Update | v0.4.0: Platform Updates, Guest Accounts & More

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A new round of updates have hit the DLive platform today, such as a DLive watermark automatically embedded in your thumbnails - no more grinding on Photoshop to represent DLive!

You can find a list of updates below.



  • Thumbnails will be compressed automatically.

  • Users will no longer need to add a DLive logo to their thumbnails. A DLive logo will automatically be added.

  • A DLive guest account system has been implemented. You can login using other services that will provide you limited permissions.

  • Removed /#/ from the URL.

  • Video playbacks will start at 480p quality and adjust based on your connection speed.

  • DLive Brand Resources are now publicly available on the website under Help



Here at DLive we reward our content creators without taking a cut from them! The community that we have built together is so amazing and everybody gets along from all corners of the globe. We are very appreciative of you guys who are supporting DLive!

What is your favorite update from the list above and do you have any suggestions? Throw them in the comments below.

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Visit the DLive website!


So I broadcast via restream.io through:

  1. YouTube
  2. Periscope
  3. Twitch
    All at once just fine.

I paid re-stream for a custom url and put in the info for DLive to stream there as well, however it does not work. I am using the OBS open source streaming software to stream through restream.io.

Does dlive no work with restream.io or doe I need to adjust something to make it work?

From what I understand Dlive does work with restream. I have been looking into that option as well so I can hit multiple platforms. You just have to use the custom server option (Which i think is $15 a month) and then enter all your credentials. Also sometimes they only take the server info and that password so you have to use a backslash to enter the user name (clientxxxx) and the password.

Thank you for saying this!🙏
I stream on the same platforms and thanks to your comment I can now integrate Dlive with little effort!

@threebagsfull @sovereignalien thanks for the info! Can I ask the exact syntax when you say "use a backslash to enter the user name (clientxxxx) and the password"?

I'm wondering if what you're explaining would be a solution to what I'm trying to do, which is restream with nginx-rtmp module.

I'm not sure how to stream to dlive without being able to enter a login and password, is there a way to pass it all through one url?

Any insight anyone can offer would be super appreciated. Thanks!

Restream.io works for me - it acts as a proxy. From 600 bitrate to 4000 thanks to Restream.

Great to see continuous progress. I have already noticed that Dlive is much better than it was just weeks ago when I started using it.

Full Steem Ahead!

Can you remove the glitch that gives streamers fake views listing them at the top when they reload their broadcast 600+ times?

What exactly are the guest login limitations? I have potential newcomers who might want to check it out without having to wait for steemit to approve them

obviously they won't be able to upvote... they dont have steemit credit

will they be able to stream?

Hope not . I would be very pissed if someone can create a random twitch account and can stream on dlive . I gave my Personal Informations for a legit account (Phone Number and email)

DLive is killing it with the updates and communication. Much love to all the staff and brilliant minds behind this platform.

My favorite update form the list would be the new guest system. I think it will be cool to let viewers start commenting right away while they wait for their steemit account to be created.

I would love to stream but I just don't think anyone would want to watch me talk about movies. lol :D

Of course we would @gomovies! There's always someone watching. Right now no one else is really doing movie reviews there so you would be leading the whole category yourself! It may start off slow and you'll feel like you're talking to yourself at first but someone will be there with you.

If they are fantasy/scifi I am in

Good work :)

Great job @dlive. Do you know if there is a good set of instructions on how to stream music? I would love to be able to set up a radio station.

Self upvoted for visibility as I think many people would like to see this answered

I can walk you through if you need any help. The question is do you have all music licenses ....

I've only streamed a few times, but it seems like my streams just got drowned out. I'm going to try again this week and hope for better visibility. I stream mainly left4dead stuff, but I'm thinking of streaming a weekly gaming news segment for my gaming community on Google+.

From the test streams I did it seems DLive is a pretty well functioning platform for streamers. I did notice you have to stream at or below 2.6mbps, otherwise it locks up though. That's the fastest rate I;ve been able to get it to accept so far.

But at least it holds a fairly steady stream. YouTube on the other hand locks up sometimes almost constantly ruining my stream. When I got a disconnected in DLive it was only momentary, rather than YouTube 20 second plus lapses.

I’ve gone all the way up to 3 mbps without issue. Perhaps it’s a problem just on your end?

This is the earliest I have ever been to a dlive post. I would love to stream but I just don't think anyone would want to watch me talk about movies. At least on netflix I have 3k subs and someone them show up to talk with me.

You have 3 k subs on netflix and you like your own post :D ?

...I need to go to sleep... I meant to say Youtube.

I now feel like a moron. Wow.

As for upvoting my own post, my upvote a few of my own a day. I generally upvote 5-7 other people a day. I can't wait until I get to like $1 so I can find a random content creator and drop a 100% upvote on them.

Haha no Problem mate, i was just joking ;)
Have a good sleep later on 👋🏿

Its almost 2 and Im not 100% sure why Im still up. Thanks. #NiceSteemians

Guess we'll have to wait longer for 1080p streaming 😞

"A DLive guest account system has been implemented. You can login using other services that will provide you limited permissions."

Why add login via facebook or youtube, if nothing can be done
As for me, instead of adding such options, you should take care of the website interface
Or share the page code and the community will do it for you :)

yes @dlive is a great platform. I have published close to 20 but still dlive does not see me. @dlive I think I'm a bad publisher? :) :)

i should say, i love @dlive to date. i'm so satisfied that it's starting to benefit traction within the steemit community! i've in no way been plenty of a stay streamer, but there may be so much incentive to have fun and research the bits and bobs of creating appropriate live stream content material! thank you for the splendid rad app

I must say, I love @dlive so far. I'm so glad that it's starting to gain traction in the Steemit community! I've never been much of a live streamer, but there's so much incentive to have fun and learn the ins and outs of creating good live stream content! Thanks for the super rad app!

Thanks for the positive changes!

fantastic! some great updates. when you say compress the thumbnail does that mean we can use bigger than 1mb gifs again? if so, yay! :)

Will it be possible to use more than 1800-2000 kbps streaming output bitrate? At twitch.tv I use 3000 but @dlive OBS shows 50-80 % dropped frames with higher bitrate

I’ve had no issue streaming with a 3000 bitrate. I think this is something on your end.

ok thanks.
strange...will try to tweak a little more than :-)

A bit of a shameless plug, but I actually made a video going over the settings I normally use - though I have pushed it up further as of late. Trying to find that sweet spot where I can get 60 FPS constant in game while having a buttery-smooth and high quality stream: https://dlive.io/video/capnsostre/96a4d4f0-1ffa-11e8-be01-5bf7a6e5d482

I'll probably update this video, as it was made quickly to share with someone else looking to optimize the stream and I'm constantly experimenting anyway. :)

can you make some document for dlive system.
especially about video file store and host.
some ppl sayin you using ipfs for file store.
i think you using ipfs for thumbnails,but not videos

im using dtube for my videos.
but dlive is much smoother for videos also.
so im considering moving to dlive.
before making decision,i want to know more about dlive.

plz give me link,if there is some webpage or any document for more information.

thank you for keep working on it @dlive it's good have you in this platform

Keep crushing it guys. I just mentioned in the Discord group that people need to see how amazing this platform is right now and what it will become.

Love seeing the support you all give to us as streamers and by continuing to improve your platform. Seeing all the changes and new additions continues to convince me I made the right decision to stay away from Facebook Live and Periscope....

It's Dlive for life now LOL

Very nice update...

Video playbacks will start at 480p quality and adjust based on your connection speed

Been waiting for this update, as it will make streaming more easy and straight forward rather than the initial breaking constantly, due to bad or poor network

Thanks to team dlive for always going beyond our expectations.

Very cool! Tested my first stream today and it seems to be going swimmingly :)

Great updates!

I think that traditional platforms are looking more and more ridiculous now that we have all the decentralized ones, which are in my opinion MUCH fairer with their users.

Dlive is one of the best live streaming platform have ever came across.

I like DLive a lot and it will be exciting to see it grow even more in the future :)

DLIVE is amazing. Things we did not think of before have been done in this update. I am proud to be in the DLIVE community...

@dlive a german support or in the drop down are nice

Guests Account sounds good

thanks dlive. I really appreciate you. I am glad to be able to join here.

To be honest, we need servers in Europe which should be 1 of your top priorities.

you guys rock, thank you very much for the hard work. The guest feature is an amazing idea now people like me with 150k+ followers can invite their followers easiely to dlive #TeamDlive

Thanks for your worthy updates

Keep up great work @dlive

i always say dlive is the best

I would actually say that YouTube has a fair algorithm, but it is more complex than normal. Twitch and YouTube also have new streamer retention, which is extremely subjective in the first place.

True, though DLive is so new that it's hardly saturated the way twitch is. DLive has yet to implement a chat similar to twitch and youtube, which is honestly what it's lacking.

When looking at a platform, saturation should not be something to look at. The people will sort the bad from the good, and more saturation means the market will be more ready for disruption from a creative person.

However, I love the community a lot more on DLive than other places.

You guys have been amazing. Making such great progress. I know we have been having troubles but every start is hard. I got to say that my Shows are not having any difficulties now and this is just awesome. Thank you Dlive Team for your dedication and support you have been Outstanding !!!

My experiences have been getting better and better every time I stream - great job @dlive.

i love this update

Amazing Update, That why i'm dedicate my self to Dlive :)

Is anybody else having difficulties getting gifs to play on their Dlive broadcast thumbnail? The first GIF I made worked, but the last two sadly did not. I must be doing something wrong, I'm a noob.
Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

(This is one of the GIFS that did not work)

a brilliant idea of ​​@dlive continues to advance and work

Oh i love it.

wow, these are really great update features. I'm really happy to see this. I was having some trouble convincing some youtubers to come over because they felt the platform was cluncky.

do i need a Pc to dlive or can i use mobile alone?

I can not wait when Dlive add the ability to stream in 1080p at 60fps without any problem

Dlive is great! The team is great as well. But I feel like you guys need more help in Discord. The last week I have had problems getting help for tech issues. The current team is doing the best they can. There are tons more people streaming. I try to help others when I can, and will continue to do so, but you all could really use more official help. I would be willing to help as well. Because I am now an expert in that bug where it says you have a stream already. That pinned message doesnt always help. lol

I am Korean.
I want to increase the number of dlive users in Korea.
Let's discuss it together.
Can you steam chat?

So i justneed to setup my livestream like i normally does and there should be a dlive logo automatically?

Thanks for your article and the great platform.
Check out my tutorial if you wanna know How to: Use your Android mobile device as streaming camera with OBS, using IP Webcam.

How long do videos currently get stored in Dlive? DTube apparently only holds videos for up to 30 days. thanks.

honestly the updates are amazing i have been using dlive for a bout a week and a half streaming overwatch. Took some time to figure out how to get the quality good but i did. The only issue im having is uploading.. My streams are usually long between 6-8 hours long and wont upload to dlive..
BUT i absolutely love the updates!

Hi @dlive, could one of your updates allow for the use of a private key? On my main profile, I lost my password and it won't allow me to connect my account with any of the other keys I provided. This would put you on par with the other services using steem's blockchain.

Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you so much for DLive and for the update!
My favorite is that you're including a DLive watermark in all thumbnails.

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