Advanced Steem Metrics Report for 5th October 2016

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Making invisible visible: 7 charts and 3 tables with daily Steem metrics.


This is a version 0.5 of my daily reports designed to be a comprehensive source of Steem metrics. I am working on adding more metrics and visual improvements.

How to read

Every chart starts on 1st of June and extends to yesterday. The number on the label attached to the Y axis on the right is the yesterday's value for that chart.

Historical charts have STEEM/USD volume weighted daily price on the Y axis on the left of the chart.

User acquisition

A basic metric of any startup, user acquisition provides insights into the future trends of Steem platform.

Chart is based on number of new accounts grouped by the created date. Only accounts that have performed any of these actions are included: post, comment, vote.

User engagement

A number of engaged accounts grouped by distinct activity. At least one action (vote, post or comment) is required.


High quality content generation has a well positive feedback loop with traffic acquisition through short term viral promotion and long term SEO benefits.

Only posts with >= 2 votes and comments with >= 0 votes are counted.

Daily votes by marine fauna

Number of votes made yesterday by minnows, dolphins and whales by percentiles. Chart shows that most Steem users do not maximize their voting power and therefore do not maximize their curation rewards.

Note: Voting power depletes completely by voting 200 times during 5 days, so this chart has some degree of imprecision.

If you are interested in increasing your curation rewards, get in touch with me on

Payout metrics

Payout data is a sum of pending and past payouts for posts created on the given date.

Distribution of post payouts for for 5th of October

This is a breakdown of post payouts per percentile. Only top 25% of post payouts are visible on the chart.

Some examples from the distribution of post payouts

75% of post payouts (not visible on this chart) are less than 4 SBD

90% of post payouts are less than 37.4SBD

97% of post payouts are less than 117.4SBD

1% of post payouts are greater than 291.3SBD

Read more about Power law distribution

Top 25 post payout ranking for 5th of October

Top 25 Posts by Payout Ranking for 5th October

Payout Percent of total daily payout Title Author
721 SBD3.38%My Favorite Spots in Amsterdam for SteemFest - A Review by Charlie Shrem@charlieshrem
658 || marketing concept pt.3 || close view on target groups and tasks of [en/de]@essra
595 SBD2.79%Collect SD for visit to SteemFest by our team. Part ⅗ + gifts from Belarus.@vi1son
569 SBD2.67%Hi I'm Rocky@rockyromano
526 SBD2.47%My Love Letter to Valparaiso, Chile // Finding Peace and Life in a Port City@anwenbaumeister
461 SBD2.16%BlockTrades adds new OPEN.USD <-> Steem/Steem Dollars purchase paths@blocktrades
440 SBD2.06%The Daily Curie (4th Oct - 5th Oct 2016)@curie
401 SBD1.88%1000 FOLLOWERS SPECIAL! Freestyle by @sirwinchester@sirwinchester
400 SBD1.87%CEMETERY GATES (An Original Poem)@serejandmyself
360 SBD1.69%Let's learn together! Creating figure from the modeling clay.@terrycraft
344 SBD1.61%Mending Fences@perspective
304 SBD1.42%LiveStreem: @blakemiles84 / @modprobe@modprobe
296 SBD1.39%Roadtrip to Berlin to shoot the Steemit Film!@sirwinchester
295 SBD1.38%Jubilee Shockwaves To Continue Throughout This Fall@dollarvigilante
289 SBD1.36%SteemSports: - 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Italy vs Spain - Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
270 SBD1.26%The First Steem Saturday registration is now available... don't miss out.@gavvet
246 SBD1.15%$STEEM/BTC Daily Poloniex+Bittrex Technical Analysis / Market Report Update #65, "Oblivion?" Oct. 05, 2016.@ozchartart
238 SBD1.11%LITTLE GIRL BLUE… I Tried@macksby
230 Payment processing suspended soon - Time for a new focus and perspective.@steve-walschot
227 SBD1.07%Diary: 10-04-16 Shooting The STEEMIT Promo Film - "Behind The Scenes" VLOG@mrs.steemit
222 SBD1.04%Food for Thought: The World's Best Chefs' Advice Goes Beyond the Kitchen@carolinemarie
210 SBD0.98%Steemperlen #20@knozaki2015
208 SBD0.98%20 questions with Chelsea Dinsmore@wadepaterson
207 SBD0.97%Strange Relations, Al Church, and Night Moves celebrate 5 years of the Amsterdam Bar@pfunk
190 SBD0.89%A Day in the Life Of....Ned Scott@blockchainblonde

Top 25 Top Posts by Net Votes with Rewards Less than 10 SBD for 5th October

Number of votes Payout Title Author
2301.559Hello! I'd Like to Introduce Myself Again and Ask You to Please Vote For @fyrst-witness - The Viking Steemit Needs@contentjunkie
2212.915Steemit is going to become a multi billion dollar business - if we do this the right way!@fyrstikken
2039.838Daily payouts leaderboards, October 4@masteryoda
1894.887Latte art Hedgehog.@smailer
1862.551Roger & Snorre - Complete Season 2@fyrstikken
1820.497How To Be The Bank and Lend Out Money on Poloniex for Guaranteed Daily Interest@contentjunkie
1741.493Steemit Excavator - The Nasty Beast - Art-Work ( Original By @bullionstackers )@bullionstackers
1724.929Different shades of sunsets@always1success
1685.007Greetings Steemit Community! My name is Jon- Read more to learn about what changed my life and how I love what I do for a living@alangrant
1669.494Steemprentice Spotlight Payout Rewards & What are your Steemprentice Spotlight Ideas?@virtualgrowth
1666.892Week 4 Fantasy Football: I Lost@bacchist
1655.452A Great Opportunity to Support Biogas/Biodigester Project for La Gonâve, Haiti!@steemitcharity referral program, 10% for all time, paid in steem power@craig-grant
1643.207Hello Steemit, I'm Jim -- A New Englander Suburbanite and soon-to-be Panamanian Cowboy@dontio
1626.762Steemplus (Wednesday, October 5th) - The Daily Newspaper that Pays You to Find High-Quality Content.@steemplus
1627.134Pearlescent Poems # 8: Spiritual Awakening Part 2@verbal-d
1610.702Excavator poem by @patelincho@patelincho
1609.813Every Day Is Economic-Collapse Day [ Prepare Accordingly!!! ]@kyriacos
1592.108Pencil Portrait Drawing Of A Couple By EdgarsArt Final Part@edgarsart
1560.2884chan is Running Out of Money and Martin Shkreli Wants To Buy It@contentjunkie
1467.475I Cashed Out My Retirement Savings At Age 23!@kaylinart
1451.121Drunk Cooking Episode 1 - Dirty Pizza (Steemit Web Comedy Series)@mrwang
1442.513@poeticsnake reads the DIRTIEST POETRY ever posted to #steemit@fyrstikken
1400.694BLOCKCHAIN vs. CENTRAL BANKING..!!@stephenkendal

Top 15 Posts by Unique Comment Authors Ranking for 5th October

Number of unique commenters Number of comments Payout Title Author
46930Guess How Many? #20@bola
36760BET ON IT@bola
33614011000 FOLLOWERS SPECIAL! Freestyle by @sirwinchester@sirwinchester
2937403SteemSports: - 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Italy vs Spain - Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports
29306Meme Collection / The Steem Meme Project@benjojo
2839462BlockTrades adds new OPEN.USD <-> Steem/Steem Dollars purchase paths@blocktrades
25295Dan & Ned's Pug Meme Adventures / The Steem Meme Project@benjojo
21440Steemit Tips : 5 Reasons Why You Should Fill Out The Comments Section@positivesteem
2034296Roadtrip to Berlin to shoot the Steemit Film!@sirwinchester
1925297Jubilee Shockwaves To Continue Throughout This Fall@dollarvigilante
1927724My Favorite Spots in Amsterdam for SteemFest - A Review by Charlie Shrem@charlieshrem
17316Steemplus (Tuesday, October 4th) - The Daily Newspaper that Pays You to Find High-Quality Content.@steemplus STEEM / Steem Dollar Integration SUCCESS! (Adoption News!)@klye
1624155SteemSports: Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers (Thursday Night Football) - Mass SP Distribution Game!@steemsports


The data and visualization in this post may contain errors and inaccuracies. Don't make important decisions without verifying data yourself. If you have any suggestions or found an error in the data, please get in touch with me on


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