"Happiness" l Free and and has no fee - An english poetry

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" H A P P I N E S S"

If there is sadness
there is always happiness
If there is bitterness
there is also sweetness
What is really happiness?
Maybe it's the absence of sadness and bitterness
Happiness is a choice
If you really want it
then you can have it
Happiness is free
And has no fee
It always depends on you
'cause there is no already incharge of your own happiness
Except you!
Happiness is for everyone
Even to those who have none
Money can't even buy happiness
Because it is so priceless
Even millionares and billionares can't
But always share your happiness to others
For life is good to celebrate to one another

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happiness is part of life

Nice see those child happiness, That the Happiness.

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