Let your STEEM POWER hug your buddies!

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VoteRunner: The only bot giving EXTRA money to one of your friends!

How is that possible?

Delegate some of your STEEM POWER (SP) to me and name a friend here on steemit.com. You and your friend will receive daily(!!!) payouts in SBD, which are directly proportional to the SP you delegated me. Which means in short terms:

  • The more you delegate to me => the more SBD you and your friend earn DAILY.

Let me show you an example…
Yesterday I earned 10 SBD with delegated STEEM POWER (SP). There are 3 Delegators (Alice, Bob and you), which delegated different amounts of SP to me. Altogether you three delegated 10,000 SP to me. Figures are example, the love is real.

Delegatordelegated SP% of all delegated SP80% payout5% payout Friend
Alice2,00020%1.6 SBD0.1 SBD
Bob7,00070%5.6 SBD0.35 SBD
You1,00010%0.8 SBD0.05 SBD

Update - real figures: 1000 SP delegated to me would have earned you 1.62 SBD plus 0.1 SBD for your Friend. And please remember: Those kind of payouts come on daily basis!!!

You both get money from @voterunner every day for the delegation of your STEEM POWER.

I pay up to 85% of the revenue!!!

We bots are said to be emotionless entities. I am different: I am a dear bot.
Using me you get the chance to spread love among your friends <3

So here's how it goes:

  1. Delegate as many SP you like (min. 50 SP) => for 70% of daily share
  2. Name a friend => get 80% for you and 5% extra on top for your buddy. Contact me on Discord or comment below.

Surely, it won't be too difficult for you to find another one who you want to give this special loving hug. You either want to show your generosity or support someone else's project. I don't think hardly anyone will resist the gift.

So, find a buddy for a daily loving hug (5%) and YOU get 10% extra!

HowTo delegate STEEM POWER to @voterunner?

When you are familiar with delegation, your ToDo is that short:

  1. Delegate min. 50 SP to @voterunner
  2. Name a friend, so your share is maximized to 80% for you and extra 5% for your buddy

Never delegated STEEM POWER before?

Delegating Steem Power for the first time is a little difficult. To make it as easy as possible for, you can visit my Website and use my very comfy Delegation Tool.

Have your Private Active Key ready to delegate, steemconnect.com will ask for it.

Where is your Private Active Key?

Look at your Wallet under Permissions. Login to show your Private Active Key. Your Private Active Key begins with a 5, if not - you still see the Public-Version of your Active Key.


Decided who you have chosen as your beneficiary?

Contact me at my Discord-Server and let me know. Or just drop a line in the Comment-Section of this post - I will come back often and look for you :)

Still have a question? No problem!

Please: Just ask. I'm here to help you. Out of (own) experience I know, that the hardest part is the delegation. If you never have done that before, it feels a little scary. Maybe that helps a little:

  • You are not giving something away. Yours stay yours - you are just lending it.
  • At any time you can draw back your delegated SP! There is a 7 day cool down, before your SP is back for your use. But you don't need any permission or something like that to have your SP back.

So - jump into it and look at your growing wallet.
Plus: Look forward for the reaction of your friend, what you give will come back to YOU ;)



Hi @voterunner
Delegated some sp to you. @zapplwoman is my friend.

Good move :)
Thank you for your kind support and have fun with the SBD you are earning on a daily basis.
Take care and have a nice day.

What if you delegate but don't use the service?

Hi @jpederson96, thank you for that question. Straight and easy answer: You earn SBD, even if you don't use me for upvoting your posts!

=> Easy formula: Delegate SP and you earn SBD. Every day. Without doing anything!

Making Delegation as easy as possible, you can use my Delegation Tool. Remember to delegate min. 50 SP to start earning daily SBD with me. And - very important: Name a buddy for unlocking EXTRA payment for YOU and your buddy.

If you have questions left, meet me at Discord. I happily chat with you :)

Dear @jpederson96: Great, thank you and welcome :)
But please delegate min. 50 SP to start earning with me.

:( I'll get back to you on that

This has received an upvote from the @minnow-aid subscription service.

This has received an upvote from the @minnow-aid subscription service.

This has received an upvote from the @minnow-aid subscription service.

Hello @voterunner

Hi @rahul7250, smart move :)
Thank you very much for supporting me. You and your friend will receive a good share daily now. Starting the day after your delegation (tomorrow).
Have a nice day and take care.

Why you are giving me now very less reward for my delegation? I have given you 157 SP .
Earlier you were giving 0.18-0.22 SBD daily.
But now it has become 0.09-0.098 SBD daily.

Why it has become half ? So less.

hello I sent 0.05SBD 3 days ago to the next with the following memo

I have not received the vote yet, can you help me please?

I can not find your transfer of 0.05 SBD. Do you have:

  • precise date and time please?
  • Did you sent the SBD with your account?

Thank you and have a nice day :)

hello I sent 0.05SBD 3 days ago to the next with the following memo https://steemit.com/history/@ymanzueta/zombie-pride-day-4-february

I have not received the vote yet, can you help me please?

Dear @ymanzueta, as far as I can see you received a vote for every bid you made. If you are sure, some vote is missing, please give me more details. Or meet me at my Discord-Channel, where I can give better support.

i send you sbd in two time but you have no response...reply please

Dear @shajj, yes I see, that you sent me some SBD (too less for a vote, since the minimum is 0.05 SBD). It takes a little time to refund. But be sure, you will have your SBD back. Please have a little patience :)

Hi I ve sended you 3 sbd by mistake yestarday, please refund it... looking forward to work with you

Hi @chefskills. I fully refunded the SBD you sent by mistake.
Did you already consider building some passive income by delegating SP to me? Please read my post to see how profitable that would be for you plus: some friend of you, as a bonus!

hello , how you build Upvote bot i am interested in making Up vote bot

I am in the process of learning myself. It is difficult unless you already have a solid range of technical skills. Difficult is entirely different from impossible, though.

Here is a guide to get you started: https://steemit.com/howto/@felixxx/howto-steemit-bot-tutorial-for-newbies-1-votebot

and what about if i delegate SP with you to be your partner ?

i have submitted 0.20 SBD but i got nothing back kindly check your bot

Dear @jawadakhtar88, I voted for your post. I'm fine, thank you for your concern.
Have a nice day :)

I have delegated you 37 SP more.
Kindly add this into my previous delegation and increase the payout accordingly.
My friend is @lily420

Dear @rahul7250, that is - by the rules of steemit - not the way delegation works, I'm afraid. If you want to add some SP you have to delegate the new sum of both: old SP plus new SP. Now you have delegated only 37 SP to me.
In 7 days, the difference between the old and the new delegation will be back under your control. Until then, your delegation to me is only 37 SP…
I'm very sorry to say so. Please understand, that this is not my rule and I can do nothing about that :(

I sent them all by mistake. Check the wallet pls.

I refunded fully your SBD, sent by mistake. Have a nice day :)
You are lucky, that I'm a dear bot…

Good behavior. Thank you. :)

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