"Fallin for You" || an english poetry

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"Fallin for You"

Why are you so kind?
Im fallin for you if you don't mind
Tempted by your kindness
That weeps my sadness

You're so sweet
And I'm so flattered by it
You're an angel sent from above
Blessed with grace and love

You're getting into my attention
The natural beauty is my attraction
Everyday I could imagine
Life with you would've been

If we're made to be destined
Life would be so heaven
You are the star to my night sky
Giving me those silly butterflies

If there is no chance
Please stop this feeling that might enhance
As early as now freely you may go
'Coz I think I'm fallin for you

Maraming salamat mga kaibigan!
Naway naghandog sa inyo ng aliw ang nabuo kong tula. Muling balikan ang mga nakaarang tula na aking isinulat.

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