True Story: Encouragement on our Steem Blockchain

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This morning I would like to share a story with you which I hope will be a source of great encouragement and, perhaps, even inspiration.

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We can hopefully all agree that encouragement and, even better, inspiration comes from hearing a story about triumph in the face of adversity. Classic storytelling is often based on a good protagonist pitted against an evil antagonist. Stated more simply, a hero we can all cheer for in winning out over a villain.

So, in this story, who / what is the "bad guy"? My answer is the challenge we are all immediately faced with, when we first login to the Steem blockchain, on that fateful day we decide to "get involved."


Since beginning my Steem "journey" on May 14th, I have done my best to contribute quality content in my efforts to add value to this blockchain. Hopefully, most of my readers would say the same. With all of the best intentions and highest aspirations, all of the resulting work we then put in faces an immediate challenge the moment we click Post on our first content creation.

How is anyone ever going to see it? Let alone read it! Let alone support it ...

Much has been written on this subject. I am well aware of that now. In the beginning, however, I was not. And I am not alone in that experience.

Stating what to me is obvious, this is a problem. And it is not a trivial problem. I will go so far as to suggest it is arguably the singIe biggest problem on Steem. Why?

My answer is tied to this question! We all need a very strong "why" to get us through the challenge of getting established "in here." And, from there, to keep working to add value to our Steem blockchain by creating great new content.

For if we don't, then all other activity "in here," is for naught. Up to and including our Steem Witnesses' efforts, since with no content creation - stating the obvious - there is no need for the creation of any new blocks on the Steem blockchain. And no new blocks leads to no resulting compensation for the Witnesses tasked with creating them ...

Fortunately, we can choose to view this as a problem or as an opportunity. And, thankfully, in this "new world" of having a blockchain as a foundation for the enterprise, there are many decentralized, "free market" forces at work creatively and energetically striving to address it.

So, again, much has been written on this subject. It is not my intent to focus on that in this post.

It is my intent, in the face of this challenge, to present a story "up close and personal" of one Steemian's experience in receiving a great deal of encouragement from one single act of another Steemian (the "hero") completely unknown to me (I would like to change that, as time and opportunity allow) prior.

Anyone "coming here" may stumble over this post someday. It is my hope it will be a source of encouragement and, perhaps, even inspiration to them to not give up, but continue to "Steem on" ...

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True Story

The story begins on Labor Day 2018 (Sept. 3rd) in America. I was "laboring" away on my "main focus" post, which was intended to become the "Chapter 2" post in my series on adding value to our Steem blockchain. In honoring our national holiday, I started into it with the simple objective of emphasizing the work it takes to have some success. And, in support, the section in it on the "Law of Sowing and Reaping."

In my mind, I thought what "weight" could I bring to bear on this point, when one might reasonably ask "what does he know about that" ... Answer: More than you might think!

At that point, I remembered something I had written to family and friends about my experience with my sons hay farming, beginning in the summer of 2011. In that document, of the many pictures I had taken to capture the experience for future memories and reflections, I had selected those which stood out to me.

Great! 😊 Only one small problem. Where was that document? Where were the original pictures? I was on my 3rd computer rebuild, etc. since then and had no real good idea. 😞 It was going to take effort. And it was going to take time. Well, I never have enough of that, so was it going to be worth it ...

I'll spare you dear reader from the "gory details" of what followed, as you get the general idea. My "latest, greatest" post was not going to magically appear out of nowhere, get posted onto the Steem blockchain, and a "rain of riches" pour down into my lap while sitting in my "comfy" chair ...

Nope!! It was going to be the "usual drill." Persevere through one challenge after another to reach the objective ...

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The result that day? The creation of my Reflections: My Life as a Hay Farmer post. While I was certainly content with the "finished product," I was not done yet!

Although getting late in the day, my original objective still had not been achieved. To get my Labor Day post finished and on to the blockchain, before the end of the day, was going to require "digging deep" and working through to the finish line. And then drop into bed exhausted, as I had to get up early the next day and go back to work at my "day job" ...

Meanwhile "back at the ranch," what was going on with my Reflections: My Life as a Hay Farmer post?

Image Source - Block 25,650,971

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As nearly as I can determine, in quick succession here is the sequence of events leading to the inspiration behind what you are now reading [most of the data made available by Steemd, the creation of @roadscape]:

  1. 2018-09-04 00:57:06 (UTC) - Clicked post button on and "immutably enshrined in the blockchain”
  2. 05:39:00 (UTC) - Proposed to @curie, for their review, by @lordkingpotato on the Becquerel website [time "reversed engineered" from the Becquerel record shown above]
  3. 06:11:00 (UTC) - Reviewed by the @curie Curator Team [time "reversed engineered" from the Becquerel record shown above]
  4. 06:34:18 (UTC) - Upvoted by @lordkingpotato
  5. 07:05:51 (UTC) - Upvoted by @curie
  6. 07:06:06 (UTC) - Upvoted by @hendrikdegrote (leading to the only way I could find here to express my gratitude)
  7. 09:58:42 (UTC) - In the early a.m. of Sept. 4th, my discovery of what had happened in the night and my resulting upvote and reply to @curie, followed by a related exchange with @lynncoyle1 about the honor (she provides the best example of how to "engage" on the Steem blockchain I have yet experienced - check out the associated Curation and Engagement League posts of another great Steemian @abh12345, who provides a "scorecard," amongst many other things ...).

[Note: My experience putting together the "stats" above raised a lot of questions, based on my working as a Business Analyst. Maybe I'll write a separate post about that some day ... For now, this is as close as I could get, in support of this post.]

The decision of @lordkingpotato to provide support to a fellow Steemian, by putting in the effort to propose to the @curie community they consider my post for review, led to this result:

"This post has been upvoted by the Curie community curation project and associated vote trail as exceptional content (human curated and reviewed). Have a great day :)"

Wow!! So, I ask you a very important question. Which has the greater value? The financial reward of the upvotes? Or words of encouragement like these? We will each have our own answer, of course, but seeing these words was the single biggest source of encouragement I have received in my Steem "journey" to date.

As we can see above, they quickly resulted in the single biggest upvote I have yet received. Which, in turn, led to the single biggest jump in my rep score I have yet received. Which, in turn, led to this light-hearted "friendly race" (to rep 50 ...) exchange with my good Steemian friend, (the lead developer on the @partiko team, the creators of the amazing Partiko Android app that I and many others around the world rely upon heavily, while "on the move" ...).

So, we have a domino effect. All in a period of what time? Months? Weeks? Days? No! "Overnight," i.e. in a matter of hours ...

That is what I know, as this post is written. What would I like to know or at least have some idea about?


  1. What is the story behind the decision of all of the following to get involved with the Steem blockchain in the first place?
  2. Who was inspired to create the @curie community?
  3. What was the history of the @curie community's progress, through the inevitable difficulties faced, to become what it is today?
  4. How did @lordkingpotato find out about the @curie community?
  5. What did he find there which then inspired @lordkingpotato to become involved with the @curie community to the extent we find in this post?
  6. How did @hendrikdegrote find out about the @curie community?
  7. What did he find there which then inspired @hendrikdegrote to become involved with the @curie community to the extent we find in this post?
  8. The big one - how / where did @lordkingpotato find my post, in the first place?
  9. And finally, who is(are) the content judge(s) in the @curie community who managed to "knock out" a review of my post, with an incredible response time of ~ 30 minutes, after @lordkingpotato brought it to their attention?

In my mind, whatever the details are, every one of these questions has an important answer. Which likely would be beneficial for us all, in coming to a better understanding of and appreciation for our Steem blockchain. Every one of them could be an interesting post in their own right. Each of them, in turn, dependent upon the others to happen in (arguably) this sequence, led to the writing of this post.

I would encourage you dear reader, before finishing this story, to please note well the tie between these critical questions and the "Challenge" above!

In addition, I would like to put out an appeal to anyone able to answer these questions, that they do so in a reply below. Or in a related post! It will most certainly add value to the story for the benefit of us all.

So, as we can all see in finishing this story, from the earnest, just getting started "plankton," through the channeled individual efforts joined together in a "common cause" community, all the way up to a dedicated, philanthropic "whale," everyone can contribute to the encouragement of someone.

You just never know where one click on an upvote, mention in a post or reply, entry into a community's latest inspired effort to help others (all of the above!) will lead!

Image Source

To finish this story to my fellow Steemians, I would like to share with you an important part of the encouragement I have received, for my own reflection while considering future posts. It is a bit "buried" in what I have written above, but I believe what follows to be worth emphasizing for a better understanding of our experience on our Steem "journey."

It starts with appreciating what can be simply stated as "perceived value." From there, thinking about what we perceive to be of value vs. what others perceive as having value. If your primary purpose in contributing content on Steem is financial reward, then we all need to be clear the "free market" will ultimately decide what that will be. For us ... No matter what we may think ...

For the "market" to have ever been presented with the opportunity to place greater value on my "supporting" post over my "main focus" post, something first had to take place. Drum roll please for the following brilliant, clarifying "Captain Obvious" statement - I had to write it!

Seriously that simply would not have happened, without the inspiration I received while working on how best to illustrate the main point in my "main focus" post ... Even then, that inspiration only got me as far as "out of the starting gate" ... My "supporting" post still would not exist on the Steem blockchain, had I not chosen to persevere through the immediate challenges I faced ...

Hopefully, these final points will be of some value on your "journey," as you move forward.

If ever this story proves to be a source of encouragement and inspiration, I would love to hear about it. And, if in any way I can help you, please let me know.

Full disclosure

So ... With all that, then inquiring minds might be led to wonder what the inspiration was for this post?

Well, I wish I could provide a really clever answer, but in all honesty I can't do that. This post "started life" humbly enough as a reply on the most recent post I could find of the "hero" of my post - @lordkingpotato.

I wanted to "reach out" and thank him for his efforts. For one thing, I had (still don't) no way of knowing whether he had any idea of whether his "proposal" had been "accepted" or not, let alone the sequence of events which followed.

It began with ...

"In here on the weekend, not having to go to work, with the time to "track down" (with good intent) the Steemian responsible for the single biggest source of encouragement I have received, since beginning my "journey" on May 14th."

... and got all the way down to ...

"P.S. Want to take pains to again stress it is not my intention to "spam" your post here with something completely ..."

"When what to my wondering eyes did appear ..." Oh, wait a minute, it's not Christmas yet ... 😉 Seriously, I had gotten that far when "the light bulb went off" and I realized I needed to make this a post ...

Yes, I know ...

"Wow, that @roleerob! Is that dude slow or what!?"

Yes, well, maybe so, but I usually "get there" eventually! 😉 With a little assist from a great cup of coffee finally "kicking in" at that early hour ... 👍


So, there you have it. An "up close and personal" view of what has happened on my "journey" over the last few days. I hope, as intended, it is a source of encouragement and even inspiration to you.

I would be very grateful for whatever comments you might feel led to make below. They add value to this post and may, in their own right, be sources of encouragement and inspiration for the rest of us.

All the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build our Steem Community! 👍 😊


Steemian @roleerob

Posted using and "immutably enshrined in the blockchain” on Saturday, 8 September 2018!

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Glad to know, one of my upvoting initiatives (@pinoy) found your good article. Well done.

By the way, I also need your support. Would you mind voting for me as one of your Witness. Highly appreciated.

Best regards and I love your profile background very peaceful.
Keep steeming good content.
@Yehey [ Witness ]


Thank you for "stopping by" @yehey! I appreciate that. And I certainly appreciate the words of encouragement.

Following up on your witness request, would you mind sending me a link to any posts you've created on your philosophy or anything else you would care to share about being one of our all-important Witnesses?

With all due respect, I will not be voting for anyone simply on the basis of a request in a reply. I take voting for our Steem Witnesses very seriously. Hopefully, that does not represent a problem for you.

Thanks again for stopping by!


Sounds fair and in my humble opinion that should be the way witness voting is all about.

I've created a dedicated page to my witness update, anyone can easily see what's going on. It's hard to follow on progress that we are all doing. My latest witness updates are posted here:

It's due for another update to include the following updates.

  • @Automation chat bot project to add fun conversation on any posts. And extending this project to a mobile app, so we can bring more users and investors to the steem platform.
  • Maintenance of condenser website and its own mobile apps to support it.

Upcoming - New upvoting initiatives.

  • @diabetes - to upvote diabetes related posts. I need to allocate some steem power to run it.
  • SMT still on hold for external website.

If this is not enough, no worries I'm here in a long run.
Cheers for now.


Problem is I am not understanding your english as much you think I am!


At the outset of my response @yehey, I want to let you know you have earned some of my respect with yours. As I am sure you might have figured out, had your response been other than what you have clearly invested time in putting together here, you would not have succeeded in gaining my support for your role as one of our Steem Witnesses.

You have provided what I have requested. You have my assurance I will now invest my time in response to your original appeal for support. I ask for patience, as I cannot commit, with any certainty, as to how long it will take me. But it will happen. And then, I will reply here. With either my final decision or with additional questions.

Closing for now, I want you to know I am also here for “the long haul.” While I simply don’t have the time to invest into being “in here” as much as others, I am not going anywhere. My “record” clearly demonstrates, “out in the light,” that I have invested in Steem and have been consistently increasing my stake in its future. Both financially and, more recently, with my time.

Until we “meet” again, all the best to you @yehey, for a better tomorrow!


Thank YOU and cheers for a better tomorrow.


I had left Steem @yehey, for the time being, when I had a thought about something you had written in your original message:

"I love your profile background very peaceful."

I wanted to thank you for that and express my appreciation for the effort you made to check into it. In kind, I thought I should come "back in" to let you know that, before going on with my day.

You may be interested to know what that background "snippet" represents. It is a portion of a picture. One that is very important to me. Early on, as one of my first posts, I wrote a business review about the creator of the backlit LED version it, which hangs in my office.

In that post, the reader is able to see the full picture and definitely learns a little more about me. As well as a demonstration of what I deem to be the foundation for good business.

Off into my day! 👍 😊


Hi @roleerob, sorry for this very late reply.

I'm very happy that somehow that submission made an impact to your blogging journey here on Steem. I really liked that post reflecting your past as a hay farmer. I think that every curator have their sweet spot on finding post that they believe worthy for that particular lift. As for me, one of my favorite are those life stories like yours. It's simple, humble and very honest. Quality posts like yours are worthy not just of the rewards but attention. I believe that stories like this should be seen and appreciated by more people.

For your questions I can only answer a few as I'm not really that knowledgeable in some of them.

First I believe that curie is more than curation, curie supports various communities, helps in creating quality engagement and many other awesome things. For more specific information about curie you can actually read it here.

It's almost been a year since I started curating all thanks for sensei @geekgirl for recommending me. I still remember my first week, I almost got disqualified but thankfully manage to stay and it's almost a year now.

I find your post scrolling thru the life tag, tags doesn't really matter but each curator I believe has their own favorites. As long as ones content is exceptional and original there's no issue with the tags.

I really like being a curator, finding good content, being able to enjoy cool stories, artworks, videos etc. while being rewarded. It's all thanks to you @roleerob and all other author's that are staying here on this platform providing great value for content and engagement. I, as a curator owe you guys alot. Thank you very much!

P.S. Thanks to @misterakpan for bringing me here. Thank you bro!


Update to @lordkingpotato and @llfarms. I'll post it here, as without your curating efforts @lordkingpotato, none of this would've happened.

On the strength of the interaction with both of you, over the last 24 hours, I have taken this step:

Source: SteemWorld, the indispensible creation of @steemchiller

I take voting for our Steem Witnesses very seriously. I have now voted the +8 MVests, over which I have a controlling interest, in support of @curie for Steem Witness.

Thank you both again for being great examples of Steemians to emulate. Given some of the "news" on other fronts "in here" today, that is nice to be able to say ...


Maybe this will answer some of your questions.


Up before 🌄 (here) @geekgirl and very pleased to find your comment here. I really appreciate this link. With a full-time job (leaving for my "day job" shortly ...) and family, my time is unfortunately limited, but I do what I can.

I will save this link, for future reference (steadily building a "library" of Steem "resources" ...) and I will certainly watch this at the earliest opportunity! If I have any questions, I may come back and post them here.

You are "new" to me in here. Not sure how you "found" me, but I certainly am glad it happened. Now following you, to learn more about you ... 😉

Until we "meet" again, all the best to you for a better tomorrow!

P.S. It may or may not be of interest, but I never have "heard back" from the "hero" of my post - @lordkingpotato. I think this person(s) chooses to remain "in the background" which I totally respect ...

Thank you for the mention @roleerob! Curie is a big big thing to fully understand, but I'd start with going back on their posts and do some reading :) I can't speak to their history, but I know that they have curators (I've been learning lately how to be one) who are constantly on the look-out for quality, unnoticed posts to support. There are many many rules surrounding how that's done, but here's a link to their Discord room, and you can poke around and do a little research :) There's lots in there!!


Thank you kindly @lynncoyle1! I appreciate the input. I've started "into the maze" in their Discord channel, but going to need a lot more time. From what I've gathered so far, they have a very selective process for determining who gets to nominate posts for their evaluation.

"I've been learning lately how to be one"

And from what I understand, it is by invitation only, so congrats!! Right? 👍

Totally "brain dead," after writing my latest post about my "Chapter Two" decision to try and focus more time on our PIFC Community. Gotta "hit the sack," with a long day at work in front of me tomorrow ...

Take care, until "the next time" ...

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I am TrufflePig, an Artificial Intelligence Bot that helps minnows and content curators using Machine Learning. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here!

Have a nice day and sincerely yours,


Wow! Great timing @trufflepig. I had been thinking about "giving you a call" to come rate my "latest, greatest" effort and you showed up on your own!! Has @smcaterpillar been working on adding some mind reading to your skill set? 😉

Seriously, I always enjoy you "stopping by" and giving me the "verdict" - the AI version anyway - of how I'm doing:

"It is listed on rank 13 of all contributions awarded today."

Well, fortunately I am not superstitious, so "I'm good" with placing 13th out of all the posts you've reviewed over this last 24 hrs. Doing pretty good, with room for improvement ... I like it!

"... to my mind your post is at least 10 SBD worth and should receive 177 votes."

As I've said in the past, I like the way you (were programmed) to think! It will be a "red-letter" day when my future posts reach or, hopefully, exceed your expectations ...

You know I support your work (and by extension, that of your developer @smcaterpillar), so I hope your "fame" continues to spread "far and wide" across the Steemisphere ... 👍

So you see clearly the potential of the Ripple Effect which is what I base the entire concept of the Pay It Forward Contest on. You just don't know what effect stopping by someone's post and leaving a few encouraging words may have...the upvotes help too.


BTW, this upvote is a bonus as there was some extra VP that needed to be used. Your autovote will be set up withing 24 hours.


Wasn't expecting that. Excellent!!

Thank you @minnowbuilder!

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome stories of what the potential of this ecosystem and community is! I too admit that while some may focus on the reward values, I truly believe itbis the journey that provides the incentives! I read recently here from another user that “most come for the money, but stay for the relationships” and that is a great demonstration of the potential of the Steem ecosystem.


Thank you @newageinv for "stopping by" and adding value to this post.

"I read recently here from another user that “most come for the money, but stay for the relationships” and that is a great demonstration of the potential of the Steem ecosystem."

Agreed, it is a powerful motivating force, although FB, among others, probably offer a better interface to accomplish the same thing. Not wise enough to say what the mix of financial incentive and relationships produces for motivation, but hopefully a lot for the sake of us all.

How, for example, do we place a value on the encouragement of another human being? About the best I can do is somewhere between "a lot" and "priceless!"

One thing in my experience is now certain. To "do it right," just as you are currently demonstrating, we have to invest in replying / commenting in support of our fellow Steemians.

Haha now I know what happened!

Posted using Partiko Android


Yep! Now you know "the rest of the story"! I really appreciate your friendship "in here." Means a lot!

Now ... Off we go in the next lap of our "friendly race" to 60! 👍 😊


Challenge accepted!

Posted using Partiko Android


👍 And ... They're off! 😊

Posted using Partiko Android


Oooo ... Messed this one up ...

Posted using Partiko Android


Switched to my phone, so I could get some "Partiko points." You are definitely "blowing me away" in that race!

Posted using Partiko Android

Positive thinking would have us believe that all we need is unshakeable self-belief to achieve our dreams. We can succeed at almost anything and fulfill all our desires if we truly believe that we can. Of course, to a certain extent this may be true, but it’s mainly an unrealistic way to live. very informative post @roleerob Thank You


Thanks for stopping by @paddya! I appreciate it.

"We can succeed at almost anything and fulfill all our desires if we truly believe that we can. Of course, to a certain extent this may be true, but it’s mainly an unrealistic way to live."

Yes, to a certain extent. And only then, if we put in the necessary effort, as I discussed in more detail in my adding value post.

Have a great day!

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Elegant. So sublime.



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Thanks for the update @steem-ua!

"... rank has improved 7 places ..."


"... Only a few people are following you ..."

Very astute observation!

"... try to convince more people ..."

Hmmm. Exactly what do you have in mind? 😉

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