Steem, Steemit, Dtube, and Dlive Updates

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Brand New Updates for Steem, Steemit, Dtube, and Dlive

Yesterday we all noticed some major (and some not so major) updates to our favorite Steem applications. Today I'll share those updates and enhancements with you, as well as the current outlook for the cryptocurrency market and the price of Steem. I'm personally taking advantage of this bear market and buying up all the Steem I can at these low prices!

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I just saw the changes today and was disappointed that the steem logo was not changed!

Actually the DTube updates look cool @brandonfrye because somehow they improved from the previous version while Steemit didn't make lots of changes, They make really minor changes but Still It looks cool, I don't think it's annoying.


Yeah, I'm really happy about the Dtube updates especially. We've been needing server and disk management improvements for a while. Especially with many new content creators coming on board we don't want to leave them wanting more. :)


Exactly, you're right.

Hey thanks for the crypto advice and pointing out all of the updates on the platform. Very thorough and also thanks for telling us about ask steem.


You're very welcome. I'm glad these update videos are helpful.

Wow, once again you have become my go to resource for all things on Steem lol AskSteem is awesome, never knew it existed man. Appreciate that.

And huge tip on those Steem prices. I grabbed a bit a few days ago on my weekly purchase....But today, is so tempting. Might have to dive in and grab some more today as well. The price is right!


I just wish they would incorporate it into the site. That would be an incredible improvement! And yessir, as that price keeps dropping.. the buying opportunity gets better and better. :)

I also bought some Steem yesterday and powered it up immediately! Dollar cost averaging is awesome. I now am over 500 SP so I think i am officially a Minnow! Excited about the future of this platform and the growth of the community.


NIce!! You should now have the little vote slider when you go to upvote posts too. Congrats!!

Thanks for the information ... I'm not aware of changes to to see your post .. but unfortunately, when opening the account's account wallet is still 25 without change.
Subscribe already


Yes, this is just a bug. If you refresh the page with your wallet then you'll see the reputation update.


Thanks for information

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Updates are cool .

I would buy more steem if I had some extra money but I don't so I participate in your giveaway every day by upvoting and commenting, for a chance to win $20 worth of SBD.


Cool, that works too! And I'm glad to hear that you power your SBD up into Steem Power. :)

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Thanks for the information. Would not even noticed it without this video.


The updates are so small on Steemit that I imagine many people won't even know that they happened lol.

$$$ That's The Way To Do It! Buy low! I've Never Heard Of D-live Before.. Thank's For Bringing It To Our Attention! It's Kind Of Weird Going Through Steemit In This New Format Lol


Your'e welcome. I have yet to do a live broadcast but it may be something I try out at some point. :)

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I like the updates I saw for Dtube. Maybe I won`t be complaining about the uploads anymore. (hopefully XD)


Lol me either. 😊

I noticed the changes, but I am certainly not excited about them. I think one of the most important things we need is a better way of searching and being provided with content suggestions. I would love to see a "similar content" similar to youtube along side my articles while reading them etc. But Steemit is still in Beta so I guess we have to wait for these things.


Yeah that would be cool. They already have that for dtube but not for Steemit. I imagine that would be a likely candidate for a future update.

I read about the DTube Update yesterday and I think this is an excellent example of communication. Even if not everything is where many of us wish it to be it is still a big step forward and we can all see how it is work in progress. I'm excited about the next steps with the steemit platform. Unfortunately I was still not able to post a comment in DTube, so I'm posting it now through


Hey @explorer79, this is just a test to see if I can reply to your comment on dtube.

3/4 of my DTube videos have disappeared from my page. Has this happened to anyone else?

Great updates man! You right, they need a better way of annnoucing these as I was unaware of them. Keep on STACKIN 😀🙌🏼💯


Thanks @stackin, and yeah these small UI "improvements" were barely noticeable lol. It'll be interesting to see what the entire UI experience is like in another year. I've seen a lot of proposals for changes and I'm sure that they take all of these into consideration.

I agree with you @brandonfrye, that Steemit's search function sucks! I absolutely hate it. That needs to be a priority on the next update.

Great information. Was nice to watch one video and get the run down on the updates. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Have a great evening

It was a pleasent suprise. The look of the phone app was super sleek and same with the desktop version. Just seems a little more slow at the moment

DTube right about crashed and burned this past week. I tried 4 days to upload videos and nothing worked. I kept getting errors, and when I went to Steemit chat others were stating the same thing. Now more than half of my previous DTube videos will no longer play :( I really like the concept behind DTube, but I'm sorry to say its not a functioning platform.

It really hurts when I spend 4 hours producing a single left4dead video, only to realize it wont play at all and no one will ever see it. I think I'm going to have to stick with uploading to youtube for now and making steemit posts instead, until DTube can sort things out, its definitely not working.

Once again I learned something new from your videos, I didn’t know about Thanks for the info and thanks for the videos!

I've been anticipating STEEM to be worth more than SBD and then both going back up to $5 by May. Meanwhile, these updates are very encouraging it feels like we are moving forward as a community and the Steemit takeover is on the way. I'm looking forward to more curation updates for SteepShot and gif or preview thumbnails for DTube.