Countries Vulnerable to Economic Devastation Soon

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If you’re in one of these nations, you need to be aware of economic collapse coming within the next several years and perhaps as soon as next year. This will be much more catastrophic than the economic crisis in 2008/9 caused by the real estate bubble in the U.S.A..

In danger are countries with the lethal combination of high external debt (as sorted by debt-to-GDP ratio) and negative trade balances.

Short-dollar Vortex

This is because external debt is vulnerable to rising interest rates combined with cratering foreign exchange rates for the domestic currency relative to the U.S. dollar which I explain is a coming “short-dollar vortex” in my previous blog: Global Crisis […] Coming. The reason for the coming spiraling rise of the U.S. dollar is because so many nations are vulnerable to rising interest rates (c.f. also) and their need to pay back dollar-denominated loans/bonds, so this will drive a contagion and crisis in confidence which will cause international capital to stampede out of these vulnerable countries and into the U.S. dollar and dollar investments for a safe haven. IOW, capital follows the herd as capital moves then more capital follows it. This is what exacerbated the Asian Crisis just before the turn of the 21st century.

This short-dollar vortex will cause a spiraling debt crisis in the vulnerable nations, as is already underway in Argentina:

Vulnerable Countries

S&P Global recently published a list of 5 such vulnerable countries: Argentina, Colombia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey. Note Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey are fragile, but not because of external debt.

For example although Colombia rebounded slightly since 2016 with the dead-cat bounce up in the oil price (and receiving $5 billion in remittances from their nationals abroad presumably primarily from the USA and Europe which will decline precipitously as the those economies collapse into their economic abyss), they have worsening regional export and migration contagion along with significant deficits (trade and government budget) — with massive ongoing infrastructure investment needed to satiate the revolutionaries — on $39 billion in exports (45+% of which is oil) even with the $60 oil price which will decline again to find the final bottom lower than the $27 low in 2015 due to increased competition in the production of oil and the contagion of a global recession in 2020:

And Colombia has only 5 years of oil reserves remaining with no investment in exploration at these low prices! Fattened party-focused, non-capitalistic Colombians have no inkling of the decade(s) long crisis that is coming.

Some other countries (other than most of the African and Middle Eastern countries) that meet the two criteria I stipulated: Armenia, Australia, Bahamas, Belarus, Canada, Cyprus, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Jamaica, Laos, Macedonia, Moldova, Nicaragua, Serbia, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

However, each country has to be analyzed for mitigating factors. The trade account deficit may indicate a less productive, consumption focused society that has structural problems with business investment. Or it might indicate massive capex imports for a developing nation or excess, conspicuous consumption that can be dialed down in a crisis by the relatively affluent citizens. Also real estate bubbles such as in Vancouver and Australia exacerbate their plight. And all of the socialist countries have an exacerbated issue which is the coming pension crisis (c.f. also this, this, this, this, this, this, and this and exacerbated by the low interest rates since 2009), which is a problem Asia and the developing nations don’t have. Australia is especially REKTED.

For example, are a few articles about Argentina:

Argentina pushes interest rates to 40% to defend the peso
Phase 3 of the global rising interest rates cycle
Why Argentina’s economy is in trouble again
Why Argentina struggles to become a normal country
Argentina is getting impatient with Macri’s painful economic reforms
Taming twin headaches of Argentina’s economy

Note that although China and Japan have very high debt-to-GDP ratios, their debt is all internally financed with their domestic currency, so they are more insulated against a rising U.S. dollar even when they experience their coming debt reset. Other than Japan, Asia (including China) has the lowest tax rates, very limited social welfare programs and thus not the for example $123 trillion of unfunded entitlement liabilities that will drag the USA into the economic abyss. Asia’s economic downturn and realignment away from dependence on exports to the West will bottom 2020 – 2022 and start growing again as the West dive bombs into the abyss over this coming decade.

Hong Kong is threatened with deflation collapse because of the peg of the HKD to the USD:

Hong Kong’s intervened to support the Hong Kong dollar for the first time since August 2018 after the exchange rate fell to the lower end of its trading band against the greenback. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority bought HK$1.507 billion ($192 million) of their own currency during London and New York trading hours on Saturday.

The Hong Kong dollar peg to the US dollar has come under a lot of pressure. The problem they face is simply that such a peg also imports the inflation or deflation of the currency to which a peg is created. As the Greenback rises in the political-economic sea of international finance, it will become impossible to hold the peg.

The problem Hong Kong will face is as the financial crisis in Europe erupts, this will push the Greenback higher. If Hong Kong keeps desperately trying to hold the peg, they will import DEFLATION and turn their economy down very hard all because of international events. The models we showed at the Singapore Conference targeted 2019 for an important turning point.

The reason is because if the HK authorities maintain the value of the HKD higher than its free market value by defending the peg, this will cause relatively increased hoarding of the appreciating asset (i.e. hoarding the HK$) and thus reducing spending and business development investment in all other things in their economy. The deflation spiral is a self-reinforcing feedback loop that eviscerates public confidence in the economy, because less spending and business development investment depresses spending and discourages business development investment.

Socialism End Game

China has not been Communist since at least the 1960s. And Asia supports instant death for drug pushers.

Doug Casey: "We Are On The Cusp Of A Civil War"

Jonathan Roth - Civil War Coming to America?

The Illinois Pension Crisis – Giving The Pensioners All State Assets

The Public Pension Crisis is Our Undoing

Warren Buffett Loses Billions

The Decline in Quality is Part of the Cycle

Identity politics is destroying the West:

Fashions Turning to Civil Unrest for Inspiration

Cohen & His Allegations Against Trump

The great public pension fraud here in Ontario, Canada allowed the public service unions to endorse Liberal candidates who would give them their 3% raises every contract. This gave them an 18% head start (the number of public sector employees) to win an election that only required 34% to gain power. The percentage of Liberal voters rises since children of public employees are likely to vote the same as their parents.

Even when Conservative’s hit the campaign trail, they too promised better civil pay because they knew 1/5th the voters worked for the government. Corrupt as hell!

Your comment on government pensions hits the mark. Ontario is the largest by population of 14 million. The number of public service employees is nuts, 18.6% (1.3 million) of the total employed. The pension burden is enormous. As private wages have stagnated for 2 decades now, pension and benefit costs came out of the employee’s wages, but our civil servants got the raises and the benefits.

The US began to mint two types of silver dollars. The “Trade Dollar” was used to make payments to China for their standard was different from the West. The idea was promoted by the silver miners because the price of silver began to decline due to increased mining efforts in the western United States.

The silver miners effectively donated huge money to the Democrats to support the price of silver, which ended up nearly bankrupting the United States by 1896 and gave the Democrats the name “Silver Democrats.” […] The Democrats stood against gold and sought to overvalue silver to satisfy the silver miners who were funding the Democrats back then.

The USA has the biggest economy, which is created by having a lower-taxed consumer base. That is why everyone from China to Germany stands in line to try to sell to American consumers. China realizes this is a no-win situation and they have turned-inward by trying to develop its own consumer-based economy with less reliance on selling to Americans.

A majority of Europeans (58%) would prefer to work as an employee rather than risk starting their own business. The promises of pensions and the social state have created a vast economic different picture between Europe and America and in Asia, we see a trend that is beginning to surpass the United States. This contrasts starkly with attitudes in the United States, where a majority (51%) say they would prefer to strike out alone. The United States allowed the property to be owned whereas in Europe the title to the property remains fixed in most of London and is leased out for 100 years where people pay the value as if they had purchased the property, to begin with. Property in London that was “freehold” was rather rare. Many fled to America which was the land of opportunity to actually own property, build wealth, and leave it to your family.

Then rushes in the Marxists. They hate people inheriting wealth and call it unfair. Every generation should start at zero in their mind. Then we have the economists who argue that it is the disparity in income that suppresses the economy in Europe. So what is their solution? Regulate everything excessively and take the wealth away from those who have it and pretend you are handing it to the people if anything is left once they government gets its hands on it for their own lavish pension schemes.

The United States is the venture-capital capital of the world. That will soon be displaced by China. Nevertheless, how to actually measure entrepreneurship is a very distorted view of the economy. One popular approach among economists which overlooks the depth of a nation’s economy is to count how many new businesses with paid employees start up each year, then divide them by the number of companies that are already up and running. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), calls this percentage the “employer enterprise birth rate.” Others just call it the “start-up rate”.

From this distorted perspective, the United States scores fairly low on that definition coming in second to last when looking at the years 2007 through 2009 during the crash. The glaring flaw in this view is the fact that in the economies which are least developed come out on top, which was Slovakia and Mexico. The United States was predominantly small business also before the Industrial Revolution. Creating criteria of this nature are extremely misleading. Also, the period in question saw many young individuals start out on their own unable to find jobs with their costly degrees. They entered the self-employment segment but were not hiring people. They were breaking out and doing work in various services.

The greatest economic growth follows the LOWEST taxes, developed economies, and lower regulation. When the government attacks all three areas, our computer simply shows that economic growth declines.

Mini-Ice Age

NASA has confirmed that the past 2 years have been the most dramatic cooling event of the last century.


The Maunder Minimum already underway is causing the economically devastating drought in Argentina and South Africa, crazy hurricanes that devastated the Caribbean, the very unusual raining/cold summer in the Philippines this year (normally no rain and very hot during April and May), California’s schizophrenic devastating alternating drought/fires with torrential rains mudslides, and numerous other extreme climatic and tectonic effects. Westerners especially seem to have forgotten that man is not more powerful than nature.



World Economy to Decline Until 2036

Armstrong wrote:

World Economy Declines into 2035.8

The world economy has been in a prolonged economic decline as taxes have risen and regulation has expanded. As government hunts money everywhere, they are bringing the world economy into a major decline since the 1970s. The bottom in nominal terms appears to be 2025. However, in REAL TERMS, we are looking for a decline into 2035.8.

Another projection from Armstrong:

Will Russia’s economy eventually exceed that of Germany? The answer is yes, just as China will surpass the United States. The West is collapsing. World GDP has been in a bear market since the late 1970s. The economy is moving into a recession as we spiral toward 2020. We will then enter STAGFLATION — rising prices with declining economic growth — between 2020 into 2024 with another hard decline thereafter into 2028.

It does appear that the economic decline will be much more severe with respect to Germany than Russia. Therefore, part of the gains in Russia will be not so much from growth as it will be from Germany declining more significantly because of its export economic model.

Those who doubt the predictive power of Armstrong’s cyclical models and historical data modeling, may want to read this.

The reason for the coming stagflation is because the 4 decades sovereign (e.g. US Treasuries) bond bubble is coming to an abrupt end.

When the next recession comes there is going to be a lot of turmoil

Jeffrey Gundlach on the market, millennials, cannabis, taxes, and the 2020 election

As interest rates rise back to normalized levels of 7% (from the current 2% after a slight pause into 2020), not only will fewer people be able to afford to buy a home (and thus real estate and housing prices will crash again), also the servicing of the global (and especially Western) debt is going to consume an ever greater portion of incomes (including tax income for governments):

And because governments will raise taxes. Bill Gates explained, the fact the ultra rich couldn’t possibly be made pay for it (because they can always side-step predatory taxes or as’s recent bailing out of NY plans, they can just leave and take their business elsewhere), so the taxes are going to be raised on the middle class (and also the stagflation will be an indirect tax on the poor). The abnormally low interest rates irreparably bankrupted the pension plans in the West and the general decline coming will cause a massive rise in demand for welfare, both of which the government will be tasked with paying for. So net incomes collapse while taxes and thus costs of everything will rise. Also the malinvestment caused by the debt bubble combined with the increased regulation and costs of complying with socialism, will also force the costs of everything higher as it has destroyed supply. There’s an imminent conflagration (and probably contagion) of effects from the borrowed-time and idiotic moral hazards of socialism and leftist ideology that have pervaded Western civilization.

Additionally Armstrong writes about the corporate bond debt crisis coming in 2021:

We have a very interesting crisis building in addition to the political chaos we see coming in 2020. By the time we reach 2021, we will have over $2 trillion in investment grade corporate debt maturing. This is going to present some very interesting problems. Up to now, we have advised our corporate clients to borrow at these rates and lock it in for 30 to 100 years. The bulk of corporations, who we do not advise, funded themselves short-term. With about $2 trillion maturing by 2021, they will end up pushing interest rates higher from there onward.

So in short, the West is shooting itself in the feet as the Titanic is on flames and sinking. This Western process of self-immolation (aka “societalcide”) will accelerate over this coming decade as Western socialism is destroyed by destroying itself and its society.

But this is creative destruction because it ushers in the vital decentralization technologies which will reshape the global economy and provide massive employment by unlocking the value of maximum division-of-labor and disintermediating behemoths. Conceptualize it simply— if we all tied our shoelaces together, we’d be much less valuable while in that tied up state.

Bond guru Jeffrey Gundlach’s video linked above says 7 times more federal government spending goes to old people than to the youth in the USA. Armstrong wrote:

At the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, working 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, yields an annual income of only $15,080. This is below the annual poverty line. It also reflects something that most people are unaware of — in Illinois, there are more than 19,000 retired teachers who get OVER $100,000 per year in their pension. According to the latest data, nearly 1.5 in ten federal employees are eligible to retire RIGHT NOW, and in five years the number will hit […] 30%.

Gov. Christie rebukes a teacher at Kenilworth Town Hall

The farce of a false dichotomy of Blue vs. Red irks me. Clinton is the President who signed the repeal of Glass-Steagall, which allowed the commercial banks to go into investment banking enabling the malfeasance that fostered the 2008 subprime mess. And signed the law to make student loans nondischargeable in bankruptcy. The student loan debacle is going to destroy our youth and collapse our real estate market (in addition to the loss of demand as interest rates rise)! The government’s involvement in healthcare and education is corrupt and will always be (because wolves in sheepskin are naturally attracted to hen houses)!

The government is for sale to the highest bidder by both parties.

We the people have to stop bickering, getting riled up by diversionary identity politics, and thus being fooled by the uber wealthy. “Tax the wealthy” slogan is another way we are fooled, because the wealthy never pay taxes. They can leave. They have jurisdictional arbitrage options. This is how the politicians fool us into socialism and raising our own taxes until we are so deep in stagflation that we’re desperate and double-down on leftist radicalism leading to Wiemar Republic leading to the rise of Hitler. And we will do it again eventually. The nature and cycle of collective human action. The wealthy play this like a fiddle, dividing-and-conquering us by getting us to go collectively insane.

I wish I could see some collective sanity amongst my fellow Americans and Westerners.

I am trying to do something to help the youth while also helping myself to be productive. Decentralization is my plan.

I wrote on Quora:

EDIT: note Armstrong has written about being invited to the Chinese Central Bank and being surprised that they knew all about his work. You refer to the USA puppets S. Korea and Japan which are (at least demographically) peaking and declining respectively. Both S. Korea and Japan are opening their economies to Asean workers and they knew they have to become more integrated with Asean as China rises to displace the USA.

Japan has also increased military spending because they can see the writing on the wall. The USA better not fight in the South China Sea, as we will lose our aircraft carriers there if we do. And this grows ever more the case every year. The USA’s sphere of influence is waning.

The antidote to the USA’s decadence would only be to stop misallocating resources. Stop subsidizing the idiotic masses which for example funds the drug consumption which destabilizes Central America. A wall will do nothing to stop the drug trade which comes in via trucking through ports-of-entry. The solution to the drug and migration problem is stop subsidizing the globally noncompetitive flesh.

But the USA can’t accomplish this politically. Democracy does not work efficiently. In fact democracy is the alternative to civil war. And now we’ve reached the point where democracy is not the viable alternative.

Trump highlights the dysfunction of the West:

Trump nails the corruption of the wars in the Middle East:

Trump mentioned the Fed’s desire to raise interest rates as being the Achilles heel of his robust economy. But the Fed has to back off raising interest rates until after the 2020 Presidential election because of the non-domestic, global recession imminent in late 2019 into 2020 (which will be a boon to the USA because of the influx of international capital in the short-dollar vortex).

So barring the attempted abrogation of the Electoral College by desperate Democrats (which otherwise might lead to a Constitutional crisis with a Supreme Court ruling ordering each State’s electorate be honored?), Trump will win reelection in 2020 because never (or at least not in the past 100+ years) has a Republican has lost except in a domestic recession. However, what can happen in 2020 or 2024 is an Electoral College tie, in which case the House of Representatives would decide but with only 1 vote per State delegation, the Republicans would likely win the tie breaker. This would possibly cause a Constitutional crisis with Democrat extremists resorting to terrorism.

The Democrats are in a weak, desperate position due to the Electoral College advantages (e.g. Democrats concentrated in California), Trump’s brinkmanship on census gerrymandering, “new green deal” (no more airplanes) extremism of Democrats scaring the fuck out of centrists, and with the strong domestic economy (driven by the short-dollar vortex influx of international capital to dollar denominated investments). By 2024, the global recession and rising interest rates will have put the USA economy in stagflation. So then the Marxism will become more popular in the USA, especially with the boomers dying off and the disenfranchised Millennials (aka “Justice Democrats”) becoming a more significant (and vehemently energized, extremist) portion of the electorate. Trump will of course be blamed for everything including the rich getting richer via the booming stock market due to the prior short-dollar vortex. The disenfranchised will assert their political will fiercely circa ~2024 and beyond.


Any minute now this house of cards ♦️ will come falling down.


We’ve been thinking that for the past 10 years though. So it may extend out a bit longer still.

SOooo very true, I used to think to myself, why buy property it’s gonna collapse!Gotta buy gold , silver etc, totally fell for that scam, not to say it CAN’T happen, it can be kept propped up for ages, as you said.

I was following Martin Armstrong since 2012 and he was clearly screaming to get out of gold and that it was going to drop to $1050, which it did. And he was screaming to get into the DJIA because it was going to 26,000 which it did. He says gold can go as high as $5000 but it will only rise when the people start to realize that the governments are in going to default. Most people do not think this yet. My current plan is to sell BTC (and STEEM) later this year at $30+k (and STEEM above $10 probably $15+) and buy gold. Then I will repurchase crypto in 2020 or so after it has reached bottom in the next crypto winter.

Four months later, the collapse is accelerating.

It always begins at the periphery economics and the contagion spreads to the larger nations. USA will be last to fall because owns the international reserve currency status which will transition to Bitcoin after 2024.


As I predicted 4 months earlier in the above blog, Argentina is collapsing economically again.

U.S.A. (and probably all Western countries) heading into political crises no later than 2024.


The USA could very well fall into conflict in 2024 if a Republican is elected. If a Democrat is elected, everything will be fine, Republicans won't act like leftists are acting now. But if a Republican wins for a third time in a row, they will lose all control. Hell, they're acting fairly despicably already, and we haven't had Trump for 2 years yet.

In the end, though, the U.S. electorate has gotten us to the point, I hardly expect them to suddenly decide that they should seek out representatives who want to control spending, clamp down on illegal immigration, reform legal immigration, stop caving in to the BLM, etc.

What about the scenario where the leftists gain control over the Congress and the Presidency and start persecuting conservatives? They see what Trump did to target California by disallowing more than a $10,000 deduction for state income and property taxes paid from each individual’s federal taxes. This is cutting off the indirect federal funding for California’s collapsing socialism.

If the leftists regain legislative control, they will go berserk raising taxes to punishing levels, redistributing federal spending from red to blue regions (i.e. free everything to illegals and punishing taxes on hardworking white males), opening flood gates of immigration, and passing federal laws that undermine conservative communities. At that point, I can see the conservatives realizing they have no choice but to start civil disobedience. And the hot war escalates from skirmishes.

For example the leftists may pass a gun confiscation law. And start to attempt to enforce it. They could ignore the Constitution, perhaps do something crazy like disband the, assassinate, or remove conservative judges from the Supreme Court.

Or they could simply arrest and jail Trump. That might be enough to set off conservatives.

Everything is going to become more unhinged as the economy collapses.

In summary, the level of ideological hate between progressives and conservatives has reached the boiling point. Remember the left is supported by those that don’t produce. The left gains its power by knocking over the apple cart and promising ideological nirvana to those who live in la la land. So the left must always move further to the left and can’t moderate. At the end game, it must go totalitarian.

I wrote on Quora:

Can you blame the Millennials for fighting back when the federal govt spends 7X more on old people than on the youth and Bill Clinton signed a law to make it illegal to discharge student loans in bankruptcy. Clinton also repealed Glass-Steagall which enabled the 2008 subprime crisis which empowered the banksters to socialize the defaults and privatize the ill gotten profits. The feds are promoting loans for everyone driving the cost of education through the roof, by pulling income forward decades (which is what debt does). The youth have no choice but to exclude their elders. This is a complete destruction of Western culture and values. The banksters did this to us systematically.

The West is in a huge f*cking mess that is about to implode:

Countries Vulnerable to Economic Devastation Soon

We have now a political societalcide underway in the USA.


I wrote at the Corbett Report:

James I’m elaborating on my comment in your other related blog.

This scripted dog and pony show is really about isolating the USA so that the nation-states will agree to move to a NWO reserve currency that is not controlled by any one nation. Bitcoin was created by the powers-that-be to REKT the nation-states. The globalists are doing creative destruction to move their control to 10 Kings stage in the 666 Revelation paradigm.

To understand the big picture, first understand the impending dollar short-vortex that is underway. This is going to drive an international capital stampede into the dollar as the rest of the world goes into debt reset contagion due to the fact the rest of the world is either overloaded with debt and/or their debts are too heavily weighted in dollars. Most people do not understand that this will drive a stampede into the safe haven of the US dollar. Stock markets rise with rising interest rates contrary to the BS the MSM is current preaching!

So the powers-that-be (i.e. the Zionists) are scripting a show to make the world hate the USA. Trump was put into office by Wikileaks (as I predicted in advance) which is controlled by Rothschilds on purpose in order to play this role of the angry white man racist that the entire world will hate. Research who Assange lived with before he went into the Ecuador embassy. Also Assange’s posts on Cyberpunks mailing list decades ago exemplify that he is a globalist sympathizer.

The Zionists are going to blame their by-design debt crisis on Trump and the USA.

I wrote at the Corbett Report:

The BRICS nations are accelerating the privatization of the more important aspects of their respective economies. In Russia its minerals and oil. Rostneft just sold 18% of itself to Glencore. In Brasil its airports and likely Petrobras. China is contemplating opening its financial markets to western financial behemoths with neo liberal financialization and ‘structural adjustments’ sure to follow as state owned corporations get the treatment.

Don’t forget that Larry Summers was over in Russia arranging the privatization which created the Russian oligarchs after the fall of Perestroika. Remember Larry Summers is the progenitor (c.f. also) of the concept of ZIRP and NIRP and also has been pushing for the elimination of cash.

This privatization combined with a collapse in the economy so as to prevent the upper middle class from participating is the modus operandi of the global elite.

In that linked list of points, the onset of austerity is the Basel rounds which are increasing the restrictions on the quality of the reserve capital and for example also the austerity being imposed on the PIIGS by Brussels. Understand that the Euro was designed as a monetary enslavement paradigm.

They’ve been stalling the Western economies (preventing debt reset) with ZIRP and Draghi’s NIRP so as to maximize the coming debt reset harvest. This is also why they need war so they can blame the coming economic hardship on Trump’s recklessness. And make the entire world jealous of the USA being the reserve currency as the dollar will go skyhigh as the $trillions in dollar-carry-trade loans abroad increase the demand for dollars as interest rates rise. The pension funds were forced to invest in dollar denominated bonds overseas in order to seek yield because of the ZIRP and NIRP. This means that all Western pensions are bankrupt and the Western boomers will be living their final decade(s) in trailer parks or tent cities (like those in California already) eating noodles. Remember the majority of the Western population is one or two paychecks away from being homeless (c.f. also).

Note the “Hyperinflate to destroy the external claims on wealth” can be accomplished with the short-dollar vortex which hyperinflates the exchange rate of the other currencies relative to the USD. This is already underway for example in Argentina. And it can be accomplished with sovereign bond defaults.

Then follows the monetary reset with a NWO reserve currency. Me thinks (and have thought since BTC was $10) that instead of buying precious metals as advised by the article I linked first, we should be hodling Bitcoin because it is the alternative NWO reserve currencies which no countries can resist nor stop, and it is surreptitiously controlled/centralized by the global elite who secretly masterminded and created Bitcoin.

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