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Collapse of Western Civilization Underway

Armstrong has two cycle charts for the break up of the U.S.A.:

224 Year Collapsing Wave Structure Points to Breakup of USA

The USA is in its Death Throes

The first (i.e. upper) chart above starts from the date of the ratification of the Constitution. The second (i.e. lower) chart above starts from the date of the American Revolution.

And the April 22, 2013 peak was on the exact day that whistleblower Edward Snowden made the final, irreversible move towards releasing the NSA exposé (not the day he released but the day he could no longer turn back or change his mind about being a whistleblower on the run from the unconstitutional use of the law against him). Thus the decline of the U.S.A. is intimately tied to the deep state corruption of the Constitution, as we are seeing now with the collapse of rule-of-law with for example the unconstitutional attacks on Trump and the unconstitutional incarceration of Martin Armstrong for 7 years on a bogus contempt-of-court because the government didn’t want to go to trial because their cover up would have been exposed in a public trial.

The Constitutional decline will proceed until 2036.3 and then there will be a reprieve slightly bouncing up from that level of decadence until 2047.67. From 2047.67 to 2085 will be decline into the abyss for the U.S. Constitution.

In Armstrong’s blog for the first chart, he says it will be 296 to 309.6 years for the entire cycle that has the peak at 224 years from the ratification. Thus more or less 2085 to 2098 until the Republic breaks up, i.e. the governance of the U.S.A. splits into sovereign States or groupings of States. But note this date will not be the analogous event in Rome where it was completely deserted, which was 100s of years later than 265 AD as the Western Rome empire fell into a feudal Dark Age (aka the Middle Ages):

(click to zoom)

The U.S.A. will split into separate governing States or regions no later than 2099, but it’s not certain yet whether the U.S.A. will collapse into a 600 year feudal Dark Age.

So it depends what form of Mad Max we’re referring to. It seems you’re referring to the financial and/or monetary system collapse, which may or may not translate to actual Mad Max environment on the ground. Rome’s peak was 180 AD and here follows Armstrong’s proprietary reconstruction of the monetary history of Rome (which he created at the cost of $10 million in 1980s dollars by collecting ancient coins):

(click to zoom)

So for 61 years from 180 AD to 241 AD, the debasement of the silver coinage was gradually accelerating, and then suddenly in 241 AD a waterfall collapse. 61 years from the 1999.27 peak in the second chart, would be 2060.

Here’s what Armstrong wrote in the blog for the second chart mentioned above:

Obama is reviewing the ban on military weapons for police forces after multiple instances of deliberate attacks on police officers. Instead of prosecuting the bad police officers, they are preparing to dig their heels in and arm the police to escalate the confrontation between the people and the police.

This, unfortunately, is also how Rome ended. It was not that the barbarians invaded Rome; rather it was that the armies turned inward and began sacking their own cities and anyone who showed resistance toward the government (emperor). Once you fragment society and divide the people by turning the State against its own, the end is not far behind. This weakens the bonds of civilization and sets the tone, which allows the barbarians to invade for society broke apart. The 33 years from 235 AD to the collapse of the monetary system in 268 AD saw 14 emperors.

The 224-year cycle of political change for the United States peaked in 1999 with Bush Jr. coming to power; although he was was a puppet president as Dick Chaney really held the reins of power. The slide down was hard. Obama has also largely been an absentee president as he has missed more than 60% of his morning security briefings since he is more interested in playing golf. The 2016 turning point may mark the shift in power from the bureaucrats back to a central figure. Keep in mind that Trump will certainly not be like Bush or Obama. Even Hillary will treat the bureaucrats as hired help. So either option will be more assertive than what we have seen since 1999. Even gold bottomed in 1999 and has risen because it is a hedge against government and not helicopter money, etc.

So remember the grand “Sixth Wave” peak in Armtrong’s ECM is 2032.95, which will culminate not only this 51.9 year Private Wave, but also the end of a 309.6 year grouping of 3 public and 3 private waves, amplified in severity with the end of a 1857.6 year grouping of 309.6 year Sixth Waves! Thus the fall of Western Civilization! No joke!

So note an interesting distinction between the two charts for the breakup and decline of the U.S.A. at the top of this post. The first said chart bounces up (i.e. has a reprieve) from 2036.3 to 2047.67. Whereas, the second said chart bounces from 2016.74 to 2033.94, yet declines from 2033.94 to 2071.27.

The first said chart seems to be dealing with governance and the second said chart is dealing with war and civil unrest. The latter precedes the former, which makes sense that violence precedes change in governance (e.g. note how Chile has agreed to rewrite their Constitution after the recent massive civil unrest).

So the collapse in our governance (i.e. insane loss of rule of law) in the U.S.A. will be growing worse until 2036.3 and then a slight (probably lurch towards totalitarianism) “reprieve” for 11 measly years. Whereas, the civil unrest and war situation has improved since Trump was elected in 2016. Massive illegal immigration and addiction of the population by the drug cartels is a form of war and fosters civil unrest (homelessness and vagrancy).

Interestingly in terms of Mad Max on the ground, apparently all hell is going to break loose 2033.94. Why is that? Probably because 2032.95 is when China takes over as the financial capital of the world. The strong dollar will have abated (probably with Bitcoin taking prominence as a backing store in stablecoins such as Libra) so unrelenting stagflation in the U.S.A. coupled with double-digit interest rates. Minsky Moment collapse!

Armstrong blogged Climate Data in Australia is Being Altered:

These climate extremists managed to get China to claim it would stop building coal-fired electrical plants, as they announced that they would cancel more than 100 coal power projects intended in the future. China has been the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter. However, in the Shandong Province coastline, the once-suspended coal power projects have been revived. All the climate hysteria seems to be accomplishing is the fall of Western society. They have spread their propaganda to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. They have even told girls not to have children for they will have no future. It is curious that our model shows the shift in the financial capital of the world from the USA to China, but after 2032. This climate hysteria is probably part of this shift.

This climate hysteria is not being taken seriously outside Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. Other nations see it as a plot to prevent them from joining the modern world where this technology they hate so much has increased the life expectancy and led to our more comfortable living conditions.

So apparently the liberaltards will take control of the federal government no later than 2033 (impoverished populace will be politically radicalized). So from 2036.3 the governance situation will “improve” in the sense of federal government getting out of gridlock and reasserting more draconian, totalitarian control over the States. Expect massive tax increases such as Elizabeth Warren’s insane wealth tax.

And/or the noted divergence between two charts could be explained by involvement of the U.S. military in significant wars that require national sacrifice, e.g. a simultaneous war with China, Russia, Iran, and N.Korea..

Armstrong pointed out that the States have no Constitutional right to secede from the Union, thus the wars of secession must eventually come later in this century:

(click to zoom)

So in conclusion, I agree with you that the risk of Mad Max increases after year 2033, but this is not likely to be as severe as a Dark Age within our lifetimes. The really intense war and Mad Max is later in this century. Yet that doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park after 2033. There will be a lot of problems and the U.S.A. will begin to resemble a Third World country in more locales and in more facets of governance, corruption, and rule of law. Additionally the U.S.A. may lurch towards increasing totalitarianism/statism after 2033.

P.S. I added more content and links to this blog and my Bitcoin’s Whiplash Bear Trap blog.

Look at this same model on Britain from the day William III defeated James II at the Battle of the Boyne to the very day World War I began, where the United States displaced Great Britain as the financial capital of the world despite having been virtually bankrupt in 1896 just 17.2 years before. Note that the declining wave is 72 years. The first low came when Britain abandoned the gold standard during the Sovereign Debt Crisis of 1931. There was a modest rebound, but World War II prevented any sustained recovery. Then in 1949, Britain was compelled to devalue the pound from $4.03 to $2.80. The next devaluation came in 1967 from $2.80 down to $2.40. Then the pound collapsed to par in 1985.

Over the next 4.3 years, Margaret Thatcher saved Britain from the euro, which was an idea put forth at the Plaza Accord when the birth of the G5 was established. The idea was that the dollar was too high and that its strength was because it had emerged as the only major world currency. The idea was born that if Europe created a single currency, there would be a rival to the dollar. This was really hatched in France. Germany saw this as a means to an end to expand its own exports throughout Europe by eliminating the currency risk for its manufacture base.

Thatcher saved Britain but it caused dissent within her cabinet. There were members such as Nigel Lawson who had been at the Plaza Accord who supported moving into a single currency and surrendering the British pound. However, Lawson was a closet Bretton Woods guy at the time who felt strongly that currencies had to be fixed. He was not so much a goldbug, but wanted a fixed currency and that would be the ERM followed by the end goal – the euro. Geoffrey Howe (1926-2015) was another key cabinet member who clashed with Thatcher also over the euro. He masterminded the development of new economic policies embodied in an opposition mini-manifesto.

In June 1989, Howe and Nigel Lawson secretly threatened to resign over Thatcher’s opposition to British membership in the exchange rate mechanism of the European monetary system. Both Howe and Lawson were sold on the ERM and the idea of the euro. They effectively forced Thatcher out of office over this very issue in 1990 and wanted to surrender British sovereignty altogether. Fortunately, they lost. Now after Brexit, Britain will not be dragged down with France and Germany.