The Daily Better - 16 December 2016

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The Mission of Project Better

is to reward posts have many votes from Minnows but earn pennies.

We don't judge the quality of the contents, and we don't have man-power to detect plagiarism(But we will skip the posts that @cheetah had commented), only the votes and comments from human that have more than 25 reputation matters.

How to donate voting power to Project Better and earn curation rewards?

Sign up to and bind your posting key.

In full transparency, you will be able to track the list every day detailing all the posts that Project Better has chosen. At the same time, our hope is that this list will provide more positive exposure to the selected authors.

We hope that you will consider following not only this @better account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

Voting History (Updated at UTC 2016-12-16 08:42:24.16)

  • 16-12 #KR - SteemGame 자유도가 높은 명작 게임 엘더스크롤 5 : 스카이림 Elder Scrolls 5 : Skyrim 게임리뷰 #21 by yoonjang0707 31 minutes ago by yoonjang0707 in kr $0.23
  • 16-12 Marriage of my parents. 34 minutes ago by bugavi in steemitphotochallenge $0.52
  • 16-12 Cry for Palestine - Meanderings Collection 43 minutes ago by cyber-punk in poetry $0.48
  • 16-12 Seven Questiоns Electоral Cоllege Shоuld Ask the CIA оn 'Russian Hacking' 46 minutes ago by konstantin in life $1
  • 16-12 Newslink: Leopard Allegedly Beaten To Death By Mob In Gurugram 1 hour ago by arnob in newslink $4.49
  • 16-12 VIP Witness - Special Update: Payitforward Crowdfund @l0k1 - 2016-12-15 2 hours ago by voteinterestpool in steem-help $0.88
  • 16-12 The Legend of the Haunted Cart 2 hours ago by edrivegom in legends $1.06
  • 16-12 One Day in Guangzhou 2 hours ago by lizik in travel $0.83
  • 16-12 Newslink: Facebook gets serious about fighting fake news 2 hours ago by nadira in newslink $4.6
  • 16-12 Newslink: Math Book Sells for Record $3.7 Million (Or the Price of Like Two College Textbooks) 2 hours ago by arnob in newslink $4.75
  • 16-12 Retracing steps and places. 2 hours ago by havok777 in life $0.46
  • 16-12 Less talk and more action, come on: Daniel, the voiceless kid (Original) 2 hours ago by mynameisricky in story $2.2
  • 16-12 JESUS CHRIST - THE EXTREMIST? - I think so 3 hours ago by narrowminded in jesus $2.94
  • 16-12 Newslink : This Proud Mum's Beautiful Photoshoot With Quintuplets is Going Viral 3 hours ago by arnob in newslink $1.56
  • 16-12 How to Beat Insomnia and Master the Art of Sleep 3 hours ago by echion in psychology $0.91
  • 16-12 Success is driven by continuity 3 hours ago by sstefan in life $2.72
  • 16-12 Newslink : Un Velázquez inédito en el Prado 3 hours ago by chotto in newslink $0.1
  • 16-12 Jealous Machines 3 hours ago by billykeed in technology $0.41
  • 16-12 The Story Of December (Memories Of The Tsunami) 4 hours ago by teukumukhlis in story $14.39
  • 16-12 Home Improvement 4 hours ago by gmalhotra in life $4.78
  • 16-12 God is Love 4 hours ago by romanskv in art $4.57
  • 16-12 Flagging from idiots is CHILDISH AND REDICULOUS! IM STEEMED ! 😲😨 4 hours ago by karenmckersie in steemit $8.39
  • 16-12 My Original and Freehand design Polynesian project some part are 75% healed 5 hours ago by awit in art $1.31
  • 16-12 Rome (HBO TV Series) Review The Bloody Critique 5 hours ago by bloodycritique in reviews $2.3
  • 16-12 Boston Massachusetts Weather Report 5 hours ago by whaletrump in weather $1.86
  • 16-12 Dream-poetry part #1: [ poems based on the nature of dreams and on dream experiences - (original) ] 6 hours ago by coloured-content in poetry $0.05
  • 15-12 Christmas is coming!!! 14 hours ago by immarojas in humor $1.11
  • 15-12 Golden rules of horrific betting or how to win BIG money fast. 3 – bankroll is for total losers. 15 hours ago by writingamigo in funny $15.07
  • 15-12 Hello, Steemit! I would like to introduce myself! 15 hours ago by enigma84 in introduceyourself $14.76
  • 15-12 The Kid That Became A Guy Part IV: Vietnam 16 hours ago by richq11 in story $4.7
  • 15-12 Photography #25 - Ice Ice Ice 16 hours ago by sulev in photography $23.42
  • 15-12 CALM, a poem (original) 17 hours ago by annesaya in poetry $1.3
  • 15-12 [EASY DAILY FOOD] NOODLE WITH BEEF SOUP / RECIPE / FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY 19 hours ago by bontonstory in food $3.11
  • 15-12 steemitphotochallenge 22 - Church of the 11th century. Photo1. 19 hours ago by sokoloffa in steemitphotochallenge $4.7
  • 15-12 Steempublishing Books: How we’ll implement this. 19 hours ago by technovedanta in publisher $2.14
  • 15-12 The Sun - a short look into our star 21 hours ago by steemizen in education $42.86
  • 15-12 The Pros and Cons of Marijuana Plants in Aceh 21 hours ago by alfarisi in writing $15.26
  • 15-12 The Indians found in the woods the sorting hat 22 hours ago by konstantin in science $0.7
  • 15-12 Would you walk 5 miles for $1? - Why I think Bitwalking can work 22 hours ago by rmach in money $13.23
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