Hello! I'd Like to Introduce Myself Again and Ask You to Please Vote For @fyrst-witness - The Viking Steemit Needs

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Today @fyrstikken launched his campaign to become a Steemit witness. You can see his full thread here Frystikken for Witness to Make Steemit Grow and Prosper. In full disclosure, I am working with @fyrstikken on this witness node and helping maintain it.

While I'd like to keep a quasi form of anonymity here it won't be too hard for anyone really looking to connect the dots. If you didn't catch my first #introducemyself post, I'm web developer / internet marketer from Toronto Canada. I'm in my mid thirties and love the downtown city life. But why should I be running a witness node? Well here are few things about me that help qualify me for working with @fyrstikken as a witness administrator.

Linux Experience

I've been working with Linux since the late 90's. While other kids in high school were out getting laid I was with my nerd friends setting up Doom and Quake LANs while installing new distros of linux and discussing hacks. Gentoo will always have a special place in my heart.

Whether as a Desktop GUI or a back end server, I'm a seasoned Linux veteran.

Programming Experience

I was formally educated as computer programmer / system analyst. My career has lead me to specialize in marketing technology. While originally trained in Java, I've spent most of my years working on web applications and PHP. I have been using Steemit as a chance to learn Python and have a few more novelty bots up my sleeve ;)

The existence of the automated @dickbutt system should qualify me on it's own!

Social Media Experience

I have been lucky enough in my professional career to have worked with a couple online social communities that underwent hyper-growth. I bring with me great insights into user acquisition and retention in social media. Steemit appears to be ready to sky rocket in users and I hope I can lobby to help with some simple optimization changes that can enable that.

How You Can Vote

In the top right corner click on those 3 horizontal lines to bring up the menu

Now from the menu click on the 'Witnesses' link

Scroll down to the bottom and type 'fyrst-witness' in the text box and click vote!

Congratulations you've made the right choice!

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I am @fyrstikken and I can verify this post :) My Witness should be in the best of hands while I focus on getting users and investors into steemit :)

OK, I voted.


Go get'em guys!


wait...are you the creator of Dickbutt?


Yes, that would be I.

The bot here not the original drawing


Dickbutt for witness! Where's the original drawing from?

Ok, seems we are jumping the gun....I love the promotion of @fyrstikken for witness but still can't vote for him. Tried earlier. Tried just now. Will try again tomorrow assuming the hurricane doesn't knock out my internet!


Make sure you are typing 'fyrst-witness' and not @fyrstikken. It's a seperate account just for the witness.


Oh man....that's it! Doh! I feel like there will be others that do this...lol


Yes it works if you use fyrst-witness - I successfully voted for him earlier.

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