"Thy Love" a simple poem

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"Thy Love"


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Thy love is like a rainbow
so colorful and wonderful
But I had to endure the pain
While I was in the middle of the rain

Thy love is like a rose
so beautiful and painful
But the wounds caused by the thorns
made my heart felt torn

Thy love is a burning fire
starts with a flicker
Grows a bit bigger
And often ends weaker

Sometimes I just forget and
say things I might regret
But my heart has been longing
Seeking for something that is missing
Or maybe I should stop hoping
'cause there's no odd falling
For someone who is calling

But then maybe just maybe
There's together in a never
And a forever, whatsoever


Hope you had fun reading this cheesy-breezy poem. Feel free to comment your opinions regarding this post. I am very open for your title suggestions to connect with you dear steemians 😊 Please do upvote or resteem and follow me.
Much love,


The beauty of love.
When love hits you hard, your words become sweeter. I believe that this is intended for someone @hillaryaa.

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