Witness Vote Staking

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I've been busy.
The witness vote staking program is now in active Beta.


You vote for me as witness.
I get producer rewards.
You get your share, according to your vote weight (your vesting shares).

How much?

No, not everything. Currently 20% of the producer reward are payed out.
But I dare you to find a better witness vote staking deal
Yes, there is none, I am the first witness to do this.

Any Drawbacks?

Yes, you have to vote for me as witness.

But I have just so little SteemPower!

This doesn't matter. Your shares will be smaller, but once they reach 0.001 SBD, you will get your payout.
I am calculating the share to the nSBD.
That is 0.000000001 SBD.
Nothing gets lost, everything is stored in my DB.

Wait, producer rewards are payed in VESTS!

Yes, and I just recalculate it into SBD.

Wow, that sounds so easy, the setup was a nightmare.
Just show me a function in steem-python, to see, who is voting for me.
And my produced blocks?
Block by block search is my current solution.

(Update: history_reverse(filter_by='account_witness_vote', batch_size=1000, raw_output=True) I should have looked into that raw option more in detail.;)

To participate, you need to vote for me as witness and wait for your payouts!


thanks sir. i voted you as a witness.

thank you for your trust

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hello, @isnochys; i have voted for you as witness...

This post has been upvoted by @minibot with 60.0%!
Thank you for giving your trust and witness vote to my creator @isnochys!

Are you going to do an update on this post?
It would be cool to know how many of us have voted for you.
Also would be interested to know roughly how long to expect a payout from 15 SP and 50 SP.
Hope you are having a great day and thanks for witnessing for us.

Thanks for the reminder, that service is so on auto and running strangely smoothly, I do forget it exists and that I should update my voters from time to time :)

If you could give weekly or monthly update about when people with 15/50/100 might expect payouts I would be happy to help direct more people to vote for you. People like to know when they are going to get paid. Also in the memo you sent me earlier today, I responded to you via a memo as well because there was something I didn't understand.

I hope you are happy with my todays update!

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Thank you for giving your trust and witness vote to my creator @isnochys!

ok i upvote you as a witness and being part of dividend

hi i voted for witness @isnochys

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