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Ok, so: "What is this that we are seeing, dear Spi_Der?" "This, my friend, is a sample page from my 144-page long graphic novel, "Yesternow", its story revolving around a serial killer offing actors from '80s movies whenever they sign to appear in modern sequels of their older movies." "Oh, a pop-culture noir!" "That's exactly right, my dear exposition-imaginary-friend". "And where can I find and read this splendid piece of commentary on our current cultural landscape, my dear Spi_Der?" "You 'll just have to wait for the announcements, my dear storytelling device. Stay tuned!"


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A very nice page for your comic book. The first panel is beautiful and detailed and it introduces well the setting for the rest of the page.
Lovely work :).


Thanks a lot!

Beautiful work, @spi.der! The comic looks very cool and with an awesome detail. 😉


Thank you so much!


Hello again. Just want to let you know that I've featured your work on my post:
My entry to the "Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 27"



An honor! Extremely grateful!

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Thanks Master!

Very nice work. Love the atmosphere, but a spelling mistake slipped through in the second to last frame. paid, not payed. I just learned that it's only payed if you are talking about feeding out a rope.


Oh! Thanks! I ll fix that first thing!

Amazing page, @spi.der <3 Love the inking so much <3 And the colours are nice too .... Definitely would like to see/hear more about this <3


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what a lucky me.. I found your post through @trincowski entry in the pay it forward this week @spi.der !
I always like graphic comic, will you post all those 144 pages here on Steemit?


Certainly not the whole thing, but a lot of material will come Steem's way :)


well... some pieces are all right then... hehehehe

Wow, this seems really cool! Found you thanks to @trincowsky and the @pifc.

I think this is an advertising a teaser post. I will wait to see full story. Your graphic novel must be quite nice.

@trincowsky has chosen this post in payitforward curation contest.


Μοre of a teaser, actually.


ah yes. You are right. It should be under teaser category. Sorry for my wrong comment. I will change it.

"Little pricks with attitude from yesternow." I don't know why but that phrase came out while I was reading through. I like the yestenow concept... 😃

Did you draw your comics manually or do you have a software for it? I wonder how hard or easy it would be to manually draw for 144 pages huh?

I came across your article through @trincowski who featured it on his post as an entry for Pay It Forward Curation Contest. The contest is open to everyone so you are welcome to join.

Good looking work and now I want to know what happens next. Oh well by the way found this post cause @trincowski put you in the pay it forward contest.

I think this is just amazing! Well done! I hope you keep it up for a very long time.

I found you thanks to @trincowski's entry to the Pay it Forward curation contest. Keep up the great work.

What a beautiful page from your graphic novel @spi.der! Well done ;)

I found your post because @trincowski featured you in his Pay it Forward Curation Contest entry; we'd love to see you join us with an entry of your own next week ;)

Dear @spi.der I love the originaliteit. Do blog some more often ! Found you post through @trincowski and @pifc good luck on your journey here let me know if I can help!