Royal Bot Reviews: @sleeplesswhale The bot that takes bids and then doesn't vote

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sleepless logo.png

This morning I went to the bottrackers website to give the bots a gamble.
I saw that sleepless whale was supposed to be throwing a profit at the time I bid.

The @sleeplesswhale account was created October 2017.
Currently accepts SBD; maybe STEEM to but I haven't tried.
This bot will upvote comments or posts.
No listed cut off dates.
They are noisy based off the records on
No advertised way to get ahold of customer service.

I sent my bid of 0.1 as their website suggests and got a screenshot of the end of round bid to do my comparison.

end bid 2.png

I got a screenshot of the end of the bids and start of vote disbursement showing that 3 people bid after me and everyoe but me got their votes.

end of round no vote2.png

my transfer 1.png

Conclusion: This bot will take your money and not vote if it thinks it can get away with it. That is good if you are one of the people that gets voted on as your vote percent will go up. This is bad if you are the person having your money stole by a dishonest company.

Fine print:
This information was accurate at time of posting, but there is a possibility that the bot owner has changed their code in between when I wrote this and you read it. I will try to keep these up to date but do your diligence before bidding.
I will give you the caution that whenever you use bid-bots you should be prepared to loose part of your investment as people can vote after you and bring your share of the rewards pool down. Always check how the bot performed last round, compare it to how they paid out before you bid and be prepared to potentially loose your investment.

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@boomerang Please read about this bot before you use it!

Stay away:

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I was sleep when a few minutes ago I bid 1 SBD to @smartsteem. I got back 1.55, that is almost 50% lost when I take 1.55*0.75/2
Again, showed positive ROI for @bit4joy and I got back just 1.70
@bit4joy is a bot that always has produced nice results. But not, today. To many people gambling


No honney. You win more than your 1 sbd. Look here i am.not the owner of this bot nor having any relation with them but you are wtong. You won and you won more than you calculated.

It is like this

1 sbd fees
You got 1.7
1.55x0.75 = 1.15
So your return is 115%
So your profit os 15%

Now your return is divided into two portions

1.15 ÷ 2

Sbd 0.575
Sp 0.575÷ steem price 3.4 = 0.2 sp

So you are a wonner of 35%

Please try to learn steemit rules


Please learn arithmetic before you preach: 1.7x0.75= 1.275, and NOT 1.35
Divided by 2 = 0.6375 SBD
Plus 0.6375/4.226 = 0.1508 STEEM

0.1508*1/0.882 = 0.1710 SBD

Total SBD = 0.6375 + 0.1710 = 0.8085

Please try to learn steemit rules

You always like to preach. That is why I fired your services as Resteemer.


OMG all of this haterage against me inside your heart bcz i tried to explain to you the process regardless the nearst numbers ...

You fired me. What can i do. Nothing. I wish you happy steem with others.

Thank you.



Ahhh... I have remembered you...

You were sending 0.01 steem when steem was bu 0.6 sbd and I was upvoting you fully as if you sent 0.01 SBd...

So who was Preaching me or you....!!!

I saw now your wallet... you are a clever girl ... jumping very fast by the bots....

I wish the others to learn ftom you

Bye bye my ex boss.

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From 2 days back all bots are giving lower results ... not becauae of them. No. Bcz of us the members

They have fixed limit but the number of members increased from 400000 before 2 months to 780000 today so the profit of any bot if it doesnot increase its power is divided by 2 bcz all now are using these bots


Yes i agree, there are more people bidding and that lowers the amount of vote weight for each person....
This bot took my money and didn't even upvote....

@red-rose glad to see you are back on steemit, hope you are doing better... saw you were in the hospital when I originally stopped by your page. I was going to checkout your bot services and still plan to come check them out and do a review.


Hi. Always fixed bot is better than gambling bot.
For example minnowbooster is the best bot ever found here in steemit. Fix value what is so ever you bid you will be winnwr
But now they are in shortage due to high load.

For me i am still in hospital.
I can not use my mobile akways.
So i can not read the pists to upvote them

So please wait me till i return bavk ...may after few days...

For me i am not a bot . I read abd upvote and resteem ... my upvotes up to 500% of your fees ..maxum fees are 0.03... only... i do not have power but i do this as service to my friends

Thank you for your usual support

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