Steeming Never Felt This Good!

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I guess yesterday was my first day at my new full-time "job" which is Steem for those who didn't saw my previous post and I must say no first day ever felt this good.

Yesterday was made great because of all the comments, views and support I received and that has been so for more than a year now.

Thank You Everyone!

I want to thank everyone who made this possible. There are many people to whom I'm very grateful for this past year but I once again want to thank Dan Larimer.

Dan Larimer ( @dantheman @dan) is the main architect behind Steem. Before creating Steem he also created Bitshares another cryptocurrency. I've known about Bitshares as early as May 2014.

One of the first thing that struck me about Dan is this quote below.

It was one of the first thing I've shared on Steemit. I've heard that quote in early 2015 and I was blown away by how profound it is but at that time I told myself: "It's only a quote." It was only a quote, surely a nice quote detailing a nice intent but nonetheless just a quote.

Here's a link to the audio and text version of the quote and below snippets of the quote.

"So I can envisioned up the blockchain technology will allows us to create a world where the forces that incentive for being part of the bitshares community, of the blockchain crypto-community, the efficiencies you gain are so strong that your profits are so much higher that being rejected or shunned by that community forces you to do with people outside it."

"Those start to see a growing snowball effect until it gets to a point where no one dares be a government official because they would be excluded, because they would participating in the initiation of violence against others. So these things are possible."

"I believe that good people don't have to resort to bad things, just because bad people exist and I'm not going to rest until we figure out and solve those problems."

"If you have the faith and you're willing to not give up until you found a solution then you will find the solution. People didn't give up on flying until they figured out how to fly. Now we fly all the time but before people flew, people said it was impossible."

"Well today people say it's impossible to live in a world without a government backed by violence and I say don't give up. Instead join us and help us innovate the solutions and adopt them. It does matter what it is, whether you worried about pollution or child abuse or roads and highways, all these things that people act it up, well you need the government for this, that, the other thing. Don't give up we can find a solution. Let's work together." @dantheman

Technologies Advance Humanity

I then learned about Steem in May 2016 and my interest in Steem and Dan's work and philosophy have only grown since. I read 95%+ of Dan's blog on Steem and I can say it's been a part of the most enlightening things I've read in my life. He changed my way of seeing the world quite profoundly.

The only thing I love about the fact that @dan @dantheman is restraining himself from voting these days is that I can talk about how positive his work has been in my life without seeming to look for his votes. That's seriously the only good thing about Dan not voting.

As I said, I can hardly describe how I feel right now and I know a lot of Steemians have felt this way. On Mars 11, 2016 when Steem reach its lowest price of 7 cents I owned around 6,000-10,000$ worth of Steem. I now owned more than 70,000$ worth of Steem mostly due to the more than 16 folds Steem price increase.

I know these kind of stories happened for quite a lot of people in the crypto space. I really look forward to use my new found freedom to Steem us all to a better world.

Daily Meditation

I resumed my daily meditation practice 2 days ago. Life is part witnessing and influencing the world around us. It's a lot more easier to be zen when we're sitting still than when trying to influence the world to our liking but we can always try to get back to sitting still when things get too rough.

My brain patterns have change since I gave my notice and even more so since my last day at work. Steem is a big part of the occurring changes that are happening to me.

Influencing The World To Our Liking

"Changing the world is a mission that is bigger than any one person. It requires building a new social structure that binds all of society together in a non-violent way. It requires persuading a sufficiently large minority to organize an effective non-violent resistance to government violence. In short, it requires convincing people to take on some of the same risks I face." @dantheman

Little by little, I work to create the world I long to see and this necessitate to influence myself first and foremost. The better I will be at influencing myself, the better I will get at influencing others.

To better influence myself I need to become better at witnessing what my influence is. That's a big part of why I've resumed my meditation and plan on nurturing this daily habit. My meditation sessions of the last 3 days felt really good.

To create the world we want to see will also necessitate influencing each other. I don't want to coerce people, so coercion, violence or the threat of violence is a big no no.

Voting For Others On Steemit

"Attention Is The Most Important Currency That Anybody Can Give You. It's Worth More Than Money, Possessions Or Things." – Steve Rube

We vote for those who we consider have the best influence on others. We vote so that these posts and people receive the most attention and go on to influence the most people.

We also vote to empower these people with a resource called Steem. Steem is a resource in a sense. The more Steem someone has, the greater their power to influence people's attention.

On the other hand, fiat currencies or national currencies are back by absolutely nothing and empower those who create them at the expanse of everyone else.

We could say fiat currencies are backed by their creator's violence or treats of violence used achieve their undisclosed goals.

Taxation Is Theft

"As someone who attempts to follow the silver rule, "Don't do unto others what you don't want others doing to you.", I concluded that initiating violence against others is not an option. I know that I cannot remain rationally consistent while violating this rule."

"The logical outcome of this belief is that using threats of violence to extort money from others for any purpose is something that is off of the table. This means taxes and everything taxes pays for is off the table. This means war and violent revolution is off the table, but that doesn't mean I want to sit back and do nothing!" @dantheman

Dan and a couple of other people on Steem made me realized that taxation is theft and that governments are a kind of mafia.

I don't know exactly how I came to this realization but the way Dan puts it is that you can't enter in an agreement with someone who threaten you of violence or imprisonment if you don't agree with them.

If someone asked someone else to agree with them while threatening to imprisoned them if they didn't agree, nobody would take such an agreement as a valid agreement.

Using Steem As A Leverage!

"Going forward I hope to leverage the work here with Steem to build markets, insurance, mutual-aid societies, and justice systems that empower our community to disempowered government. I believe that properly organized social pressures can be far more powerful than any standing army or government bureaucrat. Through blockchain technology we can organize ourselves and hopefully achieve our liberty."

"Only by working together can we maximize the life, liberty, and property for all. Resorting to violence is a shortcut that can only destroy life, liberty and property. I am honored that so many of you are here and helping me realize this dream." @dantheman

That's it! That's what I am trying to do here on Steemit. I'm using Steem as a leverage. Steem is only part of many tools we have at our disposition to create the world we want.

Steem would be meaningless without words and wouldn't be as powerful if it wasn't of all the other cryptocurrentcies.

Steem has played a key role in me quitting my day job but as with everything in life it's only part of the whole.

"In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with one small section of truth." Xunzi

Steem Has Change My Life So Profoundly!

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

I'm very grateful for it and everyone who's been helping me. I'm ready to take Steem cooperation to the next level.

"The World Food Program says, “The poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty.” Hunger is the number one cause of death in the world, killing more than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined." (source)

That's horrible beyond what words can express. Let's not expect the warlords running this world and their propaganda machine to stand up against those atrocities, they are warlords and atrocities are part of their ancestor's badges of honor when not directly their own.

"This, then, is the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well. The oppressors who oppress, exploit and rape by virtue of their power, cannot find in this power the strength to liberate either the oppressed or themselves. Only power that springs from the weakness of the oppressed will be sufficiently strong to free both." Paulo Freire

Blog About The World You Want To See!

Vote for the blogs that bring about the world you want to see.

Money is just a tool not an end in itself and I know that's very easy for me to say as I'm not dying of a lack of governmental enchanted papers but I really look forward to make my wealth serve a better world.

Steem Dance

I'll probably do another video to share directly on Facebook as this one as copyrighted material which have prevented me to from uploading it there.

I'll use this other video to reach more of my Facebook friends with the awesome news that I was able to quit my job because of Steem and other cryptocurrency investments. I also plan on letting everyone know I never felt this good!

I'll also share this post and the previous one eventually but I've hold back for now for some reasons.

Steem on my friends!

Thank you!

Thank you for reading and for commenting! I read them all! Vote for my witness here if you consider I'm Steeming the world you want to be living in.

I use Markdown Pad to create my posts and I recommend it to everyone.


Get on the chats. Not in private messages but in the chat rooms. These are some of the best places to makes some Steem friends.

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I'm just starting out with Steemit. One day I will quit my job for steem too. Congrat.

I am 5 minutes old on Steemit and I can already sense that we are all part of something really big here!

That's awesome!

Welcome, you joined an awesome community at an awesome time :)

same here!

I'm hoping I get to that point as well man. As for @teamsteem congrats man.

Lol. Wen you make alot of money first rite?

Wow... this was one of the most well put together blogs i have read on steemit. I can now see the type of content it takes being created to give you that type of financial freedom.

I didn't come to steemit for the money, but after reading your post and seeing the kind of writing you have done, I hope one day I have fine tuned my content to generate the type of following and support yours has.

It would be a blessing to have the ability to walk away from one's current place of employment to be their own boss while doing something they truley love.

Keep up the great work.
You have a new follower here for sure!

Congratulations, @teamsteem. Steemit has been really good for you, but you have also been really good for the community of Steemit. :)

Resteeming this to 12,000+ followers.

Thank you @joanaltres! This gave my post a lot more views! I really appreciate it!

Exciting how this all works together, isn't it? Also, nice shirt! LOL!

You've opened my mind about what problems steemit can answer. With the ingenuity of giving tokens to those with the greatest ideas is genius. Now those that give the most to humanity get rewarded by humanity.

What the heck is on her head😂😂

It's great to hear stories like this. Work shouldn't be about doing things you hate but things you love. I hope I can work alongside you one day. ;)

Woah! This comment is pure goal.

I'm so happy steemit can change lives and you're one of the examples. Like you've said steemit is more than a way to get money. It creates a whole different world for us, a more free world. We can see and share content of our liking. We can share our perception of life and find others who do the same. This whole huge community is building a whole new reality, a whole new world that I will gladly live in :)

I am really interested in what kind of society will this economic model create. It looks like it is going in the right direction, though. The sharing of knowledge and the helping of people around your circle of interest are great.

I bet it will create the best kind of society. It's like a fresh new start...

Its so awesome how Steemit is changing our lives.


Congrats for your achievement!

Steemit has really changed many people lives. It has become more than money making paltform, a platform which connects people's interests and their views. Steemit is also a source of employment for some people who can't be able to earn anywhere else for some unfortunate reasons. This has never been done on any social platform. The best thing about steemit is the quality content it allows to share. People can trust this platform.
Thanks a lot to steemit and @teamsteem to share this wonderful post.

HAHAHA that first picture made me laugh.

Glad to see you living the dream :)

Oh, too much truth and thoughtful things to comment on individually....
It's good to see people who take the potential of Steemit seriously, especially when it comes to giving & receiving and creating win:win's.

I can't imagine how this "first day" must feel!!
And now you have so much more time to meditate! What meditation do you do?

That first image of the girl cracked me up, LOL... :D

I mostly do pranayama so that's not exactly meditation but I still try to do some meditation after the breathing technic. I simply try to witness the mind and not doing anything but witnessing.

I do TM and there we do Pranayama, too, before we meditate. They say you already start transcending during pranayama, so I think it counts as meditation :)

Congratulations on your first day of your new job, wish you all the success here.

It was awesome reading your blog and giving the shout out to @dan / @dantheman . He is a rare genius and is projects actually work. They aren't all talk. BitShares and Steemit actually work!!!!

Also I want to thank you for supporting a lot of authors including myself. Without your help I wouldn't have been able to spend as much time on Steemit and engage with the community as much. Thanks!

Thank you Brian!

Hard not to dance with you...LOL

Nice post !!!
Many right things you mentioned !!!
Steem on my friend !!!

This post gives me the feel goods :) A friend told me about Steemit last week and it seems like there is a lot of positive energy in this community. There's something about a budding small community that eventually gets lost once it becomes world renowned. I love that current buzz around here right now and people like you, who are putting in real effort in their posts and providing real value for people like me are greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, it seems like my first post here was basically taken over by bots. I wasn't aware of this situation but I don't think a single human read my post as they never referred to me by my actual name in the comments. It's just "Hello, Misstysea. Welcome and follow me back." It's a bit disheartening but this post made me feel a bit better about the community.

Thank you

Hi Tiffany. I'm glad you are feeling better about the community. The "welcome bots" that rush to the #introduceyourself posts are off-putting. I'm glad you kept reading and I hope you continue to write.

I was also encouraged by this post, as I really connect with the philosophy of overcoming the bad actors (violent people, government) with good actions that produce so much good they can't be resisted! I appreciate that @teamsteem took the time to find those quotes from Dan and share them with us along with how they've made a difference in his life.

Hey Matthew! I think I was being a bit dramatic about the bots as I'm sure any system that has this sort of "gaming" built into it is expected to have opportunists ;-)

Thanks for taking the time out to acknowledge my comment and I look forward to your future posts!

Exactly. Bot can't be stop. Some are useful some much less.

Just like Reddit :)

Following you!


Recently I've been thinking about ways to make the steemit platform even better and I think I may have stumbled upon an idea that could REALLY make steemit more popular and functional. I would like to submit a proposal for a feature. I know that steemit wouldn't necessarily integrate this themselves but I think it would be possible to integrate a 3rd party application that fits along those lines. I am not talented enough in coding and app development to accomplish this myself. I would like it very much if I could find some developers on the steemit platform that may be interested in developing such an application and to see if it would even be feasible. I know many steemians would probably be stoked with live video integration! Does anyone know any developers?? I wrote this short article on it but havent gotten too much interaction as of yet @dantheman.

I have no job and live in total poverty, but I am hoping that steemit will changes things for me so I can start making some real money. Being poor is no good.

yes I believe steem has a great future as a social media platform and financially viable. I believe blockchain and cryptocurrency is the future

Great post, Upvoted and followed.

congratulations. that is awesome. for me, when i start getting more from steemit, i am becoming my own boss

I am really inspired by this post, I just made my very first post on steemit and I am looking forward that someday pretty soon I will look back and tell my story just like you.

Mega post! Huge thanks teamsteem - good luck with your mission!

Great post! I love that you resumed your daily meditation practice! Let's go my friend! :D @teamsteem

This post receiver 99% upvote from @xdark21 really good job man you will be a millionaire son. Great post

Steemit is awesome i am happy you are having a good time here,Like me .I am looking forward to a good time with steemit there is no room for failure.On behalf 0f steemit Zimbabwe enjoy yourselfSteemit-Zimbabwe-Watercolor.jpg

Amazing. Upvoted. Resteemed.

nice post. i like your post

I so much love Steemit that i feel cheated by Facebook and it likes for all these years i wasted on their site.. Resteemd

I can relate. I dont really tink much of facebook again.

@TeamSTEEM... Thank You for everything You do for the STEEMiT Community, especially now that You are doing it Full-Time.

Also... Thanks 4 sharing the audio link for Dan Larimer.

Congratulations... STEEM On !!

Congrats on your first successful day of using steemit, and i wish you all the best here, steemit is so much fun

It really is especially wen the rewards start coming in.

meditation is huge! love it!

I've enjoyed your enthusiasm, especially when I feel like I am dragging my feet ;-)

That's good to read! Thank you @reddust!

You are welcome my friend...

I admit I did a quick read, but congratulations! I am working towards the same thing! I enjoyed your dance...

There's so many things I would do different if I didn't have a job. Most would be health related

Living the dream, my man. Keep it up :)

Congrats on making Steemit your full time job! Thats an amazing accomplishment and I think that you are going to love your new found freedom!

Do you have any advice on how to grow your rep and following more efficiently on Steemit?

Steem is the best coin in my eyes. I'm very excited about Steem too. Thanks for sharing.

Great job! Very interesting! 👏

Como dije en el comentario al post anterior me alegro mucho de su independencia laboral, la cual perseguimos todos, pero yo considero esto como una opción complementaría a la vida que llevamos y no estoy para nada de acuerdo con la crítica a la política y los gobiernos, es cierto, que esta lleno de corruptos y de gente que tenía que estar en la cárcel. Pero dicho esto, con los impuestos se hacen carreteras, hospitales, colegios, todo tipo de infraestructuras que son de las que disfrutamos cada día, sin esos gobiernos, quién haría todas estas cosas?. No me gusta el populismo, el decir las cosas que la gente quiere escuchar para el aplauso y en este caso el voto fácil. Steemit está muy bién, las criptomonedas, están muy bien pero todo esto es otra opción, otra oportunidad que aprovecharan unos y otros no. Como decía antes a mí me parece complementario a nuestro mundo actual, pero para nada como algo único. La anarquía está muy bien para que te aplaudan pero sería imposible convivir sin leyes, donde cada uno haga lo que quiere.
Libertad pero no libertinaje.
Repito, felicidades por hacer lo que quieres, aunque en este caso sólo esté de acuerdo con la mitad del post.

Equality for all! Where everyone can share the feeling of prosperity!

This is very inspiring. Congrats on getting there because I know it requires a lot of work and persistence. I aspire each day to be self-employed in the future. Thanks for being a light for others, and showing us the way. 💜 You are the creator of your own luck, you deserve it xxx

Wow, must be awesome doing this as a job. It's also my goal, maybe in a year ;) good luck to you.

It's a good post!
have a nice day! )

As I read your stuff more and more it has given me more confidence that steemit is the real deal. Thank you for your words and advice. As a new steemian it means​ a lot. I have resteemed this to my followers and will continue to read your posts.

Thank you for putting that out for us to see. Resteemed.

Than you, this is the world I want to live in. With people that believe they can do it and are willing to take the leap of faith. Good luck in your journey and see you around :)

Very intriguing post, I also found it cool that he felt meditation could change his brain waves for the better. I mean I'm sure there are many other methods that can work as well but ain't nothing wrong with the classic arts. It's surprising that we didn't automatically connect with this guy from first joining. You know, like the way we did tom when joining myspace.

That tends to be the norm with joining new sites but hey more power to you for finding him and bringing his story to life. Upvoted and #Reesteemed

Hope you go from strength to strength!

Great post, and very encouraging. Keep steaming and keep sharing!!!

Congratulations on the new life and freedom. I'm interested in how you are handling taxes on your steemit earnings if you care to share?

So glad I followed you. Markdown Pad recommendation is HUGE. Thank you

Good job!!! And keep the hard work in your new job!!!

Congratulations on your success and new found freedom. We long to join you in this same endeavor.

Congratulations on your new venture!


Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Dan Larimer. Thanks and good luck again!

Yeah I totally agree. We should never forget that Steemit it's not about money, its about human touch :)

Yah. They both go hand in hand here.

Amazing post.

Great points @teamsteem! I am very new to Steemit, but I can totally see how I can get addicted to it! It's more than the money, as you said. I have learned so much reading people's post than I do by reading news. It's the best form of social media and people like you inspire people like me. Upvoted and resteemed you post.

that's pretty good to know I like your post thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)

Your happiness is all of our happiness! What a fantastic, uplifting dance. Enjoy the next adventure called your life!

Awesome post! thanks for sharing #keepsteemin :)

wow this is a beautiful post~
So much love, fulfillment and inspiration. It is great to see how much you are embracing life and that it appears to be getting better and better.
The truth is life CAN keep getting better and better. I really loved that quote you shared, as you obviously do as well.
ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE is something that I have been living by for 15 years and my life has consistently gotten better and better because of it.
It is great to see someone else embracing an improving existence.
May we come together in common purpose for our highest ideals~*~

This is great. Kinda all over the place, but I like it. Especially glad Dan helped you realize taxation is theft! :)

i'am motivated man !! thank's alot

Woww, how can you write so long post?

I really wonder too wen i see people write a very long post. Mine is usually short.

First, Congratulations on achieving making Steemit your full-time jobpassion. It's an inspiration for us all.

Secondly, I am thrilled to read that you plan to use this platform as a way to help others and try to free people from the chains of thought bondage many have allowed themselves to become enslaved to.

Many do not realize that your basic human rights cannot be violated no matter what law, order, or demand has been given unless you allow it by consent.

Unfortunately, people have given their consent through silence and obedience.

I look forward to seeing you use this platform to educate others on how to gain back the life we were all meant to live and to hopefully open up their minds to a higher level of thought.

-Much love and respect,

Really true. Your post is librating. Thank you

This is truly profound that a person like your self authentic through and through could rise in the community being just that. I'm really excited for your success and hope to walk in your footsteps just as you walked in Dan's. Expect a comment from time to time from me.

I wish success in your journey.

Great article, congratulations!

Your articles as always, inspiring for me. I am looking forward to say to my family and friends that ' I am blogging full time', that day will come and there is no doubt they will become beserk. ^___^

You are what this community look up to. someone with stories to share for the benefits of others. Thanks @teamsteem !


I really liked the fact that you want to use Steemit as a tool for change and try to make other people aware of it.

Lovely. I have a question to ask. I there any guidelines on hw to make a post?

Big hug man!!!! You are inspiring! Good luck and enjoy life ;-)

Yup its true steeming is the life changing game , join the game as soon as possiable to get higher score in the game ;)

Upvoted for the hard work you put into making this post, and also to help you since Steemit will now probably be your only source of income. I would love to be able to do the same thing as you do! I wish you all the best :)

Congrats for being able to do it full-time! Wish you success on the future writing!

Wow, very motivated, this platform able to help other in turning a full-time business. Well done, all the best.

All the best with the decision you've taken. I've found Steemit really useful in understanding blockchain and the cryptoworld and nothing else comes close to it in this regard.

Good going! Keep up the good work!

Well done for what you've achieved. It's a great success story.

Everyone should use STEEMIT to discover the world's true nature.

Looool, I dont know how I came across this and watched your dance video, that was hilarious. and mostly not in a bad way!! Your one of the best witnesses there are, keep up the good work @teamsteem!! Keep up the ahrd work, and are you also a witness for any other chains? bitshares, ppy, muse?

I shall influence your world to my liking. That is certain.

Congratulations on dedicating yourself to your people's greatest accomplishment: this platform.

im new at steemit..and i hope i can reach on that path too..

good post ..
i like it

First of all I would like to say, congrats and you did so good !
I've joined steemit for a month, before that I knew nothing about cryptos, I don't even know what it means !
Luckily there is so many good sharing here and I started to know about steemit, bitcoin, blockchain, cryptos, etc.
Tho at that moment I still don't know much about it, but I know the blockchain technology gonna change the world much and much more than now, I am ready to get involved by putting more time in steemit, invest in steem and other coins, tho I invest not much as I am just graduated few years, but I would love to see the changes this technology brought to all of us.

Once again, congratulations on following your intuition and your dreams. Everything is possible for those who believe, and you are a witness to that, I am keen for your success and I know that I will get there still. It is not impossible that you create the possible! Success on your new journey!

Yes man keep it going. You are on the right way and as I said yesterday. It was super brave of You to quit and live from Steem full time. For that congratulations again :D

LOL You're video is so cute! HAPPY DANCE! You deserve it. congrats.

also... LOL. to "governmental enchanted papers "

BTW... your shirt is incredibly cool. Where did you get that?

That's a @papa-pepper's creation.

He's a talented man! I love anything that has to do with space.

Great energy here. I love your take, your generosity, your drive and the fact that you are a full time Steemer. Well done! Just getting going with generously promoting others and I am already gaining nice traction. What a fabulous community of inspired folks here.

Well I like the excitement! I've been experimenting with my account now for a few weeks. If STEEM can change my financial life, even a little, it'll help. But if I can quite my job...well...even better! :-)

This was a great read, at first I was like, "yeah, ok... This guy is fully invested in the community, that's cool." But then I was like "whoa, this guy is fully invested in the COMMUNITY! That's rad!"

I love that I keep finding more and more people who get it on this platform! Thanks, and congrats on your new job!

Your doing awesome man! So proud of you!
I just wrote an article talking about you and linking your success!

Thank you for the mention. I'm glad you liked it and Q2C2 is a nice initiative.

Well you totally deserve the mention. U have done a lot for this community and are a shining example of what we want the public to see and what many want out of Steemit. You haven't just profited for your self but u have given back and supported the success of this community!
Thanks for recognizing the Q2C2 initiative it means a lot tome.

Thanks. Great post. Follow for Follow!

Very happy for you man, it's a blessing whenever someone finds an employer who cares about their well-being & values. Best of luck, S'gooo STEEM!

thank you @teamsteem
i am really really happy for you guillaume.
yay dancing! go guillaume!
the more people can earn a living from their own energy

the faster we will all be free
thank you for your inspiration
and humanity

Yes, what an inspiring post!! So grateful to hear you are embodying your values, making big changes, and committing yourself even deeper to the revolution. Together we can make the world whatever we want it to be! STEEM ON, brother!!

Thank you for your good vibes Sara! I love them!

Congrats good luck. I hope you help a lot of people.

happy for you mate. being able to do what you love is the best feeling in the world

Steemit is more else!!!