Observations: Gratitude and the Simple Things

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Considering this morning what is of value, setting aside the answer(s) the "siren song of the world" is continually blaring at us, what is really, truly of value?

This morning, dear fellow Steemians, I would like to suggest we don't really have to go very far to find the answer. It is all around us. Nor do we need to "dig deep" to find it either. I believe, if properly considered, the simple things in life are of much greater value than we are typically willing to acknowledge. Much too often, we take them for granted.

I think the "secret" to getting this right is gratitude. Being routinely thoughtful about and thankful for what we have, instead of the much more common whining / complaining / mumbling / grumbling/ moaning / groaning about what we do not. I speak from experience, greatly challenged in this area myself ...

Here, in my family's backyard, are our grapevines. In the cool of this morning, they provided a source of very peaceful, satisfying thoughts for me, as I think about them. Growing steadily over many years. Glistening with moisture from our rain last night (which I take for granted ...). Reaching up to receive the warmth of the rising sun, vital to its health and well-being. In the not-too-distant future, the source of some wonderfully nutritious, tasty fruit (again, which I too easily take for granted) ...

"The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me."

Psalm 16:6

So, in reflecting on them and what they represent, I am reminded of what my faith leads me to believe is the ultimate source of all good things. While this is my view, I hope we can agree it is not necessary we share this in common, to consider what I am writing about to you this morning.

In my profile, I write:

"Working on greater appreciation for, enjoyment of and satisfaction in the simple things in life."

So ... I am writing about this because I am an "expert," right? Because it comes to me very naturally, right? No! Operative words in there are "... working on ..." it. I definitely have a ways yet to go ....

Thank you for the time you've taken to read this post. I appreciate it! Perhaps it will serve as inspiration for some comforting, encouraging thoughts of your own this morning. That is my hope and desire ...

So, up very early this morning and with this written, now off to my "day job" ... "Practicing what I preach," a job for which I am very grateful right? Yes, well, uhhh ... Like I said, a work-in-progress ... 😊

Have a great day!!

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Being grateful for what we have (instead of focusing on what we don't have) is crucial to finding happiness. As you stated in your post, this is much easier said than done; however, I believe that shaping your outlook on life to be more appreciative is worth the effort. Coincidentally, my dorm is hosting a gratitude event over brunch this weekend, where students will write random thank you notes to their friends, co-workers, and loved ones. I am excited to attend, and I will be thinking about the message behind your post while I'm there. :)

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Wow! A "gratitude event" at Stanford? Excellent! You'll have to write a post about your experience there and let us know how it went. 😊

Thank you for "reaching out" @elizabeth6!

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Thanks for the gracious reminder. I'm happy to see a fellow follower of Christ and defender of truth and liberty. Keep your head up, your chin down, and live life to its fullest. Hope to see you around. Steem on!

Thank you for the words of encouragement @blockurator. Much appreciated.

For now, at least, still at it! 😊

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