"It's You" || an english poetry

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"It's You"

I feel the love at our first glance
Giving me idea to grab the chance
The sweet smile on your face
Pushes me to pursue you and chase

Everyday I think of you
In my dreams you filled it with hue
Why is that my heart is incontrolled?
Is this true love to be called

It's you that I keep on finding
It's you that keeps me smiling
In times that I'm alone
My head is blown

It's you that makes me happy
When you're around you make me silly
Problems seem to be lost and fade
You're the precious thing I couldn't trade

Maraming salamat mga kaibigan!
Naway naghandog sa inyo ng aliw ang nabuo kong tula. Muling balikan ang mga nakaarang tula na aking isinulat.

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