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"If it's For You"

I always think of you
And even in my dreams
I want to see you
Or talk to you somehow

Looking for a chance
To hold and embrace you
Did you know
You are on my wishlist

My feelings won't change
Because of your uniqueness
I can't forget of you
I hope you know it too

Forever here in my heart
Because you're one of a kind
Everything I will do
But to forget you
Is thing that I wouldn't do

Promise I'll patiently wait
If it's for you
Whenever I'm with you
Heaven is what I feel
And happpiness is real

The moment if we touch
Chances come back
For the time we hold
Feelings re truly mold

Maraming salamat mga kaibigan!
Naway naghandog sa inyo ng aliw ang nabuo kong tula. Muling balikan ang mga nakaarang tula na aking isinulat.

* * * * * Filipino Poetry * * * * *

Alaala Mo



Awit ng Puso

Lalayo na Ako

Maghihintay pa rin

Nandito Lang Ako

* * * * * English Poetry * * * * *

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Inlove ka lay ? 😁😁


Enjoy reading your poem.
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grabe tagos sa puso! Salamat kabayan! Napaka sarap mainlove.

Nakakaaliw nga :) keep writing! Galing mo naman dami mo na nagawa.