhat backwards.
STEEM has embedded votes in it to spare the need for direct transfers for exactly this purpose, and Twitter is outside of STEEM.
Is not it like or, with the difference that it employs STEEM instead of BTC?

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sure, but how better to show people outside of STEEM what getting an upvote is like if they're not on the site? And since they're offSTEEM, if I want to transact with them, I'm forced to do it in a coin I don't want to, to have to find out addresses and do a lot of back and forth, or send in an insecure way; this is much easier and on my terms :)

This is true too, but knowing people, most of such donated STEEM will be wasted, because 99% of these people will not join STEEM because of such donations.
Their STEEM will rot instead of being used the way it was meant to be.

How can STEEM be sent to a person that does not have a STEEM account?
Where will it be sent to?

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If someone is too lazy to explore STEEM and ignores the tip without coming to the website and purposefully authorizing their social media with SteemTipper to claim the balance, after seven days, the tip is credited back to the tipper in full.

Fair enough.

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Congrats on the launch. Time for cake?

Thank you for all your hard work on this also @voorash! You are a GREAT dev!!!

If I don't get cake this time, the next development is a murder bot.

i have to buy more steem so many great news arround it

This is a great service but I will only use it if and when you can use it to tip on Twitch. I think Twitch is a very good target for this service. We need to snipe people and get them on Dlive and such...

This Steem service impresses me more than any other so far. Its the opposite of greed based development like bid bots. Amazing job.

Whether your aim is to appreciate or to convert, the tipping is the same :) Twitch is on the docket, absolutely. I truly believe that little shots of kindness and interaction are key to building a long-term network here. The important thing for us is to go platform by platform, so each integration remains secure and works well. Better to do it right in methodical bits than to have it all explode at once!

Excellent! Slow and steady wins the race. I suppose I'll also use it when Facebook is active. I've thought about trying to spread the blockchain word and this is exactly what I need for people to take me seriously.

Facebook is going to be interesting. We're seeing notification shadow bans on Twitter, and I imagine Facebook won't be too happy, even though it will all be done with comment replies. We live in an interesting time, that's for sure. But how else does change happen?

lol hilarious... of course. Seriously they have no legs to stand on banning a simple comment that says: here's a tip. Where do they get off? It's only a matter of time before they seriously enrage their own user base. "Really? You banned me from getting free money? F-U."

Perhaps you can incorporate multiple commands to send tips to keep them on their toes.

I just realized you need to think about decentralizing SteemTipper. Right now you are running it through a centralized service called @steemtipper. If you allow people to run it through their own accounts the service will be much harder to ban. Perhaps the logistics of such an endeavor are not practical right now but you should keep that idea in the back of your head.

definitely. To be fair, everything is going through and tips are fine and show in feed, they just don't always show the notifications to users because we are a new account and send an "automated style" reply. We're in contact with Twitter about it and have some ideas.

Congratulations on the release @crimsonclad and @followbtcnews !
Very proud to call you friends.

It's a good thought. I still can't understand what motivates people to want to leave tips though.

The motivation comes in much like you would leave an upvote for someone else here on the platform: share the love, share the crypto, network, or just to say hi and thanks. Judging by your voting habits on this comment, and in general, this is indeed a bit of a foreign concept to you.

I have a difficult time rationalizing this logic. Giving away wealth is quite different than upvoting or congratulating someone. Tipping is a form of bribery which often depends on the creation of guilt within a consumer. If something is worthy of receiving compensation it should be properly monetized rather than relying on the so called goodwill of the general public which would then classify it as a charity.

Well, and there's the rub; if I see something on one of those other media that I feel should be properly monetized and have no option to do so... this tool allows me to use a currency of my choice to interact in that system without forcing me into another payment system. So saying that an upvote is very different than giving away wealth, but also saying that you cannot rely on the goodwill of others lest it be charity... would that then the basis for believing that the only proper monetization on Steemit would be self-voting?

Self voting when no one else will. Works for me.

You are funny. Just be hopeful

Tipping and upvoting are exactly the same thing. This service let's you upvote people on other platforms.... that is incredible. Now if I want to I can upvote myself or sell my vote to a bot and use the money to get my Facebook friends to take Steem seriously. This is the best Steem service idea I have ever seen by a huge margin.

Since you think tipping and upvoting are the same thing I have delegated all my steempower to an upvote bot and I upvote you with no steem power. Thanks for giving me a justification for running a bot to increase my earnings.

For now it's ok that you're greedy because you are also poor.

suddenly you are my accountant and can determine my level of personal wealth? Either you are poor or very ignorant to insult someone that way.

Calling you poor wasn't supposed to be the insulting part of that statement.

thanks! and honestly, it's not monetized in our favour, so if people don't like the concept, there's no requirement to use it and we're committed to hosting and developing it no matter what. It's a simple way to share the love and spread the crypto, and if you end up earning lots of tips because you're engaged, or want to take your money out because you're not, either way you can withdraw all your STEEM without fees.

Yeah I think this project's lack of greed is what's going to make it very popular. More developers need to take advantage of the zero friction transactions and pay it forward.

here's to hoping. Part of the reason we were able to do this is because we're now top 20 witnesses. We've not actually taken any of the rewards or powered up any profit yet, because of the amount of bills for servers and redundancies, community donations, and payments to devs we work with when we need a bigger team. I fully understand why other devs aren't able to do as much when STEEM prices aren't as high or they aren't earning producer rewards. It's nice to be able to pay yourself, and for some, very necessary.

I'm interested to see what will happen when we do for the first time; there's a belief all the witnesses in the top 20 are whales getting fat and rich doing nothing, but that's certainly not always the case. There's always stuff going on behind the scenes for many of these chain custodians, and some of us are still minnows who've just hustled to stay solvent and worked to high heaven (although I'm angling for new dolphin soon when we actually cross into the green this month... :D )

Ive never used fakebook which was started by the cia front group inqtel. Nevertheless, I disagree that upvoting and tipping is the same thing. Upvoting doesnt cost anything but tipping is coming out of the pocket.

Now if I want to I can upvote myself or sell my vote to a bot and use the money

It's exactly the same thing.

Now this is some quite functional service , I will definetely open my old social media accounts and try it , amazing !

it will give them some meaning again! :3

This looks super cool! I love the Steem community and the amount of awesome projects that are being developed for, and around, the Steem platform. Great job with this one! I will definitely check it out.

But why male models ?

Heard about you guys from a @brandonfrye video on steemit and this seems like an awesome project i would love to tip people thru this platform specially the youtubers i follow and like alot on twitter ill be able to show them my appreciation. thank you again @followbtcnews

hey, thanks for telling us where you saw it, and thanks for giving it a shot! We're having a lot of fun in the first few days of the service being live. I can't wait to see where it goes from here as we add new services~

Hello developers of steemtipper!
This is such a great way to invite our good friends (starting with Twitter) to let their great contents to be acknowledged! Such a feasible way to get themselves up using steem apps without us looking like a spammer promoting steemit on our walls telling the whole world how great this platform is. They will just simply have to do all those steps for them to claim those tips we sent them. Great thing it has a 7-day validity period that automatically goes back to our accounts if unclaimed. I wish we will have integration with Facebook soon. Twitter is a great start.

This is wonderful. Great job Crim and Follow!

Amazing work from you guys! just a question, how do the receiver claim that? paypal or something ? 😅

The receiver just logs into using twitter and their account will show any tips they received and then they can withdraw to any steem wallet they want

so only steem can be withdraw so far?

yes only Steem for now

Thanks for clearing my doubt. might use this in the future, cheers 🍻

No cost to use, no transaction fees, 3 second confirmations, why would you want to tip with any other crypto?

Haha, my concern was that if i tip non steemians.

no problem! they can use the STEEM to do some tipping for themselves without ever paying into the system... orrrrr... eventually start using the blockchain themselves :D

this is.... a bizarre choice of image. Ok, I'll bite: wtf?

Obviously Crimmy... this work is so good it definitely deserves a Happy Mothers Day.

and lo, a new service was birthed unto the chain

Now we're getting there... or somewhere.

This is awesome guys! I'll be be checking out the website but just to clarify when doing the command on Twitter I would use the recipients twitter handle not steemit correct? Also is there a minimum per tip?

correct! use their twitter handle on twitter when sending tip

minimum tip is 0.1 STEEM. So is the minimum withdrawal~

Woah. So this is one of the 3 projects both of you are working on.

Such a great idea. This is like a pre-SMT project, based on Steem and has social media integration. Can't wait for Discord implementation. It will be a game changer by then. :D

Jeff and Crimmy, this is incredible! The entire Steem blockchain, and a fair portion of Twitter owe you a debt of gratitude. Way to think outside the box. Well done!

This is great. It was a happy morning to see that Steem was amongst one fo the only coins still in the green today and now a huge advancement in the STEEM Global take over. Wonderful! Thank you!!!

Oh behalf of the entire steem community, thank you! We are all going to Benefit from this. It's Huge. Can I ask what is the next platform you are aiming to add tipping to?

Steem.Chat will be first, followed closely by either Reddit or Telegram. Discord is on the short list as well. From there, it's trucking through the testing and finding where we can use it to best effect :)

Yay! Thanks @crimsonclad. So exciting. I used to love tipping on reddit with dogge and redcoin hahaha.. I can't wait. I already authorized the twitter bot. Thanks much. Hope you get some sleep. :)

cant believe i am only seeing this now (but then Im not meant to be on steemit for a month) holy cow. This is by far one of the best things I have see yet. Awesome work @crimsonclad and @followbtcnews

Such an awesome work for the steem blockchain, because of this you earn my vote as witness...@followbtcnews

This is an awesome way of promoting Steemit.

I just voted you as a witness.

thanks very much for the support! We are where we are because people like you support us, and it allows us to spend the time (and the amount is massive) and hire a team where necessary to bring cool ideas to life for the ecosystem. Each time you vote for a witness or content around here, you're contributing in part to the success of the network, so thank you for being involved and engaged~

Hi followbtcnews,

Great accomplishment....Congrats.....following.

Site looks really nice too

thank you :3 <3
I have some niggling styles to work out, but it was pretty enough that I was willing to unclench enough to launch~

I wish I had twitter to test this, but from the looks of the reactions here, it seems to be doing quite well. I can't believe you were able to keep this under your hats for so long, thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

hahaha this is why I dodged all your NDA offers. I know I can't pin you down, clown, especially not contractually~ ;)

Also, I can see integration being a priority, but why no mention of discord? Is that on the radar, or is it out of the realm of possibility?

definitely on the radar, and in the first few rounds of development, most likely.

Great great and Great it's a revolutionary idea and I appreciate your efforts on doing this.
Best wishes. For this I am going to set @followbtcnews my witness.

we appreciate the support. Let us know if you try it out~

Dear Mam thank you for your support, I will update you if anything needed.

wow....great post,my dear @followbtcnews,that is something unique idea you got there. Really appreciate your hardwork. Hope it will connect us more to the world social media engagement,

Wow...that is something unique idea you got there. Really appreciate your hardwork. Hope it will connect us more to the world social media engagement.

Now, this is a pretty big deal outside of the platform for the platform. I'm going to have to check out your other tools now.

This is great news. I checked out the interface and it looks good. I did a transaction but it is still not showing up as balance in my account. What is the timeframe for it to reflect in my account? A message stating how long it will take for the transaction to reflect will avoid the anxiety for the end users.

Verge already implemented this couple of months ago. That was one of the major reasons for me to invest in verge back then.

One challenge that I currently see is people are not comfortable with holding their stash in a centralised account like @steemtipper. What I liked especially in verge integration was that a new verge account was created and mapped to the twitter account. So people had the feeling of comfort that the account was their own(Though not completely true). For you guys to implement something similar the cost of account creation both in terms of time and money should be reduced. One way Steem blockchain could do that would be to create low-privilege accounts without any cost or very low cost in terms of money which can be created instantaneously. That could be the real tipping point for building tipping services like these on Steem blockchain.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I am seeing a slight delay in deposits showing on user accounts. Devs are fixing to wake up and I will have this fixed immediately. I apologize for the delay. In a perfect scenario, these deposits should show with 1 minute :) So please just bare with us and I promise to have this fixed ASAP

Steem.Chat integration is already in the works


right? it's going to either be amazing fun or we'll explode both of our initiatives at once 😂

Great news mate, this will bring new users like flies! Another great tool to promote Steemit, Lets go champ!

Thanks for you share. @followbtcnews I will try it now. We will get good results

wow. i am super super excited about this project. let me tip someone

I will translate this post into Indonesian because they must know about this amazing application. I need your confirmation for it. Thanks @followbtcnews @crimsonclad

Great projects. To me it is most exciting offering till now. Thank you for your good work

wooow,this could be awesome

I can't believe what I am hearing, this is brilliant! It's amazing how only a few days go by on this platform until you meet people that think outside of the box.

eventually, we're ready to see people spreading the STEEM love all over a ton of different medium~ building better engagement habits and informing people about crypto... what's not to love? :D

We really need people to migrate away from twitter and other social media, instead of receiving steem over there.

I agree wholeheartedly; however, the ability to introduce someone who hasn't been interested thus far to the currency in the places they are comfortable, coupled with the fact that I can use my token of choice is a win/win proposal in terms of helping spread a wider knowledge/adoption

I am immensely impressed with this app and am very glad that I have cast my vote for you as a witness already, and am recommending you to everyone I visit with on here to do the same. It would be remarkable if we could some how get something like this to anyone with an email, but for now, a twitter account, this is purely brilliant, amazing work!

@followbtcnews I was able to tip myself by replying to own post but it didn't work when i commented on another user's post

tipping yourself directly right now does show up in your log, but it basically just creates a linked account with zero balance change (no money is moving); your tip has to be in a new tweet, not in a reply- I'm making a "how-to" post from the steemtipper account this morning as an FAQ megathread. But basically, this was done for a reason- because if you replied to a tip and that was able to trigger the bot, it would actually create a duplicate tip! (hopefully that makes sense. Tweet at that person exactly the same way and it will go~)

Thank You. I think the "Reply Tip" would be a better idea, but it looks like it is not technically possible

I would agree. We're going to keep testing, but it was a necessity to make sure we didn't blow through everyone's credits at double the speed!

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This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @followbtcnews and is by no means a judgement of your work.

I like the updates to the transparencybot message @bycoleman.

Thank you and much success!

BTW, may I use your logo to help promote this?

We decided to launch with Twitter as our introductory platform to make sure that the system is bulletproof before we begin integrating the others we've been getting ready. Steem.Chat integration is already in the works, with Reddit and Telegram after that.

BTW, noticed you didn't mention FB. Is that because you think that platform might be dead soon?

use whatever you like~ good or bad, it's a brand put out there for consumption now.

Facebook is absolutely on our radar, we have just been looking at where some of the highest concentrations of Steemian communities are already; FB is already proven to be shadowbanning Steemit links, so we're going to experiment with it and see what the outcomes are.

Facebook is being really uptight about all crypto. Enu Basic Income got their Auth tokens shut down with no warning. Careful. Although the chatfuel app might let you integrate as a bot within a bot.

I just set up my account... Waiting for confirmation (not sure I did this right).

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 2.50.39 AM.png


Steem is not prepared for that I guess

How does this work if the @receiver does not have a Steem account?

If the person you tip authorises SteemTipper within seven days of getting the tip, it is credited to their balance in the database. That balance is tied to their social media account. So at any time while that social media account is logged in to SteemTipper, it can use that balance. If I send you a tip and you don't have a STEEM account, you could actually use the tip I send you to tip otherpeople, if you want! It's your balance to do with as you please. We don't take any fees or a cut at all. You could amass some tips, or pass them on... When you decide to withdraw/cash out, then you will need a STEEM account to withdraw to. We're looking at other options, but to start, withdrawals of tips will need to have a place to be transferred to on the chain. Hope that helps explain it!

They can still login to and claim their Steem and either create a Steem wallet to receive the Steem or send to a friends wallet.

Never opened a twitter account in my life, but guys you deserve every single vote you have \m/

I opened one solely so I could shill STEEM with this, lol. I don't use the media, but I'm excited for the possibilities that this creates with it now. During a show one night, I could quickly tip you enough to buy a track while linking to the artist quickly and easily from my phone without having to skip a beat in my broadcast to go get my keys and blah blah blahhh...

the support is always truly appreciated.

This is amazing!!!

thank you, friendo~ I'll keep your request in mind, lmao

rob chen 50px.png This is brilliant! @followbtcnews and @crimsonclad

Truly innovative and I can see the impact that SteemTipper and your team can make for the growth of Steem. Genius. Followed and resteemed!

This is some of the best news I've heard in a while. Something that can introduce the uninitiated to Steem by using their existing Twitter and soon other social media accounts!

This is dev work that truly matters, because it can be used as a STEEM promotional tool, something that is sorely lacking on a macro scale. This has the capability of going macro.

Well done. I'll be checking this out ASAP. :)