Did they go to different planets? I have only seen a few episodes. I guess they were in space sometimes. Also, Rick & Morty. If you think about it, other shows may go to space too, including Scorpion, a show focused on smart people. Walter went to space. Futurama premiered around 1996, right? Around that time & it was like a Sci-Fi version of the Simpsons. Also, King of the Hill premiered around that time too and was the realistic evolution from the Simpsons some said or something like that.

Its so much more than a scifi version of the simpsons. its actually even better than rick and morty (oh god, i feel the hate coming) and yes, they visit different planets all the time. if you find the time - its definitely worth watching. you could compare it to rick and morty, futurama is just more happy i would say.

I like the robot the most on Futurama. Second favorite is the guy's GF, the one eye girl. The guy is my third favorite. My fourth favorite is the Asian girl. Fifth, the old doctor guy. Yeah, Futurama is happier than Rick & Morty in a lot of ways & was written in a safer & more general way compared to Rick & Morty.

Rick & Morty is possibly more radical in some ways than South Park & the Family Guy & other Adult Swim cartoons.

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