Payment processing suspended soon - Time for a new focus and perspective.

in steempay •  2 years ago will no longer provide payment processing as of October 10, 2016.

The reasons behind this are very simple.

Thanks to @klye (upvote that man guys!) coinpayments is now accepting SBD/STEEM. This means, their existing infrastructure and userbase, 100.000's of shops worldwide can now accept STEEM/SBD with a few clicks.

The running costs of are becoming too much to pay without any kind of fee attached to it.

From the start I've stated that becoming a top 19 witness was the only way I could support this project as-is. I've enjoyed the top 19 position for a brief moment, but, lacking enough votes I'm back to position 21.

All of these factors combined have lead to this decision being made. None of them would individually make me decide this, but the combination is very bad.

But SteemPay will shift its focus!

While monetary processing will be disabled, a few cool new options will be developed. Here's the scheduled work after October 10th

  • Pay by upvote

  • Pay by witness upvote

  • Diverse donation enhancements

The scheduled work, like the mobile wallet, is still in the pipeline. All work got put on hold due to other priorities.

The only branch that will be suspended, is payment processing as a service. This means I can run on cheaper infrastructure as well to bear the running costs.

Will you ever resume the services ?

Maybe. First I'll try to focus on the remaining objectives for

How could we possibly support you anyway?

As asked in all of my recent posts (and those are a lot!), please take the time - 2 minutes, really! - to upvote me as a witness. This process is very simple yet crucial for any project that depends on it. Here's how:

Don't just upvote my post. Take the time to do this please.

Thank you for supporting me

And i really mean that. Amazing how this community can work together as a whole!

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Thanks for the update. Resteemed

Makes sense. Like Satoshi said, moving on to other things.

To be fair, the main reason that @steve-walschot is now out of top 19, is on 4th October his witness node has been down for 4 hours (probably due to bad luck).

Grats on moving into the top #19 !!!

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