Obscure Revealing - Discovering Unknown Psychedelic Rock #182

in music •  last year 
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wow! i like this music...art is very beautiful.
i appreciate your blog.
thanks for sharing this post.
best of luck.

I've been a psychedelic rock fan for quite sometime now. And I know this is going on my playlist. I think I need to check out more of the Obscure revealing series.

Very good song despite being very old. Thanks for sharing @sature.

Heavy Jefferson Airplane vibe ... meets Love maybe .. I can dig it .. have you heard The Luv'd Ones .. all girl group, also a bit like this, but more garagey

Nice song. It's very much sunshine pop performed in the garage.

I've always been a very big garage punk/psychedelic bands fan since the mid-80's when I first started listening to the Nuggets and Pebbles series and hanging out in the Alice in Wonderland nightclub in London.

I remember that John Peel, the influential British radio DJ, made the very true observation that there is more 60's music around now, than there was in the 60's.