What Will You Be Steeming When Billions Are Watching!

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The price of Steem is about to go much higher and soon millions of Steemians will be Steeming us to a much better world. Disclaimer: I don't know the future. This post might seem to be a bit convoluted at first but in the end it all make sense and end up pretty easy to understand. At least that's what I love to think.

Don't be fooled by the picture. Steem is not a get rich quick scheme.

Steem was created in March 2016

  • I've been paid $130,000 US since May 2016 working on Steem.
  • I had ~$6,000 worth of Steem in mid-March 2017.
  • The Steem price has gone up +30 times since then.
  • I'm #80 of the best paid author.
  • $497,330,886 (The current value in US Dollars of all the Steem)
  • ~Less than $3,000 to mine the initial Steem. (Source)
  • Steem has been good.

What Will You Be Steeming When Millions Are Watching!

  • Pretty much the same I've been Steeming from the beginning
  • Life has been good to me. (In some regard at least.)
  • I'm very aware some people have had it much harder than me.
  • Life sometime seems unfair.
  • We all stand for what feels right, what feels the best or truest.
  • We evaluate risks and benefits for every actions we take.
  • Without the risk of loss no true measurement of value can be made and no opinion can be trusted. (Reference: Decentralized Governance)
  • Money is created out of thin air by some central authorities at the expanse of everyone. I'll touch on this a bit more below.
  • The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death. (The Art Of War, 500–320. B.C)
  • All warfare is based on deception. (The Art Of War, 500–320. B.C)
  • Inspirations

Dan Larimer

The Inventor

Dan Larimer, main inventor of Steem has been my biggest inspiration over the last year. I've done a post detailing some of the reasons why he's been such a big inspiration. It's titled: "Thank you Dan Larimer! You are a great mentor!" It ended up being the most trending post at some point.

His Ideas

One of Dan's best post is titled: "Why do we fight to change the world" and begins like this: "What are we working toward and why does it matter? How do we get there? Should we give up comforts today in pursuit of an elusive utopia that we hope to bring about? These are the questions that need to be answered and understood at a deep level if we actually want to change the world.". I feel like it really brings up some of his greatest values and concerns.

Why I Wrote This Paragraph

My post about Dan is one of my most profound. The vast majority of it are direct quotes from Dan's writing. I highly encourage people who enjoyed some of my other article to go take a look at it.

Cryptocurrency's Best Stats

Chance Of A Lifetime

Looking At The Present

  • Cryptocurrency's market cap is ~$100B (Total value of all cryptocurrencies.)
  • Cryptocurrencies are the ~88 biggest public companies in the world. (Market cap.)
  • Bitcoin represents ~45% of this market cap.
  • Bitcoin price have gone up approximatively 519,900% since January 2011.
  • 1,000$ of Bitcoin back then is now worth ~$5.2M.

Looking Into The Future

At the current growth rate, cryptocurrencies will overtake Apple's market cap of $808B in less than 6 months, before 2017 even have time to end.

Why I Wrote This Paragraph

I shared the reasons why cryptocurrencies marketcap will most likely overtake Apple under the sub-chapter named Bitcoin. People who never heard of Bitcoin might have to do some research to understand it.

Please refer to "Steem: An In-Depth Overview!" if you never heard of cryptocurrencies.

Standing Up For A Better World

Combatting Abuse

We stand for a better world, a world where we work to combat abuse, wherever we see it. Like I've mention above, all countries are dependent on war and the basis of war is deception. This has shape up our world a pretty good deal.

Free Market Solution To Violence

"About 5 years ago I came to a realization that the solution to the organized crime syndicate commonly referred to as government must be born from the free market. Furthermore, any free market alternative to government that is unable to free us from the current government will not be strong enough to prevent a new government from taking over." Dan Larimer

Part of Dan's non-violent means of rendering violent forms of government powerless has been to create Steem. We're not exactly sure how he came up with the idea and how much of it came from other people like Ned, CEO of Steemit but one thing is sure the whole experience has been life changing for quite a lot of us already.

Steem 5 Main Tenets

  • Steem has value. (Can influence people's attention.)
  • Steemians lose or gain something with every actions.
  • Thus, true measurement of value can be made from those actions.
  • Overtime, truth will be distilled from the mass of dissenting opinions.
  • Those who act wisely grow in influence, those who act poorly shrink.

The Present Moment And The Horizon

Like I've said above, I don't know the future so I try to live in the moment. Now, that being said, Dan's just publish the whitepaper of his newest project named EOS. A pretty accessible video presentation can be found here. If you wish to stay inform on the subject make sure to follow them on Steemit and subscribe to their mailing list.

As Dan mentioned somewhere, EOS doesn't make Steem obsolete but from what he said I wouldn't be surprise to see Steem being ported on EOS or being made directly compatible with it at some point.

TeamSteem: You Will Know My Name!

Video I've made especially for this post!

Original Video: (Not Another Lame) Fight Song by Kawehi

What I Stand For!

I'm here helping in the creation of decentralized systems which empower and bring Joy to all.

Wealth is just a tool and not an end in itself. Joy is what I'm all about.

Approving My Witness

I'm now signing 9 blocks a day, 1 more than before the publication of my previous post. Thank you to everyone who voted!

"What Are Steem Witnesses And Why You Should Support Them!"


Find Out More!

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mind is blown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea!!! I knew this place was cool, but I really have no idea of its full potential yet, you have inspired me off the charts today!!!!!


Thank you so much @izabellablue! Your comment is one of the best comment I've received so far.


Awww :) yay!!!
I freaking love your dancing video so much!! You're just free and happy and don't give a flip what anyone thinks... that is the way it should be for everyone, everyday :)

You write absolutely fantastic teamsteem, a natural talent. I am so glad to have found you on steemit. I was listening to you on steemspeak a few months ago, I might join tonight or tomorrow. Great article. Steem On!


Just going forward, without a doubt ;)


Is your name @steempipe on steemspeak? I think I remember seeing that name. See you there! And I'm glad you liked my article.

I cant get enough of these STEEM related posts on Steemit. This is all still so new, 1 year is nothing . As more steemians are created we will get plenty of diverse content. For now, all steem related posts are welcome in my book:) the more eductation the better, STEEM ON!


Some people complain about the Steem related posts. But without them, where would we get our information about Steem and Steemit? From some Bitcoin news site that doesn't care about Steem? No thanks. I'd rather get my Steem info right here, from people who actually use it and are knowledgeable.


Totally agree. We are early in the game here. We should be talking about Steem and steemit as much as possible in these early days


Thank you guys. I really appreciate those comments. I just saw them now.


Engagement rocks!


Yeah it does...



i also agree we need to push the value of our investment up and make more people aware of the platform .


I agree. This is still so new that its hard for a newb like me to find information! Thats insane when you think about the fact that you can google absolutely everything. Like, if you dont know how to boil an egg, there are probably 49585 youtube-videos about it and 3034 qouras.


did you know about steemcenter, which is like Wikipedia for Steem? It should help you: https://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Main_Page


Did not know! Thank you a bunch :)


These posts are really great. It helps me learn more about the potential of what can happen here. In 1 year many are doing really well. To do the same on Youtube is very hard and takes a lot more time. I am making my posts here from now on and trying to debunk fake news. I only care about the truth. Sometimes people lie and we need to point it out, no matter who it is. :)

Appreciate any follows as I am new here, if not that is ok! Thanks :)


wonder if someone have a username called steemmatters. good username you have there, too.


Thats a great idea!! Someone should take it before i do lol

Fascinating story. I'm little afraid because of euphoria but than again it's only the beginning.

I will Steem about the American Dream!

When billions are watching, I think we'll be posting less about the Steemit platform and price rises and more about every day interests and news.


Clearly! Everyone will already know everything to know about it but still, every people talk about the media, the media people, money and technology. Steem is all of them. Thank you for you comment.


That would be very wise.

I'm so excited for this!! I can't stop thinking about it.


Mouahahaha! I totally know what you mean @kaylinart! It's the same for me as you can imagine.


That is a very epic comment! Thank you!

I think it will become something like another YouTube for people to sharing knowledge or what everything. It's good that there are another platform for people!

It is really funny when you think more. You live and work in normal life when the other side of the world are making heaps of money investing to people so called bubble fake money. I mean it is the evolution and i am glad it works for someone and hopefully it will work for me too :)

I will probably be Steeming about the same topics I am now. Of course if my followers want to discuss certain topics I will be open to it.

Wow! Congratulations! I guess it's gonna be Steemit War 1 when it goes mainstream, lol. Quality content combat all over the place but in a positive sense. My only hopes are that this community spirit stays the same so Steemit can influence popular trends and steer them into positive direction of knowledge, science, freedom, culture, quality entertainment and art. Cheers Steemians!

So cool man! Thanks for steem, I just join here as a newbie but many people teach me how to writing and vote here. This platform is very great and warm. I wish I can join this community earlier. I will introduce my friend to join steemit!

Thanks for sharing these insightful ideas. Enjoyed reading it. Yes we should live by the tenets of steem and we need to realize what truly we can contribute when the audience increases. Food for thought!

Number one is the best...
Great work, so interesting..
Upvote and Resteem.
Dear friend @teamsteem
Have a nice day 😊👍👏


Thank you man! I love it too very much.


You are welcome my best friend ❤

Dude you hit the jackpot with Steem! Nice video by the way! Got a stack of fruit for a whole party! I just voted for your witness


Thanks! I worked hard on the video, no the dancing part that was easy. The writing of the article came a lot easier than usually to.

True, Steem has been good to me.

When mango times comes around I'm a happier man. These are ataulfo mangoes. They're so good.

Thank you for approving my witnesses Brian! This means a lot.


I remember when I first got on Steemit in July 2016 and it was like a party! It is feeling like that again. I'm glad to see people who were able to ride things out. Unfortunately I have really taken a beating in crypto. I keep getting forced out of it for financial reasons. It has been torture. I'm actually still way down on Crypto despite being an original Monero Miner and being on Steemit early. One of these days I will catch the wave right hopefully and surf into the sunset !

Just imagine if we're looking back at these messages a year later on 9th June 2018 and we're a super rich community! :) There is more chance of this than any lottery ticket we purchase that's for sure!


That's so true and so exciting to think about.

As the population grows the demand fo more top noch content will rise too, therefore the people will have to put more effort into the community.
Imagine if you had 30 000 following you?
It wouldnt work posting small bits of info.
Congrats on the 150 000 this is a motivational post friend ♡


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The quality of the post will go up substantially as the community grows. You right.

Wow very impressive stats @teamsteem . I am 100% hell 200% sure that Steem is going to enter the top 5 crypto list in just a matter of months. It's already very close. As you rightly said no one can predict the future but the present moment does seem to indicate a very positive trend for the future :)

hahaha! I love the dancing around. Can we call you papaya man? :D


I never had good papaya but when there are good they are supposedly a super tasty fruit.

Those are mangoes sitting on my drawer. They're ataulfo mangoes and they make the life better.

We should just replant the whole Earth with mangoes and all the best fruits and learn how to make them the biggest part of our diet. This would make a much better world. I think it will happen. I'll use my Steem to make it happen.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing me dancing.


Oh ok, well, mangoes are even better! Delicious! Making the world eat mangoes sounds like a good way to blow off some Steem! hahaha

I did enjoy the dancing. Thanks for sharing. :)

Love this statement :)

*** "..At the current growth rate, cryptocurrencies will overtake Apple's market cap of $808B in less than 6 months, before 2017 even have time to end" ***


I'm surprised there's no other person who highlighted this. I've said it another time in another article also. This so huge.

What an excellent piece! It is so inspiring to read this, keep a steady keel and Steeming on.

Thanks for sharing it with us all. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Kus-knee is right. You are a true inspiration, @eric-boucher


This is so heart warming to arrive at school, ready to share good times and teach the children, open up my Steemit.com and receive such kindness... Thank you so very much for your words, namaste :)


You're welcome! 😊

People don't have to believe it's possible, we are proving it's possible.


This is so true!


@claybon & @teamsteem... Exactly, Steemians like Yourselves are "proving it's possible" on a daily basis.

UpVoted, Following & Voted You Both as Witness. Thank You Both 4 sharing Your thoughts via Your Posts & Comments... AND of course, all the hard work by You Both & Many other Steemians have been doing during the last year... especially during the slow times & perhaps hard times. The momentum is quickening...

AND... the Dance Video was Great, watching You let off some STEEM. Thanks Again !!

                ~~~ STEEM On !!! ~~~

So many of my friends can't even get their head around crypto in general, imagine their reactions when I talk about Steemit.. They just need to make the step though, just like all of us did.

Enjoy my brother, we know nothing come easy it's hard work, like I always said to become a whale you need to know how to swim. Enjoy

I just joined in steemit, your post is really an inspiration for me. I want to continue printing you, the price is in steemit, thanks @teamsteem has a share of this post.

We will all be happy, if STEEM prices continue to rise


Let's be happy now!


Yes that's for sure, Because the price of STEEM continues to soar

When I remember this is only the beginning I just smile...


I get that feeling too even though we have a tendency to forget about it. At least I do.

I joined Steem it just over 3 months ago and I love it. However, I had no idea of the strategic intention for this platform, the vision of the creative mind behind it. Now I'm even more impressed!! STEEM ON!!

When billions are watching, I'll probably still be Steeming about what I have knowledge in (natural healing, gardening, wild foraging, homeschooling, everyday liberty). That leads me to thank you for covering some of these gnarlier topics (gnarly to me) in a conversational way that makes sense to us relative newbies. Also, your fearless dancing alone deserves an upvote. Congratulations on great Steemit success! I hope to be just as successful. Following so that I don't miss future posts.
By the way was squash on sale at the local market, or did you get a massive harvest from your garden, because that table to your left is loaded up! :D



These are mangoes. They were kind of on sale. I love mangoes so much. They make life good.


Oh yeah, I see it now! Mangoes DO make life happy,

You deserve a raise. So I just gave you one. :)

Congratulations @teamsteem!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 2 with 756 upvotes
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We all have to realize that we're still in the early adaption phase!
So we can't even imagine the future growth and gains from Steem(it)!

I think the most amazing thing with steemit and its "earnings"-platform is that it gives incentive to create valuable content, share personal stories/experiences, behave good AND maybe most importantly youre rewarded with thoughtfulness which again everyone including yourself will profit from in form of knowledge - not just spamming. Creative people and people interested in ideas are long gone from facebook.


The experience on Steemit is amazing!

When millions are watching i think steem will be more organic. And more of a daily what i been doing. Rather than where is steem going to be next.... even tho those will still exist but less of.

Wow backed full of info Ive been curious about. So much for cleaning the kitchen....Ill be researching the links in this post for while. Thanks for the awesome share.


I enjoy reading your comment. I think people would gain a lot from taking a deeper look at my series. Enjoy!

@teamsteem I' m glad i'm a member of Steemit now. With the boom of Cryptocurrency what now, I have hight hope that in a few years from now i will be travelling all over the world because of Steemit.


I do so too and I think a lot more might come out of it.

I think people getting involved with steemit right now and still early adapters, if this thing really take off, which i think it will, It's just getting started.

Thank you for your post .
It is the really natural talent of team of steem . this is the superb article of steem.
I will upvote you , please you will support me .

thanks for the information @teamsteem
Introduce me @afriaulia from Komunitas Steamit Indonesia

The dance is super! I like!

I have to wonder if there is someone who joined and didn't do much for a year and how much the value of that account is.


Yup. There are a lot of people who made quite more than me.

I am new to Steem but look forward to my future at Steem.

Congratulations, great post !

Good work and very interesting...you are so smart man👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

thank you for

Cool thank you for the post :) !

You lead by example for us minnows wanting to one day be at least dolphins.
Congrats and keep up the terrific work and personal success story.
Did I mention I'm jealous............?


We all want more but that's okay.


God bless capitalism.

Dance Away! There's lots to be excited about, indeed!

Thank you for all your work, you were the first to worry about my chemtrails hehehe I'm glad that everything goes well.


I clearly remember those.

that is amazing and you did really well and worked really hard to get to where you are!! and I'm proud of you!! you really deserve it all!! and I cant wait till millions and billions will watch this site and we will explode :)


Thank you @allasyummyfood! Keep up the good work and have fun on Steemit! I look forward to read more from you.


thank you so much :) its an honour really!! you rock!! :)))

Do you want to tell me, how do you start your success? I really expect that !!!

So well, one more great and motivating post about steeming steemers and I am one of them, hard working like so many others and you of course, even when payouts were nearly nothing.
It feels like everything is exploding 💫🌈


Thank you @mammasitta! It sure feels like everything is exploding. I expected it but there's nothing like seeing it happen.

Keep up the good work. I love your blog.


I am so new in this world of crypto and I have learnt so much in those past months. I am amazed what I see happen infront of my eyes and my digital wallet. All I can say : Wow and thank you for recognizing my blog in such Kind way. Thank you!

nice post.

Steemit is the future !
And we are the passengers on this wonderful journey.
Keep steeming !

Congratulations you are a millionaire, i will give the best steemit social media throughout history. This is history already recorded. @teamsteem

When you're living your life doing something you like. You look that happy on videos. hahaha. I better get serious.


I was enjoying myself. I love that song so much!

I just joined last month to educate and help folks who want to start gardening. It's a great community and I'm learning new things myself about gardening. Making money wasn't my primary reason for joining but it's a great incentive. Good luck to all of us.



I missed the train big time!! Since I have created my account almost a Year ago but only now I am back in here! LOL


You just needed to be elsewhere. We're all going through this together.


I am actually enjoying the content in here. And my battle it will be to bring more "personal/lifestyle" / "photography/video" (original) in here :D that are my flags :D

I can't get enough of these posts. Great feedback and info. Keep up the good work. We are working towards a common goal. Steem on!



I really enjoy your posts about Steemit and Steem teamsteem. I love your positivity!


Thank you Ben! I can say the same of your posts! I haven't read your last one yet but I will.

Steem has value. (Can influence people's attention.)

More than anything else, I began to notice more and more retweets from Steem being used as sources and even breaking news sources.

Once people begin to recognize the power of locking information into a blockchain that is irrevocable and censorship-resistant, things get pretty interesting.

What a great post - especially for a one month old Steemer. I'll be spending a lot of time over the next week - learning, learning. Matter of fact, I'm sitting with my sister-in-law right now, encouraging her to become an author. She has a wealth of knowledge and information all ready to post. I'm sure this post will be a big help to us both. Steem On my new friend.

"Those who act wisely grow in influence, those who act poorly shrink." ......... A food for thought.

@teamsteem, You've achieved so much from this network. However, it's good that you've also contributed to its growth.

Congrats and Steem On!!!

What's up @teamsteem!?? I see you enjoying life my man...This was great to see!!! :)


Yup! I do!


Awesome!!! :)

Content. Content & more content.

@teamsteem , You never fail to impress with your posts broham! Aside from Steem and crypto currencies making a better world for all of us to live in, that music video makes everything OK right now in this very moment, that was INSANE! Flawless execution dude :)


Haha! Thank you @sandstorm!


Respect man, and mangoes :)

Most likely what I have been steeming all along — My view in life and how it all fits together. I share much of Dan's sentiment. He supported much of my views in the past and helped me grow. I am glad he has found a place in your world as well.


He did. He's mind-blowing.

Thankyou, you are a big inspiration for new comers like me... The growth of Steemit is more encouraging than its counterparts (Facebook, Orkut) had in early years

Like people who wanna cash out Bitcoin will buy altcoins like Steem, people bored of facebook gonna join Steem and get paid for doing what they love

thanks for this nice post, really appreciate it ;)

This is still the beginning stages of Steem, hell its still in beta and look at the success its already having. I'm glad that I'll be one of the first people on here :)

The Steem Force is getting stronger, Thank you for being one of the great witnesses, Steemon!


Thank you! I appreciate your comment. I tend to think people don't fully understand witnesses. One of the reason is that you haven't voted for any witnesses.

I'll try to make other post about them. I think there might be stuff we could do better.

This is so cool! I hope that I can dance but i have so little steem!



This post makes me very excited and optimistic about the future :) Steem on everyone!

Very well done. One quick note though, AAPL market cap is currently $808 billion. Just a heads up ;)


You're right. These are last year stats. Thank you for mentioning. I'll look to correct this.

I just edited part of it. I think the 6 months thing is still pretty close to it even if I was calculating with the old Apple market cap.

Thank you for catching this mistake.

So happy to be here on Steemit.... looks like the beginning of some really epic success, joy and community are getting ready to launch big. Every day I'm here, the more I look and learn the more I like! Thanks for a great post, it's good to understand where Steemit came from and to have the links to learn more.

Thank you @teamsteem. There is so much to read in your post. I will have to re-visit to educate myself continually about cryptocurrency. Voted for witness @teamsteem.


Thank you @veejay! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you're enjoying my posts.

Excellent post showing a possible very bright future for us all. Such exciting times and I'm so happy to be a part of this Steem movement. Onwards and upwards and again thanks for painting a big smile on my face before I head to bed!

Do you think the Steem price is pretty stable for now, is it still rising or will another massive price rise be likely to come?


Read #6 of my series and make yourself an idea.

great job...., i'm a beginner, what do you advise me


Read the whole series or just create awesome posts and make sure to market them the right way. Also you might want to consider investing in crypto. Take care!


Thank you hero :)

Thank you for this package full of motivation.

I'm here just two month, but the potential (I see in Steemit) of the platform drives me to spend more time to create more and quality posts.

Great post bro! I will keep it short. What will I do? Simply the same. I'll do what I love and stay the same because I think it's all about the passion


Yeah! I think those who are true to themselves will stay true as time pass because Steem incentivize truthfulness.

It took me a while to understand the potential of Steem and now I am telling everyone to join this platform like a crazy person. Today, I was on google searching for some SEO related keywords and found three links to Steemit on 1st page! Steem is the next big thing.


For most people it's the next big time and for us it's the big thing if I can express it this way.


Completely agree with you - I am pretty new here but excited to be a part of this excellent platform and planning to share my thoughts and views with this community too!

I plan to keep on keeping on, just steem along as I have been doing :)

Dose this mean if movie/tv companies get a million views depending on the votes they get a million dollars worth of steem. that means we could see free entertainment in the future.


I don't exactly know how Steem will influence our world but I know it will be huge.

I hope next year to have 1 steem = 100 $ :)

Nice article dude.

When billions are watching i think you should change nothing. Allways be yourself. But it will be awesome if our platform grows to those levels!

Very impressive,mate. I have joined steemit couple of days ago and I would try my best to get that hug amount outof steemit.

That is pretty inspiring. The internet amazes me.

at times it doesn't make sence to have your some of your money sitting at a bank and always getting hit in high fees. Cryptocurency makes sense as it is another way to invest and build up communities.

Great read and look forward to more steeming from you .

The future of this platform is great, people will migrate from fb and other platforms to a better wolrd wich is here. After i open my account here i forget about fb.

Wow! I just recently joined and this is the best decision I've made ! 32 million... wow

Wao congratulations 👌

I am so amazed at your story I can see how steem has changed your life so significantly amazing what a few thousand dollars and hard work can do when applied in the right market.

LOL, forget the post, your dance was much more informative!!! Hey, what's those yellow fruits/vegetables? I am guessing mangoes!