Upvoted, followed, and resteemed! Thanks for sharing, this looks useful. Myself, I take pictures on my phone, then plug it into my laptop, then copy them over, then drag/drop into a Steemit post.

It'd be easier if I could do this all from my phone. (I haven't tried logging in via the phone's browser, I suppose that might work.) Cheers!

Hey @Good-karma, I have a few questions.

  1. Is the 5% only taken out when posting via the app, or when using the as well?
  2. Does this permission get revoked if the app is uninstalled or is there another way to do it ( not planning too).
  3. Saw on my Steem that eSteem s listed under "Authorities" as 50% , Don't know what that means. Do you?


Hey thanks for questions..

  1. Yes, it is only for posts and comments made using eSteem.

  2. Yes, you can use any features you like, only posting and commenting rewards are shared when posted from eSteem.

  3. It means that you have enabled permission for eSteem to schedule post for you. Scheduling post asks permission so you can make write a post and schedule it to publish at later date and time.

Great! Thanks for replying buddy. I really appreciate it.


Want to ask you a question and that is -
In which steem currency you will get your reward when somebody use your app. Is it steem power or steem or steem dollar ????

This is really great. I have heard of eSteem and been excited about it getting off the ground. I did not know all these things but am happy to know them now.
Going to download it and give it a try!

Thank you for clearing up the questions I had @good-karma
Also thank you for all your amazing work as witness and as a person

Very useful post.
I just have a question i post it on the #esteem-feedback but got no reply yet

The question is
Can i buy and sell STEEM on the application?
I tried but i couldn't do it! Does the app support it or not yet ?!

Thanks in advance @good-karma

Something elsei tried to join thr telegram
Founs something called karmabot

Am sorry more than 1 question but couldn't find a group?
Can u provide me with the telegram link again.

Thanks agi

Din't see you in the Telegram group yet. Looks like you didn't get the link. Perhaps @good-karma hasn't set up a custom URL link, so it's difficult to share for most of us. I tried to send you the invite link over Telegram (through the group) but you have disabled it in your personal settings. You may trying clicking here after logging into your Telegram platform:

Hope it works 👍

Thx alot @xyzashu
Yeah i didn't join the group yet
I don't know whats wrong it doesn't work still
But will try again

Thx alot

The settings r fine
I guess u can reach me
Can u try again ?

You are with the same handle i.e. @marwa? If so, then you need to check your privacy settings to allow any one to add to you to groups. Under Privacy & Security, you need to click Group Invite Settings and then check "Everybody".

Its Marwa_JH

Would u try it please?
Thanks for ur help
I do appreciate it bif time

Oops! Dunno, why Noteefi didn't notified me of this comment! This is the one disadvantage of not using eSteem. 😭

But thanks that you are already in and even got the answer you were seeking from @good-karma 👍 😊

What are the two numbers that appear to the right of my # of followers and who I'm following? One has a trending symbol next to it, and the other has an upward-facing carrot.

Hi, could you be more specific? In what page you see symbols or share screenshots perhaps?!

I understand 7 | 18 |14 but what is the 98 and the 0 to the right of it?

I would love to know these as well

I needed this, resteeming to use as presentation materials for the people I will try to recruit into Steemit. Thanks.

Hi , My name is Aung Sann Lwin from Myanmar.
I have old Steemit Account but I don't know password
my device is lost.This is new steemit account.
Can you help me to get old steemit account.
Please reply me,

Unfortunately, once you lose your password, there's no way to recover it. You just need to keep going with your new Steemit account.

Highly useful, thank you! I have a question involving the symbols on the side tab under my avatar. What does the arrow going up and number mean?

I keep getting a banner at the bottom saying " request denied for security"

Thanks for reporting, I will take a look and apply fixes if necessary!

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