I Saw Your Dance Video And Now I Know You're Rich!

in joy •  2 years ago

I posted the video from my last Steemit post on Facebook and it already has 604+ views. Under the video, I wrote a simple sentence saying I made more than 150,000$ in my last year on Steemit. (Link)

Congratulation For Steemit!

So yesterday around 22h30, I hop in my car and head up downtown. The first person I came across, told me: “Hey I saw your dance video and now I know you're rich!" She then admitted that she really enjoyed seeing me dancing. All I could think then was: "Yeah! This is my new life and I love it!" What else could I be thinking really?

Also she didn't just throw this at me, I mean, she had greeted me with her usual amenities prior to this. Anyway, she's a really awesome person and that whole thing really felt like I was on to have a great night. I then proceeded to talk to 3 friends there, one of which I had already talk to about Steem. First thing I mentioned was how much my account was worth and how awesome it felt. For some reasons I didn't even try to talked them into signing up.

I walked away a couple of steps and was greeted by another friend. It's a pretty small town. Without skipping a beat this guy told me: "Hey! Félicitation pour Steemit!" which literally translates to "Congratulation for Steemit!" I told to myself: "What a nice way to put it and to greet me!"

We then proceeded to talk about cryptocurrencies and for some reasons I don't quite remember, he asked me if I was thinking to invest some of my new wealth into Wall Street, to which I answered that I didn't knew anything about Wall Street but I knew a heck a lot about crypto since I was into it since mid-2011.

He then told me he wanted to buy Bitcoin back then when it was much cheaper and you know, the usual stuff that happened to most of us who heard about Bitcoin in its early days. I didn't tried to talk him into signing up on Steemit either. I used to try to embark some of my friends to joined but for some reasons I haven't tried that even once yesterday.

Get On Steemit!

Anyway, the whole place was packed with people and I thought to myself, how awesome would it be if all those people were on Steemit. If that was the case I could be reading about everyone's perspectives of that night and their perspectives about everything really or just infer it from what they would be voting on. Now, I think that's just a question of time before it happens.

Overall it was an okay night. I got back early at around midnight so I was there around 1h30. Now I think to myself how different things my get if the price of Steem shot up 2 or 3 times higher. 3 times and I would be worth close to half a million. This would probably do quite some waves around me and pretty much every Steemians or I should say more waves than Steem has already produced.

I wrote 90% of this text Saturday.

I Never Really Sold Any Steem

Every Steem I ever sold I reinvested back in. I might have truly withdrawn around 1,000$ worth of Steem into Bitcoin but that's pretty much it. The whole Steeem thing seems surreal at this point. 3 months prior to the day, Steem reached its all-time low of 7 cents, back then I owned around 4,000$ worth of Steem I think. Its price has gone up more than 35 times since or double around 5 times.

I knew anything could happened back then, that's why I reinvested all the money I had previously made on Steem and withdrawn into Bitcoin, back into Steem. I know this still holds true today. Anything can happen. Steem price could go up or down quite a lot, I could have my Steem password hacked, a bug in Bitcoin or Steem might make the price to plummet, etc. Though I think these have very low probability of happening, I know these are very real possibilities.

New Paradigms Are Emerging!

Most people I've talked to about my cryptocurrency investments have told me to cash out. Yet almost none of them have tried to understand what my investments were about or what my motivations were. (Beside 1-2 friends, I'm not really sure how many of my friends read me on Steemit.) I sure do talk a lot about money but that's not my primary motivation. "Money is just a tool and not an end in itself."

Now, that's pretty easy for me to say as I'm not dying over the lack of this made up "resource" called fiat money. For some, the reality is very different but I can see new paradigms emerging. As time passes, more resources are being produced for the same amount of effort and it will become easier for people to have access to those resources with and ever lessening interference from governments and corporations.

Those governments and corporations have interests of their own. Those interests always prime over the interests of the individual that constitute them. This is a fundamental problem humanity is faced with.

Because, as time pass, there's more resources being produce with the same amount of effort, there's more for everyone and on the whole everyone is better off than in the current situation. This is so as long as there's no abuse. Abuse is always a bad thing but in the current system abuse is an inevitable feature.

The Attention And Trust Economy!

Some people might argue that the wealthiest person today are better off in the current situation than in the situation I just briefly described but I tend to disagree. Under the current situation, wealth is accumulated at the expanse of the masses, the more some own, the less there is for everyone else and thus the more the wealthiest own, the more energy they need to defend from those whom they abuse.

A lot of the abuse happening in the world is done through deception or make believe. To deceive someone you first need to get their attention and then their trust. I see Steemit currently becoming the biggest attention and trust economy platform that ever existed.

Steem has value. It is very valuable as it can influence people's attention toward certain information and it might be on its way to become the most influential value management platform there is. Not only Steem influence people's attention but it also influence people to disseminate the information they most agree with. It incentivize people to best communicate what are their most pressing matters.

Be True And Life Will Reward You!

Steem has built in incentives for people to be their truest self and to learn about other people's truest self. I prefer to keep my Steem which incentivize people to be true rather than exchange them for fiat money which are created by a small group of people for their own benefits at the expanse of everyone else. The current systems of money creation have wrong more than enough people already.

Also, I prefer trying to avoid selling my Steem for Bitcoin or other POW cryptocurrencies which incentivized big corporations to plug in and maintain hardware miners at the lowest cost possible. There's rumors NVDIA and AMD will be putting out graphic cards expressively for cryptocurrency mining purpose. Whether it's true or not, all companies have incentives to reduce their production cost as much as possible thus there's always a very real possibility slave labor might end up being used by these companies.

Let's just take gold mining for example. Held as slaves, children in Peru forced to work in mines that produce much of world's gold (Gold is use in the manufacturing processes that goes into building those hardware.) Sign me up for another reality please. Surely no company ever incentivized decentralization and empowerment of the individual but inevitably exert the exact opposite influence.

Back With Some Awesome Steem Stats!

As I pointed out in a previous post, around 86,000 Steem are being created every day. At a price of $2,37 this equal roughly 200,000$. As it used to be the case back then this is only a very few percent of what is being transacted in the last 24h which is equal to more than $13M. The same stands true for power down, as only $6M is being power down this week (Top 200 account). This seems to indicate a very bright outlook for the Steem price. One other interesting fact is that most of these Steem bought in the last 3 months haven't gone out of the exchanges.

There's more than $60M worth of liquid Steem sitting on Poloniex. I really doubt these investors are looking to make a quick buck, hoping more people will buy Steem and power them up so that those early investors can sell at a profit while everyone else have their Steem lock up.

The much more rational and mathematically sound explanation I found is that, Steem being on its way to becoming the world most trusted and consulted information platform, has made some very powerful people really interested in it. Think about it. Rich people control every other information platform there is. The largest newspapers, television channels and Hollywood studio are owned by rich people and they are the one deciding what information get spread there. As for the control of information on the internet, this is done through very different means commonly referred to as astroturfing.

If Your Wealth Can't Influence Anyone Then You're Not Wealthy!

Using Steem to deceive people will only become harder to achieve as an ever growing number of people join and make their truth and needs known. The current wealthy elite can stand aside and try not to interfere but this means they won't have much say on the most trusted information platform ever which I doubt would be good for them knowing how much abuse and deception their wealth is made of.

Also if you're not the wealthy one who's buying Steem right now then it will probably be end up being the one next to you who does so. What we are seeing is mostly wealthy crypto investors cautiously investing and diversifying into Steem so they aren't left out which leads to the competition and rising prices we're seeing. Also Steemians have incentives to see the price go up, they would rather keep their Steem and growing influence than sell at a discount.

The Power To Influence Is Wealth!

I tend to think wealthy people will do pretty much anything they can to expand their influence over what people say about them or anything really. It seems, a couple dozen millions thrown at Steem isn't that much for billionaires. In fact the more dollars are thrown at Steem the more influential and wealthy its owners become. (Two billionaires #1 #2 have come out saying they own Bitcoin one of them admitting he owns more than 10% of his wealth in Bitcoin meaning more than $100M.)

Just to give a bit more context to this, many companies and governmental institutions run software which alert them whenever someone tags or mentions them on most social networks so they can do damage control whenever it's needed. We don't know exactly how far these companies and governments are willing to go to achieve their ends nor do we know exactly what those ends are which is very problematic as I've already mentioned many times here on Steemit.

I could go deeper into this analysis but I'll just stop here, adding the Steem Genius is out of the bottle. Let's all communicate our greatest wishes/needs and work to accomplish them and maybe someday there might be no more people dying of imaginary insufficient funds.


If you are using Chrome or Firefox, add those add-ons and see how fast Steem popularity is growing day by day. It's simply exhilarating.

What Kind of Money Would You Rather Hold?

US Dollars!

N.B. The purchasing power of the US Dollar is less than 5% of what it was in 1913. (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)


Joy Is What I'm All About!

I had a lot of fun writing this post. I didn't knew exactly where I was going when I began writing it. Most of what I wrote was thought out while writing it. I still don't know where I'm going with all of this. Are my intents getting clearer and am I becoming a better person? If the price of Steem double then I might have enough to live with the standard of life I've been currently living but without needing to ever work again, heck I might even have enough already. Yet it doesn't matter how much wealth we supposedly own if we aren't healthy.

Wealth is just a tool, not an end in itself. Joy is what I'm all about and this Joy stems from health, truth and freedom. It stems from helping each other and every little magical moments’ life brings us. It stems from the incomprehensible beauty of this universe. Joy can also stem from when we get back up from a terrible sadness or sorrow. Joy can stem from everywhere and hopefully it can stem from the heart of everyone currently reading this.

If I Was A Billionaire

If I was a billionaire, I'd still be Steeming and one of the only rare difference that would really matter to me is that I would own a heck lot more Steem.

Truthfulness And Compassion!

Let's work to stop abuse and deception so that everyone receive what they merit and everything and everyone will be much better. This also stand true for self-abuse and self-deception. I think truthfulness and compassion are what we should focus on.

One More Thing!

For those of you who wonder how can they make thousands of dollars on their Steemit post, should ask themselves if they would be willing to risk holding tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of Steem. This is a big part of it. High risks are usually equal to greater reward opportunities while lower risks are usually equal to lower possible rewards.

Think about it this way, if the price of Steem goes up or down 4% in a day then it means I lose or gain around $6,000 which hardly any post reward can make up for. The individual success of the largest Steem holders doesn't depend much on the success of their posts but a lot more on the overall success of the Steem platform. This will only become truer to a growing number of people as Steem grows. Be true and you won't ever be deceived.

Wealth Is Just A Tool!

I'm here helping in the creation of decentralized systems which empower and bring Joy to all.

Wealth is just a tool and not an end in itself. Joy is what I'm all about.

Approving My Witness

I got 20 more votes to my witness since my last post. Thank you to everyone who voted!

"What Are Steem Witnesses And Why You Should Support Them!"


Thank you!

Thank you for reading and for your comments! I read them all! Most of your answers can be found here: "Steem: An In-Depth Overview!"


Get on the chats. Not in private messages but in the chat rooms. These are some of the best places to makes some meaningful Steem friends.

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I am so glad you put out the dance video. I am also so glad I messaged you how it has made me smile and feel since you did that LOL.

Because it was powerful.

Maybe some people watching it of course do not know you like some of us, and likely some know you better.

But it conveyed pure happiness, not that you are chasing money -- like you clearly convey here.

Line after line in every post you ever write is full of nuggets of gold and hard hitting truth.


-and also, who cannot like a guy who has a whole room of mangoes in a dance video anyways?????

Love you man, you are a great



Posts like this give me inspiration i can see the quality in your posts! The very best of luck with your steem success!:)


This is such a nice comment! I love it! You're a blessing Barry!

The mango part really cracked me up!


That's the sole reason for my upvote.
I'm not a very good liar, am I?

Joy stems from health, truth and freedom! I know I might be 24 days late replying to this post and to be honest I'm actually quite mad with myself that I didn't know about steemit well before you wrote those words above, as they are very powerful. I'm still unsure how to use steemit for myself but I'm already fantasizing how it can be used to help others. As I try and rapidly skim through it, trying to work out if I need to change paper money in to steem, which I think it might be a good idea to invest 10 or 20k (which is a question you might be able to help me with). It's kinda like standing on the grand canal in Venice, it doesn't seem real. When I look at Steemit, I see a platform that can host so many positive niches, giving everyone the chance to become the flower of their dreams. It doesn't stop there though because if you don't posses textual beauty, like myself it doesn't mean you can't become an important part of the Steemit garden of eden. Steemit needs and welcomes honey bees and understands that honey bees are just as important. Steemit gives everyone the opportunity to become something real. We need real people. Myself, I'm thinking how can we move the plant based community here. I mean as an instagrammer, I've just spent 4 years of free labor to feed their feed. I've never faked any followers and only have 33 thousand. But I get 50 comments per photo on average, I'm connected with real people. We've helped change and help so many people transforming over to a plant based diet, Which is why we do it! A diet that not only extends your life and saves animals. But it's a diet that opens the eyes of many, allowing them to see a clear view of what has happened! Now as those people move onwards with their plant based lifestyles a large majority of them, start to understand that it's up to us as individuals, to make the change, not governments. We hold the power! And that power we have is much more powerful that we realise. We could actually change this primitive shithole in to something beyond our dreams, and I see it as a reality that is happening faster than we think! What does all that have to do with steemit? Steemit is a city that can host an unlimited amount of plantbased/lifechanger inhabitants. Steemit is also a virtual planet that can feed anyone with a connection to it. It's like the Vegan diet, once you've discovered it, you want to share it with everyone. I mean you're aware of all this, I'm not telling you anything new, but me... I know you can't stop Bitcoin, now with that fact, I'm opening my eyes and understanding very clearly what Steemit can become. Course I'm just referring to building a city for my like minded people. Steemit doesn't differentiate, you can build countries within steemit and live of each other in peace. That is a reality, right here, right now! And I'd like to thank the steemit god and the universe for making it possible. This is the beginning of an empire. Sorry, I think i've just ranted my thoughts out loud. Sorry and thank you at the same time for being a part of it. I think it's time for me to dance!


Hahaha! It is time indeed for us to dance. You're comment is clearly one of the best comment I ever read and I'm not surprised it comes from a vegan. I'll talk and go into much more details about some of the stuff you mentioned in your comment.

By the way, make sure to invite all your instagram followers. Post about it here on Steemit and I'll give you nice upvote. Don't promise them anything you can't be sure of. Don't oversell, just make some honest invitations.

Have fun!

Hi great post man. I am new to steem so i wish one day i could post a summary like you about how i started and how i become sucessful. One thing i learn from your regret is not to cash out something you truly believe in this early and i want to thank you for that.


I try not to have too much regret and stay focus on what's really important no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

Post 2/2 here for you on this -- shared on the Twitter. I could not remember which of the 2 of your accts was the current one LOL, sorry.



BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 12 Jun 2017 - 01:11 UTC

How to know you are on the right path with your #CryptoCurrency friends. #Steemit $STEEM #Liberty #Blockchain


Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thank for sharing! This is awesome!


I did not even mention your nice choice of tags, and especially the 5th one.

Classy guy with a nice soul you have brother.

We are all better off knowing you.

Thank you.


In French we say: "Tu es un bon vivant Barry!" which I would somewhat translate to "You're a good jack Barry!"


Aw man. Thanks buddy.

Bro hug.



I almost didn't put that tag. I hesitated to chose truthfulness instead but I felt like compassion was more meaningful. Everything is true so...

That took you to underline that word and special attention I put there in the choice of my tags. Take care Barry!


You are truly one of the most interesting people here on Steemit and even outside of here IMHO.

My 3-in 1 milestone post went up earlier today and you have been a part of that, so thanks again my man, for everything.

I really liked the image about what assets would you rather hold on to. I never looked at it like that before and its honestly changed my perception even more. Why hold on to an assets that is trillions in debt instead of holding on to one that can be used world wide and holds its value!


Awesome comment! I couldn't put it more clearly.

Pretty incredible what you've accomplished!


Hey thanks! Your comment feels awesome!

Oh hell yeah, man! Dance the night away!

At a price of $2,37 this equal roughly 200,000$. As it used to be the case back then this is only a very few percent of what is being transacted in the last 24h which is equal to more than $13M. The same stands true for power down, as only $6M is being power down this week (Top 200 account). This seems to indicate a very bright outlook for the Steem price

Don't get me too excited!!


Wow, another awesome piece!

Thanks a bunch for sharing all this information and being such an inspiration with it all. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

You got nice mangoes! Awesome video and what amazing ride it has been. Steem On!


It sure is an amazing ride! Enjoy @runridefly!

I got into Steem, May 2016 as well because my friend came across it while he was doing research on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Very nice seeing the community grow! Great post :)

Very cool dance moves, I enjoyed watching the video a lot! You are doing very well on Steemit and hope you will come to SF2 and give us a live performance of your dance. Cool song by the way!


Haha! Maybe! We'll see how thing goes. Yeah this song is awesome!

The fedeREAL pyramid scheme, definitely an excellent depiction. :))
Go crypto!



Hahah Great video!!! I would have a clown size smile on my face. I just started on Steem but don't you think we need to verify people faster.

My goal has been getting friends and family to join but it kinda pushes them off when they have to wait over two weeks to verify.

You got a new follower!


Thank you my friend.


I think I prefer not to hold belief. What I know I know. What I don't know I don't know. Beliefs can lead to self-deception.


True, but that's a cool, funny meme, don't you think?

Damn, you look like eminem from behind, man....;)

thank you for your thoughtful post and for happy video, you put a smile on a face of many people :D


Thank you my friend! You just put a smile on mine!

Congratulations on your success at Steemit. I am here for the long term as i believe in the potential of Steemit and Steem.

After reading this post you have challenged me to write more open post. Let the steem world critique my message so I can become a better steemer.


A realization that came to me and inspired my latest post is that STEEM is BACKED BY SOMETHING. It is backed by all of our creations, ideas, discussions, thoughts, personalities. That stuff is there. It doesn't just vanish. As such it may be the only actual crypto backed by something. That also puts fiat to shame.

Congrats on doing well, and I enjoyed the post.


This is very true. And this might be the most valuable stuff we have, our thoughts and how we link them together and how they link us. You're right. Steem might very well put all other currency to shame for those reasons.

Hey I enjoy reading your blog @dwinblood. I clearly read more of your blog than I comment on and I've been reading you since your beginnings.


I remember when you joined, thanks for reading my blog. Also again great post you did there. You put a lot of effort into that one.

EDIT: That shouldn't say JOINED... but rather when you first spoke to me. You actually joined the month before I did.


I think Dan had upvoted a couple of your early blogs that what got me interested right from the gecko. He still does read your blog which is awesome I think.


Yeah Dan would interact with me on my blog from time to time. It is nice if he still reads it. Since he left steemit inc. he hasn't really done that. I'm glad he still posts his own material from time to time. He writes great pieces that are always pretty mind expanding.

Well, you're no Fred Astaire, but so long as you're happy who cares --- right?

The important thing is Steemit has got you dancing and jumping for joy!



Yup! Joy is what really matter.

Great post!! I have a lot of friends I explain steemit to say the same, cash out and the likes. What a lot of people don't get is that some of the most successful people are successful because they weren't in it for the money, but wanted to find someone to create their content and steemit just happens to be the most amazing way to do so. Steem on buddy!! :)


I was here very early. That also help.

Wow, that's a great story and I completely agree. I'm thinking of this as a retirement fun! With the ability to spread interest to other people retirement! You're doing good things and you got the right mindset, thanks for being such a good witness and steem ambassador in your town!


Thank you @drpuffnstuff! Thank you for support my witness too!

Nice advise. Think ahead. 👍
Most newbie(like me) depend a lot on a post.

We need more steemit dance videos! Maybe start a challenge...I would totally do it! Great post @teamsteem! So glad you are so happy!


Maybe that could be a nice idea.

I think that it is unbelievable what this platform will achieve...I think that you showing others what it's really like to experience this type of freedom is very important! Congrats on your happiness and much success to you in the future:)

The dance video was awesome, it was fun to watch and catch your energy!

Happiness and joy to me are really what brings success... so many people are rich and miserable, it's a choice.

It's better to be happy right where you are, do the right things by people and step by step you'll get where you need to be.

So I'm enjoying learning Steemit, I definitely stumble about but I know in my heart of hearts with all the manipulation in the markets, debt and the craziness in fiat currency I'm learning the most valuable lessons right here.

Who would have thought so much could be created with a computer and wifi anywhere in this beautiful world! Thanks for a great post!!


I get your feeling. I share the same. It's amazing to see what is happening.

I've begun to talk about steem to others, but I havent gotten any cold hard cash to show them yet. Hard sell when I havent completed the process, but next month I hope to have a different outcome! Steem on!


Have fun! Don't worry too much about those who aren't ready yet. They just aren't ready.

I wonder what you gonna do with so many papayas.


These are mangoes and are almost all eaten already.


even more delicious! :D

I love steem the problem is none of my friends know or care about cryptos at all. I hope they can soon add an internal search bar also. That would be awesome. Then people would feel more at home on here!


I agree there's a lot that can be bettered. Steemit Inc are hard at work I can assure you.

Great Post, love the video so much fun!
Most people don't join things straight away or if they do don't really take notice until they hear about someone else doing well with it.


I'm really glad you enjoy the post and video!

Hello. Nice dance video^^ very funny but more motivating to steem on! I read your post also ;) have a good time!!


Thank you @psywalker! I'm glad you like it!


Nothing to thanks! :)

... i FEEL YOU -)))

IN that, .. i suspect you could BE talking about basket WEaVinG ?? - ))
... and your certainty and clarity .. would have the local craft store .. HappilY OVERwHELMED !!! - )))

ha ha )))


.. i'm FEELING the most BEAUTIFUL kind of JEALOUSY ... for YOU )))

.. a B-RIGHT LI(G)HT .. is ONE that can GUIDE MANY !!! - )))

so FAR ... !!!! SO GOOOOOD !!! ... TeamSteem )))))))

greb'Z )


ha ha )))

SincerelY ... your ExciteD PassioN .. with a VisioN for the FUTURE !! ?? !! - ))

... that's LOW HANGING FRUIT ... )))

= EasY INSPIRATION !!! - ))

S-HOW me MORE )))))))))))))))

TEAMSTEEM kicking it out there with a dance and bringing in the new users, viral marketing at its greatest!!! Great write up...great video, caught it on FB actually before I seen this and had to say well done sir, well done!

Found a lot of inspiration in your story and post here, I view wealth the same way, just want to reach the top to pull up the little guys with me. Gained a lot of my respect @teamsteem


Cool! I don't know why you saw it on Facebook but awesome!

I'm glad you enjoy reading my post.


Actually seen this post over there in a group lol. Guess someone shared it for you. Meant the article not video....was half awake last night when I wrote. Keep up the great work

Thanks for the inspiration and advice man
you are appreciated!


Thanks! Thank you very much for that nice comment!

Sir, you make me happy. You've had my approval for witness already, but if I could do it again I would after this!

This is very inspiring! I'm so happy that you are experiencing happiness in all different kind of ways and wish that for everyone on Steemit!

By the way, are that papayas in the corner??


Nope. Mangoes. Mmm mangoes make the world go round.


Thank you for sharing the story. Congrats on your success. To the moon. Cheers! @teamsteem

Thanks for the tips!. I'm all about joy and 0 stress. Happiness 100%, is what keeps me healthy and looking amazing ;).


Awesome! I just took a look at your blog. I love it! Have fun on Steemit!


Gracias!!, that means a lot to me ;)

The dollar has lost what...90% of it's value since the not so federal reserve? If you ain't in the crypto game...you're losing money.

Great Story... nice to see happy people around, share it
upvoted and gonna follow you :-) see you around

Fun Fact

It costs more to make pennies and nickels than the value of what they are worth.

hmm...thats like Toyota saying let's keep making and selling cars for less than it cost to make them... we will sell a ton of cars!

The dance video music was an awesome beat when I was reading your article, could feel your groove mate! #inspired

Congratulations @teamsteem!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 3 with $ 1569,28

Haha! You're pretty good, I remember that video of yours.

Awesome, great post my friend..
So interesting, i like it. Thanks for sharing..
Upvote and Resteem.!!
Dear friend @teamsteem
Have a nice day..
Keep steem on..

my very first day on steem will leave a wonderful memory. I just got my account activated and already i feel at home reading such inspirational and educative posts. I wish i had known steem earlier but as they say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step...as such I am Journey the walker and walking to success is my target...bless you man, i shall follow you and need such friends like you for daily inspiration.


Thank you!

Love the dance moves. Mind if i steal some?


No! Go on! I'm flattered!

Salut teamsteem,

I saw your dance video, too; now I know you are into delicious fruit and sheer joy.

Me, too.

Rock on.

Peace and love.
​Niamaat​ aka Teacher Nia
English Language Coach and
Translator (Spanish to English)

P.S. “Be great because nothing else pays.” -– Grant Cardone


Hey Salut @prima-nia!

I love your comment very much and this quote!

Gracias for inspiring people to follow what they love and be successful.

Someone certainly knows how to dance ;). Keep up the great work @teamsteem!

Great one, keep it up

Hello all. I'm new here my account just got approved today. Steem seems like a great community to be part of and glad to be here. I still need to read more about Steem... there is still a lot to learn and wrap my head around.

nice post buddy, good job

I have something new for you, visit @joe28 soon as possible

Upvoted,Followed and resteemed your post mate.appreciate following me.thanks

So many opportunities going forward! Limitless! BTC, Steem and a little smidge of ETH. Exit at the right time, see you on a beach sipping mojitos looking at some tits and ass!

The dance video was pretty nice haha. Great post, I enjoyed it.




Intense!!! You get deep into it.

Great post. A little of something for everyone. Well rounded.



Nice rhyme of thought man. Soon Steemit will get Facebook...myspace'd


I agree @kyriacos! It might be much more too.

HolySmoke! ... i didn't even know people made posts this extremely well thought out !!! Hard to stay focused on the Quantity of good content when your rewards are so minuscule... i just feel like i will add more content as rep and reward increase ... i put most all of my original videos on here early on and they got no views; it was a big Downer.... Slowly things grow ... over time and rep i suppose ...

Nice. Its good to see someone that actually has faith in this platform. Keep the money flowing!

This is epic! Can't wait for it to go viral :D Keep it up!


Thank you @mrs.steemit! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

i mean if traders at polo dump steem, it only means we can stock up even more


We don't really want dumps though at least not too much.


you mean cost benefit advantage of not having new users or losing existing due to lower value, I am just stating out there are always positives in any situation :) cause in long term those users will come back, when they see what happened to those who believed and stayed, pardon for my vague discussion I am at work now

I saw this video last time also, and it really brought a big big smile on my face. I see you are accumulating a lot of mangoes (at least they look like mangoes). What's the deal bro, their prices gonna increase soon!!!!


Hahaha! Good one!

Hi 8). I came across your STEEMIT today because I too am doing a healthy / weight loss journey and I cruse the fitness, healthy tags 8). I voted up and followed.

Hope to one day develop a thread like this with my first post and show the growing overtime.

Best of luck!

I love how you dance with your heart and not care about any dance steps. As usual, I have read your article and have been convinced that I am in the right place. Steem dancing with the mangoes is the coolest thing I've seen this day.


Cool! Thank you very much @beng05!

This give me inspiration thanks@scotty777

Great post @teamsteem!

Your video and post have lifted my mood no end, and I love nothing more than seeing people be successful. I love your attitude buddy, and I wish you all the best on your Steem adventure.

Got yourself another follower, I look forward to more content from you.


Be true. I like the inspiration gives upon reading your article. Steem is truly a life changing. Good job! Nice article.. 😊😊😊

OMGoooooooooodness ... this is insane! Félicitation pour Steemit!!!! You are so amazing. You fooled me with that suit and tie... you have the moves.


Thank you @pitterpatter! Merci!

Wow, I wish somebody will also tell me that I'm rich in steemit :)


The feeling was pretty epic I agree!


Especially if its true :)

I finally watched your happy dance!
Awesome my friend!!


Thank you @canadian-coconut! I'm glad you liked it. Steem on! See you later! I'm heading to work. Hopefully I'll quit this day job very soon! Have fun!

You are nominated for oscars for that bad-ass dance. I love that dance. I will also do when I become like you


Awesome! Don't wait. Beginning now will only help you!


Also loved the mangoes

That dance was really nice I watched that over 7 times. That looks pretty real

Thanks for the post!
These are my first few days here, following a 3 month time in studying the Crypto world and opening my horizons to a new possible economic system that society needs!
You gave me great hope and sense of direction in the platform.
Steem on!

More people using steemit, steem and steem dollar will be increase in value!
Can you take a look on my post,thanks.

Your dance video was awesome! I've put some strange stuff on my YouTube, but I wouldn't want to put a dancing video of myself online :S

Your video made me smile :D
Whenever I see your profile picture you look like some serious business person. Your video and your writings prove otherwise.

Keep up with the great posts!

Great post man, im impressed. Steem is really a great place

OHHH my goodness!!! YOU are so inspiring!!! LOVE the video!!! Made me LOL :) and I LOVE your writings!!!!! I just now found you as I am new to Steem and you are at the top of my list, as a go to page!!! Thank you thank you for inspiring this new little minnow!!!

WOW... What a great post. I,m still a learner as I have never cashed any savings up to now and still cant as I find it too complicated. Following

Loving the music jam! Making me do the head nod kinda thing. lol

part of the problem with cryptocurrency is that it too is involved with literal slavery - just like gold mining.
i wrote about that here but the hardcore cryptofiends mostly deny the problem:

very nice post !

Your the best Human i ever know !!!!

Agreed! "WeALTh is just a tool." Nice lengthy, thorough but really enjoyable post. One can learn lots from someone like you through your experiences and views on life. I appreciate your time and efforts putting this one together. OH, "and bring your green hat too!" Thank you!

I have been watching yours posts and comments @teamsteem. I would like to work with you on this project I am offering you an invitation of free ongoing access.

You have been invited to STEEM (SBD) Trading Bot Growth Hack Project, https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@jordanlindsey/i-think-i-ve-built-something-incredible

The price of gold may go up because of crypto currencies.

Wow, just wow! You are a legend legend!

I don't like trying to convince people to sign up anymore


I feel you. They will come in due time, in a rush.