5 Steps to Maximizing Your Steemit Curation Rewards

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Steemit Curation Rewards

  1. Be The First Voter
  2. Find Good Content Fast... But Not Too Fast
  3. Do Not Deplete Your Voting Power
  4. Increase Your Steem Power
  5. Increase Your Voting Weight

Links Mentioned in Today's Video:

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i've been waiting for a follow up to your last curation video!!! thanks brandon!!! i'm mainly ...a curator...so this kind of detailed info....REALLY HELPS!!! i've spread your first video far and wide....for others to understand the find details also. i'll spread this one also! re- STEEMED!!!!!

Just came across you vids. Great info, I'll be following and will watch the rest of them shortly. It's great finding usable educational info on steemit to help the community. This is great for the use adoption man keep up the great info.

the detail of when to upvote...of around the 18-20 minute mark has helped me sooooooo much! i watch the difference in 18 vs 20 minutes on steemstats.com...and you're right. 20 seems to be sweet spot!

A thing I did not yet get is how are curation rewards payed out, will every small amount be eventually be paid out once it adds up to a certain amount or are curation rewards payed out per post if they reach a certain value?


Okay, great question. So curation rewards are paid out 25% to the curators and 75% to the people upvoting. So if the total amount of rewards on the post is $10.00 then $2.50 goes to curators and $7.50 to the author. And half of the amount is paid out in SBD (Steem Backed Dollars) and half in Steem Power. And the rewards are paid out after the post has been published for 7 days, no matter how much it earned.

Thanks for your videos mate! I´m a musician new in the community and I find your videos very useful. Have a great day!


Welcome to Steemit! And thanks for the feedback. Glad these videos are helpful! :)

I'm only here to learn off content creators and thanks for the guidelines, your helping me a lot.


Excellent, I'm so glad this was helpful. And welcome to Steemit! :)

So much to learn on Steemit! So some of my questions were answered by this vid. Great to hear about investing in Steam Power, upvoting, posting... Lots of stuff I did not know.

Point Number 4! That's my plan lol

Power Up! Power Up!

Great video man and steps for better curation. It was one of the more confusing aspects of the blockchain that I encountered when I first joined....Again, wish I had videos like this when I started lol


Thanks @jongolson. Yeah all of this can be overwhelming and confusing at first. I was hesitant to even create this video because I didn't want to run new people off lol. But I'm sure those who are prepared to be here long-term will appreciate the info.

Thanks for going more in depth into this. Very helpful.


You're very welcome, @awesomegames007. :)

This post has received a 6.55 % upvote from @boomerang.

It's great, useful posts like these, that I'm proud to be able to resteem. Not only is the information useful today, but it will be useful in future. That's the kind of content I enjoy reading and sharing. I hope to build a blog filled with information for the hordes of new Steemians entering the space in future.


Thanks for the feedback, @jdmackenzie. And I appreciate the resteem. Let me know if there are any topics you'd like me to cover in a future video. Always happy to help!

Thanks so much for all the helpful posts. I have only been here a few days and already am learning so much. I will keep following along. I may actually learn how all of this works.


Excellent, glad this was helpful!

I wish I had watched this the first week I started steemit. I am still digging myself out of the voting power hole I dug myself into. Great video!


No worries, it'll come back. :)

This post has received gratitude of 4.52% from @appreciator courtesy of @brandonfrye!

Thanks for the info. I've been upvoting stuff for over a month now and i haven't seen any rewards or increase in voting power. I'm not exactly sure how voting power works? How does it replenish and how long does it take for it to replenish?


Hey @atomicfanbot, go to www.steemworld.org/@atomicfanbot and you'll see how much voting power you currently have and how long it will be until it reaches 100% again. There's actually a LOT of great information about your account on this page.


Awesome! Thanks so much for the info.

This is so good tips for me.because i am new on steemit.So I bookmark this post for future analysis.Many many thanks to you

Thanks Brandon!

The post is quite informative and helpful for beginners. I know lots of New Steemians are coming every day to your Blog to learn something new.

It Still helps me though, even I knew all the 5 steps.

I have been putting this in practice and thanks to you introducing my to steemworld.com it helps a lot so you can adequate put power up on a timely basis. Thanks for the continued tips!

@brandonfrye, as always you provide helpful information on your channel. But of course it is impossible to curate your videos as the first curator after 20 minutes ;)

A very nice article! I was actually wondering how this all worked! Thank you so much!

Do you have any suggestion On An Auto Upvote Bot?

Well i guess i was your first voter today!! Lets see how my curation rewards go!!

Thanks for the great content as always. From most people i see who have autovotes set up they seem to kick in at 21 minutes.


Haha congrats!! 🎊

And yeah I think steemvoter is set at 20 minutes by default and you can adjust it how you like.


I believe the curation rewards go towatds comments too i believe, do you have any more information on that?

Informative post,I guess minnows below 500 SP can't use busy.org. Helpful tips for those who are contesting in @abh12345 curation league.


Sure you can. Anybody can use www.busy.org. That's what I used before I hit 500 SP so that I could change my vote weight.

This post will definitely help me. Thank you! I'll pay attention of my vote power. Good content always!

You shouldn't be forced to earn money just because there is a number attached to everything. I mean it is a nice thing but it shouldn't be the main focus if you just want to enjoy the platforms steemit made possible.

I was just wondering about curation points and how they work.. then thought hey.. I wonder what new pal @brandonfrye has to say?!
You already on it 👏🏼 Thanks! Watching....
edit Great tutorial... so much I didn’t realise was important to consider. Wow! This is a whole new world here @steemit. Appreciated the download @brandonfrye

anonsteem sounds like a support group for people addicted to Steem

This actually answers a lot of the issues I face as a new-comer to Steem. My content base is tiny at the moment and my follower base is likewise pretty small. The bit on vote-timing was good to know. I didn't quite understand the right time to make a vote. The vote power I had down already though. I don't like letting my v-power drop under 90% if I can help it. Thanks for the linked websites too. Nice to see new tools like that.

You always provide useful information for all us newbies. Thank-You!

This is a best guide for Maximizing Steemit Curation Rewards. Thanks for your detailed information @brandonfrye.

Thank you, Brandon... very helpful tips, thanks for sharing.

As always great video and tip's. Could you create a post explaining how to attract whale up-votes with your content post's or how to get whale as friend. Your videos helps a lot to beginners. God bless you

Informative post. 4.Increase Your Steem Power i am try to do that .... i am new....

Happy to listen some other person saying that interaction in other social medai platforms like Facebook or Twitter is too much cheap -it is free, in fact-. That was what brought me to Steemit.

more SP use high rated voting bots give my followers what they want an engage in my cimment section thanks ....this is exactly how i reach 25 to 40 in a month actually an if i had known i would of been higher so thanks bro

resteemed to spread the the tips

I always learn something from your videos, I didn’t know about steemworld.org, plan on checking it out. Also, wished I’d seen this video when I first started, I have broken all five of the “rules” that you listed.

I usually aim for the 15 minute mark if I am going to target an up vote on something, however, I usually just upvote things when I see them. If I had a lot of SP i would either vest it with a bot or set up automated upvoting on the people I follow.

hello brandon and thanks for sharing and helping...i m a newbie and just found you on youtube...i learned a lot and i will stay tuned for more

Thanks for the curation tips! I just found you on Youtube actually but subscribed on DTube!

I think it is true that the majority of steemit/busy users are content curators rather than creators and are simply looking to consume content rather than produce. Awesome video mate.

I bet that if you rent out 33% of your VP to me that I can get a higher curation reward then you can with the remaining 67%.

On what condition would you like to accept this bet?


Well, you can't rent out voting power. But even if I could I really wouldn't want to do that lol.


What makes you think you can't rent SP out?
Thousands of people do. That's the reason why all those paid upvote bots exists. You know the ones you use yourself 😀


You said VP (voting power). But yes, you can delegate Steem Power. I personally am not in the market for delegating any Steem Power at the moment but may later down the road.

There are some things that I am still learning about Steemit, these videos really help me out thanks for taking the time to make this video

thanks m8

Thanks a lot this video helped me a lot to improve my steemit Account.