5 Steps to Maximizing Your Steemit Curation Rewards

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Steemit Curation Rewards

  1. Be The First Voter
  2. Find Good Content Fast... But Not Too Fast
  3. Do Not Deplete Your Voting Power
  4. Increase Your Steem Power
  5. Increase Your Voting Weight

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i've been waiting for a follow up to your last curation video!!! thanks brandon!!! i'm mainly ...a curator...so this kind of detailed info....REALLY HELPS!!! i've spread your first video far and wide....for others to understand the find details also. i'll spread this one also! re- STEEMED!!!!!

Just came across you vids. Great info, I'll be following and will watch the rest of them shortly. It's great finding usable educational info on steemit to help the community. This is great for the use adoption man keep up the great info.

the detail of when to upvote...of around the 18-20 minute mark has helped me sooooooo much! i watch the difference in 18 vs 20 minutes on steemstats.com...and you're right. 20 seems to be sweet spot!

A thing I did not yet get is how are curation rewards payed out, will every small amount be eventually be paid out once it adds up to a certain amount or are curation rewards payed out per post if they reach a certain value?

Okay, great question. So curation rewards are paid out 25% to the curators and 75% to the people upvoting. So if the total amount of rewards on the post is $10.00 then $2.50 goes to curators and $7.50 to the author. And half of the amount is paid out in SBD (Steem Backed Dollars) and half in Steem Power. And the rewards are paid out after the post has been published for 7 days, no matter how much it earned.

I'm only here to learn off content creators and thanks for the guidelines, your helping me a lot.

Excellent, I'm so glad this was helpful. And welcome to Steemit! :)

Thanks for your videos mate! I´m a musician new in the community and I find your videos very useful. Have a great day!

Welcome to Steemit! And thanks for the feedback. Glad these videos are helpful! :)

You shouldn't be forced to earn money just because there is a number attached to everything. I mean it is a nice thing but it shouldn't be the main focus if you just want to enjoy the platforms steemit made possible.

So much to learn on Steemit! So some of my questions were answered by this vid. Great to hear about investing in Steam Power, upvoting, posting... Lots of stuff I did not know.

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