Business Review: Great Maker of Backlit LED Pictures

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Practicing the “golden rule” and supporting good business, this morning I am writing a business review for a great maker of backlit LED pictures - BackLitBox

Personal Experience

This picture was very important to me (details below). Much more to me than just another digital image stored in my camera. When the opportunity came to turn it into a backlit picture, hanging on my wall at work, I wanted it "done right." Great idea. Now, there was just the small matter of exactly how to pull that off …

In researching online, I found many options, but after careful review, selected BackLitBox to contact and see whether they could satisfy my requirements. I got a prompt response through use of their Contact Us page. Directly from the owner, Faxon Moulder.

What was my number one requirement? This image was stored on my iPhone 6. I simply wanted to know, having sent it to them for analysis, how big they could make it and maintain high resolution, i.e. preserve the original quality as much as possible.

The answer? 48 inches, i.e. 4 FEET wide! Like I can imagine is true for many of my fellow Steemians, I have been "burned" many times by my experience not even coming close to matching up with the "marketing hype" of something I was considering. So … Was I a little skeptical? Yes ...

Sparing you the many details of what followed, I elected to go ahead and find out. In spite of my skepticism, I really wanted it to be true and was willing to "roll the dice" to find out. Approximately 3 weeks after initiating the process, I had the image above hanging on the wall in my office - 4 feet wide as promised.

Great, so how was it? For those who know me, I am not an easy person to impress (probably an understatement). The new "window" in my office far exceeded my expectations. Imagine taking a picture from your phone and turning it into something this big. And finding the resolution (while not sure if this is technically correct, I can assure you this is the impression you have standing in front of it) actually seems to be better than the original picture! At times, during stressful times when I turn to it for "a break," I literally can feel like I could "walk into it" and be back to that wonderful day when I took it.


What does this picture represent? Coming into the time frame of the 10th anniversary of losing my Dad, I went back to "the ranch" where he lived out his life. From there, into the "high country" as a tribute to the happiest times I could remember spending with him as a child.

Many times I had looked into the possibility of hiking into this lake. It is about a 1-2 mile hike up above the end of a 4-wheel drive road. No trail. And against all I could hope for, I found this magical place, where I stopped and video taped a tribute to my Dad.

[Note to the SteemIt Community: I have started twice to create a DTube page associated with this video - the "Road Less Traveled" - but have so far failed at these attempts. Not sure how "ready for prime time" this site is, but perhaps it is just me …]

In a completely unrelated development, facing the prospect of having to move my office at work, I commented on the impact of the loss of my window view outside (with the Rocky Mountains in the background), since I was being moved to an interior office space being built.

The "Reader's Digest" version of a much longer story was being offered the opportunity to have a backlit picture in this new office. A "virtual window" of sorts. Above you see the "rest of the story." It has worked out well. Many of my coworkers have stopped by for a visit and asked me about the story behind it, commenting about how nice it looks.


I hope my fellow Steemians have enjoyed this business review and that some of you might wish to check into BackLitBox further, to bring your own images "to life." If this is something that is important to you, you'll be glad you did!

Beyond that, I hope we'll all take advantage of our Community to write other business reviews. As discussed in my essential foundation of good business post, I think in this "trustless" world of ours, the "circle of trust" is best supported by word-of-mouth testimonials. Like this one!

Upvoting, resteeming, commenting are all welcome. If nothing else, at least I hope you'll consider writing down your thoughts and sharing them with the rest of us.

All the best to you!

P.S. Tech note: My first post written through my profile on Busy.Org!

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Wow, that is a beautiful picture @roleerob! From your description, I can just imagine what it must look like on your office wall.

Reading through your good business and then reading this, I like seeing that you "practice what you preach."

Thank you for the words of encouragement @anlurob.