D.Tube 0.7: Welcome to the HD

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We truly live in exciting times. In the past months, DTube's popularity has exploded, especially outside of the STEEM ecosystem. A lot of content producers, particularly technophiles, have started being aware and spreading the news about the existence of DTube, the way it works, and the advantages of our platform over our competitors. As a sign of greater popularity, we got rank #1 on Hacker News.

This update is quite big and took quite a while to prepare for many reasons. First one is that @hightouch, one of our earliest team members has unfortunately chosen to leave the project. I had to finish the front-end work that was started for 0.7 without help. Another reason is that we have heavily altered the upload process on this patch, as well as the way we write DTube videos on the blockchain. We need to patch both our front-end and our uploaders at the same time, which requires extra preparation and carefulness. Please be gentle in the comments if we have a few issues in the hours following the patch.

GPU Encoding

Up until now, DTube has been encoding all your videos with CPUs. While this has been cheap, and reliable enough to get to our current upload levels, whenever we had some big popularity peaks, we've hit some queues on our servers, and that's usually enough to discourage new users to stay.

DTube is now in possession of professionnal Quadro P5000 GPUs that will take care of all our video encoding needs. We had to do a bit of work because GPUs enable us to do new things we couldn't before.

We can now legitimately parallelize the encoding, that means that each server will now be able to handle multiple files at the same time, instead of only one like previously.

Another interesting feature we enabled on these GPU encoding servers is 1:N transcoding. It allows us to create multiple sub-qualities files with a single process, dividing the total decoding load required.

Adding 720p & 240p

720p has been requested ever since we introduced 480p. I'm sure it's going to help out a lot to see the little details in all the videos. Files are a bit bigger, yet still very manageable compared to source files. 720p is pretty much considered like the minimum watchable quality nowadays. Video platforms usually display a very pleasant 'HD' icon in the player when you are watching 720p or higher. I have very little doubt that this feature will attract even more serious video producers on DTube.

240p is barely watchable quality, but at least it will allow you to keep your videos playing when taking a train and going through an area with unstable network. It really doesn't cost much space wise, neither encoding wise, so it's better to start creating those right now, even if our player won't automatically switch qualities based on your network quality.

Because of these changes, we also added some new logic that won't encode into a bigger quality that your source file. If you upload something 480p, it won't do the 720p because it's useless and we cannot 'enhance' the quality of a file through encoding. The resulting file would be bigger, but wouldn't look better.

Source file will gradually get removed

The source file is actually a source of debate. While I agree it's a nice feature to have on the website, these source files are actually responsible for a large percentage of our total used disk space, because a lot of users are uploading raw footage, unencoded.

Starting from 0.7, we are going to try to get rid of those source files, when at least 720p is available. Instead of always putting a copy of your source file on IPFS, we will only add the 720p, 480p, 240p. If you want your source file to be viewable, you will need to host it yourself on IPFS.

Making DTube robots-compatible (aka server-side rendering)

Link preview

Maybe you noticed it? You can now put your d.tube links on Facebook, Twitter, Slack or Discord and it will display a little preview (like it does for all sites normally). We enabled this a couple weeks ago already, only for a few bots, and now it's enabled for any robot.

Enabling server-side rendering for DTube was a bit complicated as every part of what you see on your screen is actually generated inside your browser - client side. So it was pretty difficult for robots to read our website. To them, it looked exactly the same as a white page. Not anymore.

Search Engines

The problem of compatibility with robots was really prioritary because of search-engines such as Google. We also enabled that recently, and the number of indexed d.tube videos is going up everyday.

Robots are now being pointed to a server we control and served a slightly different version of the app (a very ugly one), that they can now read properly. This change will represent a big marketing boost for DTube, enabling search-engines indexation of all our videos. This will mean more web-traffic, more views for every content creator, and very likely a lot of new organic registrations on the STEEM blockchain.

oEmbed support

We want DTube's embed player to be supported in any website. A lot of websites like steemit.com limit which domains can display an embed for security reasons, but other websites such as reddit allow any embed player as long as it follows some strict guidelines. First step is having an oEmbed api. We now have one for DTube. Examples:

Multi-track Subtitles

That was one of the basic video platform features that we were still lacking. There are tons of good reasons to have subtitles and use them

  • When you are deaf
  • When you want to watch a video that isn't in your native language
  • When you just cant turn the sound on (in a library without your headphones for example)

The only format compatible with a HTML5 video player is called WebVTT, so we are using that. The most mainstream subtitles files are .srt. While those wouldn't work correctly in HTML5 normally, DTube can easily convert them during your upload, so feel free to send your .srt, they will work fine.

You can add one subtitle file for as many languages as you want.

I believe this is going to be super interesting for all users who are posting non-english content, as they can now add an English subtitle in order to get their video understood and curated by the majority of steem users.

Player changes

More settings

You probably noticed how we decided to move all our settings into a single menu. This is mostly to take care of the fact that small devices don't have a very big width and we wouldn't be able to have too many buttons in it. Considering I needed to add subtitles option, it was time to rework the menu and options.

Small UI improvements

The time bar was really hard to click, especially when trying to go back to the start of the video. Bar now adjusts in size and position a bit better to make this action easier.

The video preview was also going out of the screen on the extreme left and right, they now stick to the border and don't get hidden.

Remembering your settings

Considering we now display a lot of qualities, it will now remember the last quality type you selected and keep loading new files with this quality. This is going to be a good improvement from anyone loading a 480p video even when their connection can support a much bigger bitrate.

Channel Transactions History

You can now spy on anyone using DTube! We wanted to bring in more features for the channel page and we've done it! Go to any DTube channel and click on the 'ACTIVITY' tab. From there you can see all transactions linked to this channel and filter based on transaction types (votes, follows, etc).

Let us know what you think of this feature. Do you think it's overkill in something like DTube, or do we need more small features like those?

Better blockchain error messages

A lot of people have been complaining about 'Blockchain errors', most notably during the upload submission (step 3). These error messages were very generic, and could actually be linked to many other things. Such as an error in the tags, a too long title, the fact that you changed your password but DTube doesn't detect it and doesn't log you out, the user trying to upload too fast after another root post (5 minutes is the minimum wait time between two root posts), lack of bandwidth, and many other possibilities.

We should now display properly formatted error messages coming back from the steem nodes, and you will know very quickly what is going wrong, and how to fix it.

Storage servers savers for 480p

Some people have noticed also, but we ran into some issues with your video files recently. Managing the redundancy of all your uploaded files, even for only 7 days, is apparently something we were struggling with.

In order to reduce these issues, we decided to finally rent some storage. All the encoded videos are now getting duplicated on this new server, which should create a copy and ensure we can always keep something online, even when hardware issues arise.

Better languages management

DTube has been multilanguage for a while now, but the translations were needing some updates after all the new features added recently. I updated the source strings on crowding a few weeks ago and our translators translated the app for 0.7 in 18 languages already! Feel free to help us for your native language by signing up on https://crowdin.com/project/dtube.

You can also change the language directly in the settings menu now. This will be convenient when you use a public device and cannot change the browser language settings.

Our plans for next patch


I wanted this to be in this version, but it actually turns out that it's a lot more annoying than I thought, and Busy.org recently launched their own notification system. Wait & see... If Busy.org's open source notification system is working fine, we will probably adopt it too.

Mobiles Apps

I've been promising that for a while now, but I wanted to start doing it at the end of the project. It's probably not too much work, but we will need to wait for app stores approvals.

Desktop Uploader

At the moment, if you want your video to load properly (with all qualities), you need to use our centralized uploading servers. We don't want to force this, therefore we are working on a desktop uploader, where you will be able to encode your videos on your PC, with your hardware, and conveniently share those files on IPFS with a UI, on your own internet connection.

PlayerJs support

We need extra features on our player so it can be remotely controled (example). Once we pass these tests, we should be able to include d.tube videos directly on big websites/apps like reddit, tumblr, slack, etc.

Documentation / Open sourcing

A large percentage of our code base is already on GitHub. The main unminified app isn't there though, in order to prevent people from modifying the original vision. Most of my bullet points are in after 0.7, and our project is popular enough that it makes sense to open source it and start going with a more open decision making process for the next steps of the project.

Sponsorship program

I've been approached by a few well-staked users from the community, looking for a way to support our project. We are considering proposing a sponsorship program, alike other apps. News about this will probably come from the @dtube account directly, before the next version.

Final words

I personally feel like I am near the end of the initial roadmap I had for DTube when I launched it. Things surely are way too buggy for the audience we have, but I'm confident we can keep on eliminating those bugs one by one like we've done so far in the next version that should only have notifications as a new feature.

D.Tube's web traffic keeps on growing at an alarming rate. We are currently rank #16000 on Alexa, approximately the same rank that Steemit.com was at, about a year ago. Many content creators with millions of followers made their way onto DTube during this patch (for example @furiouspete123), and have always been well received and integrated by our STEEM community. Thank you all for that, and keep up the cooperative and helpful attitude, this is what makes this community go forward so fast.

Also because I believe this will be the last time our uploads will be so buggy, I will leave a BIG SHOUTOUT to all serious content creators who kept on using us regularly, despite many difficulties: @exyle, @dollarvigilante, @davidpakman, @allasyummyfood, @kevinli, @boxmining, @coruscate, @einarkuusk, @adamkokesh, @paolajane, @sergiomendes, @tanbay, @marketingmonk... and all others I couldn't remember

Join DTube's Discord server: https://discord.gg/dtube
Put some stars on our GitHub: https://github.com/dtube
Translate DTube to your language: https://crowdin.com/project/dtube
How to login on DTube: https://about.d.tube#faq1
DTube: https://d.tube
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So much new things. So exiting. I am new to Dtube, but I am here to stay. Having just as much fun as it can be

2018 will be a great year for dtube #steemit


Great stuff! Thinking about starting making videos on dtube.


Dem top comment hijacks, lol


Nice meta meta ing @cryptoctopus long time no read, I need to follow you more and give you shoutout and feature you in my next bogs I wt all my followers to be following th progress of you and @jesta oh I bet theres a Steem Browser being planned I can just feel it in he air!
so meta! I love meta programming my brain on DXM :D from robo tripping to steem blockchain dissociation ad freestyle word salad typing! Now to the more relevant topics at hand!

And also Dtube has embedded Video now on Busy.org so it shows up in the post and even has a preview player in the thumbnail ON busy.org no need to actually click to a new window like on steem, eventually I know steem will "trust" dtube enough to allow the to have embedded video players on steemit as well!

Yes Dtube will become the mos revlevant Steem Dapp in 2018, Kids will straight up be doing the DAPP fuck the Dab they're going to be DAPPINg this year!

and also steepshot will acquire many new features like Snapshat and iNstagram, I'm talking 3d filters and video editing software built in for special effects and LIVE streaming mode,, ohhh yeah we will have Steepshot STORIES just like Instagram and Snapschat!


That'll be amazing :) I'm overtaken by hope every time I envision the grand future that awaits the Steem blockchain ecosystem. I really want all of this to grow magnificently like a beautiful rainbow flower toward the sky.


We only activated SEO for video pages at the moment, which represent a large % of our total pages.

We plan to get channel pages, and our homepage indexed correctly soon as well ;)


Can we bring back 5 star rating system like Youtube had?

Hey I was talking to @elgeko and @fyrstikken on https://steemspeak.com about this and elgeko asked why D.tube can't just have he OLD Youtube 5 star rating system! People loved that system and we might get some serious competitive advantage bringing back all the stuff Youtube doesn't have anymore that people miss!


But how would that be compatible with the Steem vote system? If you set 5 stars, it votes it up? But what if someoen doesn't want to vote but wants to rate? What if they, by rating, forget that they can vote it too? What if by rating it, they feel like they've done enough to support the author and leave?


yes fix the unknown errors for video uploads please, and thanks. Good work you guys are doing so far by the way.


Exactly :) Lovely updates and all, but the bugs are still there at the time of upload.


yep we have waited long enough, time for this bug to be fixed.


Too many things which D.Tube should already be if it wants to be the YT killer.
Planning to do such a simple thing and the slow roll out of other simple things is a death sentence.
See, I DO like what D.tube represents.
But it's no where near where it should be.. specially when it valiantly attempts to sell itself as a giant killer. Belief is good. Delusion is dangerous.

Either simply be D.tube and be what you can be and grow.
Or end the attempt to lure others as the alternative. Many see the truth and that then actually hurts your image/product and future. Even die hards within this system acknowledge this.


YT is never going to die let all be honest, if you try you to YT you will fail BADLY, So I think DTube should be a competitor not a YT Killer, Source YT is owned by Google, Google not going anywhere anytime soon.


I made a living from youtube when I was 15. There is a small change that you don't fail...


OMG Your Profile Pic is the dog from Rick and Morty :D


Mine is the dog from me. Well, like, it is me.

I also like Rick and Morty.


Fake dog, didn't woof.


Error 404: Cat avy not found.


while using google autocomplete :


@carrioner seems like most active steem/dlive/dtube promoter :)


Exciting times we live in and with the growth of the platform more users are merging over from other platforms here thanks heaps


As I do most things on the go and have been terminated from YouTube, I so look forward to transitioning over to DTube - but can’t upload from mobile. I can’t wait to be able to do this!!! Way to go on this project. We will be sharing it on our radio show RTR TRUTH MEDIA

thank you so much for all the hard and amazing work that you do @heimindanger!! I am so glad to hear that you are implementing all these changes and I think they will just keep improving! I am glad to have been there from the very beginning and I will keep posting and making @dtube better! I have just recorded a bunch of new video lessons for @dtube users who will be coming onboard and will do a video to share to all my following outside steemit to 350 k followers, so hopefully it will bring even more people on board! Having that achievement is huge already in such a short time, and you should be very proud of yourself! Alla x


well dtube is really an attractive now this time and the growth on global char of alexa ranking is awesome and hope one day dtube will kill youtube because youtube cannot give many benefits like dtube
Thanks a lot for the great work you're doing and share these all features of dtube in fully details wthich i didnot see and didnot know before read this
no doubt dtube video quality in 720p is much better with and the pixles are better than youtube and i really like to watch videos on dtube
other side 24p option is more good because in earliear i was confuse some time to watch some videos on dtube when my network was some slow and videos size too much and i couldnot play videos but this 240p now it is more awesome and playing well when my network is slow
also good to see your plan for next patch and i will wait for all these which you described here


good to see you here as well @shencoin


this 240p now it is more awesome

I always listen to black metal in 240p for the true cvlt experience.

Anyway, I always record my videos in 720p and with that available now my videos will look more professional. I am really happy about that and I bet everyone else will be too.

I expect that even more Youtubers will come to DTube now as everyone will promote the new DTube features on Youtube.


hahaha black metal in 240p for the trve cvlt experience xD you made my da hahahaha


144p would be even better.
I am sure DTube will consider adding that in the future for all lovers of black metal.


just imagine a "Immortal - Call of the wintermoon" video in HD mindblow


No cvlt experience, however, black metal in high quality actually sounds really good.


very nice cover :) is it you ?



I tried playing guitar for 10 minutes for 4 months without missing a day because I wanted to play it as well.

I realized that to play guitar you need to dedicate way more time into playing it.

3 hours per day minimum if you want to get really really good.

I would have to swap the guitar for the gym and there is no day when I will do that.

Respect to everyone who can play the guitar.

It requires willpower, discipline, accuracy and a lot of time.


Yeah this is just great! I've been looking for the Screwtube alternative for years... finally it appears Dtube is the answer!


I love it and this is amazing news and I'm so excited. Can't imagine where our community will be in one years time.

Thanks a lot for sharing this info with us and for your advice about the quality of content.
It's one of the most important things for Steemit platform success is the quality, as if there is a high-quality content that will attract more audience and more entrepreneurs and agencies to start using steemit and promote their products here as they do on other platforms such as Instagram or Reddit.
Congratulation! for this success :)


It would be great if @dtube could one day kill youtube, but I don't belive @steemit is the system, it's ran too much by bots and not real people. I love the idea of it, but I have been on Youtube for less time then @steemit and I have 1,000 times the followers, and I'm already making money. On @steemit I've lost $120, while people posting content that wouldn't get 5 views on Youtube are making hundreds of dollars per post on @steemit. It's a great idea, but the people who now have the power to make content popular on @steemit have no goals but to line their own pockets with money. When a platform is being ran like that, it just broken. Hopefully they will fix it before something else comes along. This is just the first like this, there will be more. Usually being the first to market means death for the company/project first as soon as something better comes out and exploits the flaws. If @dtube were stand alone, with no ties to @steemit or SP or anything like that, it might have a chance.

Not sure if you already know this, but @furiospete123 said in one of his video that he misses the feature to upload a video without publishing it which can then be scheduled to be automatically listed.

This might be important to get more bigger names to dtube in the longterm.


100% this. This is one of the biggest things holding me back from going all in on dtube, along with playlists. :P


The uploader is still the biggest issue for me. It took me several attempts just to get it to work just now. I also don't like that there's only 4 tags allowed. Didn't it used to be 5?


Thissssssss. We need everything with a scheduler.

amazing. thanks for improving dtube. since many youtubers are shifting to dtube due to its popularity lately. many of us want the features we have in youtube.. the most important one will be debeloping a creator studio or a quick editor where we can make attractive thumbnails for our videos.

Excellent news! We desperately need an alternative to YouTube.

Awesome update! 720p is definitely a great addition. I've been watching some videos on D.tube lately and I really missed HD format.

Plus, really like the google indexing part! This is going to bring in so much organic traffic and D.tube will get even more popular really quickly.

Great future is ahead for STEEM blockchain :)


yeah bro imagine when they get all the features youtube has like livestreaming annotations close captions built in editing and music and VFX and imagine when we have snapchat level augmented reality filters, Dtube videos will be so much more fun when we have all those filters kids use on instagram and snapchat.. Why not bring those to a steem based Video platform like dtube?


wow i love this gif


Yeah it's AWESOME, ain't it?


Wahahaha! The GIF is killin' me! Exactly how I feel! LOL


So funny! And perfectly applies here. All great news! ♡ @amatchgirl


I've been watching some videos on D.tube lately and I really missed HD format.

Same. I didn't realise with my first few uploads and I was like "Why does this look so horrible!?"

This doggo is 1080p or nothing! Guess I have some waiting to do.

Amazing work. I wouldn't be surprised to see Dtube break into the Top 100 sites in the world in the next 2 years due to Youtube, FB and Twitter's censorship. Exciting times we're living in!!

keep it up, dtube development is awesome.

8/10 videos i upload go online right away. when we had to 9,5/10 we can easily compete with youtube.


Yeah, they've really done a great job with the platform. Wish my IT team at work were nearly this productive.


Absolutely! If Dtube fixes it's uploading problems... it's sayonara Screwtube!


I also noticed that, sometimes dtube gets slow we I am uploading my vids but recently it became faster that before. Hope it will become more faster so that we can overtake Youtube.

Boy did we need something to work for us on this blockchain. Can honestly say I was going to take an aside on video til I found @dtube, but now I make videos nearly daily, just because we have this!

Very exciting upgrades. The past few days, I have noticed a remarkable improvement with uploading my videos and with streaming playback.

Thanks for all you do!

Interesting update. I am happy about HD and google indexing. I am waiting for that day when we will be competiting with Youtube for real.

Indexing with google will bring more traffic to our videos which as a result will help us gaining more users.

Great work! HD will make a great difference, I am glad you have pro hardware and are also dealing with the SEO aspects. Congratulations and thanks for your hard work.

EDIT: I just tested the HD feature with a 720 video.. the results seem to need some optimisation as the fade transitions are a bit blocky (maybe a higher bitrate for the 720 videos during conversion?).

I'm also unable to play the video in firefox and chromium was a bit slow.


Welcome to the future!

This is incredible! The DTube team has listened to the people and what we see is a product that the users want! They've just continued to level up time and time again. Working so hard to make the site user friendly and bring more people onto the platform. DTube moving forward is going to be a huge part of the STEEM blockchain. Maybe next to steemit, it'll be one of the most used apps here. Just like YouTube is the 2nd most used site next to Google, I believe DTube will be second only to Steemit. Amazing stuff! Thank you DTube team for working so hard!!! Let's all upvote and resteem!


It's perfect timing to with the Youtube Purge in full effect. These guys will cash in for sure!


Agreed 100%

I told ya:

DTube is going to be the most successful application built on the Steem blockchain.

And here you are: growing faster than one can track :-)

Great updates! Thanks for keeping us posted.
I think you only have to go ahead doing what you've done until now and then this will take off for sure. Well it's already taking off....:-)

Best, Marly -


@surfermarly you are correct. I am so excited after one year Dtube will become a virus that many people will notice. Good thing about us we know it already. For the Dev team, keep it guys.

Just phenomenal and thank you for all the hard work. SO great to see the continued growth and refinement that you do so a big THANK you for all the work. Looking forward to continued content creation for you guys!


Thank you for using DTube regularly, forgot your name in the shoutout !


No shoutout required my friend. Excited to be able to be involved in putting out some content so thanks again for all you do.

Getting better with each update! yes!!


You guys are awesome! DTube is developing SO fast

keep up the good work

I'll admit that I've run into issues on DTube each time I've picked it back up. But that doesn't mean it isn't great and you shouldn't keep growing and improving! These are early days, so best of luck to you and keep at it.

What an awesome news!

R.I.P. Youtube! Long live Steemit!

Way better than youtube

Please consider fixed function hardware encoders - orders of magnitude more efficient. Look forward to 4K support in the near future, but for now HD is a good step forward. Long way away from feature parity with YouTube or Vimeo, but glad to see rapid progress. All the best!


great achievement

Wow huge changes congrats. Yeah CPU encoding is not efficient - slow and expensive. GPU encoding is way cheaper and encoding quality has gone up

I am really liking the new update to d.tube keep up the good work

Theses are great developments for DTube and Steem in general! Thank your for all your hard work @heimindanger!

I like dtube. Good update news @heimindanger

Dtube is developing so fast and its doing an amazing job for the steem community, I think it is breaking a barrier for regular people to start using steem!

Excellent development indeed and i hope you soon add 1080p too which surely give more strength to Dtube.

OMG this is like Christmas and my birthday all at once AND this is the icing on the cake 🤩Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 192.png

Thank you so much for giving all of us this amazing opportunity!




That’s how I felt too!! 😍 Hehe

dtube is attracting more people day by day as youtube has made it difficult to earn rewards now.

Great stuff, I love you @DTube! You're doing fantastic work.

Scaling is always a challenge when growing so fast. YouTube is doing a lot to help by alienating content providers.

ranked #1 :D... great job. And HD getting added is huge.

Dtube still needs a ton more fixing as I constantly get unknown errors popping up when I try to upload videos forcing me to having to be constantly using different browsers which is annoying. #fixDtube

powerfull Quadro P5000 no more delay in dtube

DTube team is working good. I know this is just a start so there many areas where it should be improvised. And i am really sure those developers will make Dtube so strong that youtube will be diminished in upcoming years.

Crypto space is expanding and it's just a child age of blockchain and Crypto and also DTube.

Keep improving DTube. I am in support of DTube,

Incredible work! HD will have an awesome effect, I am happy you have professional equipment and are additionally managing the SEO perspectives. Congrats and a debt of gratitude is in order for your diligent work. Alter: I simply tried the HD highlight with a 720 video.. the outcomes appear to require some streamlining as the blur advances are somewhat blocky (possibly a higher bitrate for the 720 recordings amid transformation?


Yes we are aware of this and we will change this soon

I feel a great sense of satisfaction every time I see one of these update posts. Makes me feel at ease when I see issues resolved. Good work @dtube!

I noticed you guys don't have Mandarin Chinese yet, I would like to help you with that!

Wow thats a great news! Go ahead we are always with you :)

Thanks for the hard work. DTube is probably the most important thing wrt steemit at this point. Youtube's draconian censorship is going to bring a lot of traffic and a lot of content creators. Keep up the good work!

How do you earn on Dtube? is it per view? per likes? And do you get paid in USD or in Steem? Appreciate if you could share some light on this.

It's a really great news fo users!

Dtube everything is steeper!

1.0 is near 😍



Great updates, I have been trying to upload to DTube Daily as well as recruit Popular Youtubers to help bring awareness to the Platform !

WOOHOO! Loving how well DTube is progressing!

Wow great updates ! hope to see dtube more reliable in the future .

add Latvian language, i think i can take the translation job when i have a bit more time :)

What amazing work you have done. All this is moving way too fast for my addled brain. Moves faster every day. Congrats.

Fantastic news here! So great to hear about all of the improvements, I know I’m definitely not the only one who is incredibly appreciative of all the hard work you put into this platform. That’s why I’m so invested in this place, it’s a creative dream to be a part of.
Looking forward to a smoother Dtube experience with these new upgrades. Its great to see the overall reach outside of steemit is readily growing.Thanks again!

Glad you are continuing to improve dude. Hopefully you guys can get as big as youtube one day. :D

WOW, you guys keep BRINGING IT. GPU ENCODING?! are you kidding me. like, stepping up to the plate, in timely manner, i'm way more than impressed.

This is really cool! Dtube has really taken off in the last 2 months!

boom shakalaka! i switched to vlogging on dtube about a month ago...loving it here my man...thank you kindly for this space!!


That is an amazing update, and well worth the wait - I love what you all are doing and you all are heading on the right track. Thanks for making the service even better and better. Keep on keeping on!

This is such grwat news for every dtube user! Can't wait to witness alpha coming out. Amazing job @heimerdanger and big thank you!

Crazy cool! Thank you for all your great work on dTube! It's getting more awesome with each update. Much love, Tom

These are good improvements. Fixing the upload process is one of the big things that has been needed. At the very least, good error messages are essential.

It's still forgetting my settings in the gear menu, though. Any idea when that will be fixed?

This is stunning - especially the addition of subtitles! I certainly wasn't expecting this beefy of an update so soon - @heimindanger you absolutely are rocking the potential. I applaud your efforts - keep stomping on those bugs!

The update is fine, i have problem uploading to Dtube on the previous version

I was going to mine lutefiskecoine with those gpus : /


Our servers are really not optimized for mining crypto currency, but for video transcoding and ipfs shenanigans. I doubt you would see a positive ROI with our setup.


With these updates (especially the higher quality) and the fact the Google pay a pittance for YouTube videos I can only see dTube exploding!

The only little bug I am aware of is that signatures, like the one here, don't render in dTube but do in Steemit.

Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

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Awesome update! Yes, Yes, Yes!

I'm looking forward to seeing what DTube will look like with the 1.0 version!

I don't understand the technical side of any of this but I do understand what a great gift it is to society. Thanks for giving for the betterment of the people.

Damn I'm super stoked!! Nice job guys! I just moved all operations over to Steemit from Screwtube following the 2018 Purge. I really hope this platform succeeds and I will do my best to help bring good folks over! I just uploaded a video and it went up super quick and easy!
So far so good!
All the Best!

This is amazing! Thank you for the update. I can't believe we are getting 720p now :D. One thing I wanted to ask and I don't know if I'll get a response but I noticed that videos after 1 month of posting do not show up on the channel. Are people still able to access them or is that the time limit for them being on the site?

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Wowww that's great. . . .HD? and a lot of more features?
This is gonna rock. . . Love the Updates
Thank you @heimindanger for sharing the valuable info
and congratulations, Glad to know that you got Rank#1

I like all of your posts. Do you have Bitcoin Income? It's great to see your post.


Better than that. I have STEEM income!!


if you don't mind. how much earn per month from steemit ? please ?

I have been having issues ULing any of My vids... Maybe it's because they are all 1080? And all AVI's? Any help would be appreciated. I have good vids I have produced, but DTube keeps puking them out.

Great! Love all the progress you've been making in such a short time!

Those who are struggling in getting noticed, D-tube is the best platform for them to make some bucks.

Great! Every day better.

I just started to look further into DTube and it looks awesome. However, I am still a bit worried about file size and storage should DTube increase in popularity.

But the connection of DTube with the Steemit platform is great.

Thanks for the heads up mate! And the Awesome work you've been doing, we are growing each day thanks to this project, Greeting From Venezuela!

Awesome Plans @dtube i want to see more updates in the future , also i love the way how you can grow by dtube its really awesome , love you guys and Seeya and Have fun !

Yesssss, I'm already 100% about the platform, but these upgrades are niiiice! I love the new previews, this means more and easier traffic to my DTube page from my other social media sites. Yesss!

I always get super excited when I see an update like this. It is super good news to see this awesome platform getting better and better every single second.

The updates on this 0.7 are none than less amazing and very useful. The fact that the platform is getting filled of awesome and original creators it is just amazing.

I am excited to spend even more time in our loved Dtube.

And I am so honoured for the shoutout in the end. Thank you for that ❤ it feels so good to know that You know that even if sometimes there are struggles I have Your back.

Perfect information 👍

Any plans to add Chromecast support? Maybe with the mobile app release?

I think DTube already is as good as YouTube. But it got a much better Community.

Very good post...
informative post....

New version with more qualities <3 love d-tube.

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck :)

Wow, loving the new Dtube improvements.

I was wondering with a little concern whether or not the platform would be adaptive. I'm glad to see that at the very least updates are a thing that happen. The application was a little crude.

Thank you this was great info. I will resteemit

Fantastic news @heimindanger! Notifications will be a great addition on the next patch and all the changes being implemented are a massive step in the right direction. I reported once that I had some issues uploading files in AVI format. The compression worked and the videos posted, but you could not see any thumbnails or previews of it. Hope you have had the chance to take a look at that.
Great work and see you around!

Sorry guys, I upload a video today and it finish perfect all the process but I can´t watch it, it never start playing...does anyone know what can I do?