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Here's my entry for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 27, hosted by @pifc.

The rules of this challenge are very simple: Feature 2 High Quality Original Content Blog Posts from Steemians with a reputation score of 55 or under.

It should not come as a surprise that I've chosen two artists who've started blogging very recently, @spi.der and @maysi-art.

Here's the preview of their latest artworks:


#1 - @spi.der (44)

Spiros Derveniotis is an illustrator / comic artist writer living in Athens, Greece.

He has joined SteemIt on August, 2018 and today he published his 10th post.

@spi.der appears to be very creative and he started rather well. His posts have been quite cool, so far. His style is very smooth and detailed.

His latest post is a page from his own comic novel - Yesternow


@spi.der says...

its story revolving around a serial killer offing actors from '80s movies whenever they sign to appear in modern sequels of their older movies.

What an odd premise. Excellent creativity. This story seems to be quite original. Great work, @spi.der!

#2 - @maysi-art (51)

Maya Schippl is an artist from Germany, who enjoys making miniature sculptures.

Maya started blogging on SteemIt only 5 months ago, in May 2018 and, even though @maysi-art doesn't post very often, you should follow her work, because when she posts something, it's usually really good, as you can check by her latest post, where she displays two extremely cute kittens made out from polymer clay (Beesputty) and merino wool.

You can see those sculptures on the post I'm featuring, called Ghoustly Cat Twins - Miniatures -


Ain't these sculptures amazing?

By the way, @maysi-art has her own website at

Superb work, @maysi-art. Please keep on sharing your works, as SteemIt really needs talent like yours.

# Final Thoughts

I see a lot of people complaining about the price of STEEM... Well, my friends. Don't invest more than you can. This is exactly like the Stock Market: If you're not ready to hold STEEM for 10 years, you probably shouldn't be buying it.

Despite that, I see that many people are not frustrated or sad about the low price of STEEM... and are, in fact, happy that they can buy it at these levels.

I understand that most folks won't be able to invest in this platform... and that will probably make it harder for them to earn something by blogging. Unless, of course, they are artists.

I sincerely believe that artists and musicians are among the few people that can earn with SteemIt, without investing any money.

The more quality there is on Steem Network, the more chances there are that we will all be well, a few years from now. That's just one of the reasons you should support artists like @spi.der and @maysi-art and help them grow. Another reason is... because they deserve it.

If you want to join the contest, here's more info about the "Pay It Forward" contest.

My previous participations are here:

Curation Contest - Week 27 of Paying it Forward

Please support @spi.der and @maysi-art with a few upvotes, follows, resteems, comments. Whatever you can give. 😉

@trincowski signing out.

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couldn't agree more with you @trincowski, they deserved our support.. and they have something we need to enjoy on this platform too. good eyes as usual.


Thanks for your support! 😉

best post.jpg


That was cute! Thanks, Agnes! 😳

I have upvoted both authors. I'll make another round later and go back for my comments on the posts. I just can't sit down now long enough to make sensible comments. 😊


Thanks a lot!


You're welcome.

Thanks for your entry, both bloggers have been upvoted.

I feel very honored @trincowski, thank you so much!
And thanks to everyone who upvoted me and commented my post!! :-)))

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Those are great shots! Thanks for letting us know about the photographers!

Great choice!

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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I supported both of your feature bloggers. I like both of them especially second one. Thanks for choosing them.

I am headed to check them both out. I agree with you that many new people should be looking at this as a chance to buy more steem or just be happy that they can earn a bit here. I really feel like if you just have a core group of friends that get on here together you can have some fun and also make a bit of money.

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Great entry! I've supported both bloggers.

Nice to see you back this week @trincowski; it's not the same without you here:) Love the look of both of these (I'm on my way to check them out now); those cat sculptures are amazing as is the comic! Nice finds :)

Getting a long blog-chain list My dear @trincowski. Visited both and upvoted one🧐 going to do the whole Week 27 entry list so have to be fierce in rewarding. Thanks for All the work See you in D

Great choices; loved the cats!